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The After: ch. 8

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The mud squishes like a sponge beneath their feet, expelling brownish-grey muck as they scurry along the back of the motel. There will be no way to hide their tracks, Scully thinks as their boots pull from the mud with a *pop*, like the smack of a kiss. They need to move quickly, put as much distance between them and Bobby’s boys as possible.

Their feet slide to a stop when they come to the edge of the moat. The ten foot wide body of water puckers under the Wash with ecru ripples colliding into each other, the chaos of the surface creating a milky film along the shoreline.

Mulder whistles. “Looks pretty deep. Want me to carry you-” he begins to offer, but she pushes past him. The water splashes around her boots, up to her knees as she trudges deeper, her backpack held above her head once it circles her waist.

The numbness in her legs spreads to her chest as she propels herself forward, even the smallest cells in her body recoiling at the frigid water, and she breathes through her nose to keep it from getting in her mouth.  

“Come on, Mulder,” she tosses over her shoulder through gritted teeth. She hears the splashing and feels the rush of his waves against her back as he follows, and she works quickly to lead him to the other side.

“We need to change into dry clothing,” Mulder says as they step up onto the shoreline. “We’re at risk of hypothermia.”

Scully positions her backpack on her shoulders, grabs his hand, and pulls him towards the treeline. “Right now, they’re a greater risk.”

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Flo’s Requiem

When she was little, she wanted to be a mermaid.

She laughs at the thought. Long ago, she thought the water was magical, that she could live under it forever. Now, with the tide lapping up against her legs, she knows that there isn’t any magic, at least none left for her.

Mermaids are beautiful enough to lure sailors into the water to join them. Flo is dirty and crass, and the only way she can get people to drown is if she pushes them in herself.

She can’t depend on anything but herself anymore. She just has to survive, in this limbo of muck and tide and wrinkled fingers.

She’s not a mermaid.

She’s worse.

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write 👏🏼 some 👏🏼 bichie 👏🏼 please.... literally anything just give me that Content

of course…. i love two chaotic boys

  • they both, as people, have NO impulse control
  • so that usually leads to them doing stupid shit all the time
  • like when bill decides to get richie film him doing a wheelie on silver off of a dock into the nearby small lake 
  • and like…. bill and richie have to both dive to drag silver out of the weeds and muck but tbh it’s worth it for how SICK it was and richie’s laughing his ass off at bill’s head popping out of the water afterwards
  • oh speaking of goofing off at the lake: BEACH DAYS
  • richie chillin suntanning with his mexican heritage and perfect golden skin shirtless except for an open hawaiian shirt, that bastard, and bill’s jealous because he has to put on spf 90 sunscreen every hour or he’ll be a tomato later 
  • richie teases him about it but really he Does Not mind spreading the lotion over bill’s sun-warm back
  • or bill’s freckles that are most prominent in the summer, splayed over bill’s nose 
  • they splash each other in the water and jump attack each other and playfight all the time,,, at one point bill just picks up richie and drags him out of the water because richie dunked bill and bill is NOT cool with water up his nose
  • immediately richie’s like making kissy noises and pulling at bill’s lanky arms towards him and bill doesn’t have much resoluteness especially against richie so he just lets his bf pull him into the sand with him and lets richie tackle him and kiss his face and neck
  • richie is silly but bill loves him so much
Ad’s Bad Fortune

Tom the Ghoul has a bad fortune for @radiationgroove‘s Ad:

Smaller acts who can’t fill the Third Rail often end up playing the Hotel Rexford, in the corner of what they consider their bar. Some acts play for caps, and some for a night out of the rain and muck. The ghoul playing tonight has been rapping spoons against empty wash bins, pulling on strings to a guitar with the body of an old oil pan, and rattling a cigar box full of squirrel bones.

He ends his set to a pitiful round of applause, and saddles up to the bar. Adeline pulls in her elbows from the bar top as he sits down next to her.

He lights a cigarette, coughs, and takes a long drag.

“What’re you drinking?” he asks.

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I loved the Polaroid photo. You are a talent sister. Bye. 😙🤗

Hey you!! I was just mucking around and made a Polaroid of Jamie and Claire from the scene prior to them going into the cave at Abandawe with the caption ‘you mean more to me than life and I have no regret’. It was super cute but all I could think was ‘But, WHO would have taken that photo? Certainly not Geillis, we know that much’. So, that lead me to 'Well, what WOULD Claire take a photograph of if she had have taken a Polaroid camera with her?’. The answer was, of course, Bonnie. Just imagine Jamie looking at the camera and asking Claire 'What in the devil’s name is THAT, Sassenach?’. And Claire would be like 'Here, let me show you’ and first double checking that no one else is around she would then snap a photograph of Bonnie. Jamie would not only be impressed by the instant photograph but because it’s an image of his dearly beloved Bonnie. 😘

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Girl! You are dangerous!! I just found the gladio short story with a tied up mc!! Girl!! I had to cool down!

I’m actually really happy with the way that little drabble came out even though I ain’t plan it.  You know how sometimes you write things and everything just comes out exactly the way you feel it to be?  That’s how that was, and I’ve been trying to get that feeling back for a hot minute since my life got all mucked up last year.  The fact that you enjoyed it too makes me feel like I’ve done my job~

Because Gladnis is Fatal, LOL!




Band of Brothers Characters and How to Remember Them

That’s a lie. You can’t. There are too many. Your tears give Tom Hanks power.

Recently, renowned author Neil Gaiman posted the following entry to his tumblr. blog:
“An embarrassing ancient faded photo of me in 1976 (I think). Pink-striped school tie. The only good thing about the fading is that you cannot see the spots. But the hair. Oh, the hair.”

Neil, announcing to the world that the tie in this faded, sepia-toned photo actually had pink stripes, practically begs someone to muck with it.  Meet your mucker.

(Admittedly, a very rushed job; the originally b/w images of Michael Craze, Verity Lambert, William Russell, and William Hartnell that I colorized (”colourised”, if you prefer) for my predominately Doctor Who-themed tumblr. site turned out much better. )