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Before the 1960′s, when the TV series Flipper became popular, trained sea creatures such as dolphins were a very rare occurrence. Richard “Ric” O’Barry was a dolphin trainer at Miami Seaquarium and helped to capture five wild dolphins that would be trained to star in Flipper. He carried this on for 10 years until Kathy, who was the main dolphin to star in Flipper, died in his arms; he strongly believes she committed suicide when she didn’t resurface for air. It was this one event that completely changed his stance on what he was doing. He suddenly realised that imprisoning and training these beautiful and intelligent creatures for human entertainment was abhorrent. On Earth Day of 1970, Ric founded The Dolphin Project which is an organisation dedicated to educating people about the plight of dolphins in captivity. This organisation rescues and rehabilitates dolphins and releases them back to the wild. As well as this, Ric leads an international effort to stop the hunting of dolphins and the trafficking of dolphins to theme parks such as Sea World. He has written two books: Behind the Dolphin Smile and To Free a Dolphin, and also appeared in the documentary, The Cove.

  • We don’t give a fuck about your world,
     With all your global profits, and all your jeweld pearls,
     We don’t give a fuck about your world,
     Right now, right now. ”
MONSTA X: Which korean variety show will suit each the members personality and why

Even though I see a lot of programs I don’t think I’m the best person in the orld to do this kind of thing, but I decided to try 

 Shownu: Infinity challenge, He could not only show all the strength he has, but also maturity acquired. I can’t explain it very well, but I think it would be a great program for him.

Wonho: Running Man, is a program where you usually have to have a good body as well mind and would be an ideal program for Wonho show his body.

Minhyuk: Hello Baby, just imagine him taking care of a baby, it would be the cutest thing in the world to not mention that Minhyuk would probably be very careful and considerate.

Kihyun: King of masked singer, He’s been on the show and I think he deserves recognition for his good vocals and what better place if not this program to make it happen?

Hyungwon: The return of superman, this would happen many years from now, but think of how would be funny to see him totally lost without his wife to help with his daughter.

Jooheon: Show me the money, I hope he try it again this year, SMTM is the ideal show for Jooheon show how good is in rap.

I.M.: We got Married, He has said that wanted to participate in the program and I think it would be a great opportunity for him to show a more romantic and sensitive side.

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Hola a todos, vengo a decir que lamento haberme desaparecido de golpe de nuevo (??) aunque como siempre tengo buenas razones. Ahora ni si quiera estoy en mi casa, hice un viaje largo hasta Chile para ver a mis amigas, así que ando en Santiago de Chile, viendo a mis amigas y quedándome en las casas de ellas, vine a pasarla bien, a despejarme y conocerlas y mimarlas como siempre quise hacer ;; por lo tanto andaré algo intermitente.

Peeero traje mi memoria extraible con mis icons, trataré de ir respondiendo en la medida que pueda <3. Perdón por pasarme a avisar tarde, es que el viaje tomo tiempo (casi dos días completos) y luego llegué muy cansada para si quiera pensar en meterme shdbjd.

Y eso, espero que anden todos bien <333. 

PD: El año pasado hice un viaje a Chile pero fue fallido y apenas pude ver a dos de las muchas amigas que tengo acá sobs. Ahora todo es hermoso.