in the name of the king 2: two worlds


Inktober Day 2: Eikthymir.

Book description: A giant cosmic stag in Norse and Teutonic mythology. It’s name means ‘the one with oak like antlers’. It stands on the roof of Valhalla, the home of the gods, and grazes upon the leaves of the great world tree Yggdrasil. Drops of water falling from the tips of its antlers fill the spring Hvergelmir, which feeds all the rivers of the world. The cult of the stag was widespread in Norse mythology, and probably represented the power of Odin and the strength of the line of kings.

TODAY'S ACTION: Show your support for Brian Boitano

Last week, US President Barak Obama announced the names of the US Delegation to both the opening and Closing ceremonies of the WInter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. As you know, Russia has a very strict “Gay Propaganda” law which makes it illegal to mention homosexuality in the presence of anyone under the age of 18, and the government has all but sanctioned an increasing number of very violent attacks against LGBTQ citizens (armed gunmen attacked an LGBTQ meeting, shot one man in the eye, and the police stated they could find no evidence of a crime having been committed.)

The POTUS announcement was even more striking in that 1) he is not going, and 2) the people he is sending. The opening delegation includes out Tennis star and activist Billie Jean KIng, and US Olympic FIgure Skating Gold Medalist Brian Boitano. Two days after he was named to the US Delegation, Mr. Boitano took the bold step and confirmed that he is indeed gay. You can read the story HERE

This is a significant step for a man who has previously declined to discuss his sexuality. And send a clear message to Russia that their anti-gay attitude is not acceptable in the world. So please, join with us in thanking Mr. @BrianBoitano for his bravery and leadership as he joins the OLympic delegation. You can tweet him at the previous link, or retweet our message HERE.

(PS: A special thanks to persimmonlions for the links!)