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the eremika scene is coming!!!!!!


I’ve been hyping up chapter 50 like a crazy madman for the past few weeks, and that was without my shippy feels from a year ago…but now they’re back and its gonna be even fucking better jesus fuck odfsijsdpfvgvks omggggggg

and we’re gonna have the eremika filler scene in ep 26 already and ohhh gaaaawwd feels please stay with me until then 

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Hey! I have a question for you about Finland - what sort of reactions do most people have to the concept of nonbinary genders?

I feel like this has become a much more visible topic recently, but since I haven’t been living in Finland the past few years I don’t really know what the conversation is like. I’d figure the younger generations are quite open to nonbinary genders (like we are with LGBT+ and gender issues in general) but we have our fair share of very vocal, narrow-minded, set-in-their-ways people as well when it comes to these concepts. There has been discussion about nonbinary genders in the country’s biggest newspaper recently (I think it started with an article about a scientist/professor who is agender?) but I don’t really know what the reception to it was.

It is to be noted, that in the Finnish language we don’t gender as broadly as for example English does. Very rarely are there masculine, feminine or neutral objects (der/die/das, le/la, and so on) and there is no gender distinction in third person singular: there is no he or she, every person is a hän or in informal speech se (meaning “it”). Professions are the only thing I can think of that can be gendered (e.g. laulaja vs laulajatar, näytteljä vs näyttelijätär) but using those terms sounds very outdated. So language-wise nonbinary genders are no issue like it is in English.

Any Finns who have more experience or better knowledge and want to weigh in?

Ok so i was gonna write up a long review of absolutely everything i thought about lost village but i need to just simply say this: dont be influenced by some of the more annoying ads to miss this. (The annoying ‘Papa smurf be bossy’ joke? I didnt miss a moment, and i can tell you its not even in the film). It was visually incredible, honestly truly innocent and heartfelt; creative, and had a wonderful message of self acceptance and self discovery, and is for the most part completely free of any kind of forced hetero romance subplot (other than the fact that hefty does have an occasionally outspoken crush on smurfette, but this is not taken in any farther of a direction than that, so its endearing and cute rather than just feeling forced). Just by watching it, especially in comparison to what’s been churned out in the past few years, you can physically feel how much love was put into making this film.

If youre a fan of Smurfs, its everything you could ever want and more, (speaking as someone whos had it as their special interest since i was around 8 or 9) especially if you, like me, were more than dissapointed with the past two attempts. If youre not a fan of Smurfs i dont think you’ll be seeing it, but its still good. The entirely new team working on this seriously outdid themselves in every department and truly put effort and love into making an excellent movie. I havent stopped thinking about it since the moment it ended, and probably cried for at least an hour afterwards.

The only nitpick i have is that its a little fast paced (there were certain places that i wish we had spent less time in, and certain places i wish we had spent more time in), and in a few scenes they play a brief part of a (usually) fitting pop song during a montage / to further the scene occasionally? This only happens a few times and its really harmless and innocent, so i would just dismiss it. They dont make it any less of a good movie.

Heres my message: Please, please, dont let this bomb. Not only because its an adorable and pretty emotional, harmless and beautiful movie, but also so we can further dismiss the appeal of films that fall down the Uncanny Valley path. If youre able to, please see it in theatres!

In the past few years, I felt that some things are not in their right places. I am having this tremendous need for things which cannot be touched, nor seen and I can’t share my ideas with no one.
I have always thought that I do not belong where I am, that I might be less than I have to be. I never knew how to treat people or how to talk to them. “Am I talking too much?”, “Am I making sense?, "Do they understand me?”, “Am I odd?”, questions  for which I had no answer or at least answer that would please me.  
When I was 16, I got into a personality crisis because I was stuck between what I was and what I must show to others in order to be accepted. I couldn’t risk being seen like I truly was. At that time my fear to be transparent was due to the fact that I could be vulnerable. A teenager with all her secrets out. That would have been the end, wouldn’t it? Well, it wasn’t. Even if it sounds silly, I woke up one morning feeling better about myself as a human being. I started to believe in my own powers, mind and especially, decisions. I started to think more buoyantly, to forgive myself when I happened to do something wrong instead of punishing myself like I used to and especially, I started to be kinder and forgiving.
I have realised that I am not the only one in this world who sees and feels like I did and, most importantly, I was not the only one who was not sure about herself, so I took a major decision which helped me this entire time and kept me going: help other people. Of course, I am not a philanthropist, I can do little, yet I like doing it. I started to practice it on my friends and close ones, I taught myself to earn more patience, to be more attentive to their needs and feel them appreciated, things I needed back then too.
Practising kindness made me feel better about myself, but it also made me a loner, isolating me from people who were sending me bad vibes. Time has passed and now, at the age of 18 I am aware that no one really knows me, a thing I myself perfected so I can live at my normal pace. No one bothers me, no one asks me why I am doing this and that, why I like this and that and I usually let people think whatever they want about me because their perception about me does not affect me one bit, yet I would love it if more people saw my true colours and have some patience with me like I am trying to have with others.
I strongly believe that the most flattering thing is someone that sees you just like you are. I am not talking here about someone that sees what you are obviously showing; I am referring to someone that knows that you are not what happens to you, but what you choose to do about it. Someone that sees what a good human being you are even though sometimes you get mad and bitter. Wouldn’t that be great? Someone to look at you and says to himself, “Yes, this person has a good heart, yes she did some bad things, she may act silly sometimes, but I know the truth and no one can tell me different about this person”. Someone that understands why you are like this and likes you, and not in the romantic way only. A friend, a lover, a parent, a teacher, a stranger, someone that would see what you really represent.
In my little yet engaging life I have seen different types of personalities and most of them haven’t been on my taste. Usually people are mischievous, a thing that cannot work for me at all and the saddest thing is that they behave like this for their own amusement. I however was lucky enough to find what I love to name “decent human beings”. One of them was and still is my father, a person with a strong character, yet a kind heart. He has always been patient with me and he has taught me that in order to be good you don’t have to expect people to be the same as you are. Most of them will purposefully mistake your kindness for your weakness and won’t appreciate your true self, but that wouldn’t be your problem but theirs.
The other person was my definition of “decency”. He was more than I could ever ask from a friend with whom I have a peculiar connection. His actions made my senses tingle from the very beginning; he helped me see myself the way I truly was and life became much easier after meeting someone who could understand me in ways I could not understand myself. These persons and my experiences helped me answer my own inner questions, “Am I talking too much?”, No, I am not, I am talking as much as I want. “Am I making sense?”, I might not for everyone, but I will be understood by the ones that need to understand me. “Am I odd?”, it is very likely, but it does not bother me at all.
The need has become a craving, now I am craving humanly things like tenderness, sensitivity and emotions, yet I do not see myself as a good person. I still have plenty to learn and do and I am prepared to admit that in certain times and places I still find myself doubting my own purpose and my own nature, I still catch myself being judgemental over someone’s actions, but now I bring myself back to reality and remind myself that people must do whatever they want, thus I must accept their mistakes and mine too.

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hello adi! 64, 71, 102

hi there anon!! 

64. Tell us the story of your first kiss? I’m sorry I wish I had a story to tell :(( that’s ok though!

71. Craving something? What? Validation idk I could use some self esteem right now my anonymous friend 

102. Do you regret anything from your past? Oh boy. So much I am Full Of Regret but mostly I regret being so harsh on my mom these past few years bc she’s really going through a lot tbh

honesty hour!

So we have a brand new discography page that I had been working on over the transition of the year and totally abandoned for the past few months. It’s significantly more comprehensive than the old one (meaning 90% more words nobody wants to read!). Any feedback is appreciated. (There’s also a little music player on the page, I tried to put some rare-ish stuff in it for fun.)

Also added a link to my tags page in the mobile bio for mobile users, but it doesn’t appear to work when you click on it in the Tumblr app, so…lol. A purely cosmetic addition. :^)


Hello Everyone! I’m supper excited to announce my art book pre-orders ;w; ! I’ve been working hard for the past few weeks (or the last 6 years in a way :P ) on putting together this art-book - it’s been a REALLY long time coming, and I have accumulated a vast amount of artwork that I’d like to share with you guys! I couldn’t fit even close to everything I wanted into a single artbook (and it still ended up over 100 pages), so i decided to dedicate this one almost exclusively to my original characters and traditional artwork.

This book also has a section dedicated to the development of my graduate thesis: an animated short trailer for my long-time personal project called IDFracture. I have selected a variety of drawings from the planning-stages of my animation, such as storyboards, thumbnails, visual development sketches, etc. It’s a good look behind the scenes! The several months I had to give 100% to my original creation was the best time of my life so far. I hope that some day soon I will become financially independent enough to do it again, and this time create something I am truly proud of. 

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my work. Some of you guys have followed me for nearly a decade, and having your constant support has been a blessing that I am very lucky to have. You have granted me faith in my artwork and above all, faith in my ideas and their worth…. thank you! 

The studyblr community has pooled in a lot of amazing, aesthetically pleasing, efficient, and fun ways to take notes and study. However, over the past few years, especially last semester when I took college classes, I realized that having one system really wasn’t helpful because I would have to scramble for different strategies when the classes drastically differed from one another. So, I made strategies for certain types of classes that were created specifically for those characteristics but flexible enough to adjust a bit if needed. Here is how I study:

  1. I want to start off by saying ALL strategies including reading. DO NOT SKIP IT. It’s hard, it’s boring, and it’s slow, but in the end you learn and create a strong foundation for yourself.
  2. I do not skip a word. I use three different colored post its, some page flags, and a writing utensil. I abhor highlighting on textbooks and books with a passion so I use post its instead: one for writing notes and key concepts, another for terminology, and the last color  for any questions I have. As I read, I write all of my notes and then stick them in my textbooks in the corresponding area. The flags are for when I feel like I just couldn’t get the information completely and I want to come back and double review. Finally, after I go through a chapter, I get my notebook and from the beginning of the chapter, I rewrite my post its into notes with the same color coding system.
  3. For the classrooms with power points: This is pretty simple. I print them before hand into handouts if they’re available before lecture and write everything that the teacher says in margins or highlight information. if they’re not available before hand, I still take notes from what the teacher is saying and writing and I make tiny notes of which slide it corresponds with. Then, I print the powerpoint later and write it into the powerpoint slides. To study, I just read over them. 
  4. When the teacher usually writes on the board, speaks all the time, and doesn’t use pp: This is where reading the textbook becomes your best friend. You won’t get as much details in lecture since a person can only talk and write so much in an allotted time period. Instead, I copy everything off of the board and don’t miss anything. At the same time I try to get everything he says onto my notebook also. As a back up, I have a voice recorder going on at the same time. Once I get home, I IMMEDIATELY and ALWAYS rewrite those class notes since they probably look terrifying. After all, people speak faster than they can write.
  5. Finally, online classes. Most of it is learning by yourself so stay motivated and determined and you can do it! First, video transcripts are not your notes. Take notes from the video themselves while you’re watching them. For all of those online resources, write notes in every way you can. Print out all of your assignments that you do or put them somewhere where you can print them later to read over. Any reading excerpts? Print those and highlight all you want. Finally, READ THAT TEXTBOOK.
  6. The last part of my studying strategy is really only useful when it comes to tests. Do any and all practice questions that you can get your hands on. I don’t care if it says there’s 100 questions. Do them!! If anything got me through my classes, it would be all of those damn practice tests and textbook questions (Do every problem in the back of your book. Do them. When you do them, your teachers can throw anything at you and you’ll be able to do any scenario.).

All classes are different. Some are a mixture of the traditional powerpoint and traditional lectures. That’s why I really like my strategies because they’re at like two different extremes and I can use them at different amounts to meet that perfect spot where my class is.

Finally, I will say that my study strategies do rely on my organizational systems. I have different notebooks for different things, different binder arrangements for different classes, and so on. If you want a master post on that just give me a message (it’ll probably come at some point but i’m also really lazy and forgetful).

Good luck with studying. Just remember to stay healthy no matter what you’re doing <3

why are people treating 2016 like it was a complete disaster when the most iconic event of the past few years happened right in the middle of it


thank you for being who you are.
thank you for standing up for lgbtq+ rights and just for everything that you believe in.
i’m so proud of you and of how far you’ve come in the past few years and i’ll be forever thankful for the fact that i’m able to say that i was here to see you grow.
you’ve inspired thousands of people, you’ve helped me so much and i just.. i don’t even know how i can ever fully explain to you what you’ve done for me, just thank you!
i hope you have an amazing and super fun birthday and a year full of happiness.
i love you so much and i’m so grateful to be one of your people.


Throwback to just a few months ago, in the warm San Diego sun☀️ As I’m trying to find some new swimsuits for this new year, I’m reminded of all the people over the past few years that have told me how I’ve inspired them to wear their first swimsuit or bikini. Honestly that’s one of the best compliments you can give me! If I’ve inspired someone to enjoy life a little more, to not be afraid of a camera, to embrace the feel of the sun shining on their exposed skin, then it’s worth it all.
So here’s to finding some hot new swimsuits and making some waves 🌊💙

What if we're all wrong and this is a two "disc" album. Like "Side A" is - and "Side B" is ÷ and Each represent different parts of his life over the past few years

The fading in the video would make a hell of a lot more sense if that were the case.

Edit: There’s also this old bit of info

Amnesia AU where Viktor has an accident, and doesn’t remember anything after the banquet for the Sochi Grand Prix Finals. The doctors have told them his memory will definitely return, but it may take a month or two.

Viktor remembers enough to know that he is absolutely smitten with Yuuri, but not enough to know that they are engaged.

Yuuri doesn’t tell him about their relationship because he doesn’t want Viktor to feel obligated to be affectionate and lovey dovey with him. So Yuuri pretends they’re just roommates, which is why they live together, and he even starts sleeping in the guest room of their apartment.

He doesn’t realize how physically affectionate he’s become over the past few years, so he ends up being a lot more touchy feely with Viktor than he realizes.

So cue Viktor trying to woo his crush with suave pick-up lines and romantic dates, only to fail every time because Yuuri just has to look at him, or even just touch him (fingers running through his hair, a fleeting touch on the small of his back, a brush of lips on his forehead) and Viktor gets really really flustered and almost dies. Every. Single. Time.

Yuuri can see exactly what he’s going on, but he finds it absolutely hilarious (and kind of adorable), so he goes along with it. Also, he knows that once Viktor gets his memories back, he’ll get a kick out of having gotten the chance to fall for Yuuri all over again.

The rest of their rinkmates also find it absolutely hilarious. Especially when Viktor goes to them for romantic advice.

Phichit (who is staying with them for a while because it’s the off-season and he misses his best friend) somehow manages to gain Viktor’s trust and become his official wingman.

He gives Yuuri regular updates about his fiancé’s antics.