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I was wondering if Thorin was around... and what kinda lady he is looking for?

*Fili and Kili rolling on the floor laughing*

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Is it so hard to imagine someone asking me that?  *Thorin rolls his eyes*  Someone who could put up with those two would be a start.  Yes, I’m talking about you two, it would take a saint!  Other than that, someone who truly loves me and my people.  

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*Dwalin grumbles* Someone patient

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I don’t see why you feel the need to but in. *Thorin glares at him* I know what I look for in a mate, and I was getting to that…I do carry long hours, and I know I’m not the easiest person to be around-

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*Bilbo snorts*

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The next person who interrupts me will be put in charge of personally mucking out the stables of Dain’s battle rams! 


As I said before, the person I marry will have to be a saint and very, very patient.  Not only with me. 

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Ancient wisdom from the neural network

What happens when really old advice meets really new technology?

A recurrent neural network (like the open-source char-rnn framework used here) can teach itself to imitate recipes, paint colors, band names, and even guinea pig names. By examining a dataset, it learns to formulate its own rules about it, and can use these rules to generate new text that - according to the neural network - resembles the dataset. But since the neural network is doing all this without cultural context, or any knowledge of what the words really mean, the results are often a bit bizarre.

In this example, the dataset is a list of more than 2000 ancient proverbs, collected by reader Anthony Mandelli. Some of these are well-known, such as “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” and “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Others are frankly a bit strange: “Where there’s muck there’s brass.” and “A curst cow has short horns.” and “Be not a baker if your head is made of butter.”

What will a neural network make of this ancient wisdom?

If you answered “Really really weird proverbs”, you are correct.

A fox smells it better than a fool’s for a day.
No songer in a teacuper.
A fool in a teacup is a silent for a needle in the sale.
No man is the better pan on the hunder.
A mouse is a good bound to receive.
Do not come to the cow.

Some of them almost make sense:

A good wine makes the best sermon.
A good fear is never known till needed.
Death when it comes will have no sheep.
An ounce of the heart comes without an exception.
A good face is a letter to get out of the fire.
No wise man ever wishes to be sick.
A good excuse is as good as a rest.
There is no smoke without the best sin.
A good man is worth doing well.
A good anvil does not make the most noise.

While others would be more difficult to pass off as real proverbs:

We can serve no smort.
A good face is a letter like a dog.
A good earse makes a good ending.
Gnow will not go out.
A fox smeep is the horse of the best sermon.
No sweet is half the barn door after the cat.
There is not fire and step on your dog and stains the best sermon.
An ox is a new dogn not sing in a haystar.

One of the oddest things to emerge from the proverb-trained neural network is a strange obsession with oxen. I checked, and there were only three oxen-related proverbs in the dataset, yet they appear frequently in the neural network’s version, and usually as rather powerful creatures.

An ox can lever an enemies are dangerous and restens at home.
An ox is not to be given with a single stone.
An ox is never known till needed.
An ox is as good as a best.
An ox is not to be that wound is hot.
An ox is a silent for the gain of the bush.
An ox is not fill when he will eat forever.

Whatever the internal mythos the neural network has learned from these ancient proverbs, oxen are mysteriously important.

the aftermath

Marisha: That was a three hour battle.

Matt: Yeah.

Marisha: We did nothing but fight.

Matt: And honestly? Kinda mucking it up with archers kinda helped too, because they were all about to just start focus firing on whoever was visible.

Laura: Yeah. So I’m glad we split them up. Getting Grog out… 

Matt: Getting Grog out was key. 

Matt to Laura: If you hadn’t have pulled him out and taken all those attacks of opportunity-

Travis: That was it.

Matt to Travis: -you would be gone.

Travis: I was at 20 and then- I was like “that’s it.”

Matt: They weren’t gonna stop when you hit zero.

Travis: Yea-no that would’ve been it.

Matt: They were going to cut you up until you were dead.

Matt’s face immediately following that statement:

Liam to Laura: Look at that guy, look at that guy-


Travis, to Liam: You saw it too didn’t you!?

Liam, laughing: I saw it

Travis: The shadow of a man that wished he could have butchered someone and didn’t quite get to.

Taliesin: That is the face of the fucking devil.

Travis: The shadow of Craven Edge lives behind those eyes!


So Tumblr doesn’t allow picture formatting to ask answers, whoops.

An anon asked me how2draw hair (’specifically wavy or curly’), and here’s my process.  You really have to draw/paint hair a lot to get an idea of how it should look in my opinion, but hopefully you can glean something from this^ Check the captions for extra tips :)


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just remembered about a week ago I had a dream where ronan dreamt himself up a bunch of ronans, and he basically excommunicated himself from the gangsey (because he just knew they would Disapprove) to be the head of all-ronan hooligan gang, where he could do whatever he wanted and no one told him what to do. and, for whatever reason, blue looked at this spectacle and said “is there room for one more”