in the other vid she is like

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Option on Essenas new video?? She's on a freaking yacht what the hell how is this doing anything good for humanity she is down to the same level as jay and alexis

Essena met Lex thru our event here in Thailand. Lex and his wife Kristin live in LA and invited Essena out for a boat trip. Why not? Looked like a great day for it and Essena did a great job of showcasing some vegan nosh.

Sure she is copying Jay’s style vids but that is a popular trend at the moment and I think a good way to reach the mainstream kids.

Jay & Alexis stand for fuck all and have ZERO message other than excessive consumerism and fake pretentious bullshit.

Even though Essena copies the lighting and edit effects(everyone copies everyone anyway), you can’t put her in the same boat as J&A if you think about it.

I remember in NYC a few years back cruzing around in a lambo and handing out bananas to teens after school. If we turned up on our bicycles they would have thrown the bananas back at us when we turned around. 99.9% of the human population is extremely materialistic and using material items to show case a more eco lifestyle might sound hypocritical but I think it is a very effective sugar pill noobs can swallow.


this video of harry is very cute ok it’s a girl who went to the same school as him and when she met him at the signing he said he recognized her & for her to wait for him after the signing

they talk about an art teacher and harry is like “didn’t she lock someone in a cupboard once?” lol. you can’t see his face ‘cause her phone was in her pocket or something but you can see his body and him holding his notebook and IDK I THOUGHT IT WAS CUTE and ppl should see it <333

Good Morning America/Sirius XM Hits 1 Links

Okay, so I’m incredibly overwhelmed with everything going on today, so I figured other people must be too, and I thought just a general link roundup thing might help!

Good Morning America

Sirius XM Hits 1

some things abt hannah's new vid

1. “the ya-yeah” thing is an ingrid thing. when people are together a lot (eg. in relationships) they “steal” bits of each other’s personalities which is something we see a LOT of in Hangrid.

2. “scent of self”? more like ingrid’s show “sense of self”!!

3. she’s doing a haul video which is SUCH an ingrid thing (also a beauty guru thing in general but stilllll)

in conclusion, even with ingrid in london hangrid lives

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Went back and watched old vids and you can tell Lydia is broken by the past, she's a totally different person now and her friends can't help her. Scott has Kira and Malia and Stiles have helped each other through so much. But Parrish is SO IN LOVE with her and he looks at her like she's the whole freaking world which she hasn't had in so long. Lydia looks at him with real feelings too because she knows how good he is and how much he feels for her. Look how diff she is w/ Parrish vs. Aiden

Totally agree. Comparing Lydia from the past seasons, she’s much different…she’s more mature and in a way, happier too. People always complain that she’s away from the pack too much but I almost feel like being away from them has made her stronger. Like you said, Scott has Kira and Stiles and Malia have each other and its almost like she’s the fifth wheel not just because the other four are romantically involved but because they all have someone and who does she have? She doesn’t have Jackson anymore, she doesn’t have Allison anymore, she doesn’t have Aiden anymore. People will say that she doesn’t need anyone and you’re right, she doesn’t. But is it wrong to want someone who you can lend you a shoulder when you need one? Someone who will listen to you, care about you, understand you, and be there for you? That’s what Parrish is for Lydia and in a way she to him as well. I wish more people could understand that. And you’re right, he looks at her like she’s the whole freaking world and Lydia, after everything she’s lost, after everything she’s been through, its nice to have that.

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thoughts on the wd vid?


I was actually texting Bella whyisntketchupasmoothie earlier and she said this, which I really liked: “Okay so I think the movie really romanticized her relationship with him and it was just them alone for months because of filming and they got so caught up in their own love for each other that nothing else mattered and when reality set in they realized what they had was way over romanticized and not true and that he was with someone everything became very difficult for them and then their romance and connection was purely based on the movie and they were living in an era that was very romanticized too and the fact that she got into the car and never once looked back shows that she knew she deserved better and the fact that he chased after her usbdkca like literally their relationship was their own wildest dream.”

And then I said this: “I feel like when they started filming the movie he was sort of with someone else like "it’s complicated” but as they were filming they fell in love and kinda forgot about this other girl that he was with but then they get back home and he married her and Taylor is devastated because she thought they had a chance to be together and so she ran out after she decided to stop pretending (the “just pretend, just pretend” part–she’s saying that to herself) but he ran after her and she never looked back once she got in the car bc she knew it wouldn’t work for them and she wanted to remember him in a different way, not looking at her as she’s going away.“


Tessa and Scott @ the Ex 2015 08.28.15  Champs-Élysées 

( If you want to make gifs or take photos from this vid.. I would like photo creds please and thank you. Other than that, make as many gifs you want! )


It honestly makes me sad that the happiest most functional couples get hate. Like it’s so fucking obvious that they make each other over the moon happy, and yet people still hate on the girls. Like yes they might have down bad things in the past but y'all magcon chicks are forgiving Carter Reynolds for basically raping his ex. Y'all be say that she said yes and changed her mind or they we’re both drunk, but no that’s not okay she said no multiple Times in the vid. But just because Madison said some shit when she was 14 years old she’s the fucking devil. I could rant forever but my phones about to die, good day to you all.


Mary finally gave Dad that little girl she’d been hoping for. True Hart, my baby sister. Younger than my baby daughter!

Both of whom, I hoped, were the last of their kinds.

But if I wanted that to be true, I had to change the way I did things. I’d been within an ace of making a pass at Vid the other night - and she’d have taken it, I’m about 90% sure. I needed to stop dating women who were young enough to get pregnant, and I needed to dial back the sexy so they’d be less likely to come on to me!

So I put away the silk shirts and the tight jeans, had Silver take the kitchen shears to my hair, and grew out the scruffiest beard I could manage. I was also having trouble reading sheet music at normal distances lately, so I got glasses. Big clunky aviator glasses! I looked terrible!

But it was all in a good cause.

so i was walking into band the other day and this dude i know from my english class was just like “no no man this is fuckin awesome you have to watch this” and he was showin my friend a vid and i expected it to be like somethin dumb(teenage boys??) but i look over and it’s the Giant Woman ep of su and the dude was just like “OPAL IS SO FUCKING COOL SHES LIKE THE BEST FUSION HEY DO U LIKE STEVEN UNIVERSE??” and i was like “ BOY DO I OPAL IS MY FAVE” and then we jammed out to the song and i dunno it was a rlly magical moment for me

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...I cannot believe how mean of a person you are. Honestly I thought you were very nice in the beginning. But after all I've been seeing lately, by my own eyes, I really regret knowing about you. Try to have some empathy for your 'friends.'

Sorry I’m not nice to people who call me she and ask for my “real name” when I vid call them, and don’t sugar coat things when I’m begged to tell what I think!  It’s not like I told her all day she didn’t want to hear it, nooo! But you know what else? If I can have three other people agree with what I said, and tell me that I’m being manipulated because I am a naive person- which I am, I try to see the best in people and believe there’s more to them- and if I feel like I’m being used as nothing more than a sex toy I’m not going to stick around, or be nice! You only know what she told you, don’t you? There’s two sides to every story, and you should try to learn other people’s sides before claiming one, because I have valid reasons for acting the way I do! You still want to call me horrible? Fine. I don’t care. I get it anyways, but because of my writing. On my writing blog. Hahaha, fuck you.

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Anyone finds it sexy the way he comes out of the water and do that hair flip after jumping off the roof in the last vid he posted on twitter?also love how he starts laughing at crystal when he noticed she splash her.he can be a child one second and a hot af man the other

o HM AN that fucking hairflip gets me every time, he does it like every single time he gets his hair wet and it make s me scream, also yes he s a fuckign nerd and i lvo him

Oh my god so yesterday at work there was this like 13 yo girl wearing a markiplier shirt and I complimented her and she looked at me and smiled but was like ‘do you even know what it means?’ And I was so offended I was speechless for a second before I was like “yeah! I love markiplier!”
Like omfg im 17 im not an adult who doesnt watch let’s plays. Just last week I pulled an all nighter watching marks vids for like 8 hours straight
Then she got all excited and looked at her mom and said “see mom! Other people like him too!” And it was clear I made her day and then we talked about other youtubers while I put her moms things into bags and we finished off by wishing we’d gone to rtx so that was great


Wanted to share this it’s another one of my favorite characters Akura Ou/Mori Kirihito from Kamisama Hajimemashita. 

 This time it’s a love triangle vid. Like I said before I’m torn between these two Tomoe and him but I lean more toward Akura/Kirihito since he’s my favorite but, more than ever since the latest chapters Akura/Kirihito has feelings for Nanami. Even his attendants are noticing the changes in their master. 

I love how sweet Akura/Kirihito is to his  mom and defends her against the other demons because they see her as a worthless human annoying  Akura/Kirihito, but Akura/Kirihito keeps her safe from them and she’s the only one he’s apologized to when he saw he had worried her, which says a lot about his character I think.  He cares a lot for his human mother so much as even when she slapped him from being upset when he disappeared  and did not tell her he did not harm her instead he apologized. Now  others dare to slap him well they would be dead. The only other person he defends against the other demons is Nanami.  I have a fondness for guys who have soft spots  when it comes to their Mothers, so I have a feeling if Nanami saw this side of him with his mom she be surprised. 

I’m really curious how this will play out Tomoe’s once best friend sharing the same feelings for the same girl as him.

Akura/Kirihito has the coolest entrances with wind I think. My Favorite scene.

Here’s various scenes of Akura/Kirihito with Nanami and Akura/Kirihito with his mother. 

Akura/Kirihito dealing with demons threat to Nanami. 

Akura/Kirihito and his Mom

Akura/Kirihito and Nanami

Last Scene with his Mom.

All scenes from Kamisama Hajimemashita Manga and anime © Julietta Suzuki

I don’t know much about Team Fortress 2 but find myself really excited for cheeziswin‘s upcoming posts about the new comic - like, I feed on the excitement of others - that and she’s adorbs. 

I’ve watched the vid of her reaction to Atots like, 5 times - and I’ve shown it to some of my friends (mainly so they don’t think I’m crazy and that I made these internet peeps I slip into random convos up)

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Well at least it isn't a bed of roses for ol girl. Xo looks ready to cry in the Oscar slo mo kiss Looks like they confirm with each other that its time for a kiss. She says something, as she's putting an arm around him then he appears to let her know about the incoming cumberlips. Her expression is anything but that of someone who can't keep her hands or lips off her new hubby. Afterwards in the vid she doesn't lean in for his kiss, instead rears back, any further & they wouldve tumbled over.

May I interest you with this picture….

a youtuber with a million followers using her platform and telling her subscribers about the situation in syria??? and i know ur probably like oh shes doing it for the views but she cut adsense off for the vid, provided links for her subs so they can do something about it…. thats unheard of but finally someone who has a huge following is doing something that can help others in this world

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I thought there was no love lost between Lau and Lylah - thinking back to that vid of him and Larry in SF while listening to "Pour le meilleur"?

I mean, that IS true.  I just feel like, regardless of their relationship, Lau may desired some type of relationship with his other niece.  We ALL see how they fawn over strangers’ babies…

This supports my theory that Larry doesn’t have visitation WITHOUT Lylah.  On those father/daughter days, who ends up with pics on her page?  If Larry had her alone I’m POSITIVE at least ONE pic of Lau and Lilo together would have surfaced.

um that vid where camila cries at 99.5 bc she talks about how one direction made her bad days better and how amazing it feels to be that for others like inspires me so much bc thats what i want to do. im sitting here having fifth harmony be that for me and one day i want to inspire people to be that for others whether im an actor, a musician, in a group, or solo. thats what i want

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Was the video concept about her filming a scene with a guy she has feelings for, but she finds out he's already taken, or she has feeling for him but she already knows he's taken? I'm going w/the former bc she clearly felt hurt & led on when she runs away in the end, right? I have to watch the vid again. Also, it makes you wonder if the inspiration for the song & vid was a real experience about her liking someone who's taken??

yeah i don’t know.  tbh i don’t like it all that much… i knew i wasn’t going to though.  i had a very specific idea of the video in my head from the first moment i heard the song in october… and anything other than that was going to leave me sad for a while.  ask me again next week when i’ve had time to deal with the fact the video is not the one in my head.