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Supergirl meme: [1/5] characters  • Lena Luthor.
“My brother hurt a lot of good, innocent people. My family owes a debt, not just to Metropolis but to everyone. I intend to pay that. By renaming my company L-Corp. We will usher in a new age of cooperation and community. Together, we will chart a brighter future.”

In 2017 I Urge You All To Be More Like Lena Luthor

Is there something fundamental about you that people judge? Fuck ‘em, you’re a boss ass independent bitch who loves themselves

Does your family ground themselves on morals that are wrong? Fuck ‘em, you are not your family. You are better than a name and there is so much more to you than that. You will find a family that is bound by love, not blood.

Does life continue to throw shit your way? Fuck it. Lena Luthor is still the badass CEO of a company that she has turned into a force for good despite losing everything. Be like Lena Luthor and know that you are capable and strong enough to deal with whatever challenges you may face.

2017 will make you uncomfortable. It will make you sad and it will make you cry. It will be difficult. We face a great unknown due to the actions and events of last year.

But 2017 will be the year you find home. It will make you happy and it will make you laugh. It will be the new beginning to this grand journey you call life.

And you will be able to handle it, just like Lena Luthor has handled her life with such elegance and grace.

In 2017 be more like Lena Luthor.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them. 

Lest we forget!

(The artwork is called ‘The Catch Up’ by Warrick Eady. It covers 100 years of Australian army soldier uniforms, and is a tear-jerker for many folks from my side of the world. ANZAC day is about Australia and New Zealand and the tragedy the brave men and women bravely endured, but this really is a great image to show respect to all our fallen brothers in arms.)

ngl I think that Symbra would be perfect rn with this new info on Vishkar.

Like Sombra is taking down corrupt corps and Vishkar is probably also one of her targets.

At one point Symmetra will break free of Vishkars manipulation and she will want to tear it down. Right now she is still in her ‘freedom is anarchy and disorder and bad for the greater good’ state of mind which makes her the anti-Lùcio, but I think that once she works together with Sombra, a person who can match her intellect, probably has a charming and playful personality, and is incredibly efficient at her job that she can see that freedom isn’t a burden, but a great privilege and something to strive for. I want them to destroy Vishkar and I want Symmetra to break free from the company that controlled her entire life.

_John Lennon and/e Paul McCartney; United States/Estados Unidos; New York/Nova York; St. Regis Hotel; Press conference about the Apple Corps/Entrevista coletiva sobre a Apple; May 13th 1968/13 de maio de 1968.

_Photo/Foto: Elliott Landy.

_Source/Fonte: Solo Beatles Photos Forum.

Supergirl Merch

Drabble gift for @supercorpppp

Kara sighs.

Lena looks up at Kara questioningly but doesn’t say anything quite yet.

Kara’s next sigh is longer and sadder.

“Kara, honey,” Lena murmurs, “is something wrong?”

“It’s just,” Kara pauses before mumbling, “there’s not much Supergirl merchandise.”

Lena has to stifle a laugh, “So that’s it, huh?”

Kara narrows her eyes, “Lena, it means something to me.”

“You’re right, I’m sorry…Kara!” Lena doesn’t finish as Kara stalks off in anger.

Lena shakes her head at herself before getting an idea.

The next day, Kara can’t help but smile at the sight of the new SupergirlPhone being sold by L Corp.

Story time: So over the holidays, I was under the impression that my marine was not going to be able to come home for Christmas or New Years. It was hard to accept that fact, but I knew that this was unfortunately part of the deal when you are in a relationship with someone in the military. On Friday, December 23rd, I came home from work after a pretty difficult day and much to my surprise, my boyfriend’s parents stopped by to give me my Christmas present early. I remember his mother pulling me into the kitchen and then handing me a box with a gorgeous little Pandora bracelet in it. His father walked into the kitchen and they both looked at me happily before his mother said, “There’s another present for you out in the living room. It’s a surprise gift.” Confused and wondering what the hell they were talking about, I walked out to see none other than my marine lounging there on my couch like he owned the place. Needless to say, I was thrilled to death and immediately started crying tears of joy. I know it’s cliche to say this but quite frankly, I don’t give a shit; he was my favorite gift this Christmas and I was thankful to have him home for a total of twelve days.

fic - supergirl - first assignment (3/5)

Snapper’s first assignment to Kara is a teaching moment: one he considers vital needs if she wants to be a journalist. It seems simple, write about L-Corp’s new green initiative, get a few quotes, write something semi-decent. But as Kara starts to dig in, she finds herself at the center of L-Corp’s new CEO’s attention…for better or for worse.

Snapper throws down a copy of the late edition of Enquirer on Kara’s desk.

Kara picks up the paper and groans. It’s a picture from yesterday, when they were taking that selfie, blown up tenfold with the gaudy headline of LEZ LIAISON: Lena Luthor shares a moment with mystery woman. “I can explain.”

He crosses his arms, all messy shirt and scowl. “You’d better.”

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