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Coachella, 2015

I’ve already trained a neural network on the names of real horses. But what about fictional ones? From, say, a certain line of toys that was turned into an equally popular cartoon?

I extracted the list of names from the Wikipedia List of mainline My Little Pony ponies article and trained a few models with different parameters. Due to the relatively sparse data set, I ended up finally going with an input length of 20, as that seemed to give the best balance between creativity and not being complete gibberish.

So without further ado, twenty names from an alternate-universe My Little Pony generation:

  • Star Yistle
  • Ms. Peachtystings
  • Lickety-Swill
  • Sunset Rate
  • Glever Clutter
  • Colonomon Cheam
  • Ginger Creed
  • Sporpwicket
  • Sweetloot
  • The Tredleet
  • Mincer Pie
  • Whipstry
  • Tuzzler Flutter
  • Piccy Tunch
  • Tunershy Flare
  • Glody
  • Da-inc-Ta-Too
  • Starlowe
  • Bow-a-Pon-Toto
  • Party Bae

Sometimes it would even generate alternate names for a single pony, just like the original training data:

  • Salty Con / Baby Sninty Rover
  • Fazzy Hapsy / Nottem Flare
  • Zippurt Thob / Viny Lugash
  • Die Flae / Baby Licknyston
  • Mose / Tic-a-Light
  • De-On e Swertheacks / Baby Lilbon / Nickety-Stlor
  • Shining Dusk / Baby Sundwise

(Bonus points for that last one being vaguely sensible despite the word “dusk” never appearing in the original list.)

The Empty Hearse and The Lost Special

   I haven’t obtained the DVD of BBC Sherlock Season 3 yet so I can view the episode with commentary, but I am wondering if Mark Gatiss obtained some of his inspiration for the case presented in “The Empty Hearse” from a short story written by Conan Doyle called “The Lost Special,” published in 1898.
   It is implied to be a Sherlock Holmes story, although his name is never used. The story’s narrative mode is third person, subjective, although the narrator is never identified either. 

   In TEH, Sherlock concludes that the terrorist (Moran) who gets on the train, but never gets off, waylaid one of the cars onto abandoned tracks that no one knew about.
   In Doyle’s “The Lost Special,” a privately hired train (a special) on its journey from Liverpool to London not only never reaches its destination, but seems to disappear into thin air.
   A letter sent to The Times by “an amateur reasoner of some celebrity at that date” is excerpted at one point, the style of which suggests that the author is probably Holmes.
   This “recognized authority upon such matters” suggests that the train and its passengers were destroyed by a mafia-type crime syndicate. He suggests the train was directed onto unused tracks leading to an abandoned mine nearby.
   The theory meets with heated opposition, although objectors fail to supply any alternative. Authorities do not act on the proposal and the public never shows any interest because a political scandal has distracted their attention. 

   Eight years later, a criminal mastermind called Herbert de Lernac, scheduled for execution in Marseilles, confesses to the crime, revealing details that vary only slightly from what the amateur sleuth proposed.
   De Lernac suppresses the names of his employers, but threatens to reveal them if he is not granted a pardon, suggesting that they may be well known public - perhaps even political - figures.

Poster for “The Lost Special” (1932) a Universal movie serial based on the story of the same name by Arthur Conan Doyle. This adaptation moves events from England to the American West.

  The Sherlock Holmes pastiche series Solar Pons by August Derleth treated this story as canon with its own version, “The Adventure of the Lost Locomotive.”

I finished reading the novel “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” by Gene Roddenberry himself and I just want to leave here some quotes (though you all probably know them)

1) Jim! Good-bye my … my t’hy’la. This is the last time I will permit myself to think of you or even your name again. (Spock’s thoughts)
2) But what was it that Jim Kirk had once said? “Spock, why fight so hard to be a part of only one world? Why not fight instead to be the best of both?” (Spock’s thoughts)
3) Spock looked up, puzzled. That had felt like Jim Kirk’s thoughts. And yet it was T’sai who was standing here and to whom he had opened his thoughts. She was now releasing Spock’s consciousness and retrieving her own. Then her lips opened, and before she spoke Spock already knew what her words would be.
“Your answer lies elsewhere, Spock.”
4) Although Kirk had been as dumbfounded as the others, he was pleased to note that he had recovered first and was now handling all this with some degree of command presence. But it still felt painful to be reminded so powerfully and unexpectedly of his friendship and affection for Spock—theirs had been the touching of two minds which the old poets of Spock’s home planet had proclaimed as superior even to the wild physical love which affected Vulcans every seventh year during pon farr 
5) And on the bridge—Kirk! The mere name made Spock groan inwardly as he remembered what it had cost him to turn away from that welcome. T’hy’la! 
6) “Is that all of it so far?” asked Kirk. “Two mind contacts with something out here? Nothing more?”

Spock wished Kirk’s question had not been asked so broadly. “On Vulcan, I seemed for a moment to be also sensing your thoughts, Captain. It felt as if you were wondering whether the Klingon cruisers and crews were actually destroyed … or had been converted into exhibits of some sort.”

Kirk’s expression told McCoy there had indeed been such a thought—although this surprised McCoy much less than the fact that Spock had admitted sensing it, considering his present unfriendliness. It was common knowledge that telepathic rapport between Vulcan and human was possible only in cases of extraordinarily close friendship.
7) Spock laughed again. Then he saw Kirk’s face. He reached out weakly and found Kirk’s arm, then his hand, and took a startled Kirk’s hand in his own.

“Jim,” Spock said.

McCoy looked his astonishment at the visible and unashamed emotion on Spock’s face as he clutched Kirk’s hand.
Kirk returned the pressure and brought his other hand to cover Spock’s, holding it between both of his, signaling Spock that there was no shame in either giving or in answering fully.
“This simple feeling … “—Spock struggled for strength—” … is so far … beyond Vejur’s comprehension … ”


Spirk au with chubby teen Kirk finding a very old artifact spaceship and writing an article for his school theorizing a first contact with an alien species long before humanity even knew they were not alone, identifying human dna coated across the ship along with unknown dna and coming across data within the spaceship that might conclude the potential influence of alien technology pushing human technology, at least covering a significant technological movement (example: the creation of the cellphone, discovery of warp drive, the internet, etc.)

This article was meant for school, however it attracts the attention of a scholarly news press and goes out universally. The spaceship is considered a monumental discovery, and is placed in a museum. On the opening day of it’s presentation one of the set of eyes front and center on the work is belonging to a young scholarly Spock ( who has received much academic praise and is a popular name to drop among science geeks and teachers ) on the brink of his first potential pon farr. Jim is there to smile and take pictures but recognizes Spock along with other scholarly faces. At some point, Spock manages to speak to Jim alone about his findings. Jim may or may not find it cute how Spock gushes in a very formal, vulcan way about the fascinating finding belonging to Jim, as well as the refreshing and new ideas Jim seems to have considered while writing his article. Spock manages to leave his padd’s I.D with Kirk to get in contact with him later, insisting that they discuss Jim’s theories etc.

I want Jim to eat when he gets nervous.

That’s as much as I got, but at SOME point I want to break into the museum, because what is a fic about two nerds if you don’t commit some kind of crime? Anyway, I want Jim to show Spock the interior of the ship, but to be nervously snacking on some cookies only to catch Spock looking at him curiously and literally while he is eating the last cookie offer Spock to try out a cookie. While Spock is obviously like, “impossible, you have just eaten the last” it is imperative they share and awkward chocolatey kiss that night because Spock getting tipsy off of kisses is amazing and I need it in my life.

That’s all I have rn, thank you

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Okay I need to convince a friend that spirk is real but I have no idea where to start. I need a list of points that I can make so what are some that you can think of off the top of your head?

This turned out to be super fucking long so I’m going to put it under the cut lol

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Completely non-anime related at all, do you have any fic recs for Star Trek? I saw that you like Bones and he is my absolute fave (so salty about SO MUCH), but I don't know if you read Trek fic. Thanks!

I’m not much of a Spock/Kirk shipper (in that I like other pairings more, even if I see the massive amounts of potential in KS), so this list is pretty much Bones-centric, whoops. 

A Million Second Chances

You wanna stand by my side? Darlin’, your head’s not on right

Armed With Every Precious Failure

I’d Lie

I Took the Stars from My Eyes (and Then I Made a Map)

Just a Jealous Guy

Once Shot, Twice Shy

Pon Farr, Again?

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Say My Name (And Every Colour Illuminates)

One Time Spock Walked In On Bones and Kirk Having Sex, and Five Times He Didn’t

Warning Labels (are meant to be ignored)

Even Moar Bones/M'Benga pre-slash



A Pearl of Great Price

That Love Weighs More Than Gold

The Case of Leonard McCoy

Running with Scissors

Wherefore Art Thou Cantankerous Bastard

If You’re Into It

A Still More Glorious Dawn Awaits


Run (I’m a Natural Disaster)




Make Me Believe

Words Come Later

The Morning After

Skin on Skin

A Mighty Fine Man

Faraway, So Close

Cluing In McCoy

A Calculated Risk

The Human Mating Dance (In Ten Easy Steps)

Too Much Is Not Enough

If You Stay

Flaws In The Design

Sharing Rooms

Spit On A Stone

Honorable Enemies

In Case You Missed It

Vulcan Funk

You think we’re ice cold
For each T’Pring there’s a T’Pol
We’re just captivating
Devastating, straight fascinating
Mind meld, twined, held
No ta’al tale that, we’re the best (ah)
We live long and we prosper on
Vulcan kissing with the ozh’esta

It’s Tuvok (hot damn)
Like a plak tow in pon farr, man
It’s Tuvok (hot damn)
We don’t brag, but we rule the stars, man
It’s Tuvok (hot damn)
Say my name you know who I am -
It’s Tuvok (hot damn)
And we won’t let what’s funny
Break us down

We’ll hit your meditation (Woo!)
We’ll study the causation (Woo!)
We’ll run this Federation (woo!)
‘Cause Vulcan funk gon’ logic to ya
‘Cause Vulcan funk gon’ logic to ya
‘Cause Vulcan funk gon’ logic to ya
Saturday night and we praise Surak
Don’t believe me - just Spock!

Pacific Rim AU where Bitty is the cook who holds the morale of the entire population of the shatterdome on his shoulders.

 Initially he had trained to be a pilot, but flunked out due to a lack of drift compatible partners, and instructors saying they’d fear he’d chase the RABBIT while drifted with someone in a Jaeger and endanger himself and those around him. 

Bad Bob and Alicia Zimmermann bounced between the shatterdomes from Seattle to Anchorage making a name for themselves as THE team that gives any kaiju an ass-whooping. That is, until they quietly retired a few years back. Publicly, the reason is due to a training exercise going wrong and injuring them. The true reason has to do with the radiation poisoning caused by the Alpha I’s finally getting to them. 

Almost immediately after their retirement, their son Jack rose to take their place with his Drift Partner: Kent Parson. They were the golden boys until a very, very public failure while fighting a Kaiju off the coast of Vancouver. A combination of the mental strain of the PONS unit while also abusing his medication proved catastrophic. They barely made it out alive. Jack was Grounded  and works as a LOCCENT operator. Kent was reassigned to a Shatterdome in Panama City. 

I wonder who is gonna be Jack’s new partner??? I wonder??? No one else is drift compatible with him except this dude who makes really good pie come out of no where??? Where does he get those kinds of ingredients in Alaska???? 

It is a mystery

Anyways if you wanna know about where all the other characters fall in this AU…

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