in the other vid she is like

So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

Do not repost. Reblogs are appreciated.

I think Lardo lets Tango watch her mix paint because she once noticed him watching paint-mixing stim vids on his phone.

Like, one day she is walking through the Haus and everything is quiet, which is weird. Then, she notices Tango just chilling on the couch. Then she really confused because it’s quiet and Tango is there and usually you can’t have one with the other. So, she goes over and peeks over his shoulder and he’s scrolling through a paint-mixing stim account on instagram, taking the time to watch the entire video before moving on. There’s the faint sound of the pallet knife sometimes if the colours really attract his attention and he taps to turn on the sound, but, other than that, everything about him is silent.

That’s when Lardo gets an idea. She isn’t busy right now, so she runs up and gets a couple of her tubes of cheap paints (acrylic, oil, some pigmenting, a giant tube of white paint, some paint thinner, ect.), a couple pallet knives, and some glitter. She comes back down and taps on Tango’s head. “Follow me, taddy,” she says, nodding to the door.

Of course he follows, Lardo is mama duck, but that doesn’t mean he does it without question. With slipping his phone in his pocket, the inquiries start a-coming. “Where are we going? What’s in that bag? When did you get home? Am I in trouble? I thought we were allowed to be there if the door was unlocked?? What’s that clanking coming from your bag? How was your day? Where are we going??”

Lardo is a master at letting him just ask without giving real answers (and, frankly, he’s thankful that she doesn’t yell at him like Holster does), and soon their at Lardo’s super secret art studio. At this point, Tango’s been here before and has stopped asking the “Where are we going?” because he recognized the area. But he still had so many questions, even up to the moment Lardo put a small red blob next to a larger light blue one on top of a big smear of white.

When she started mixing, he went absolutely quiet and fixed his eyes on Lardo’s hands, listening to the scrape of the triangular knife on the sheet of plastic she uses as her pallet.

They do this for hours, Lardo even letting him paint a bit on a spare gessoed canvas she uses to swatch the colours on to see what they look like. He isn’t really the best artist but he does get the shape of a multicoloured rubber duck with shades on. It’s mostly purples and blues and greys because those are the colours he said he liked seeing being mixed the most.

He eventually starts buying her the bulk cheap acrylics from A.C. Moore. They spend their Thursday and Sunday afternoons mixing paints.

Lardo puts the piece they made up in her senior art show. “Takes Two to Tony” is the title of the piece (only the hockey players get it, theater kids think it’s about the Tonys and spend too much time trying to figure out what a messy, tecnicolour duck with sunglasses has to do with the relevant plays and musicals of 2016).

It’s the most commented on piece in the guestbook and someone even asks if they could buy it and leaves their number (Lardo never calls them).

Tango is quiet when he looks at it because it reminds him of his mama duck and how she figured out what made him the happiest and used it to help him.

When Lardo graduates, she finds Tango at the ceremony and hugs him, slipping the key to the studio into his hand. “It’s all yours now, Tang. I’ll see you there.” He goes and there is all the paints he got her, the piece of hard plastic pallet, and the painting. It’s now hanging from a rafter, the light from the dusty skylight filtering in and making the metalics and glitters they used on it shimmer. Tango is so happy, he cries.

They still meet every Thursday and Sunday afternoon there.

Tango’s started his own paint-mixing stim account on Instagram and a “mama-duck-lardsy” always comments, saying things like “that blue can be used as a highlight on the duck” or “good job with the pigmenting, who’s your teacher? ;)”.

gay kpop songs abt girls liking other girls !!


The Hand Hold™ + other things

sorry it looks like i filmed it with a potato.

I am honestly still so shook by Bluesey and Pynch. Like, sometimes I just think about how Gansey gave Blue an adventure of a lifetime and in turn she calmed the ever-present storm inside of him???? And Adam grew up with no representation of love and yet one of the very first decisions he makes SOLEY FOR HIMSELF is to love Ronan???? Or how Ronan fell in love with a boy knowing it would probably be unrequited but yet it totally works out??? Or how Blue knew in the back of her mind this boy that she loved so much would eventually be killed BY her????? And how Gansey had this sense of destiny and this quest would answer all his questions and none of that happens yet he’s happy because he has Blue????? And his Raven Boys????? Or how these kids are all one big happy family and probably come over all the time for dinner at each other’s houses??? And take road trips???? Or send each other funny texts of each other??? Like Adam and Blue hang out and have a karaoke session in the car and send a vid in the group chat??? THEY ALL DESTROY ME OKAY


A follow up to the posts about the Nazi art (drawn by a Klance artist), the Pride Parade Klance sign & all those edits where Sheith scenes in canon got turned into Klance ROMANTIC scenes by people who constantly spam “I ONLY SEE THEM AS BROTHERS, BROGANES, THAT’S SUCH A PLATONIC BROGANES SCENE” everywhere.

NOTE: This is referring to the Klancedom, NOT Klance shippers. If you do NOT do any of these things, this post is NOT talking about you.

This interview has been approved of by MisterPoofOfficial (names were blacked out at her request).

Do NOT harass any of these people in the screenshots.

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hey 2008 hyd ((Link))

I was discussing collab ideas with @o-bscuritea for a Heather’s vid and she had some Dr Horrible’s sing-a-long-blog songs on there and honestly…. incredible. These have been stuck in my head ever since so I had to draw them lmfao (the collab isn’t going to be exactly this but… you’ll see ;) )) 

JD looks like a freaking… edge-lord vampire but I just imagine him having fairly sharp canines and I made his eyes red whenever hes “bad” lol, hence why they are blue in the other. 

Also I do not ship Veronica and Kurt together ((as veronica is obviously Penny in this scenario)) but that’s just unfortunately how things lined up lol

hey quick language learning tip! i watch a lot of asmr videos and if youre into those they can be a great way to practice listening if youre not that great at it bc they usually talk slower!

i usually watch “latte asmr” for korean (she also does english and japanese and shes actually my favorite! she puts time stamps in the description of what she does when and most of her stuff is gender neutral once u get past the titles bc she usually says “you” instead of pronouns! i love her videos so much!!!)

for spanish i usually watch “murmullo latina asmr”! she does some nice stuff in english as well on the channel “whisper latina asmr”

and if youre learning mandarin chinese “tingting asmr” has asmr videos that help you learn chinese while you sleep! she also has a few on chinese culture!

i personally prefer korean asmr videos over english ones bc the ppl i watch hit the consonants (especially ㅋ/ㄲ, ㄷ/ㄸ, and ㅌ) a little bit harder (i especially love words like 축축하다 and 딱딱하다 because of the repeated sounds!). some other korean asmr youtubers i watch are “babzi asmr” and “asmr thomwhat”! babzi has subs in lots of languages and thomwhat has eng subs on most vids!

deh cell phone/social media headcanons (?)

ok so I like rarely post on this blog but I couldn’t stop thinking about like what they’d all be like using their phones and stuff?? idk im tired this is gonna be shitty but less go


  • ok but he would def have an ifunny and have like 1834384 followers (or whatever idk how it works but he’d be popular ya know)
  • and like brag about it  constantly
  • like “guys I’m like,,, ,, kind of famous not to brag”
  • (but he would be bragging)
  • (110%)
  • ok hear me out,, but he would SO be one of those people who have an android phone and believe that apple products are Spawned From Satan™
  • like if anyone would be like “haha lol why do u have that crappy phone” he would launch into a fULL ON RANT about how much apple sucks and all the cool stuff on his phone and how much better it is
  • he would probs have a meme account on insta too tbh
  • he would have a voicemail that goes “hello?” and trick the person to start talking ya know
  • and like ten seconds in he would be like “SiKe i’m not here rn hahAAA leave a message”
  • he would text in all lowercase for sURE
  • lots of crytyping and excessive commas obvi
  • uh he would have the highest snapscore (or whatever it’ ever it’s called)
  • his story would always be sooo long 
  • all just vids of his day and people doing funny things
  • he would have 23859320495803 snapchat memories ok
  • he would just be v funny idk i love him


  • connor frekaing murphy okay
  • just hear me out pls
  • ,he would probably have a tumblr that’s like surprisingly aesthetic?
  • (idk how to word that but you now what i’m trying to say)
  • but it would be a Major Secret™ like if someone asked him he would be like “lol tumblr who is that”
  • his screen on his phone would always be shattered
  • he wouldn’t really care tho tbh
  • his insta would probably be like empty except for one picture he posted when he was really young
  • but after he meets evan he posts a lot more
  • like really really random candids that most people would just delete
  • that would be his entire account okay
  • (also pictures of evan being Cute)
  • he would most likely always have the second newest iphone
  • like when everyone had an iphone 7 he would have a 6 know what i mean
  • ok but 
  • cmon
  • he would DEF take so many selfies
  • and like keep them in his my eyes only on snapchat
  • he would never post them anywhere but one day he decided to post one on insta and everyone was s h o o k 
  • and freaked out
  • im talking like 200 comments
  • anyway
  • I just don’t picture him using snapchat that much
  • i think he would like have a streak with evan and maybe like a 3 day one with jared every once in a while but other than that nothin
  • his voicemail would be like “u can leave a message but ill probably not listen to it so just text me instead bye”
  • yeah that’s connor


  • zoe i love her omg
  • ok 
  • so she would have an insta and it would have The Best Theme Ever™
  • it would be v pastel i feel
  • and there would be a lot of pictures of flowers
  • and of alana
  • obvi
  • she would also post vids of her like playing the guitar and other instruments and they would be so good and get like so many likes
  • her bio would be something really deep but in french?
  • like she would probably go on google translate and type in a cool quote and just copy and paste it into her bio tbh 
  • but it would be so cute and cool
  • she would have a rose gold iphone
  • no matter what
  • it would always be the newest kind
  • and she would like n e v e r wear a case on her phone 
  • (except for those clear ones, in which case she would like draw on them or put stickers on)
  • but her phone would never crack or get scratched
  • ever
  • and everyone would be like “????? how???”
  • she would DEF have a tumblr
  • she would have a personal blog and then an aesthetic one and like 39483 extra sideblogs
  • her voicemail would be the typical “hey, it’s zoe! can’t get to the phone right now, pls leave a message!”
  • she would have had it as one like jared’s before but it probably somehow screwed her over
  • so she changed it
  • she would text in all caps a lot i feel
  • i just love her?? ok??


  • guys.
  • GUYS
  • i have so many for this girl
  • she would have a tumblr too
  • and she would follow every single one of zoe’s blogs
  • she would SO have a studyblr okay
  • like she would for sure have a bullet journal 
  • and have such pretty and high quality pens and highlighters
  • it would be everyone’s goals
  • her insta probably doesn’t have a theme tho
  • I feel like she wouldn’t post often?? ?
  • but when she would it would either be a long political thing or just a cute pic of zoe
  • she would have like mostly perfect grammar when she texts
  • except she would just use like SO MANY question marks
  • not like?? this??
  • but it would be like Wow?????????
  • like that
  • that made no sense
  • ok moving on
  • her voicemail. her voicemail
  • would be so extra okay
  • like she would have definetly (that’s not how u spell that ok) have found a way to make it so u have to press the numbers when u call her
  • like “for work calls, press 1. for family calls, press 2. zoe murphy, press 3.” that type thing
  • and she would have SO MANY different categories for everyone
  • people would get annoyed with it and give passive agressive messages sometimes but she wouldn’t care reallu
  • she loves her organized voicemail
  • she would def save her own money to buy her phone
  • but she would like mostly buy the iphone 6
  • idk why
  • she just would
  • SHE WOULD HAVE A SNAPCHAT STREAK WITH EVERYONE. dont fight me on this i know it
  • i love alana too 


  • okay okay okay guys
  • i saved the best for last
  • i like,,,, love evan so much ok
  • what a little bean
  • anyways
  • so first of all 
  • he would probably have the iphone 5s
  • and it would run out of battery in about .2 seconds
  • he wouldn’t really care but he feels bad missing his mom’s calls so he’s always asking for a car charger 
  • his background would be of trees on his lock screen (obvi okay)
  • but his homescreen would be a pic of connor 
  • 4 sure
  • of course
  • and once they’re like “official” his lockscreen would be a pic of them
  • just bein cute
  • aw 
  • ok this is for a different time but id like to mention that i feel like he would have a dog?
  • moving on
  • his voicemail would probably be the standard “your call has been transfered to an automated voice messaging system. blah blah blah.”
  • but jared would be like “dude. u gotta change that.”
  • so after like 203857 tries he finally just goes
  • “hithisisevanimnothererightnowpleaseleaveamessage”
  • (connor would think it’s adorable btw)
  • his instagram would be adorable
  • he would probably post every two seconds
  • he would post a lot of pics of trees
  • but when becomes closer with alana and zoe and connor he starts posting pics of all them together and like cute blurry selfies
  • his bio would be like “HI, this is evan! Here are my pictures.”
  • he would have a snap but not post on it much
  • like maybe every once in a while
  • but he would of course have a streak with connor
  • (probably alana too tbh)
  • oh i forgot to mention this but he would be terrified to crack his phone
  • he would have a big clunky case 
  • (like an off brand otter box but worse)
  • he would text with perfect grammar
  • it would be so cute
  • like “Hello, how are you?”
  • aaaaa
  • but when he would get really anxious he would pull up like one of those soothing sounds apps
  • and put use the apple headphones that you get with the phone in
  • (he would still have those and never loose them btw)
  • and he’d just try to breathe and listen
  • i love this boy so much. so so much. yeah. 

wow this was longer than i expected lol hope u enjoyed that crappy headcanon!

(ps i ended up actually making the pets headcanon so if u wanna see it lmk and i can post it lol)

Concept: Whenever Shepard gets interviewed by Allers in ME3, imagine somewhere on some planet (or Earth) a bunch of alliance dude-bro soldiers at their camp out in the field far from anywhere with gear lying everywhere, all crowding around the one tiny vid display they have, telling each other to shut up so they can see the episode of Battlespace where Shepard is gonna be on again. And when she says something to praise the alliance they all start hooting and hollering like a bunch of sports fans, so in the end they only manged to hear half the interview due to their enthusiasm.

Overwatch Heroes and their dance styles

So @lishadra asked me about what dance styles each of the heroes would have and here are my thoughts from about 5 hours of looking through all the dance styles that exist.

Reaper: Definitely Salsa, I mean have you SEEN his thighs??

Widowmaker: Ballet. No debate.

Lucio: He’s most likely familiar with the Samba. It’s just as upbeat and lively as his personality 

Torbjorn: This was a tough one but just imagining him dance the Polska makes me smile.

Reindhart: Schuhplattler. Don’t you dare tell me that Reindhart doesn’t know this dance. He knows this dance and does it at parties.

Roadhog: Ka Mate Haka dance. Based on his alternate skin Toa and his real name being Mako which is of Maori descent, he’s probably familiar with this one.

Junkrat: Chicken Dance. He saw it once and knows the moves by heart. Korean Hip-hop. Although she doesn’t dance often she loves dancing to Hip-hop when she wants to let loose and have fun once in awhile.

Zarya: Hustle. This dance requires strong physical skill and stamina, both of which Zarya has a lot of.

Mei: Chinese Square Dancing. Mei doesn’t dance as a recreational activity, she dances to keep her mind and body healthy.

Mercy and Pharah: These two dance to whatever moves they feel like. It’s awkward but they have fun doing it.

Hanzo and Genji: Slow Waltz. Being born in a rich family it’s not really surprising that they at least know one ballroom dance style. However, Genji finds it boring and prefers Japanese Hip-hop.

Zenyatta: Tandava. If he’s not meditating, he’s likely dancing to this relaxing but strong dance style.

Symmetra: Kathak. This dance kinda reminds me of Symmetra’s Flow emote. It’s a dance style with really graceful twirls and hand movements.

Soldier 76: Swing. I’d like to believe that in his youth he was one of the best swing dancers amongst his peers and still is.

Mccree: Country Swing Dance. You’re not a cowboy if you don’t dance like one.

Bastion: He’s the best at the Robot.

Tracer: Urban Dance. She’s flexible and fast, she can definitely pull this off.


(I’d like to hear people’s opinions as well!)

Francophone POC Youtubers to Watch

I wanna apologize for putting a certain racist youtuber *ehem ehem* Shera Kerienski on one of my recent masterposts. I had no idea. Since I am no longer watching her, I made a list of some much better youtubers to watch. Thanks so much to @afronomade 

(Please add your favorites!)

Mademoiselle Gloria: (>1M subs) she makes loads of challenge videos or general entertaining videos as expected for her big personality :)

Sweet Vicky: (>100K subs) she loves pranks, reaction videos, and beauty. she is much like a mischievous older sister.

Beauty Glam Paris: (>100K subs) she is always super beat. she is a beauty guru that doesn’t limit herself to just that. she loves humoring her viewers like the other 2.

Beautiful Naturelle: (>60K subs) she runs more of a lifestyle channel. all you watchers of vlogs, cooking vids, natural hair vids, and booktube (like me) will love this channel. (she also has an English channel if you’re interested)

Cerise Daily: (>30K subs) she makes a lot of videos giving advice and favorites. If you like to sit down and get caught up on what’s going on in a YouTuber’s life (honestly we’re all nosy like that because of social media), then you will love her videos.

TheCocodollzz: (>50K subs) she says it herself in her header pic: Beaute Mode Lifestyle. she makes quality content that always leaves you satisfied (it can be refreshing amidst all the sponsored videos on YouTube).

Tia Mendy CheveuxAfro: (>70K subs) she makes great videos for natural hair care and whatever else she’s loving at the moment. perfect if you want to watch product reviews and hair routines in French.

Black Twins: (>10K subs) their channel is a bit newer so it’s still growing. but if you want tips(!) with styling and caring for your natural hair…they will be your go-to. I consider them a younger francophone version of the Glamtwinz.

homestuck girls and their ytp making styles

rose - makes ytps from episodes of 60 minutes (rearranges sentences and zooms in at uncomfortable facial expressions) , politicians speeches (splices “boner” and such in), and lighthearted bullshit segments of cnn like diet tips (turned into david lynch shit). writes actual outlines before editing, with lots of crossed out ideas and question marks. 

jade- a classic super mario bros and cdi zelda kinda girl. john makes super generic super mario bros ytps, but jade’s are artistic and hes jealous. extremely smart, selective use of “spaghetti” and “dinner”

jane - adds a lot of lore to king of the hill ytps. has like 3 different ytps of the boggle episode. favors peggy episodes and bobby dancing. insults hank a lot in her videos. he always at the least gets glowing eyes edited in

roxy - sponegbob ytps with the most pristine, seamless effects. excessive blinking captions with her incredibly inside jokes. mini amvs in her videos to bubblegum bitch and gangnam style. she puts mama luigi in the title of every video but it never has any mama luigi and shes gotten hate for it. some of her first gay feelings were for zelda in the zelda cdi

terezi - eyestrains and screaming. got criticized for overuse of JOJ and SOS; she screencapped the comments to put in a 4:13 minute long vid of bill nye saying JOJ while melting. when famous ytpers comment she always replies WHO 4R3 YOU and just repeats that over and over to any reply they make

kanaya- usually into putting a dark twist on sitcoms. puts laugh tracks during inappropriate moments, places ending theme right after accidents and awkward moments like chandler running into a wall or whatever. makes characters interrupt each other and insult each other. most obvious thing she does is loop scenes, which she loses it laughing while doing

nepeta - showed jade the original zelda cdi in full. masterful, varied audio splicing, though shes partial to woOWOWoWOOWWOWO and beeplike/glitchy sounds. puts in lots of innocent humor, like zooming in random background faces, splicing characters lines into compliments. has a ytp for most hit cartoons. used to say thank u to many commenters before she got super popular

vriska- has a series of ytps of britney spears killing various gamer personalities. gets reported by a few youtubers she features and eventually banned. has an article on buzzfeed written about how feminist her videos are. most of her vids are 8 minutes long give or take, not even intentionally

feferi - she thinks “(funny animal or anime character) does (x) while i play unfitting music” counts as a ytp. made a few actual ones of the pokemon dub which is just every character cursing unfunnily

Chicken Soup - Requested

Sam Holland x Reader

Words: 1,406

Requested by: anonymous

“Can you do an imagine where the reader is sam’s girlfriend and he’s taking care of her when she’s sick? xx”

Hi there! Just a little story: I guess I wasn’t reading the request so well because when I was writing it, it was the other way around? Like it was Sam who was sick and the reader was taking care of him? I might post it idk? I THINK I’VE WRITTEN THIS HORRIBLY but, I hope you like it! REQUESTS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW. SORRY!

(Harry’s BTS vid for “Roses for Lily” fucked me up so baaaad.. They’re so cuteeee) (Sam pls take care of me)



The word was just three goddamn letters but it would take a whole lot more than three fucking letters to fully and appropriately describe the absolute discomfort you were feeling. You couldn’t smell, couldn’t taste, your entire body felt like it was being exposed to subzero conditions, and your head felt like Thor himself was taking whacks at it with his Mjolnir.

“I love death and dying.” you sighed as you hugged a pillow close to your chest

Your boyfriend and an absolute angel, Sam, was lying next to you on your bed. He’d been waiting on your hand and foot the entire day. He just shook his head at what you said and held your hand, playing with your fingers.

“Anything you need, my love?” he asked you, his deep voice was like velvet, rich and smooth. Oh, you just loved it.

“You’re so beautiful, Sam Anthony.” you told him in all seriousness

He tried his hardest not to laugh but the exaggerated lovestruck way you were looking at him was too much. Sam chuckled and kissed you on your forehead, he immediately felt your burning temperature.

“Christ, Y/N! You’re burning up, Jesus Christ, wait here.” he immediately shot out of your bed and rushed to your bathroom

“Wait, Sam, don’t leave meee.” you reached for him but your arms just met thin air

Your fever was climbing steadily, it was making you delirious. Or maybe not that delirious, at least that’s what the fishes swimming in front of you were saying. Beautiful, colourful fishes swimming in crystalline water right in front of your eyes.

“Pretty, pretty fishies.” you beamed, reaching a hand out to touch them

Sam emerged from your bathroom, a wet washcloth in his hand. He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw you almost drunkenly poking thin air, dread filled his senses as he approached you.

“Love?” he called out to you apprehensively

He sat down on your bed and slowly shook your shoulder. Your glazed over eyes met his worried green ones, he gave you a tight smile. Sam was a little scared, he’d never seen you so out of it before.

“Sammy!” you squealed albeit weakly

“Hi, love. Hold still, please.” he gently placed the damp washcloth on your forehead

The cool sensation against your burning forehead made you sigh. The fishes swimming in your vision dissolved into your boyfriend’s anxious expression.

“Are you okay, Sam?” you asked him. Your initial delirium was beginning to fade, a disoriented feeling washing over you.

“Y/N, you’re the one who’s burning up here and you’re asking me if I’m okay?” he shook his head at you, placing a hand on top of the washcloth. Sam wished that the added pressure would just suck your fever away.

“I feel cold.” you mumbled weakly. The sound of your raspy voice just about broke Sam’s heart.

In the three years you two had been together, you never got sick. Three years and no sick days, you can see why Sam has grown accustomed to seeing you in perfect health. Whereas Sam, well, he occasionally had the sniffles, strep throat, that time he got the chickenpox was particularly difficult.

But you were the one who nursed him through all that, you took such good care of him (you just couldn’t control all of his scratching when he had the chickenpox so they left some scars on his face, but they blended in with his freckles). He always got better rather quickly. See, when you looked at it from that standpoint, you could confidently say that you were the one who always cared for Sam when he was sick.

Now though, you were sick and it was Sam’s job to take care of you, that was all he wanted to do really. He wanted to take care of you as well as you have cared for him.

“You know what my mum always makes for me when I have the flu, Y/N?” he tried to ignore the way his voice faltered as he watched a shiver pass through your body. Sam secured more blankets and wrapped them around you.

“Chicken soup, my love.” he continued, “It cures a multitude of ills and reaches deep into your soul.”

“Sam. What the fuck?” you may have been a little out of it earlier but there was no doubt in your mind that that statement right there, was just about the weirdest fucking thing that Sam has ever said.

“Too much?” Sam asked, smiling at you while stroking your hair

You nodded, rolling your eyes. He smiled wider, seeing you act like your normal self was comforting. At least you weren’t sick enough to dismiss his weirdness. He got up from your bed and bowed gentlemanly.

“My lady, I’m off in pursuit of chicken soup. I suggest you stay in bed and keep that on your head.”

The unintended rhyme he made caused you to giggle which turned into coughing fits. He rushed over to you to rub your back.

“Take it easy, Y/N. I’ll be right back.”

With a heavy sigh, he left your room. Why couldn’t you get better already? He hated seeing you in such a vulnerable state, he just wanted to hear you laugh, not cough until your chest ached.

Sam went into your kitchen and found a can of chicken soup in your cupboard. He opened it and jiggled the glutinous substance out of its can, the plop it made as it hit the bottom of the pot made Sam wrinkle his freckled nose. He stirred it around and added a glass of water, he was satisfied once it started to actually resemble soup.

He poured the finished product into a bowl and made his way back to you.

Thankfully, as he entered your room, you weren’t trying to grasp thin air again. Instead, you were sound asleep. How he wished he didn’t have to wake you up, but you had to eat and drink your medicine after.

Sam gently placed the bowl on your bedside table, he placed a tender hand on your cheek and pressed a soft kiss on your lips. Sleeping Beauty had nothing on you, you didn’t have to wait a hundred years nor did Sam have to fight some malevolent dragon. You had your own Prince Phillip right there, no curses, no spinning wheels required.

Your eyes fluttered open and you smiled at your knight in grey sweater.

“My hero.” you whispered, taking in the sight of him

“Oh no, Y/N. Is the delirium coming back?” he asked you as he helped you lean against your headboard, propping your back up with pillows

You watched as Sam moved around your room with ease, turning the AC temperature up, gathering wayward pieces of clothing strewn on your floor. Finally, he picked up the bowl filled with piping hot chicken soup and sat next to you.

He lifted a spoonful to his beautiful lips and blew on it carefully, the sight of it made you feel all warm inside. Once the spoonful had cooled down to match Sam’s standards of appropriate soup temperature, he held it out to you.

You took a grateful sip, letting the savoury flavour linger in your mouth before swallowing, it felt like a soothing salve on your scratched up throat.

“Good?” Sam asked, noticing just a bit of colour return to your cheeks. He felt like he could give himself several congratulatory pats on the back.

“Yes. Very.”

He couldn’t help but grin, words couldn’t even describe how good Sam was feeling. “I told you chicken soup cures a multitude of ills.” he told you, holding out another spoonful to you

You took the spoon from him and put it back in the bowl. Moving closer to him, you placed your hands on both his speckled cheeks. Did he even know what a great job he was doing?

“I think you’re the cure, Sam.”

How you still managed to make him blush like a schoolboy, he will never figure out.

“It’s the chicken soup, my love.” he tried to brush off the butterflies in his stomach but the rosy tint in his cheeks could not be ignored.

“It’s you.”

“You silly girl.” Sam pressed his lips against yours, letting his warmth spread through you. The euphoria you felt as he kissed you was slowly but surely defeating any sickness you felt.

Oh, he was definitely the cure.

This is what a date looks like.
Just two people out together, enjoying each other.

It doesn’t have posed pics posted from the official team headquarters.
It doesn’t have posed pics posted from a tour of the locker rooms (or pit areas).
It doesn’t feature a private helicopter ride home from the venue made very public by posting a video of it.
It won’t have blue check adjacents signal boosting every new vid and pic on their twitter accounts, just in case there might be a single fan out there who missed the show.

A date just needs two people out together, enjoying each other. It’s a private thing shared between just the two people- like that single beer she is holding for the two of them….

All that other stuff I mentioned; that’s not a date- that’s a media circus created to support a celebrities’ professional public appearance.

Bughead Leaks

what i think the order is

Hearing jughead is now ‘boyfriend’

one’s frozen, others like whatever

this face

and these two just glance at each other

maybe its silent word exchange, jughead might have been like ill be there dont worry. 

then her smile

at the party (i guess cause he showed up?)

then archie comes revealing whos jugheads father is

jughead looks at betty , maybe hes worried she wont approve

in the vid i saw veronica comforted archie a tiny bit arm stroke walking off, betty gave some face to jughead and went out of frame (i get her sisters baby shower)

betty redeems herself??

they talk to jugheads father im guessing, jughead believe the dad 

when he asks betty, she says she believes in jughead 

jughead swoops in for the kiss

she gets a few little ones in herself

If you guys wanna talk about what’s “ruining” the su fandom, let’s talk.

Let’s talk about leaks and you guys using illegitimate sources like kidscartoon or dailymotion or some 7 yr old’s iPhone vid in order to watch su instead of from the CN app. Let’s talk about bigoted people in the fandom, some of which use Steven Universe as a vantage point for their Nazi fetishizing art. Not to mention all the TERF’s that found their way into the fandom. Let’s talk about child porn art of Steven between the gems. Let’s talk about how transparent it is whenever you guys bring up zamii’s own attempted suicide as a way to silence others when she said several times that she doesn’t want to be brought up. Let’s talk about the aftermath of the aforementioned when people made white garnet and skinny rose fanart in order to “stick up” for zamii, perpetuating the problem even further. Let’s talk about amedot shippers harassing zuke because she made Lapidot fanart. Let’s talk about the mess that was the concrete discourse….

Anyways, there’s probably more examples, but this is enough for now. My point is, stop acting like the su fandom was perfect and that su crit™ ruined the su fandom when it was never that great in the first place.

What Might Have Been

[Prompt: This is for @meflashfanwork based on the theme ‘what might have been.’ What if Alec had survived and Wren Ryder wasn’t the Pathfinder, but just one of the companions? How would her relationship with Jaal changed? It’s a series of vignettes, essentially, because anything else would be ungodly long.

Jaal x Ryder]

Alec Ryder. Pathfinder, hope of the Initiative, pseudo-leader of the human ark. All titles he wore with ease, carrying hopes and dreams on his shoulders as if they weighed nothing at all. Things he could not include in his list of titles: diplomat, which made meeting the angara an interesting complication, a wrinkle in his plans that he clearly didn’t approve of.

Thus, the angara representative, Jaal, had ended up more or less dumped in the laps of Scott and Wren Ryder. “Babysit him. I don’t have time for this,” Alec said, already turning and stalking off. Wren and Scott exchanged a look and both shrugged simultaneously.

“You know I’m not much better than dad. I leave this in your capable hands.” Clapping his sister on the shoulder, Scott left her with Jaal.

“Your father- he is always like this?” It was the first thing Jaal said to her, and Ryder couldn’t determine if he was serious or not. A beat of tension, and then Jaal smiled at her, hesitantly, and Ryder let out a breath she didn’t know she had been holding and smiled back.

Bashful in the face of having to confront Alec’s dubious charms, Ryder nodded reluctantly. “Pretty much. He takes getting used to.” It was unfortunate that this was Jaal’s first real taste of humanity, but it wasn’t as if there was much she could do about that. As usual, she could only pick up the pieces and try to smooth out Alec’s rough edges, making sure he didn’t offend too many people in his wake. It was, after all, the main reason she was even allowed on his precious Tempest in the first place. Everyone had to pull their own weight, and though it never went said out loud, it was understood that the Ryder twins were there to be the charm and charisma that the Pathfinder lacked.


From the start, Ryder had alternative reasons for playing nice with Jaal. She couldn’t help but notice he was good looking, even if he was alien. Maybe it was the fact that he was so incredibly alien that made him appealing; either way, six hundred years of no action could do things to a girl.

Jaal didn’t trust her. That much was clear. He trusted Alec even less, and while he seemed to get along with Scott, he also held himself aloof, refusing to answer certain questions about his family and about angaran culture until some mythical proof of trust could be earned.

“I’d like to get to know you better. Privately,” she stuttered out one afternoon, and to her surprise Jaal looked her up and down appraisingly and finally replied.

“I would like that,” he said, a smile touching the corners of his mouth. That’s where it all began.


It wasn’t until they rescued the Moshae that Jaal truly began to warm up to any of the crew, and Ryder hadn’t even been along for the ride. “It’s too dangerous,” Alec told her. “You and your brother are staying behind and staying put. No arguments.” All this before she could even open her mouth, stuck on the ship and fuming as her dad left with Jaal and Drack, leaving behind a restless ship that could only try and communicate with comms.

“I have utmost faith that your dad will pull this off,” Cora said, trying to sound reassuring and trying not to look annoyed that she hadn’t been brought along.

“Of course he will. Dad is perfect.” Rolling her eyes, Ryder stalked off to her bunk to flip through an old-fashioned, physical book, flipping the same two pages back and forth for an hour before giving up and trying to watch a vid instead. She should be there. What if Alec was hurt? What if Jaal was hurt? Was it wrong that the second thought made her more worried than the first? Damn it, she was going to fall into this too deeply if she wasn’t careful. It was time to distance herself, to not think about what the angara looked like as he smiled, how good of a shot he was, how he had helped her take apart her sniper rifle the other day, holding intricate pieces between two fingers with surprisingly delicacy. Definitely don’t think about his hands.

Damn it.


“We have to deal with this Aksuul figure before he causes any further trouble. Wren, you’re coming with us.” It was a tacit admittance that he was diplomatically challenged, the closest Alec would ever come to admitting weakness. It was also the only time he had been willing to drag out his daughter and Jaal on a mission at the same time, preferring to keep them separated.

“Remember not to fraternize with the angara, Wren. Keep your head.” That had been a few days ago, a frown etched onto his features, permanent lines creased downward. Wren could only blush and shrug, muttering polite deferrals that sounded half-hearted even to her own biased ears.

“Ryder, you must listen and trust me about Aksuul. I can’t trust that Alec would,” Jaal whispered to her as they finally left the Tempest, ready to face whatever the steaming jungles held.

She nodded but bit a corner of her lip, doubtful. “I’ll do my best. You know what dad’s like.”

“And that is what I’m afraid of.” There wasn’t time for them to say more; already Alec was moving forward, SAM propelling him into feats of athleticism that Wren couldn’t possibly even contemplate.

With Alec leading the way, there was no time for quiet contemplation or examining their surroundings. A cursory look, enough to establish that Jaal’s family wasn’t there, and they moved on, Aksuul’s voice a distant, booming background whenever they entered a building. Every time she wanted to stop to look more closely at something, Alec pushed her onward, and though Jaal shook his head, there was nothing either could do to stop the Pathfinder once he had a mission firmly in mind. This was what he had trained for and he was a man of action, not of contemplation. Putting the picture together didn’t matter as much as getting results, and he was determined to do that much. Ryder strongly suspected that Alec didn’t even care about rescuing Jaal’s family so much as he did getting on the angara’s good side; his attempts at placate them still weren’t going well, and few of them trusted him.

Every angara killed felt like a blow to Ryder. How did Jaal feel, killing his own people? He and Alec had identical facial expressions; calm, determined, though Jaal’s was underwritten with a current of worry. Bullets flew as all three sought cover behind some crates, pushing ever closer to their goal. “Wait! I know those voices.” Jaal held a fist up to halt their fire.

Alec kept firing in steady pulses, either having not heard or ignoring it entirely. “Dad, stop!” Once again, there was no response until Ryder physically shouldered him, causing a shot to veer off wildly. Alec turned to look at her angrily, scowl only deepening.

“Dad. Jaal knows them.”

“Lathoul! Wait! Stop!” What followed was a terse exchange of words, a stray shot that rang out… and then hugging. A great deal of hugging, none of which involved Alec and all of which left Ryder faintly bemused. Yet when Jaal sought out a human to show his family that humans weren’t all bad, he didn’t reach for Alec, instead grabbing Ryder by the arm and dragging her into the spotlight, showing her off with an air of faint pride, making her feel Alec’s glare radiating heat through the back of her skull.

Another flash of action- shooting, defusing bombs while Alec watched over her shoulder, shouting out terse commands. A bullet slammed into her shields, sending Ryder back, but she shook it off, fingers shaking as she pressed levers and flicked switches, trying to save this piece of angaran history, knowing that if she didn’t, the failure would rest squarely on her shoulders. They would never blame their Pathfinder, but it was too easy to blame his daughter.

And then Askuul, pointing a gun at Jaal, and Alec pointing a gun at Aksuul. Jaal’s earlier words, his emphasis on trusting him, came back to mind, but Alec’s finger was already hovering near the trigger, and he rarely missed. Ryder could only do something incredibly stupid, something Alec would yell at her about back in the Tempest- she stepped in front of his gun, preventing him from taking the shot, and in doing so, she had to watch Aksuul shoot a single bullet at Jaal, skimming the surface of his flesh and passing on.

A tense moment, and then diffusion. How could everything have possibly turned out okay?


Later, she and Jaal leaned against each other, her hand reaching up to touch where he had shot.

“You stopped your father,” Jaal finally said to her.

“I was so worried.” Even now, she could feel Alec staring. Screw Alec. Right now, her dad was the least of her concerns.

“All wounds heal.” They leaned forward, and then Jaal broke away, arching the approximate region where brows would be to gesture at Alec. “I should let you two speak.”

Maybe it was then she realized she would weather any storm for him- even a storm of angry fathers.


Reggie’s based on my lust for edgy extreme girls like LoL Jinx and Lord Dominator. Also this one Suicide GIrls Fight Club vid where they’re beating each other up topless and angry. It’s on Vimeo. I sometimes also compare my GF Sheepy to Reggie’s personality.

Reggie would love being tentacled

Yup, most of my OC names are pop culture references. She would love Rocket Power.

All of Loki’s “friends” have that naming scheme: Loki Lowbrow Sinister, Blitzkrieg Blast Radius, Reggie Radical Grinder.

taylorearhardts  asked:

pretty please???? tell me more abt ur adhd+dyslexic kim headcanons??? bc i never knew i needed it. feel free to reply to this on private/public or just message me, w/e you'd like

(thank you for asking me i’m so happy afdsklgjrbgaag i’m sorry if i hc something wrong about adhd and/or dyslexia because i haven’t been diagnosed with adhd but find much of it recurrent in my daily life and habits (and at this point i’m questioning), and i’m not dyslexic, but omg yes i believe kim is :DDDDDD here are some of my hcs)      

-kimberly learns about dyslexia in middle school, and adhd, not much later

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