in the next gif they fall in love

Imagine falling asleep next to Sirius on the couch in the common room and waking up to him looking at you. There would be something strange in the way he looked at you, something warm and caring, but as soon as he noticed you looking back at him he’d put on his usual cool attitude.
“Pity that I had that much fire whiskey, I’d love to know how I managed to get you fall asleep next to me”

It’s okay to enjoy someone’s presence without having a “label” on what you two “are”. 

Let everything fall in place how it’s supposed to. 

This is probably my most playful smut yet, and I was giggling the entire time I wrote it. I hope you guys love it.

Jin’s breath became heavier as he began to fall asleep. You were playing little spoon, he had one arm under your head, and the other wrapped firmly around your waist. His breath on your neck was driving chills down your body, making it impossible to think of anything besides the growing wetness between your thighs. Shuffling sounds in the bed next to Jin’s snapped you back to reality, and you remembered Suga was sleeping just feet away.

Jin let out a small sigh, and shifted slightly, bringing his hand to rest on your hip. You smirked, intertwined your fingers on top of his, and used both of your hands to push your butt into him in a slow and hard motion. You imagined his eyes shooting open when he gripped your hip harshly. “Y/N” he whispered “Stop!”

You pressed your face into your pillow to muffle a sheepish giggle. “Oppa… You’ve been breathing down my neck for the last half hour..” you slowly guided his hand into your pajama pants, “Im so wet..” Jin let out a half sigh, half choke, and swiftly pulled his hand out your pants. “You’re not wearing underwear!” he was trying to whisper, but shock got the best of him. You closed your mouth tight to try to stop from giggling again, and let out a breathy “shhhh,” before slowly rolling over. “Suga is sleeping!” you whispered, before kissing Jin, gently nipping his bottom lip as you pulled away.

“Jagi-yah. Let’s go shower?“  Jin kissed you again, needy and full of lust, but you shook your head. “This is more fun,” you put your leg over him, and rolled your hips into him. You could feel how hard he was through his boxers. He grabbed your hip roughly once again to stop your tormenting behavior. “Babe! We can’t…” His tone was serious, but you couldn’t help but smirk at how adorable he was when he was trying to be stern, and quiet.

“Oppa,” you leaned up right next to his ear “we can just pull our pants down a tiny bit, I know you want to feel how wet I am when you’re inside me.” You bit his earlobe before placing a gentle kiss on his neck, and rolling your hips against his once more, this time at an antagonizing slow pace. “Shit, Y/N,” was all he could mutter before you slid your hand in his boxers and pulled his dick out of the top of them. You gave his member a firm squeeze, and his fingers dug into you momentarily, before he pulled your pants down just enough to reveal your throbbing heat.

“We’re really doing this..?” he whispered as he grabbed your ass, and sighed. You guided his cock to your heat, and rubbed it slowly against your wet entrance, before stopping. “No Oppa, its okay.. We don’t have to..” He grabbed your wrist as your let go of his shaft, and you let out another small giggle. Jin grunted softly before kissing you, “you’ll be the death of me baby, I swear.” He kissed you again, and pushed his hips towards yours, slowly slipping inside of you. You let out a partial moan that was muffled by Jin’s hand quickly covering your mouth. “Shhhh!”

Jin was in total control now with his hand over your mouth, and his dick pulsing inside of you as he slowly thrust into you, each time going deeper. Your leg wrapped tightly around him, and your toes curled in ungodly ways. He quickened his pace, and as he was about to let out a moan, he grabbed ahold of your hair and pulled you in hard for a kiss.

You both tangled your hands in each others hair, trying with every fiber of your being to be quiet, and as your stomach began knotting, and fluttering you bit Jin’s lip, and barely gasped his name. Before you could utter another word you were cumming around him. Your nails dug into his shoulders as you let out a short but very high pitched squeak. You threw your face into his chest to muffle your heavy breathing, and you both froze, almost sure the sound must’ve woken Suga.

After no noise or sudden movements from his side of the room you whispered to Jin “Oppa… Are you close?” He simply nodded and began kissing your jaw down to your neck. His thrusts became harder, and you bit your lip to keep yourself quiet. Jin bit your neck so hard you gasped, and you felt his release inside of you. You both laid there silently, wrapped up in each other letting your breathing calm.

Your stomach sunk as you heard a tired and raspy voice, “are you two fucking?” Your eyes grew wide, and you clutched on to Jin, unsure if you should answer, especially since he was still inside of you. Suddenly Jin spoke out “N-No. She had a nightmare! Sorry if we woke you. She was really scared..” You almost started giggling but instead gave a dramatic sniff, as if you were crying. “Sorry Suga.. I’m shook. I think I should go shower to calm down..” Your voice was anything, but convincing.

You moved upward to kiss Jin, in a stealthy manner pulled your pants back up as you were climbing out of bed, and headed for the shower. As soon as you closed the door you let out a subtle sigh, and tried not to giggle as you heard Suga say, “you guys we’re totally fucking!” Jin erupted with laughter, and quickly met you outside the door. He kissed you hard as he led you to the shower, “You’re in so much trouble Y/N.”

Home - Chapter 6: The Love Word


Summary: You have been dating Daryl for months before settling in Alexandria together. Daryl goes out on a run and you await his return impatiently and think about him as you await his return. Pre-Negan Era. The reader thinks back to falling in love with Daryl, as she awaits his return. The reader reminisces about the day Daryl told her he must leave for a while and their last night together.

Warnings: Basically 99.9% Lovey Dovey Smut AF

Word Count: 10,109


You awoke early the next morning to the sound of Daryl’s breath moving deeply in and out of his lungs, you smiled into his chest, opening your eyes and seeing him breathing heavily as he slept soundly. You lightly rub your hands over his chest, tracing your fingers up and down him, remembering the night you had shared together the night before. You bite your lip remembering how good he felt all over you, you had never felt that good with someone else, even before the world went to shit. You kiss is chest once, as a thank you. He stirred a little, as you lifted your lips from his skin. You look up and noticed he is beginning to wake up, he rubs his eyes slightly, and looks down into your eyes.

A smile spreads across his face, the biggest you had seen, it was beautiful. “Hey.” He said softly and moved his arm down across your back, and began to trace your skin with his fingertips.

You close your eyes at the feel of his touch, you force them open and smile at him. “Hey.” You say back and lean up to kiss him shortly on the lips, you meant to lay back down, but his other hand came up and grabbed your chin, pulling you back into his lips for a long passionate kiss. He slowly plunged his tongue into your mouth and swirl around in you for a moment, feeling you moan into him, he swirled his tongue around yours faster.

You push your lips into his harder as he swirls around you faster and with more longing. You moan into his mouth, move your hands up over his chest, running them up into his hair, as he plunges into your mouth over and over again. You spin around and straddle him, sitting on his stomach, never taking your lips off him.

You grab his hands and put them on the small of your back, needing to feel him all over every inch of you. He growled into your mouth and began to run his hands up and down your back and grab at your hips, pulling you down into his stomach. You look at him as you swirl your tongue around his, you grab his hands and push them into your hips again, loving the feeling of the pressure. His eyes open and he stares at you lowly. Suddenly, he flips you both around, so that he is on top of you, crushing his body on top of yours, devouring your mouth into his. You press your knees together, onto his sides, and try and pull his body closer to yours.

“You taste so good.” He says, detaching his lips from yours to look down at you and admire your face. He traces his finger up to your face and slowly traces it along your jawline, up the side of your face, around your forehead, down your nose, and to your lips, where he stops to trace the bottom one several times, before licking his lips and taking you back into his mouth.

You cry out in pleasure into him and pull him into you, using your hands to pull his back to you. He devours your tongue for another minute before detaching his lips from your and kissing you down your neck, making you cry out his name, “Daryl!” You moan as he sucks and swirls his tongue up and down your sensitive skin. He makes his way to your ear and takes in your earlobe gently sucking it for a moment before crashing his lips onto the skin below it, he sucks and swirls as you writhe with pleasure underneath him. No one had ever given you so much pleasure in your life and all he was doing was kissing you, you loved every inch of this man on you, you fucking loved this feeling.

“That feels so good, baby.” You moan at him from above, massaging and tugging his hair, pulling him into you as much as you could.

He slightly bites your neck, after feeling you tug his head into you, he loved the way he made you feel. He still couldn’t believe that this was actually happening, just a few days ago, he was sure he was destined for a life of loneliness and death, where did this angel come from? He thought as his kissing up and down your neck, making you cry out over and over. He smiled into your skin at your reaction to his tongue on you. He wanted to make you feel nothing but pleasure forever. 

He moved his mouth back over to the front of your neck, you lift your neck in response and lay your hands back above your head, closing your eyes and concentrating on the feel of his tongue running its way up and down your body. You feel his tongue swirl and suck down your neck, across your collarbone, and down your sternum, he stops at your belly button and dives his tongue into your navel a few times before swirling his way down to the bottom of your stomach.

“Baby…” You cry out and arch your hips up, your body was aching for him in all the right ways, you smile down at him, as he looks up tonguing your stomach. You slide your hands down your breasts, to the sides of your hips, you slide them up and over your thighs and crash them back into his hair, tugging him into you. He smirks looking up at you and moves his tongue down further, breathing heavily on your sensitive skin and he swirls his tongue into you.

“Oh, yes!” You cry out at the sensation, aching for him to move just another two inches down, you bite your lip in anticipation. He teases you and remains just slightly above your mound, he rubs his chin into your skin, harshly rubbing his stubble just above your pussy.

“Oh, fuck!” You cry out in surprise and pull his head into you, harshly.

He sucks and swirls and presses his chin into you again, making you cry out again. He detaches his lips from your skin and looks up at you, smirking, before crashing his lips down onto your clit, swirling around it roughly with his tongue.

“Yes! Daryl!” You cry out and massage his hair, enjoying the feeling of his tongue on you. He detaches his lips and moves down, scooting back on the bed a little, he grabs your legs and put them over his broad shoulders. He leans back down and kisses your inner thigh as he makes his way back down.

He licks up your folds once, looking up at you as your cry out and arch up in anticipation. He plunges his tongue into your pussy and swirls and sucks around, licking you up and down, before kissing up to your clit and swirling around it.

“Yes, Baby! Don’t stop!” You cry and he grabs your hips, pulling you closer into his mouth, in response.

“Mmmm.” He growls into you as he swirls around inside you, causing vibrations to run through your pussy. You push his head into you, harshly, in response.

He moans into you again, loving the way he made you cry out. He plunges his tongue into you over and over, picking up his pace as you arched your hips hard into him. He reached up and swirled his thumb around your clit as his tongue fucked you over and over, he began to put pressure on your clit with his thumb and swirled around inside you roughly.

You writhe under the control of that fucking tongue and you ride his face as he plunges his tongue into you. You feel him swirling around inside you, moan and groan with every lick, you massage his hair roughly, pushing him into you rocking into his face as you felt yourself getting close.

“Oh yeah, baby! Right there!” You cry out, tugging at his hair.

His thumb hit your clit and rubbed pressure on you as his tongue picked up its pace. He plunged, swirled, and darted into you faster and faster.

“Yes! Daryl! Oh God!” You cry out as you cum into his mouth. His thumb puts long pressure onto your pussy and his tongue slowly laps into you over and over. You pushed him into you hard causing even more pressure, as you ride your climax for all its worth.

He moans into you as he laps up your juices, loving how you tasted, and loving the way you screamed his name when you came. He sucked and swirl into you for another minute as you cry out in pleasure, you loved the way he made you come undone.

He pulls his tongue out and kisses his way back up to your stomach, where he plunges his tongue onto the bottom of your stomach, kissing it harshly. He looks up at you, as you smile down at him blissfully. He loved the way you looked after he made you cry out for him.

You look down at the beautiful man in between your legs, you drop your legs from his shoulders and set them on either side of his face that is still resting on your stomach. You reach your hands down to him, gesturing to him. He props himself up on his knees and climbs his way up and over you. He grabs both of your hands, into his and pushes them both above you, as he straddles you. You lean up to kiss him, taking his lips into yours again, you never tired of feeling his tongue in you.

He moves his lips down to the side of your neck, concentrating on your favorite spot.

“Baby…” You moan out and press your legs into his sides.

He lifts his lips from you and looks down at you, from above, his muscular arms holding you both in place.

You look up at him with longing eyes, “Daryl…” You trail off, staring at his lips that you desperately wanted on you again, “Baby… I am so happy I met you… Please, don’t go away.” You say, looking into his eyes, saddened for a moment at even the possibility of you being separated from this man.

He smiled down at you, “I’m not going anywhere Y/N.” He said softly leaning down to take in your lips again, but this time it was gentle, he swirled his tongue into you a few times, shortly kissing your lips as he exits your mouth, to look back down at you. 

You stare up at him with admiration. He drops your hands from his and you reach up to take his face into them, staring into his eyes, as you rub the sides of his face.

“Mystery Man.” You say smiling as you take in the beautiful face in front of you. His soft eyes, his chiseled cheeks, his strong brow and jawline, down to his amazing lips. You look into him, smiling, “Can I keep you?” You ask, staring back up into his eyes playfully.

He smiled and stared down at you, “I’m all yours.” He said before crashing his lips back onto yours.

You moan into his mouth, welcoming his tongue into you again. You move your hands up and down his back, trying to pull him into you, you pressed your open legs into his sides, thrusting your hips up, as you devour each other’s mouths. He growls as you press your legs into him, slightly biting your tongue as he sucked on it.

He pulled his tongue out your mouth and glared down at you with hungry eyes. You arch your hips up into his once more, needing to feel him all over you.

“Daryl…” You groan, thrusting into him again.

He nods in agreement and you watch as he places his hand on your bare chest, sliding it gently down your collarbone, to your sternum, down past your stomach, and over your pussy. He stops there using his big hand to rub onto you long and hard.

“Oh, god yes!” You cry out, shooting your head back in pleasure.

He rubs your pussy up and down with his palm a few more times, watching as you cry out for him.

“Daryl!” You cry and then snap your head down to look at him.

“Come here and kiss me, baby.” You say pulling on his shoulders, he removes his hand and places both of his big strong arms back down on either side of your face before crashing his lips back into yours.

You moan into his mouth, satisfied to have him back inside you. He stares at you as you lose yourself in his lips.

You feel his knees slightly shift to the sides, he nudges them under your thighs, slightly pushing and making your legs fall open. You wrap your legs around his back, looking up at him as he kisses you. He stares into you, sucking and swirling around in your mouth, as he brings his big cock up to the outside of your pussy. He slowly pushes his large dick into you and watches as you close your eyes and moan into his mouth. 

You pull your legs tighter around him as you feel his cock inside you, he pushes slowly into you, for what seemed like forever. You groaned out into his mouth, loving the feel of him inside you. He watches as your writhed in pleasure with your eyes closed as he pushed himself into you. He pulled out a little and then thrust himself inside you, harder this time, making both of you and the bed bounce. You cry out into his mouth again, he repeats this motion, hitting into you long and hard a few more times. He watches as your eyes shoot open and your kiss deepens.

He thrusts into you long and hard, slamming his hips down into yours, harshly. He moves one of his hands down your stomach and rests it on your mound, pressing down hard as he slams into you.

“Fuck, Baby!” You cry out and detach your lips from his, feeling his hand and his cock fucking you so good.

He slams into you, pressing into your pussy and rubbing around your clit. You dig your heels into his back harder and slam your hips up to meet his, feeling his cock slam into you even further. You continue to thrust your hips up as he slams down into you as bed bounces underneath you.

“Fuck, Y/N!” Daryl cried out as you slam your hips up into him.

You grind into him faster after you hearing his approval. He grabs your hips harshly and pulls your hips into his, grinding his cock into you over and over.

“Oh God! Baby! I’m close!” You cry out as he slams his cock into you faster and faster, pushing down onto your core so hard.

His pace quickens and he groans as his hips hit into you harder than ever. He starts going wild into you, fucking you as hard as you had ever felt. He moaned watching as you cried out to him as your body bounced up and down, watching you love him inside you.

He grabs your hip, slows his pace and pounds his cock all the way into you, holding himself inside you, pressing hard. You cry out in pleasure and he repeats this over and over, slowly thrusting into you to the hilt.

“Baby! Faster!” You scream and he complies, his hips rock into you and he begins to fuck you faster and harder. You can hear the bed groaning and hitting the wall harshly over and over as he slams into you.

“Baby, Right There!” You cry out grinding your hips up into his and pulling his shoulders down to you, he puts his arms under your shoulders and pulled you closer to him. He pressed his forehead onto yours and stared at you as he thrusted in and out of you.

You stare up at him and smile before wrapping your legs tighter around him, feeling yourself coming close to the edge.

“Don’t stop, baby.” You say, staring at him. He thrusts into you, roughly, hitting your clit as he slams into you, over and over.

“Daryl! Yes!!” You cry out as you cum hard onto his cock, he continues to slam into you, he growls into your face as you cum around him.

“Feels Good, Huh?” Daryl teased as you nodded and bite your lip, closing your eyes and moaning as his cock fucked you and you ride your high. His hand moved back down, pressed hard onto your pussy for another moment, allowing you to feel your orgasm to the feel extent.

“Oh, Yes!” You cry out cumming again at the feel of his hand on your pussy.

“Fuck, Yes!” Daryl groaned at the sight of you cumming again on his cock.

He begins to thrust into you erratically and he slams into you harder and harder, causing your head to hit the headboard above you. You bounce and moan, loving the feel of him fucking you.

“Oh God, Y/N!” Daryl cries out, slowing his motion and exploding into you as he cums. He thrusts into you a few more times, long and hard, enjoying his climax. 

“Mmmm….” You groan, feeling him cum into you, your whole body was satisfied as you felt him push into you, holding himself in you for a moment. He stays inside you, breathing heavily on top of you for a moment, before pulling out and falling back to your side on the bed.

You sigh, satisfied and roll over to face him, you plunge your tongue into his mouth and swirled around in his mouth a few times, before detaching and looking into his eyes. You reach your hand up to the side of his face and caress his cheek.

“Don’t ever leave.” You say softly and lay your head back down onto his chest, hugging him, and breathing him in. You close your eyes and fall back to sleep, as he traces his hand up and down your back, watching you fall asleep in his arms, and wondering how the hell he had ever gotten so lucky.


It went on that way for months, you and Daryl discovered and devoured every part of each other and never seemed to be able to get enough. You were nearly inseparable, if he was on guard duty, you were on gate duty, if he was on a run, you were right by his side. You began to find yourself starting to call this strange town home and some of its people, friends. You and Michonne had become very close, Daryl and Rick were always together so you and Michonne naturally also saw a lot of each other. Michonne had been closed off at first, but slowly opened herself up and had now become one of Y/N’s closest confidants. 

It had been about three months since Daryl had saved you in the woods, three months of heavenly bliss with your mystery man, and three months in a town full of decent human beings. All things she never even dreamed she would have three months ago.

Y/N stared over at Rick and Daryl, who were standing next to the gate. Daryl paced around Rick, as he angrily nodded, saying something that you couldn’t make out. Rick looks at Daryl, scratching the scruff on his face, staring up at Daryl with serious and sorry eyes.

“What do you think is going on?” You ask Michonne, who is standing by your side, arms folded, also looking over at the two men.

“Don’t know. Doesn’t look good though.” Michonne said, her eyes squinting, taking in the scene.

You watch as Daryl nods to Rick and Rick does the same in response, they shake hands and you see Daryl turn on his heel and walk away. His eyes meet yours as you stand a few hundred yards down the street. You look at him, confused, and his head drops. He walks up to you, forcing his head up and revealing his worried eyes.

“I gotta talk to you.” He said, staring at you. Your stomach dropped and you nodded.

He scooped your hand into his, intertwining his fingers into yours, he pulls you away, toward your house. You look back at Michonne for a second and then turn your attention back to Daryl.

Daryl says nothing as he pulls you down the road to his house, he pulls you inside, shuts the door, and locks it. You stand there next to him, staring at him with worried eyes.

“What is it, baby?” You ask and go to put your hand on his face, you stroke his cheek and peer up into his eyes.

He stares at you and looks down sadly.

“Baby, I gotta leave for a while.” He says, forcing his eyes back up to face yours, his hand comes up and moves a piece of your hair to the side of your face, tucking it behind your ear.

“What? Why?” You ask hurriedly.

Daryl traces your face as if he is memorizing every inch of it.

Something was wrong. You thought to yourself, trying to ignore the feeling in the pit of your stomach.

“Rick needs help with something. Something we gotta take care of…” He trails off, continuing to trace your face with his fingertip. He slides it over your lips and traces along them several times.

You try not to lose yourself to his touch, you stare at him as he takes you in.

“What does he need your help with?” You pressed. He continued to trace you, trailing down your neck, you gulp and try to remain serious.

Daryl stops his finger, just below your left ear and finally looks into your eyes.

“He needs help taking care of some people. We do this and our lives become a lot safer, Y/N.” He said softly, as if trying to convince himself of his own words. He looks away from your eyes again, dropping his finger, and staring at the floor, awaiting your reaction.

You gulp down the tears you felt rising and you stare at your man, so helpless. You put your hands on the sides of his face and force him gently to look into your eyes.

“How long?” You ask, looking at him sadly, already missing him.

He nods his head up, “Maybe up to a week… or more.” He said, lowly.

Your eyes drop and a tear slips down your face. He catches it with his thumb as he strokes your cheek.

“Can I come?” You ask, hopefully.

He shakes his head slowly, “No. What we have to do, I don’t want you anywhere near that…” He says firmly, staring into your eyes.

You sigh and drop your head, knowing that when Daryl thought it was unsafe there was no way he’d let you near it. You looked up at him and worriedly traced the sides of his face with your hand, he could barely look you in the eye. Your heart hurt, but you worried what he was asked to do, you didn’t want him to ever feel the way you saw him right now.

“Hey.” You say, trying to get him to look at you. His eyes slightly shift up and carefully take your eyes in. You smile softly at him.

“Whatever it is, you know you don’t have to do it, right?” You say and plant a kiss on his cheek.

He nods his head and looks down.

“I know. But Rick says it needs to be done.” He said simply.

“What do you say?” You ask him, stroking his cheek.

“Makes sense. This could be the beginning of trade with the Hilltop, we could use that.” He says staring into the space just beyond you two.

“Just don’t do anything that you won’t forgive yourself for… I need you to come back as the man I love…” You say looking into his eyes.

His eyes soften as he hears your words, that was the first time you told him you loved him. He smiled a little and stepped back, hitting the wall of the hallway behind him.

“You love me?” He asks, grinning at you.

You laugh a little and shake your head at your slip up. You lick your lips and stare back into his eyes.

“I love you. I really do.” You say throwing your body into his and slamming your lips onto his, needing to feel his tongue inside you again. You swirl around each other’s tongues for a moment and he pulls his head back, it hits the wall with a loud thud.

He smirks staring at you, “I love you too, baby.” He crashed his lips back into your mouth and pushes you back into the wall behind you, slamming your bodies together with urgency.

“Baby, I gotta leave in the morning, but all I am going to do until then, is love on you.” Daryl whispers in your ear as his lips move to your neck.

“Daryl… I don’t want you to go.” You cry out into his neck as he sucks and swirls his tongue into your skin.

“I don’t wanna leave you either.” Daryl moaned into your neck.

“Let’s not think about it right now. I just wanna be lovin you.” He said lowly and kissed up your neck, to your mouth, plunging his tongue back into you. You let him in, needing to feel nothing but him all over you for as long as you could.

He moves his hands down your sides and grabs your ass, he kisses you and moans into your mouth at the feel of you under his hands.

“Fuck, Y/N. Every part of you is sexy.” He growls into your mouth in between kisses.

“Make love to me, baby.” You plead into his mouth.

You feel him move his hands up to your sides and sliding over across your stomach, before trailing up your body to pull your arms down, he grabs your hand and pulls you up to your bedroom. Once inside he shuts the door and you rush toward him with urgency.

You sling your arms around his broad shoulders and pull him into your mouth harshly swirling around his tongue, letting him know how much you needed him. He pulled you into his mouth further, grabbing your back, and rubbing his rough hands up and down slowly. You moan out into his mouth.

You look at him, detaching your lips from his, you take him in for all he is and all he has ever been to you. You smile happily at him for a moment before remembering what tomorrow was to bring. You press your forehead into his, your eyes look down sadly, before flickering up into his.

“What if something happens Daryl? What if something happens to you-“ he crashed his lips onto yours for a moment to hush you, he breaks away and puts his forehead on yours, peering into your eyes.

You sigh frustrated and satisfied at the feel of his lips, you look at him sadly, trying not to think about all the horrible ways things could go wrong outside these walls.

“I just… I can’t lose you too…” You say, tears beginning to form in your eyes.

“Shhh. Shhh. Shhh.” Daryl said, wrapping you in a deep hug, with your arms still around him. He nods his chin into the top of your head, as you bury your face in his neck, trying get ahold of your emotions. You didn’t like him seeing you this vulnerable, this weak. You didn’t like to admit how weak you really felt without him, how lost. You take a few deep breathes and regain your composure, turning your head to lay on his shoulder. He leans down and kisses your forehead, rocking you back and forth in his big arms.

You lightly trace his collarbone and his chest with your fingers, rubbing them up and down, around and around, on his bare skin under his vest. You tried to memorize every part of him, the way he felt under your fingertips, the warmth of his body against yours. You sigh to yourself, lost in your own thoughts of him, continuing to trace up his neck, around his chin, and to his lips. As you trace along his skin and he stares down at you with a look of pure happiness, he couldn’t believe how much you needed him, it made his ache.

He loved the way you loved all of him, the way you loved to touch and kiss him every chance you got. He loved how you looked at him like he was the only person in the world. He could tell when you were fantasizing about him, even in a room full of people, he could tell the look in your eyes that told him you wanted only him. He loved you so much. He realized just how much as he stared down into your eyes, as the moonlight shone through the windows, hitting your silhouettes in the dark of the room. He moved one of his hands to the side of your face, as you lay on his shoulder, looking up at him, tracing your way back down his neck again.

“I love you, Y/N.” He said sincerely, using his hand to pull your chin up, so he could lean down and kiss you. He lightly traced your lips with his tongue, you open them slowly to him, he swirls around your lips again, and nozzles your nose a few times before slowly plunging his tongue into your mouth.

You moan into his mouth as you feel him kiss you like he never has before. He made love to your tongue, never being too rough, as he deeply kissed into you. You stood back up and faced him, keeping your arms around his, his lips moved from your mouth and down the side of your neck, swirling around your skin over and over.

“I love you too, Daryl. So damn much.” You moan into his ear, moving your hands up his back to his hair, you gently caress it and moan into him as his tongue makes love to your skin. He takes in your earlobe and you crash your lips into his neck in response. You kiss into his skin for a moment before moving your lips up to his ear.

“I need you, baby.” You whisper into his ear. He detaches his lips from your skin and pulls back to look you in the eyes again, he brushes a stray strand of hair from your face and tucks it behind your ear. He nods, kisses your forehead, and takes your hand, pulling you to the bed in the corner of the room. He pulls both your hands into his, intertwining your fingers together, he rubs the front of your hands with his thumbs, swinging your arms back and forth together for a moment. He leans in and crashes his lips onto yours again, he untangles his fingers and moves his hands to your hips, up your sides, and to your face, where he uses them to cup your face as he kisses you passionately.

He stumbles for a moment tripping his foot against yours, your legs hit the edge of the bed and you fall onto it, back first, Daryl falls on top of you, he doesn’t break contact, and you giggle as his teeth hit yours slightly when you hit the bed together. Daryl’s tongue speeds up his pace inside your mouth, as he feels his body pressed up against yours. You pull your legs out from under his, opening your body to him. You feel his hard cock inside his jeans, as it presses into your core. You moan in pleasure at the feel of him on top of you and the feel of his tongue inside your mouth.

Daryl moves his hands down from your face and begins to rub up and down the sides of your body, over your clothes at first, but quickly shoving his hands underneath the fabric that stood in his way. He rubbed up and down your sides and groaned into you. You felt him press down harder into you.

He removed his lips from your mouth, propping his shoulders up on either side of you, he stared down at you smiling, He crashes his lips against yours once more shortly and then moves his lips down your neck, his fingers hit the hem of your t-shirt and he growls. He sits up on his knees and moves his fingers to the bottom of your shirt, he slowly pulls it up your body, as you sit up in response, putting your hands in the air, he pulls it all the way up your arms and he intertwines his fingers with yours again, this time high the air above your heads. He stares down at your bare chest and licks his lip, he looks back up at your lips and crashes his mouth back onto yours, pushing you both down onto the bed, with your arms raised.

He pushes both of your hands down under his arms as he presses his tongue further into you. You cry out to him and slowly swirl your tongue around his. He takes your tongue in over and over, dancing around you, enjoying every inch of your mouth. One of his hands let go of your hand and slid down your arm, to massage your hair, as his kiss intensified You felt his other hand drop, following suite, massaging and tugging at your hair as he danced around your mouth. You drop your hands and put them in his hair, swirling around his tongue, trying to keep up with his quickening pace. He hands venture lower along the sides of your body and down to your stomach, which he massages roughly for a moment before bringing both of his big hands up to massage your breasts.

“Mmmm…” He moans into you as his hands caresses your bare breasts.

You moan into his mouth at his touch and arch up into him harder, grinding your hips into his. He growled into your mouth again, “You feel so damn good.” He admired you as his hands moved up and down your breasts and stomach, rubbing harder on you and starting to thrust his hips slightly into your core. You feel how hard he is under you and you moan into him again.

“Baby.” You whimper and move your hands down his back and up to his shoulders where you tugged at his black leather vest, from the sides. It was no used with his hands in the way, you whimper again and push your arms underneath your bodies and caress up his chest, tugging at the fabric from the inside by his shoulders. You were able to pull them down a little, but his hands massaging you, got in the way of completing the task, you whimper in futility.

You look up again into Daryl’s eyes who is staring at you as you try to undress him, his hands continue to massage your breasts, you see him smirking a little as he watches you struggle. You roll your eyes and smile into his kiss, in response. You smirk and slowly move your hands back down his chest and stomach, rubbing them down with your palms up, forcing your arms in between his busy hands. He makes room for you, continuing to massage your breasts and up your sides to your shoulders. His tongue never leaves yours, he didn’t want to ever leave your lips, at least not tonight.

He pushed the thoughts of leaving aside and tried to focus on the moment at hand, he moaned into you as he felt your palms reach his stomach, you pressed harder into him and then slid one of your palms lower, grabbing his cock from the outside of his jeans.

“Yeah!” Daryl cried out into your mouth, biting your lip a little in the process as he groaned.

You plunge your tongue back into his mouth and continue to palm him up and down, ever so slightly, and then adding pressure. He rocks back and forth into your hand in response groaning into your mouth. He detaches his lips and presses his head into your neck, moaning and groaning as he rocks into your hand. He crashes his mouth onto your neck, biting it as he sucks on it.

“Fuck, Y/N!” He cries out into your neck as you continue to palm him.

Suddenly, you feel his left-hand reach down, between you two to grab the wrist of the hand that was pleasuring his cock so much. He grabs your wrist and pulls it out from between your bodies and slowly raises it back above your head, pressing down on your arm hard, again. He moves his body up with your arm as he does this, slowly drudging his cock and hips hard up your clothed core as he does. You let him grind you so hard, your eyes roll back in your head at the sensation as you watch him come up over you and plunge his tongue into your mouth again.

You tug your wrist free and Daryl moves both of his hands down to cup your face as he kisses you slowly and passionately, loving every minute of you inside his mouth. You moaned at the sensation of him on your mouth and him being so close to making you feel things only he could make you feel. You moved your hips and force your hands slowly over them and under your bodies. You feel Daryl’s hips jump back in reaction to your hands, you rub them along your waistline until you find the button. You unbutton your jeans and quickly unzip your zipper. Daryl growls as he watches you unbutton your pants.

You look up at Daryl, he stares down at you, as your kiss intensifies, his eyes are low and so ready for you. You reach your hands up, rubbing up and down his stomach a few times, he growled as if he was warning you, you look at see an animal staring back at you. You smile and roughly shove your tongue around his, moaning harshly into him, forcing vibrations through his body. He growled again.

You move your hands up and over his button and unbutton him, you then move down and unzip his zipper. Your hands migrate to his hips and you begin to tug on the fabric as hard as you can, you lift your body up into Daryl’s as you try and undress him. He pushes his feet up, doing a push up stance over your body, his elbows propped to the sides of your face, where he continues to swirl around inside your mouth.

Your hands harshly pull at the fabric again and you can feel his bare skin finally starting to break free. Daryl looks into your eyes and moves one of his hands down to his core, carefully pulling his throbbing, huge, dick out of his pants and wiggling the jeans off his hips. You use your thighs and feet, which straddle around his body, and tug and pull his jeans down past his knees. At the point, Daryl hit his knees again and kicked out of the jeans, one leg kicking them off, then another.

He kneels back down, his cock still in his hands, and his tongue still inside you. He detaches from your lips and begins to kiss down your neck and up again, finding your ear, he licks up and down it so lightly, causing you to shiver in ecstasy, “Daryl!” You cry out to him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders.

In response, he repeats his actions, licking slightly up and down your ear, but this time stopping to take in your earlobe and suck and swirl on it, he roughly bites it as he pulls away. Then he crashes his mouth down onto the sensitive spot just below, fucking it with his tongue.

“Oh, my god, Baby! Yes!” You arch your clothed hips up into him and pull him closer with your arms.

You tug at the sides of his vest, under his shoulders again, “Take this off!” You moan out and pull at the fabric in dissatisfaction.

He chuckles a little into your neck, stopping his motion on your neck, he kisses slightly up your neck, to your cheek back to your lips. He takes you in for a short kiss, only slightly entering his tongue onto your lips. He smiles down at you as if he were the happiest man in the world at that moment. You look at him longingly, you loved him so much it hurt. You reach a hand up and caress his face before leaning up to engulf him in your lips again.

As you plunge your tongue into him, longing to feel every bit of him inside your mouth, you feel him arch back a little on his knees and pull his arms back and out of the vest. He threw it haphazardly somewhere behind him. You break contact with his mouth as he leans further back and scoots off the bed. He pulls you down the bed, by your ankles, your ass hitting the edge of the bed. He positions his naked body in between your now hanging legs and you look up at him, breasts heaving as you feel yourself getting wetter and wetter at the thought of him making you cry out for him.

You bite your lip and watch as his big, strong hands crash down onto the sides of your hips, harshly rubbing them for a moment. This makes you rock your hips back and forth in response, you groan at the fact that his hips are too far away from you. You watch as his hands rub over the bottom of your stomach and meet in the middle. His hands grazed down another few inches and two of his finger spring open the button to your jeans, they then slowly unzip the metal that is keeping your body from his.

You writhe your hips up a little in response. He smacks his hands back onto your hips, harshly pulling on them and the fabric in between you two. You cry out and prop up on your elbows, arching your hips up and off the bed long enough for Daryl to pull your jeans and your panties down in one swift motion. He rips them down and off your legs, pushing them aside on the floor next to him.

You dropped back to the edge of the bed, elbows still propped up, heaving and looking at Daryl’s naked body. He throws your pants to the floor and then immediately returns his gaze to you. You open your legs slightly more, inviting him in. He stares down at your legs and at your glistening pussy, he growls lowly in his chest and takes his cock in his hand, feeling it throb in response to the sight of you.

You throw your head back, closing your eyes, entranced by his presence. You begin to rub one of your hands down your neck, to one of your breasts, where you stop and roughly pleasure your soft skin. You hear Daryl groan and feel his knees as they stride in between your legs, slightly nudging your legs apart as he did so. You open your eyes and look up at your man, he was staring at you telling you all the things you were making him feel with just a look. He strokes his throbbing dick a couple of times, moaning a little at the sensation.

Your hand instinctually begins to run down and rub onto your naked pussy as you watch him stroking himself, watching you. You moan a little at the sensation and close your eyes, rubbing on yourself, feeling his eyes watching your every move.

“Damn it, Y/N.” He groaned and stepped into you so close you felt him lay his huge, long cock over your folds and up to your clit, hitting on the hand you were pleasuring yourself with.

“Oh, God!” You cry out. You massage yourself under his cock one more time, before curling your hand out from under him and put it on top of his cock on you. His hips begin to thrust into yours, finally. You grind yourself into his hips as his dick begins to rub up and down the outside of your pussy. Your hand rubs up and down his huge cock as it rides your pussy harder, as Daryl’s hips thrust into you with more need.

“Fuck, Yeah!” Daryl cries out at the feel of your hand pushing and rubbing his dick into you.

You cry out in response, feeling his cock push into you harder, you needed to feel him inside you. You remove your hand from his cock and brought both your arms and hands back up over your head. Daryl stops, breathing heavily, and watches you. You smile as you slowly graze your hips into his cock, once. You tangle and dangle your hands above you, slightly moving your hips around his body.

He smiles at you, “Scoot back.” He said, watching as you scooted your ass back up the bed until your outstretched knuckles scraped the wood headboard. You stopped, continuing to tangle your fingers together, arching your chest up, as he watched you from below.

You watch as he climbs up you, in between your inviting legs, drudges his large chest across yours, groaning as he grazes your hard nipples, he slides his hands slowly up your ass, to your hips, up your sides, grazing the sides of your breasts, all the way up your arms, to entangle his hands with yours once again. He looks at you as you groan at the feeling of the full extent of his body’s pressure on top of you, he smiles at the sight of your arousal, he nozzles your nose once, making you lift your mouth to his, you moan in bliss when his tongue plunges back in to meet yours.

As he kisses you deeply, you feel him move his knees slightly apart and push his body up in one swift motion, pulling himself off you, but holding himself up be pushing into your hands with his. He moves his knees apart slightly and places them firmly behind your ass cheeks. You open your legs further and wrap tightly squeeze your knees into his sides 

You writhe under him, trying to break your hands free to feel his skin on your fingertips. But, he holds them in place, hard. He looks at you trying to escape his grip and detaches his mouth from yours, looking down at you, “What baby?” He asks teasingly.

You writhe under him harder and stare into him, “Please, Daryl.”

“Please? Please What?” He smirks and kisses you shortly on your lips, coming back up to stare at you.

“Please make me feel so good, baby.” You whimper and his mouth crashes back onto yours.

He detaches abruptly once again and stares into your eyes, “All I ever want to do is just make you feel good.” He says seriously, while stroking your cheek.

He smiles and takes his lips back into yours, pushing his hands harder into yours on the bed. You devour each other for a minute longer, as you buck and writhe underneath him, feeling his long hard cock throbbing on the side of your thigh as you do. He growls loudly and you feel him detach one of his hands and slide it slowly back down your body, growling again as he brushed against the side of your breast and again when he rubbed down the side of your ass. You feel him grab your ass slightly before trailing his fingertips underneath and around your inner thigh, until he reached the base of his cock, that throbbed against you. He slowly grazed his hand up the one side of his cock, rubbing it into your thigh, roughly 

“Yeah!” He groaned into your mouth and you cried out, biting his tongue a little in ecstasy, feeling his cock just inches from your pussy.

“Come on, baby!” You cry out into his mouth, sucking on his tongue long and slow.

You feel him bring his hand back down to the base of his cock and pull it from your thigh, detaching contact. You whimper, looking down at him as he guides his dick to your center. He licks his lips and concentrates as he watches his hand guide his cock into your pussy. He brings his other hand down from yours, putting them both on the sides of your hips He thrusts long and slow into you, groaning in pleasure as he does.

“Oh, Y/N! So fucking wet for me! Feel me inside, baby!” He groans, rolling his eyes back, feeling your full effect on his cock as he pushes his way back as far as he could go.

“Oh, fuck! Daryl!” You cry out in pleasure and pain as he pushes his way into you further than he usually does at first. You groan as he pulls himself halfway out and then fucks his cock into you slowly to the hilt, again, this time thrusting his hips into you.

You bounce your hips up and back in reaction, crying out as he fucks so long and slow. He thrusts deep and short down into you a few more times, you keep your hands above your head, watching down as his cock begins to make love to you. Your body begins to bounce in rhythm with his motions and your knuckles distractedly hit and rub against the headboard above you. You cry out again at the sensation of him as he begins to pick up his pace and slam into your harder.

“Fuck!…. Yes!” You cry out in between his hits into you, your bodies bounce up and down together and you grind your hips up into his, hitting him hard with every slam and thrust. He moves his hands from around your hips and down to grab both of your ass cheeks, he harshly pulls your ass up into his bouncing cock, pushing you up and into his cock even harder.

“Oh, Baby!” You cry out at the feel of him gripping your ass into him.

“Baby.” You say shortly and he looks up at you, you extend your outstretched hands back towards his and he lifts one hand from your ass to pull you up by your arm and wrap your arm around his shoulder. You moan and wrap your other arm tightly around him and feel his hands return to your ass, as he pushes you onto him with more force than you had ever experienced. You clenched your pussy around him in response to how good the pressure felt.

“Oh fuck!” He cried out and smacked your ass with one hand, harshly groping it for a minute.

He moves his hands to around your thighs and wraps your legs around his waist.

“Hold on.” He says, his stubbled chin pressing and rubbing into the side of your neck.

You wrap your arms around his neck, tighter, and try and hold your legs around him. His hands return to the bottom of your ass, he holds you up as he inches his legs up the bed, taking you with him.

You feel the cold of the wooden headboard slam slightly against your back, you moan a little at the sensation and crash your lips down onto the side of Daryl’s neck. He takes one of his hands off your ass and props it up on the wall right above the headboard, keeping the other to hold you up into him.

“Kiss me while I fuck you, baby.” He growled, looking down, feeling your lips on his neck. You slide your lips off his skin, smiling as you moved your head back up to look into his eyes, your arms still wrapped around his big, broad shoulder.

“Fuck me, while I kiss you.” You tease and plunge your mouth onto his lips, you feel him part them slightly, you slowly push your tongue in and out and as you exit his teeth graze your tongue, rough enough to cause the hairs on your neck to stand up in excitement. You plunge your tongue back into him and swirl around his mouth loving every second you got to taste him.

He slowly started to thrust his throbbing cock back and forth into you again, this time causing the headboard to creak and hit into the wall, as his hips slammed his cock into you.

“Yes! Baby!” You cry out loving the feeling of your ass slamming back into the hard surface as he fucks you, it was like dual pressure and it felt so good. Every time he slammed into you he would hold himself into you, pushing you back into the head board, putting pressure on your pussy in all the right ways, he would then slam into you harshly a few more times and repeat.

“Oh, Yeah! Just like that, baby!” You cry out to him, pulling him closer to you, gripping his shoulders into you tightly.

He begins to thrust harder and longer, each time you hear the wooden headboard slam back into the wall. You feel him thrust into you over and over, pushing you against the headboard and the wall, hitting your clit so hard every time. You cried out in pleasure into his mouth as he engulfed your tongue and your lips. You arch your hips up to meet his rhythm and his hands grab your ass harder, helping you grind into him at the fullest extent.

You feel your hips rocking together in perfect unison as he begins to slam his cock into you harder, thrusting your hips into his and then slamming you back into the headboard, faster and faster. You close your eyes and feel the sweat emanating from both of your bodies as you concentrate on each other and your highs. You pull your lips away from his, pushing your head back into the wall, as he fucking you into it. He pulls back a little and watches your cry and moan out in pure pleasure as he fucks you good.

He gets even harder watching you get off on his cock, he starts to thrust more wildly into you and pulls your ass and hips into him harder with each thrust. He looks at you as you bounce against the headboard and the wall, he groans a little, “Look at me, baby.” He said in a throaty voice as he thrust into you roughly.

You bite your lip and open your eyes, turning them back to face him. You brace your arms firmly around his shoulders and begin to bounce up and down his cock, tightening your legs against his back and thrusting onto him as hard as you could, you wanted him to feel just as good as he made you feel. While you ground onto his dick, you stare at him with nothing but love and want in your eyes, your breath heaves in and out, as you ride him.

“Oh, Baby!” He cries out loudly and he pulls you into him deeper and faster. He starts to thrust you into the headboard as hard as he can, still trying to put all the pressure he had into you. He slams in and out of you, pressing and pushing into you as hard as he can over and over until he feels you tighten around him and sees you cry out to him.

“Fuck, Yeah! Daryl! I’m cumming baby!” You cried out riding his cock as hard as you can with your hips, grinding into him.

Daryl pushes slowly into you as you cum, his cock thrusting long and hard, as he maximized your high. You dig your nails into him as you cry out over and over for him, cumming so long and hard onto him.

“Daryl! Yes!” You cry, cumming for what seems like minutes, as he fucked you so good.

“Fuck!” Daryl groans, closing his eyes and leaning his head back, trying to regain his control. He grits his teeth as you cum so hard around him and then he feels your arms pull him toward you harshly.

“Cum with me baby.” You say to him. You can tell he is so ready to let loose inside you.

He looks back at you and nods his head, he pulls his one hand down from the wall and places it next to his other hand that is firmly gripping your ass. Both his hands smack into your ass harshly for a moment and you can feel all of his fingertips as they dig roughly into your skin. He pulls you into him with both hands and he starts fucking you wildly, so fast and so hard, as he groans and whimpers. All you two can hear is the sound of the wooden headboard slamming into the wall in reaction to the sound of you slamming into each other as hard as you both could. He looks down at your bodies pressed together and watches as your rhythms and your hips ride each other. This turns him on even more and he slams into you even faster.

“Oh God, Baby.” He groans as thrusts you two into the headboard over and over, faster and faster. You cry out in pleasure, loving the way his cock fucked you and you moved your hands to his hair, tugging his head into your neck. You could feel his breath heaving heavily against you as your bodies slammed together. You felt him push up into you fast and short for what seemed like a blissful eternity and then you felt him groan into your neck thrusting harshly a few more times and then digging his cock in you as deep as he could go, exploding inside you.

“Fuck Yeah! Y/N!!” He cried out as he came into you.

You smile lazily and pull your legs around him tighter, bouncing a little more up into him, helping him ride out his high. He groaned as you slightly bounced on his cock and grabbed your ass again firmly. He pushed hard into you for a moment and stayed there. His lips suck and bite on your neck as he rides his climax out inside you. He thrusts a few more times shortly, while licking your neck and then he exited you.

You unwrap your legs and push your feet back onto the bed, holding yourself up for the first time in a while, your knees and your body feels so weak from how hard on each other you were. But you loved every minute of it.

He breathes heavy into your neck for another moment before slightly kissing it one more time and move his eyes up to look back into yours. His eyes have turned gentle and kind, almost instantaneously, as they thanked you for making him feel so good. He moved his head above yours and kissed down on your forehead for a long moment before breaking away and resting his forehead on yours, staring into your eyes.

“I fucking love you.” Daryl said in a low growl, smiling at you with admiration and longing.

You smile and reach your lips back up to his, pulling his body back to yours, “I fucking love you too Daryl.”

You engulf his lips for another hungry kiss, forgetting about what tomorrow would bring. All you could feel right now was the touch and the love of the man you hungered for more than anything or anyone you ever had before. You moan as he plunges his tongue back into your mouth and caressing your face, making love to you in a whole other way. You look at him as he kisses you, with his eyes close, his face looks like he is in pure heaven as his tongue dances around yours. You smile to yourself and close your eyes, joining him in the heaven you both have created together.

An animated comic based on the end scene from “Not What He Seems”

This is only the first page! See the rest    HERE   !!

So Gravity Falls has quickly become one of, if not my favorite, shows on television right now. Like most, the latest episode had a huge impact on me. I loved everything about it, the writing, the animation, the visuals, the voice acting, characterization, etc. There was so much love and thought and talent that had gone into every aspect that it really inspired me to make an homage to my favorite scene. So I hope you enjoy! And join me in pensive agony as we wait for the next episode this summer. 

Imagine sitting and doing your work at your laptop, when you hear a faint sigh. You look over the top of your screen to see your boyfriend Taron lazily playing with his hair and staring off into the distance. He glanced over at you, and let his hand fall into his lap.

“When are you going to finish?” he whined, his Welsh accent thickening with each word.

“Oh for god sake fine!” you replied, shutting your laptop and moving to be sat next to him.

“Yes!” he cried, slinging his arm around your shoulder and pressing play.

As the titles rolled you soon realised what film you were watching.

“Really Taron? Wolverine again?”

“What can I say? After working with Hugh, I think I’ve fell a little bit in love with him” he said, resulting in a swift hit to the chest from you. “Of course though darling, you’re the only real love of my life,” he added, kissing you softly on the forehead as you snuggled into him to watch the film for at least the fifteenth time that week.

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Imagine being on the radio show and Dan starts looking at you like this.

“And thats the story of when I- Dan, what are you looking at?” You questions with underling sass. But Dan dose not respond. “Dan, Dan? Dan?!” He finally pays attention. “What love?” He answers obviously flustered.“Nothing you just zoned out for a minute. You okay?” “Yep just was admiring you.” You bite your lip softly as you look down on the ground. “Thanks I guess.” Dan’s arm glides around you waist. I look back up and smile as he smiles back down at you. You slip you arm around his waist as well and get back to the radio show. “Anyways this next song was requested by Sofia Clark it’s Can’t help falling in love the cover by twenty-øne pilots.”

when Hugo fell in love with Oliver Wood’s only daughter, Elizabeth, he did everything he could to make her fall in love with him and by the time they were sixteen, nothing in the entire world could tear him away from her.

Here is a masterpost of all my favorite bellarke fics. These are not my fics. Theyre all Ao3 links. To read them on mobile download ibooks or the kindle app and then download the epub or pdf file from ao3 or just read them on your computer.

  • Hello, Princess - (45391 words) AU with Clarke in college as a pre-med student, and Bellamy her Calculus TA. More characters and tags will be added as they are introduced.
  • I’ll Take My Time If You Want To - (17940 words)  Ark AU wherein Bellamy’s a member of the guard and Clarke’s a medical apprentice, and among everything that’s going on, they meet, they talk, they fall in love, and they both realize there’s so much more to the other than meets the eye.
  • Same Time Next Week - (30134 words) "You’re awfully hung up on rules, aren’t you?“"You’re awfully not for being the one who’s supposed to enforce them,” she said, confrontation in her voice.“Someone has a problem with authority,” he said, amusement in his.
  • The Conversation - (44589 words) AU where Clarke left her phone number in a library book that one time and Bellamy finds it a couple of years later and decides that he has nothing better to do.
  • the pedal’s down, my eyes are closed - (33792 words) “You’re the one with the Masters funding.” He says it like he already knows, is already using it as the whole basis of her personality. “I’m Bellamy Blake.”“Nice to meet you,” she lies through her teeth.Clarke Griffin is the newest member of the Classical History Review and Bellamy Blake is at the bottom of her list of people to befriend. Well, she’s been wrong before. AU.
  • 100 Ark Street - (34089 words)  Bellamy moves into a new apartment; he couldn’t have asked for better neighbors.
  • Pistols at Dawn - (33236 words)  Bellamy Blake’s political star is on the rise, until his opponents throw some dirt that sticks. So he calls in an expert: Clarke Griffin, professional crisis manager, has helped many a powerful person weather outrageous scandals with her team.
    But Clarke has no idea that saving Bellamy Blake will unearth secrets that should have stayed buried – and change both their lives forever.
  • Love Will Come Through - (23251 words) “The vows were short, perfunctory; Clarke was asked to say I do, and she did. There were rings, too: Bellamy’s fingers were warm against her cold skin when he slipped a ring on her finger, and she put a ring on his. They were instructed to kiss. His lips were dry, pressing against her mouth for a moment, and that was it. They were done.She was a wife, and her husband was a stranger."AU. Clarke winds up in an arranged marriage with Bellamy.
  • We Could Be - (58826 words)  Modern AU. A peek into a couple years at college where Bellamy and Clarke slowly get to know each other.

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The plucky little scamp then pulls out a dagger and threatens Scorpius with it, his little hand shaking with terror. "Don’t worry, father,“ he says in his adorable ten-year-old voice. "I’ll save you!”

He is promptly electrocuted by scorpion lightning (which really should be a real thing if it isn’t yet).

The child screams, then falls to the ground, dead as fuck.

Not wounded, or unconscious, or destined to be brought back to life in the next episode. Dead, forever. The target demographic of children ages six to 11 who love space knights fighting for good were shown the murder of a child, around six to 11, who was guilty of nothing more than loving a space knight who was fighting for good.

His planet was then blown up and nearly all traces of his existence wiped out.

The Power Rangers Episode That Traumatized A Generation

This is my favorite lift of the season and it was unfortunately marked level 3, so they might change it.

What I love about it is how much it actually makes sense for the program. I love how she falls backwards into his arms like a trust fall, how he catches her before she can drop, and then cradles her close.

It’s like, yes three positions, but they tell a story about their growing relationship, about two kids who grew up skating together and then took the plunge to make more of this ice dancing thing than they originally thought they would do and move overseas. The idea of building a home together on the ice, facing adversity from their fed, from injurty, etc and learning to rely primarily on each other.

It’s a beautiful program and they way they skated today was so heartfelt. The program furthermore makes sense to me. 

Also Guillaume is obviously very strong.

I’m sorry but can’t you just imagine Oscar…..

He’s been away, for longer than wished, promoting The Force Awakens. Although he loves the excitement he gets from indulging in his latest character, what he wants more than anything is to fall asleep in his own bed for more than two consecutive nights. Only, his next trip home doesn’t come for another two weeks, which means the king sized bed in his unnecessarily grandiose hotel room is all he can get. A hotel room he comes back to find occupied after an eventful, yet tiresome day of press. Your relationship has been hidden from the public eye, for the past two years, in the desire to save it from Hollywood’s infamous list of relationships which burn bright, and die fast. Oscar finds you asleep on the sofa, mouth hanging slightly open, the fingers of your right hand resting against your cheek. The lights are out, the only source coming from the television playing across the room. He knows he should be surprised to see you here. Last he checked, you were set to visit your sister in Manhattan for the weekend. Despite the nature of your relationship, keeping secrets was never your strong suit. He can’t help but find himself impressed you had managed to make your way all the way from Brooklyn without letting it slip. However, there is no surprise you have managed to find your way into his suitcase. His dark green wool sweater that you are wearing is evidence of that. 

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AN: I a so supper excited to do a Natasha fic! I haven’t done one yet so I hope you all like it! Thank you to southpaw-lopez for the request! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxo :3

Pairing: Natasha X Reader

Prompt: I know you mostly do Pietro but I’ve been dying for a scene with Natasha! Something related to training and getting closer to her over time?? Love your stuff! Thanks!


“You’re No Fun”

You wiped off the sweat that began to fall down your face, Damn, she’s not letting up at all.

Nat swung her leg at you in a roundhouse kick and sent you flying at the wall. Your back hit cement and you grunted as you fell to the matted floor.

Nat kneeled next to you, and she looked just like she did when you first walked in. Whereas you look like you had just come out of a warzone.

“You done yet?” She asked.

“Nope.” You said, determined to show her that you aren’t the type of person to just give up with things begin to go south.

You spun your legs around and tried to knock Nat to the ground, but your legs never came in contact with hers. She had jumped over you and put you in a hold that you couldn’t get out of. Your legs and arms were restricted by both Nat’s and your own body weight, giving you barley any wiggle room.

“Say uncle.” Nat ordered. When you said nothing, she tightened her legs around you and twisted your arm. “Say uncle.”

“N-no!” You shouted.

Nat chuckled and squeezed even tighter, and you had to use your common sense and end this. Had this had been a really battle, you would have been dead already.

“Uncle!” You gave up, and Nat released you.

“Oh, you’re no fun!” She shook her head, sending her short, red curls all over. You felt your heart beating just a little faster.

You rubbed your arms and sighed when you saw how red they were. “Nat, you could have ripped my skin off!”

“Aw, Y/N I would never do that.” Nat said with a grin. “On purpose, at least.”

You rolled your eyes and took a swig from the bottle of water you had brought in during training.

“Hey, you mind if I have a sip of that?” Nat asked. You handed the water bottle to her and watched her down the drink. You tried– you really tried–not to look at her lips as she placed them on your bottle of water, but you couldn’t help but stare. She was perfect in every way; her hair, her body, her face, even her lips were enough to make you melt inside.

“You see something you like?” She smirked at you, and you blushed a deep red color.

“I-uh-” She smiled and pulled you in for a hug.

“I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, sweetie. I was just joking around.”

You’re cheeks went down a few shades, but your heart was still beating a million times per minute.

You had been training partners with Natasha for the better part of a year now, and every time you saw her your feeling became more and more apparent. At first, you didn’t understand, but as the weeks went on, you began to slowly fall for the redhead.  But, of course, you could never be with her. You were positive that Bruce liked her, and you were also pretty sure she liked him back. And what right did you have to step in the way of that?

You tried over and over to convince yourself that she wasn’t the only person out there for you, but every time you saw her your heart felt a way that it never feels with anyone else. Everything about her was perfect to you.

“Y/N, are you okay? You’re staring into space.” Natasha waved her hand in front of your face, snapping you back into reality.

“Y-yeah, I’m fine. Just a little tired, I guess.” You muttered.

Nat laid a hand across your forehead and narrowed her eyes in thought. “You’re not warm.”

You swallowed and closed your eyes, savoring her hand being pressed against your face. "I’m not sick, Nat.“

"Then why is your face flushed?” Nat said and put her hands on her hips.

You looked at your feet and bit your lips. “I-I don’t know.”

Nat smiled at your and lightly took your chin in her fingers and steered you up to look at her, “Or, are you blushing? From embarrassment?”

You bit your lips harder, almost drawing blood. “No, not exactly.”

“Or, are you doing it because you like me?”

Your breathing stopped. All you could hear was your heart beating wildly.

“How…why would you think-?”

Nat chuckled. “I am a skillfully trained spy, Y/N. I was taught to read people’s emotions.”

She reached up and tucked a piece of hair behind your ear. “Honey, I can read you like a book, you are head over heals for me.”

You were mortified. God, she probably (being the nice person she is) is going to kindly reject you and tell you that she’d rather be with Bruce. You were so stupid.

“And Y/N, I’m head over heels for you too.”

You looked up in shock, but only to have your lips covered by Nat’s. You naturally closed your eyes and wrapped your arms around her, softly capturing her red curls in your fingers.

“I love you, Y/N.”

You giggled but didn’t say it back, just to have her roll her eyes and mutter, “You’re no fun.” Then, to have her kiss you again.

((I’m sorry that was very, very, very short and sucky, I’m not sure how it turned out but I’ve been writing in between doing review for finals so my writing had been less than great. Oh well, I hoped you liked it anyway!))

The first time Scorpius asked Rose out, she said no. Yet, ever persistent, he showed up the next morning outside of the Gryffindor common room, ready for his date with her at Hogsmeade. The first time Scorpius asked Rose if he could kiss her, she shook her head, but he went in anyway, and Rose found she couldn’t resist. The first time Scorpius asked Rose if she loved him, she lied, to him and herself, and said no. But he didn’t care; he told her he loved her anyway. When Scorpius asked Rose if she would move in with him after they graduated from Hogwarts, she again declined, saying that things were moving to fast. Yet, when the next fall came around, they were living in the same apartment. A few years later when Scorpius asked Rose to marry him, she stopped saying no. And Rose was glad that she finally had said yes.

Prompt: "I don’t care if I fall in love with a devil, as long as that he will love me the way he loves Hell.“

"You know that if Dean found out about this he-” Castiel shook his head, him not wanting to finish the sentence himself.

You sighed, looking down at your hands “Yeah well he can do whatever he freaking wants. I am not taking it back” you said with a frown.

He sighed, sitting down next to you and placing a hand on top of yours “I did not ask of you to take it back, (Y/n). I knowthat- I know that you saying that word means a lot”

You smiled weakly at him “It is, Cas. It is.”

“But he is not going to let this just go by, you know it right?” he said in a worried voice tone.

You sighed “Yes yes I know. But I can’t help it Castiel. You- it’s just impossible for someone to control these things. I tried to fight it, I swear but I just…” you trailed off with a small breath, biting your lip as you looked down at your hands.

“I know (Y/n). But you must think of the consequences. Of what is right to o for everybody”

You gritted your teeth, trying to keep a growl in “But I’m tired Castiel!” you hissed “I’m sick and tired of having to think about everybody else. I’m sick of putting everybody else’s needs before mine. For the first time I- I feel this way, even if it is for Lucifer and I just-” you growled under your breath, shaking your head “I don’t care- I don’t care if I fall in love with the devil, as long as he will love me the way he loves Hell” you ended up whispering.

Castiel did not say anything,he did not know what to say because he knew you were actually saying the truth. Being a hunter ever since you were a kid you had to make many sacrifices. But he did not have the time to say anything either.

When you were met with a much longer silence than you expected from Castiel you looked up with an open mouth ready to speak but instead closed it. You frowned looking around you when you were unable to see Castiel. He was gone without you realizing it. You shot up from your seat, turning around hoping that you would find Castiel somewhere. Until you stopped suddenly, your body froze.

“You” you breathed out as you locked eyes with the fallen angel.

“Yeah” he smiled “Sorry by the way for sending Cas away. I just needed to see you alone. Talk with you”

The smile he had made your stomach feel with butterflies that got even worse as he strode closer to you. You found yourself standing there, though, unable to make a single move as he neared you. Your heart was beating wildly insideyour chest even if you did not want it, and you scolded yourself mentally for it. You should not be feeling this way about him. He should not be able to make you feel this kind of things.

“Now” he spoke in a much softer voice you did not know he was capable of “What was that little thing you said about me before?”

Your eyes widened at the realization and a lump formed on your throat. But you tried not to let any of your emotions show - no matter how hard it was - but instead put on a brave face, the one of a hunter that you used in front of every monster. Only thing was you would never see him as a monster. Your heart never would.

“And why would you care to listen?” you tried with every fiber in your body to play it hard.

“Hmm” a quiet adorable smile was on his lips and you had to keep yourself from melting “Let’s say because you may bemore important to me than hell is” he shrugged innocently and you fought the urge inside you. You fought all of your feelings. All of the feelings you had for him. Because he was the devil and you should not feel that way. You should love him.

Yet you did.