in the next panel she finds out he puts his name on his arrows

HVFF Portland - a recap

Last weekend, I attended HVFF in Portland for the first time (HVFF and Portland) and had a blast. I know a lot of people on Twitter have seen pictures and videos but I wanted to share a little of my account. 

Half of the fun is sharing the experience with other friends and fans. I met up with friends, people I follow on Twitter, and met new people creating new friendships. Overall, eight of us arrived a day early and hung out after getting our tickets. This really helped getting to know each other in person before the con started. (I had only met Academy of shipping in person before) Then we could break up into different groups at the con and rejoice over mini-Felicity and Alejandra’s amazing ability to connect with the actors as we came back together.

Stephen Amell’s panel was first on Saturday. We were much closer than I expected which was so much fun. He was engaging and funny and most of the questions felt new. 
- He is looking forward to scenes with Jack (William) and they have cool scenes in 6x01
- most embarrassing moment is dropping Katie Cassidy in their make out scene in S1. A kid asked the question, so his avoidance and explanations for why he was carrying her (she was tired) was hilarious.
- Stephen is tired of the beard (for Code 8). Also, he is much better than night shoots then his cousin, Robbie.
- Jesi’s daughter dressed as Felicity (mini-Felicity) was going to ask a question but then Jesi had to ask instead (when will Oliver marry Felicity - answer: maybe in Season 6. Maybe not) However, she charmed Stephen (giving her name as Felicity) which led to two days of glorious moments and pictures with Stephen and the entire cast for that family.
- asked if he would break his promise of no dancing for a slow dance at Olicity wedding, he responded yes since he didn’t count slow dancing as dancing (and he would be better than Grant)
- invited to the Navy Ball and accepted if his schedule allows 
- another Navy officer (after joking that he also was going to ask him to the Navy Ball) gave him a challenge coin from his crew since Arrow is one of the shows they watch away from home. Stephen got off the stage and gave him a hug.
- favorite villain: most iconic, Deathstroke. Favorite, Prometheus.

At this point, we started to break up and visit different actors booths for autographs or selfies. I had written out all the music themes for each person there to sign which meant I did not do any photo-ops. Cons are expensive!

I started with Katrina Law mostly so I could follow Janis and her daughter and see Ava meet Nyssa. If any of you follow Janis, you will know that Nyssa is Ava’s favorite character and it was fun to see Katrina pick her up and swing her back and forth. I showed her my music sheet and Katrina was very excited to learn that Nyssa had her own theme and thought that was really cool.

My next stop was David Ramsey’s table. David Ramsey is a wonderful human being and made sure to take time with each fan. He was the last one to stay both evenings because there were so many people and because it took so much longer (but everyone would agree it was worth it!) He asked me my name, at which point he mentioned it was one of his favorite names and then proceeded to name four other favorite names, one being my sister’s name which we both found very cool. Then I showed him the music and his eyes grew big as he asked where I got the music. I told him I transcribed it which greatly impressed him. Then he asked me to sing or hum Diggle’s theme for him! I did my best but told him that it sounded much cooler with electric bass and then babbled about how it was in the last episode with Deathstroke, Diggle and Wild Dog’s themes as they fought (I told Rick the same thing the next day) which was really cool. David them told me that I was amazing for listening to all those details and signed my paper. He asked if I was a musician and told him that I was a cellist. Since I was dressed as Felicity the first day, he guessed that at the end and gave me a high five. I returned to Sarah and Bre red-faced, a huge grin on my face, and slightly shaking!

The three of us went over to Juliana’s table next. There were a lot less people at her table which meant we could spend more time. First of all, she is gorgeous and has the most lovely smile. I certainly hope we can see more of it on Arrow. We all shared how much we loved her as the Black Canary and thought she did a fantastic job. This meant the world to her and she told us she hoped to do us proud in Season 6. When I showed her the music, I shared how her theme stemmed from the previous Canary themes but is her own. She found that really cool and was a little blown away, I think. I’m not sure she even knew there were soundtracks for Arrow. She asked if she could take a picture of it so she could play it home. She signed Dinah Drake first starting in a D on the staff paper which was a cool little moment.

My last signature was with Stephen Amell. I had this whole spiel I was going to say on thanking him for his work this year but I was a little overwhelmed being so close to him (he is quite handsome) that most of it left my brain. He was very nice and asked where I wanted him to sign. I pointed out his three themes and then he signed next to each one. It took a little while for me to recover.
Since I didn’t get a photo-op, a group of us hung out nearby waiting for those who were getting photos (a bit of a revolving door between 8 of us!) Rick Gonzales was walking by which Bre and I pointed out to Alejandra, who called out “Rick!” She had already had met him so he turned around, smiled, and then came back and gave her a hug, remembering their conversation beforehand. Before he left, he gave myself and Bre hugs even though we had never met him! We also got to witness her joy/freaking out when Rick included her picture on Instragam and responded to her on Twitter and then Stephen Amell’s response to her Mini-Felicity picture “I like hugs”. Needless to say, both days we all were on our phones enjoying the amazing responses of the fandom and cast.

The next day, we attended the Arrow cast panel and deduced that Juliana and Rick were added since two chairs appeared as we sat there (before seeing the announcement via Twitter)
It was nice to see the interactions but everyone was a little tired so the questions and answers were not as engaging as Stephen’s.
- favorite and funniest moment in set. Willa mentioned it was hard to choose with John Barrowman on set. Rick and Julianna took the more serious route with Rene and Zoe moments from 5x13 and Dinah’s first Canary cry. David and Willa joked that it was hard to follow that with fart jokes and Barrowman. 
- most surprising moment to read in the scripts. Katrina was shocked that Oliver and Nyssa were getting married (“we all were” said the moderator) and Willa mentioned the many times she died.
- they all did joke about the possibility of dying on the island and whether they were coming back. “We are all dead.” “It’s a dream” Rick joked about needing to find another job. David said that Stephen had read 6x01 and just kept teasing him the night before “Dude, …., you didn’t buy a house, did you?”
- they were asked about relationships on the show they would like to see. Katrina said “Nyssa and Felicity” (after mentioning wanting a flashback of Sara and Nyssa earlier), Rick mentioned Rene showing interest in Thea, Willa mentioned that relationships don’t last well in the show (although she did mention later that she would love for Thea and Roy again) which David disagreed about.
- Willa was asked if Malcolm was a good father. She hemmed and hawed since Malcolm did sacrifice himself for Thea. She did acknowledge that her love for John clouded that statement and gave a yes
- what their doppelgängers would be like on Earth 2. Rene would be a cook or baker and very friendly. Dinah would be docile and wear pink dresses. Diggle would have a green power ring which would be ironic working with Aliens since Diggle is freaked out by aliens.

I visited Willa’s table first and got her signature in Green and then a selfie. She thought it was really sweet that her theme was called “Purest Heart.” I mentioned that I almost put down the Theroy theme as well because I love it and them. She said she missed them too. Very cool.

Next was Rick who was also blown away that I had written down all the themes and that Wild Dog has his own. He asked if he could take a picture of it as well and really appreciated it. I again babbled that it appeared in 5x02 and the fight scene in 5x23 and he was kind of impressed that I noticed those details. I told him that I loved the piano theme for Rene and Zoe and am hoping it will be on the soundtrack. He mentioned that they will address Zoe and Rene in Season 6 and gave us (Sarah was with me) hugs. He also has a beautiful smile which we need to see more on the show!

We then went to Brandon Routh’s booth. Brandon looks exactly like he does on screen: tall, handsome, and smiling. Turns out that Brandon plays trumpet and piano and so actually read the music in front of him. He said the range was a little low for trumpet but I had written the French Horn range (the Atom theme is both in horns and trumpets) so we proceeded to talk about trumpet ranges. He also asked to take a picture of it. I mentioned that I enjoyed Legends and was excited to see where it goes next. He smiled and said that it was going to be pretty crazy. 

We proceeded over to Milo Ventimiglia’s booth because I am a big fan of “Gilmore Girls” and “This is us.” He is like David in that he wanted to know each person’s name and have a conversation. Plus, they both make serious and funny faces in selfies. I thanked him for the role of Jack: a good husband and father, which is rare to see on TV these days. To have both Jack and Randall on the same show as good men is a blessing and a rarity and he said he would pass that on to Sterling! We both agreed that Jack was the true Superhero because he was a real man in a world without superpowers. 

We then attended his panel and we sat two rows away from him, thanks to Sarah. He was engaging and thoughtful in his responses on the stage as he is in person. He always asked for each person’s name. He was asked about Gilmore Girls: “no, the baby is not Jess’s baby” and that he loved working with Scott Patterson - a very special pairing and relationship. He also said the newest segment was like an encore in a concert. He was asked about “This is Us” and what a good man Jack is yet still flawed and his deep love for Rebecca. He spoke of the importance of knowing everyone on the crew which he learned thanks to his first line on “Prince of Bel Air” with Will Smith who knew everyone and took a few moments to speak to him. The panel went from his favorite books to what he likes to do on his down time to how he approaches acting. All responses were beautiful, engaging and fun.

We returned to the booth areas to find out about the mini-Felicity pictures/hug video (she was dancing with Rick at that point) As the day closed, we all traveled over to Juliana’s booth (thanks to Alejandra) and we talked about the new costume which had been revealed over the Internet and how it looks awesome. We did mention something about the weather (the bare arms for a few inches) and she appeared a little surprised and admitted that didn’t occur to her! She said if she is shivering, we will know why! She thanked us and gave us all hugs.

We then went once more to Rick’s who gave Alejandra and Heidi hugs and then as he left, saw me (remembering me from earlier) and shook my hand thanking me. Very sweet man.

We finished the day by watching Wonder Woman in an incredible theater that was more like a lounge or living room (couches, bookshelves, food). A wonderful end for an amazing weekend. 

(My computer’s wifi does not work well since I moved a month ago. I did have pictures interspersed in this but Tumblr is acting weird. I did post most of them earlier however. I apologize for any weird formats from my iPad!)

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Happy Birthday, librarian-amy!

May 22 - Thor and Steve friendship, something humorous involving IKEA or some other potentially frustrating building/repair project, please! for @librarian-amy

Written by @celiaequus

“This store, I like it,” Thor said, beaming as he looked around.  His voice was a bit loud, and Steve ducked his head, hoping the glasses would be enough disguise.  A few people looked their way, but most of them were too distracted to notice that there were Avengers in their midst.

“Yeah,” Steve said.  “It’s just a pity we have to follow the arrows.”

“But these ones bear our faces.”  Thor pointed to one of the arrows they were following.

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Request: one where the reader, who has lost her memories, is a new employee at DC Studios. She works in the Archives that hold all the original comic manucripts. One day she finds a old, unpublished story about Jason where he has a girlfriend, who at the end disapearing in a magic explosion that erases all evidence that she ever existed. This girlfriend has the same name and looks as the reader and the manuscript dated the same day the reader was found after losing her memories.

I gave it my best shot anon!

Tagging @bamboozledimagines and @batlog thanks for the help girls!

The  buzzing silence along with the darkness filled your ears and head once again. You shot your eyes open and headed to your bathroom, where you threw water on your face. You were left to stare at your reflection in the mirror; your eyes were bloodshot, your lips chapped and your hair looked like a rat nest.
    You had to do a lot before you could go to work but thank god your insomnia wouldn’t let you sleep. You walked slowly to your kitchen, while scratching your scalp with your small fingers and  proceeded to make a coffee.
    Something killed you. You didn’t know what, but it killed you. A space in your heart ate you alive. You didn’t know the reason and you certainly wouldn’t try to find it while caffeine hadn’t entered your system.
   Your head still buzzed after you took a shower, and surprisingly even more, after you took some painkillers. This had never happened; painkillers always stopped your bad headaches. Even if your head was burning and even when it seemed heavy to you.

Today it was another rainy day. Today was another rainy day in New York, in your cold apartment, that you never felt that it was yours.

It was so funny because sometimes you wished you’d never see the present day again. You wanted to go back in the past, to figure out why you didn’t remember. Who were your parents? Weren’t they alive? And if they were, why hadn’t they reached out to you yet?

Did you have someone? Had you ever loved? Had you ever been loved?

You sighed as you snapped back in reality. Your coffee was cold; you had been zoning out for good, you thought. You stood up from the kitchen table and hooked your fingers under your white tank top. By the time your reached your room, you were holding both pieces of your pijamas in your hands. You threw them on the bed with as much force as you could and opened your closet to find a black pencil dress.
You wore it, right after you put some tights on, to keep your legs warm and walked quickly to your bathroom.

It was as simple as it could get now; brush your teeth, fix your hair, put some make up on. Your job required a proper attire.

The wheels of your car made a sliding sound as you parked to your usual parking spot and you got grabbed on the steering wheel, squeezing it so tight that your knuckles turned white. Inside, you feared a car accident would occur to you again and you’d lose the few memories you had created in all these months.

You used your umbrella to keep the rain away from your fixed hair. It wasn’t a long walk to the main door of the building, but you stopped some meters before you got in and looked up at the familiar Symbol.


You couldn’t help but sigh. Ever since they called you some months ago, asking if you would like to continue working there, more questions popped in your mind.

Why did you need a job? Had you studied? What were you working as?
And mos importantly, why would one name their company Detective Comics Comics?

The usual walk to the elevator was simple as it could get. You greeted some people, that claimed to know you, sighed some more times, wait for the elevator to come and reach to your department, that was merely a story down the main hall.
You greeted your colleagues there too, asking what was your task for the day.

“Today you’re on unpublished stories. I’ll give you some to start scanning!” Mandy, the only friend you had made in all these months, spoke.

“Why, being handed the stories will help a lot! Thanks Mandy!”

She shot you a smile and nodded, her short blond bob jiggling.
“Okay, here you are! These are exclusively Jason Todd stories. I’m taking care of the rest! ” She giggled and slammed a huge pile of Jason comics before your face.
“Thanks” you muttered and gulped at the instant.

“Honey are you okay? You seem like a ghost today! Did you remember anything?”
You shook your head, slowly in denial and she left after she patted your shoulder. She knew not to push more.

It was the end of the day. You might have been working for some extra hours too, as the archive floor was almost empty; in fact, only you, Mandy and three other employees were still left.

You impatiently looked at the clock.

11.43 pm

Okay so maybe you’d die in this building. But you had to finish with that last Jason story. Once again the task was simple; you read the comic if you want and then you have to reprint it, so the story will stay unharmed from time.

And maybe this story was interesting.
It was from Red Hood and the Outlaws from the 2011 DC Comics reboot named New 52, and it was set as a standalone one shot as a small gift that went along with the original issue.
You knew it was worth reading, and never understood why it never made it as a print but it was before you now and it was tempting not to read it.

You turned the cover and the story immediately started.
The first image was one of a small bald boy, with olive skin. Blue shines surrounded him, his face covered on a mischievous grin.
Your hair raised at a strange feeling, all this blue around him, feeling familiar.

He was talking to Jason, on how he could save his loved one from his hands. He said, he held her memories and that he needed his to set her free.
Jason was split, and Roy was trying to convince him not to do anything stupid, along with Kor'i.
Your heart throbbed, feeling anxious on what Jason would respond in the next page.

“I need time to think. I’ll be back tomorrow.”

Next few pages showed Jason being comforted by the team. They told him they’d find a way to get his loved one back. That she was safe.
Jason highly doubted that, as he knew what little shit S'aru was. And as he laid on his bed, sleep not bothering to budge him, he muttered a name.

Your name.

Your eyes shot completely open and vivid memories passed before your eyes as flashes.
The color blue, an intense laugh, a man’s voice calling your name before everything going black. Men falling from the sky. Endless laughing with a family of men. Cries for help. The blue again, and then it was over, as suddenly as it came.

Sweat dropped from your forehead as you turned the pages quickly, barely bothering to read every panel. The situation seemed familiar. Too familiar. And as it couldn’t get any worse you noticed Jason dragging a girl with him with (h/c) hair, that only wore a hospital’s white dress. Roy and Kor'i were running just infront of him, heading to the ship.

“I was there Mandy!” You screamed!
“I was there. I was holding his hand!”
Mandy looked at you with compassion. Maybe you had remembered something from your earlier life, but she was too tired to give you more attention.

hold on he said and fired his gun towards S'aru, who was after him. Your pain was enough to slow him down. He knew this plan would turn out catastrophic. You had two bullets wound and four arrows stuck on your body. All of them from attempts of killing S'aru.
I’ll get you home in no-

There was that blur again. This time it stayed for too long in your vision with its dazzling spins and dark dots, its smooth movements as the bluests of waters. As if hypnotizing you.
Then there was a blast.
There was that voice again
And sounds of shooting.

More sweat dripped from your forehead and tears formed in your eyes, your gaze was fixed into space, your lips leaving moans of pain. Images passed and left always flashing in your vision in that shade of blue. That calming blue that looked like water and you wanted to sank in. To give up from your physical pain. You had to follow your path to the past.

You didn’t notice your deafening scream, nor Mandy running to your side as you fell onto the floor, as what seemed like, dead.

The darkness slowly drifted away from your eyes, only to be replaced by a blur. You could not see well for the moment.
The buzzing sound was back, but this time another small sound came along with it. It was a standard mechanical beep. You recognised that sound. This was the room you had woken up when you opened your eyes once before in the hospi-

“KOR'I! HER EYES ARE OPEN! OH MY GOD KOR'IIIII!!” You recognised that voice too, the woman’s red hair also, the masked man that followed her as well.

“(Y/n)?” The man put his mask off and stared at you, with watered eyes.


“Yes! Oh my dear God she’s awake!” He said, tears flowing down his cheeks as he rushed to pull you in his arms, not caring about the needles that pinched your skin.

It was all clear for you know. You remembered being taken by S'aru that night you had been taken to the hospital because you were extremely sick. You remembered him blackmailing Jason. You remembered the blast and everything after it, how you woke up by a call in a hospital, asking if you’d finally go to work, you remembered not being abke to remember anything, having a space eating out your heart. But I was over.

You were home.
You were in Jason’s arms and everything felt real. Even if you were in comma for six months as the guys said, even if S'aru had created a different universe to keep you in so he could take your memories for fun, you were back.

And suddenly the buzz became a bird’s song and the space a heartwarming fire that burnt within you.

You were home.

Explain it to me...I’ll wait

Why is this is even a conversation? Laurel Lance is not a popular character. For years, she has been considered as the problematic character and it is usually a rare occasion when her character gets praise for something she did. People want to blame only the writers and frankly, that is some bullshit. We praise Stephen Amell for his performances as Oliver Queen, how he can emote so much from facial expressions and body language. We are forever praising EBR for taking her two scene, one episode guest star gig (the woman was a goddamn easter egg) and spun into a season regular by S2. 

I damn well know that David Ramsey is the king of saying so much with a  look. Susanna Thompson made you love Moira even though she could be an evil bitch when she is ready. Caity Lotz may have made some questionable acting choices but not once did you ever not believe that she was The Canary and that she didn’t have consistency. You don’t doubt Willa Holland’s performances. But as soon as people want to criticize the Laurel Lance character, the blame is placed on the writers.

These characters are written by the same people and yes, they may have taken some missteps and some things are a bit ooc sometimes but there has never been another character that has been consistently bad like the Laurel Lance character. Here’s the thing, each actor is the custodian of their character, when you have different directors on each episode, it is up to the actor to make sure their character is consistent.  You have Stephen Amell going to the writers and asking for the bed hopping to stop or EBR cornering an EP in the airport lounge to ask about her character. Let’s not talk about their headcanons. Where is Katie Cassidy fighting for her character? Where are her headcanons?

Ask yourself why Katie Cassidy is telling people to read the comics when the producers have come out and said that they use the comics as the starting point and not the end point. Hell, it is obvious if you read the comics that there are some huge differences in the characters and storylines. Ask yourself why she had to bring up the Green Arrow in answering a question about Laurel and Sara. Why can’t she answer questions about Laurel without having to bring Oliver’s name into it?

Look, I know I am being very harsh towards Katie Cassidy but when an actress does not seem to put much effort into her character past memorizing her lines and getting in shape for the physical aspects of her role, I am going to be harsh. Just because you won the role doesn’t mean you don’t have to fight to keep it. When Katie Cassidy was cast, she was supposed to be the love interest for the lead actor and she was to become the Black Canary. But two guest stars came in and took both those positions from her. Yes, Laurel is the Black Canary in the show but in the hearts of the audience, Sara is.

I know that this sounds as if I am putting a lot of the blame on Katie Cassidy and that is because I am, she is ultimately responsible for bring her character to life. It is her job to take the words on the page and breathe life into them. She has to become the personification of the words written about that character. Her performance helps to shape that character. I have listened to a lot of TV writers and they all say that the pilot is the only script that they write exclusively but after that, they see what the actors do with their material and they make adjustments. For this reason, I can forgive any inconsistencies that occur from episode 1 to episode 2 because that is when they make corrections. But anything after that, the actor has to take some of the blame. This is why people argue over casting news, the wrong actor can ruin a character.

Given the filming schedule they have, these actors know where their character is going to be in at least two episodes ahead. So you are telling me that she can’t make acting choices that would make where Laurel ends up in the next two episodes believable? I don’t think that there is anything else to say than that she is miscast in this role. You cannot tell me that if she was Deborah Jones, instead of Dinah Laurel Lance, that she would still be on the show.

They had to “kill” Oliver for three episodes and then have her develop a friendship with Felicity to force the audience to pay attention to her character and that is a reflection on her as an actress. And before you start saying that they don’t give her much to work with, remember that David “John Diggle” Ramsey was given way less than her in the last two seasons and still people are out there making sure that the writers don’t lose their damn minds and kill Diggle. This is a man who makes Diggle look like fucking Yoda when he says his lines so don’t try that. Remember, EBR took Felicity from two scenes and turned into driving off into the sunset with Oliver. You work with what you have been given and you make people believe that shit and want to root for you.

Don’t sit there and claim that she is a fan favourite when during comic con panels, people hardly ask questions about her. I remember SDCC 2014 when Andrew Kreisburg paused after saying that Katie Cassidy and Laurel fans will be happy about what they had in store for the character, there was little to no applause. That is not the response a fan favourite gets.

And for those Lauriver fans, explain to me how we are supposed to take your ship seriously when the actress says that things get awkward when Stephen takes off his shirt. Explain to me, how the fuck you are supposed to be the love interest with an actor, someone who you are going to have to have lots of sexy times with when you find it awkward when his shirt is off? Explain that to me, I will wait.

Olicity and the Power of Parallels

I swear, the most elaborate and most reasonable ingenious thoughts come to me right before I go to sleep. Like ‘thank you brain for giving me insomnia because I can’t stop thinking about this most magical wondrous theory!’ But I digress. 


This is where any anti-shippers of the pairing of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak better known as Olicity need to get off. This is not for you. 

Are you gone?

Okay— for you Olicitiers

Throw out every interview, every sneak peek, every and all tidbit, live session, comic con panel, spoiler you know of. Ignore everything any actor or writer or EP of Arrow has ever said. Put away any doubts, prejudices, anger, and complaints with the fandom, the show, your fellow shippers, me, and pay attention to this.

Get comfortable because this is going to be long.


The Power of Parallels. 

Let’s Diggle In

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