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In my mind you are puppies, baking, dan and phil, yuuri on ice and all time low so here it is:

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Teen Wolf Preference - How You Meet (Part 2)

B R E T T :

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At the Beacon Hills High vs Devenford Prep Match

“Mason, who’s Liam talking too?” You asked him, coming up right next to him, and watching the scene.

“Uh, that use to be his best friend when he was at Devenford Prep,” Mason explained as you nodded.

Your furrowed your eyebrows as Liam clenched his fists at the group that got off the Devenford Prep bus.

“Liam,” you called, heels clicking on the ground as you walked over to him. The groups attention turned to you, but you paid no mind. Keeping your attention on Liam, who could accidentally shift at any moment

When Liam faced you, you saw his eyes flash with relief, and you saw him unclench his fists.

“Are these boys bothering you?” You asked, making Liam glance over at them for a second, before shaking his head, “You should go then. You can talk to them after you dominate their asses tonight.”

“Yes ma'am,” He mock-saluted, smirking before kissing your cheek and heading back to Mason. You faced the leader, who was quite attractive, with light brown kind of quiffed hair, and pretty blue eyes, and a cocky smirk on his face.

“I’m Brett,” He held out his hand, still smirking. You just looked at him with pursed lips.

“And I don’t care,” you replied, before joining Liam and Mason.

L I A M :

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Scotts House (y'know when they basically kidnapped the poor boy)

What?” You basically growled into the phone, after being rudely awaken, “Stiles it’s fucking midnight.”

Listen we need your help, please come to Scotts house,” Stiles said anxiously before hanging up and leaving you confused.

You groaned, but quickly got up and slipped on shoes before making your way over to Scott’s house which was right next door.

“Scott what’s going on?” You asked as soon as the front door was shut.

“Check the bathroom please,” He said, and you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, once again.

Opening the bathroom door, you gasped upon seeing a cute, young boy duct tapped in the bathroom.

“Oh my god! What did you guys do?” You all but screamed at the boys who were standing there sheepishly.

“I-I bit him,” Scott said, “If I didn’t, he would have died!”

“Oh shit,” You sighed, before going back into the bathroom.

“Liam, is it?” You asked, kneeling beside the tub as he nodded, “I’m Y/N, and I’m going to take off the duct tape so please don’t scream.”

T H E O :


You have to tutor him

You stood nervously as you and your teacher waited for the person you were suppose to tutor. Your teacher never said who the person was, and you were just hoping it was someone you could stand.

“Sorry I’m late,” A voice broke you from your daydream, and you let out a small groan, when you realized who it was. You had to tutor Theo Raeken, one of the schools ‘hottest’ guys, who was also really cocky. He sent you a smirk, as our teacher cleared her throat.

“It’s alright, Mr. Raeken,” She smiled, before motioning toward you, “This is Miss. Y/L/N, she will be tutoring you.”

“Lucky me,” He mumbled, not even bothering to discreetly check you out.

J A C K S O N :

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You’re Dannys’ Sister

You paid the taxi driver, and grabbed your bags, staring at your house as the taxi took off. You haven’t seen your house in almost six years, due to being at Boarding School. Letting out a sigh, you marched up to the door, and knocked, praying it would be Danny that answered. Your pray wasn’t answered when a quite attractive boy that held the 'rich boy’ vibe answered.

“Can I help you?” He asked, with a raised eyebrow while you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, knowing damn well that your family hasn’t moved.

“I’m looking for Danny, is he here?” You asked awkwardly, but he nodded his head, and called for Danny. A smile stretched across your face as you heard your twin brothers’ obnoxious, loud footsteps.

“What do you wa-” Danny cut himself when he laid his eyes on you, “Y/N!!”

He tackled you into a hug, and tears fell from the both of you. Being away from your twin for almost six years was hard.

“What are you doing here?” Danny asked, pulling away, but pulling you inside with your bags.

“I’m back,” You replied, grinning, before letting out a laugh as he twirled you around in happiness, “Now who’s this?”

You motioned to the rich boy from earlier, who was still standing by us, looking awkwardly.

“Oh, Y/N this is my best friend, Jackson. Jackson, this is my twin, Y/N.”

M A L I A :

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You found her

“Come on,” You mumbled to yourself as you chased this werewolf/coyote. You were positive this was the missing girl, Malia. You finally managed to tackle her, only for her to throw you off. Only this time, she didn’t run away after.

“It’s okay, Malia. I’m not going to hurt you,” You told the animal gently, as you felt yourself shift back into your human form.

Something in your voice set her off, because next thing you knew was there was a confused, naked girl in front of me. You met her gaze as you took off your hoodie for her.

“Here, take this. You must be cold,” You tossed her the hoodie, which she put on immediately, “Malia? I’m Y/N, why don’t we get you home.”

C H R I S :

Grocery Store

Being in the mood for baking, you decided to run to the store for the supplies, only to run into a problem. The essentials you need are located on the very top shelf, which you couldn’t reach.

“Ughh,” You stomped you foot in frustration, as you stood on your tip-toes to grab the items, which failed.

Suddenly a hand reached from behind you, grabbed the items and handed them to you.

“Thank you, uh,” You turned to the mysterious man, who was older but quite attractive either way with little stubble on his face.

“Chris, and it’s no problem really. Couldn’t leave a pretty girl like yourself struggle,” He chuckled as you turned red.

“Well, Chris, I’m Y/N.”

P E T E R :

You’re Dereks’ Best Friend

“I don’t see why don’t just tell her,” You plopped down next to your best friend, who was staring at your other best friend and his girlfriend, Paige.

“Hey, give me that,” You pouted as he stole back his Reese cups. He split one, and gave you half, while also ignoring your question.

“You’re afraid, aren’t you?” You observed as he sent another longing look toward Paige.

“Of course he is,” An older man with black hair and pretty blue eyes said, plopping down across from Derek, sending you a smirk.

“Who’s this dick?” You questioned, making Derek laugh and shake his head.

“I’m Peter Hale,” He leaned closer to you, earning a dirty look from yourself as you leaned back, “And who are you, beautiful?”

“Aaaand I’m out,” You said, glaring at Peter, as you stood up.

“Ooh a feisty one, I like her,” You heard Peter say as you walked toward Paiges’ table.

“Leave Y/N alone.”

Part 1 //

“You’re going to be a dad”

A few months had gone by since you’d been disappointed to find out you weren’t pregnant when you and Harry had been so sure that you were. Fortunately, you both had been busy with work and other things since then, so you’d stopped focusing on and worrying so much about trying to get pregnant and just enjoyed the time you got to be intimate with Harry. 

It was now Monday evening and you’d just gotten home from work. Harry was at the studio and had told you he wouldn’t be home until late tonight. You were currently stood in the kitchen, leaning against the counter and scrolling through the calendar on your phone, looking to see if you had any important reminders for this week. You hadn’t realized it was already so late in the month and as you scrolled through, you suddenly stopped. 

Wait a second, you thought. Looking up from your phone, you ran numbers and dates through your head as you looked off into space. After a minute, you gasped, remembering that the last time you had gotten your period was the day  of your friend’s bachelorette party. You remembered because you had been planning on wearing this really sexy, tight dress you bought just for the occasion and you were so annoyed when mother nature decided to make that difficult. And that party had been… almost a month and a half ago. You couldn’t believe you’d never stopped and wondered where your period was or realized that it was late, but you had just been so busy and focused on other things. 

A smile formed on your face as you considered the thought that maybe this time it was actually happening, that you had actually gotten pregnant. But the smile quickly vanished when you remembered how excited you had been before only to be very disappointed. And it could just be stress that was making your period so late, or… any number of things, you told yourself. Trying not to get your hopes up, you rushed to the bathroom where you had stored a couple pregnancy tests in the cabinet from awhile back. Fingers slightly shaking and lips pressed together in anticipation, you pulled the test out of the wrapper and felt grateful that you’d just drunk a bottle of water not long before. 

Waiting for the test results, you sat on the bathroom floor so that you wouldn’t be staring at the stick the whole time. Your hands curled up into fists and eyes shut, you couldn’t help the images that were now swirling around in your head. Mini Harrys prancing around with their dad, curly hair and blue-green eyes and huge smiles on their tiny faces. You breathed out loudly as you stood up, taking one more deep breath before looking down at the pregnancy test that was sitting on the sink. 


You couldn’t help the squeal that you let out upon seeing that word glaring up at you, and you didn’t care. You immediately lifted up your shirt to look down at your belly that didn’t look noticeably bigger than usual, but when you put your hands on it to caress it, you noticed that it felt slightly more firm than normal. You didn’t realize that you were crying until a tear fell onto your hand that was pressed to your stomach. This was something you’d been looking forward to for so long, and you couldn’t wait to tell Harry.


He would be back in a couple hours now, and you had to figure out how to tell him. You’d always imagined giving your husband something that said “World’s Greatest Dad” to reveal that you were expecting, but you didn’t have the time to order something and you couldn’t wait to tell him. So you decided you had to be creative. 

Searching through Harry’s side of the closet, you quickly found what you were looking for: a plain white t-shirt. You felt a little bad marking it up, but he also had only about ten others that were exactly the same, so you didn’t feel that bad. Shirt in hand, you walked to the kitchen and found a Sharpie in one of the drawers. 

“Alright, try to make this look legible,” you murmured to yourself as you began writing in big letters on the front of the shirt. It was more difficult than you’d anticipated, especially because your hands were still slightly shaking out of excitement, but you were sufficiently satisfied with the result. 

Next, you scrounged around the house for a box to put it in. You knew it wasn’t necessary but you liked the idea of it being a present, it just made it more exciting. After awhile, you finally found a pretty blue box that had contained a gift your mom gave you for your last birthday. Folding up the shirt and placing it delicately inside, you put the lid back on and brought the box back to the kitchen, where you put it on the table. You checked your phone and saw that a couple hours had passed since you’d been looking through your calendar. You smiled, knowing that Harry would be home anytime now. 

But you also felt too wound-up and anxious to just sit down and wait. So you decided to bake. You were really in the mood for chocolate chip cookies, so you started whipping them up and were so distracted with them that you didn’t realize it was now almost 10 o’clock, and you thought Harry would be home by now. You sighed as you took the tray out of the oven, but your mood was immediately lifted when you inhaled the smell of freshly baked cookies and set them on top of the stove. They looked so good you could barely stand waiting for them to cool off. Fortunately, you heard Harry walk through the front door at that point and you couldn’t help but run towards him.

“Harry!” You greeted him with a huge smile and a hug before he could even get his jacket off. 

“Hi there, love,” Harry laughed, surprised by this greeting and even more surprised that you hadn’t fallen asleep yet like you usually did when waiting for him to come home at night. “What’s this about?” He smiled, noticing the smell of freshly baked cookies and realizing how excited you were; it almost looked like you were glowing. 

“I just missed you and I really love you,” you told him sweetly. “Oh, my cookies! Let’s go try my cookies, I just made them,” you added as you dashed back into the kitchen, and Harry tried to keep up with you. 

He smirked when he walked into the kitchen, a look of confusion evident on his face. 

“I love you too,” he told you sweetly with a smile as you munched on your cookies. He’d had such a long day and wasn’t in the best mood before he walked in the door, but he now felt so content. That was one of the things he loved most about you, how you could always bring up his mood just by being yourself. 

After scarfing down a few cookies, you finally took a deep breath and looked up at Harry, biting your lip. 

“Okay, whew,” you breathed out again, and Harry noticed your hands slightly shaking. 

“Babe, what is going on? Please just tell me what’s up, you’re acting so weird.” Something about his soft tone of voice and the way that he was looking at you so sweetly made you start to tear up, and you couldn’t stop the tears as they now fell down your face. You sniffled as you walked over to pick up the box that was on the table, turning toward Harry. 

“What’s going on, my love?” Harry asked again, his concern growing. You smiled up at him, tears still streaming down your face as you handed him the box.

“Just open it, please,” you whispered. Harry took the box, looking as confused as ever, as you stepped away to let him open it. 

You crossed your arms and sniffled again as you waited nervously. 

Slowly lifting off the lid and then picking up the shirt that was folded up in the box, Harry unfolded it and squinted his eyes as he tried to read the barely legible words you’d written in Sharpie on the shirt. 

“What is this… World’s Greatest-” Harry cut himself off as he realized what this meant. Turning to you to find that the tears were now falling uncontrollably from your eyes, he found that tears were now suddenly falling from his own. 

“I’m gonna be a dad?” he whispered, almost inaudibly as he started slowly walking to you.

“You’re going to be a dad,” you whispered back as he engulfed you in one of his giant and tight embraces. 

“Oh my God, we’re having a baby. Oh my God,” Harry murmured over and over before kissing the top of your head and then pulling away to sweetly and passionately kiss your lips. 

You started laughing, so happy and full of love for your husband and the growing life inside of you, and Harry started laughing too as he pulled away. 

“Fuck, I love you so much baby,” he told you before crouching down, lifting up your shirt as you had done earlier, and peppering your belly with kisses. “And I love you so much too, baby,” he crooned, placing his hands on your stomach. You smiled, stroking his hair, feeling light and happy and loved.

“I love you so much, Harry. You’re going to be the most amazing dad,” you told your husband, who now looked back up at you, his eyes glistening. 

“I’m gonna be a dad,” he whispered to himself, and now he was almost full-on bawling.

“Come here,” you laughed, bringing him back up to your level. This time, you were the one to pull him in for a hug. And you both felt so loved in that moment, and felt so much love for each other and the little person who neither of you could wait to meet. 

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Shower thoughts: Pidge having their first period on space cause damn they're young and Lance being the only that can help cause is the only one that understands due to his sisters and hunk baking a cake to make Pidge bad mood go away and Shiro being the space dad he is saying awkward stuff and Keith just finding hella cute how caring Lance is and don't knowing what to say/do to help??? Sorry

this is great, thank you!!

Weapon (Thorin x Reader)

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Summary: In the modern world, the reader was turned into a weapon against her will. Now part of Thorin’s company, she has to deal with the fallout of Thorin’s close call after the company barely escapes Azog’s ambush and takes refuge in Beorn’s home.

Notes: Written for the dear anon who underwent chemo a while ago. I hope it’s what you were hoping for. :)
Warning: It gets quite violent in the beginning.
Words: 4164

Sweat drips into your eyes as you twist and slash your dagger across an orc’s bare thigh. The orc howls. Blood spurts from the femoral artery. You lean sideways to evade the spray and twist again to evade a clumsy mace blow.

The orc stumbles, dragged off balance by the momentum of his own weapon. To your enhanced senses he seems to move in slow motion. For a moment, the orc’s chin lifts, exposing his throat above the armor. You feel a short pang of dismay as you flip the dagger and slice again.

Time speeds up as you dip beneath the flashing arc of a mace blow meant for your throat. You turn, quicksilver fast, and make use of the opening it affords you. Another orc drops to his knees. You leave him to choke on his own blood and press on.

Around you, the forest is burning.

You are forging a path toward Azog. The Company is cornered and outnumbered, and time is running out. There are entirely too many orcs; killing their leader is the only way to survive. Thorin was right about that. But he shouldn’t have tried to go it alone, weakened as he was by a persistent bout of illness that had swept through the Company for days.

Taking refuge in the trees had been the only option. Not for you — you had been subjected to years of experimentation and conditioning for this very purpose: infiltration, Guerilla tactics and the whole array of wetwork skills. So you had signaled Thorin and went to ground, making your silent way towards the white warg. Undetectable. Deadly.

Your whole body is a precision instrument engineered for this specific purpose. Even your sweat adapts to mimic the scents around you. You could stand right in front of a warg and it wouldn’t be able to smell you.

But none of that matters now.

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• unrequited love

nonnie requested: Hey there can you please write a Barry x reader story where the reader was the one who encouraged Barry and Iris to start dating, and when they become bf/gf the reader actually realizes that she is in love with Barry? Something fluffy/angsty and super-duper sad pleasee?

A/N: again, I’m sorry for not posting much. I’ve also been feeling down lately but here’s this. Does anyone miss me? Probably not. I’ll probably be busy tomorrow since I’m helping mum bake and we are baking a few different things like lemon bars to homemade bread since she’s in a baking mood. This is after they have dated awhile since I wanted to add H.R since he’s my favorite Wells. But I hope nevertheless you enjoy this drabble of your request nonnie. Ships are closed and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

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                  » Relationship(s): Barry Allen & Reader (friendship, unrequited love), Iris West & Reader (friendship) «

You were best friends with Iris and Barry since childhood, you three were like the musketeers as Joe would say since you three almost did everything together. And that was how life was like, even though as you three have gotten older, you still were the three musketeers. You and Iris knew about Barry’s secret when the time came when he announced to you both that he was the speedster saving everyone. But there was one more secret you knew, the brown haired male was in love with his foster sister and you decided to help out. It wasn’t like you liked him or anything right? Or so you thought. They spent more and more time together without you as they did couple things. You felt something you never thought you would have but it was too late.

You, Y/N L/N had finally realized that you were in love with your childhood friend, Barry Allen aka the fastest man alive. You tried shaking it off but every time you saw them, you wished you were Iris. But the dark skinned female always seemed to be prettier according to you, you couldn’t compare yourself with her and besides she had Barry.

“Y/N! Y/N, hey!” A voice made you snap back into reality as you looked up from your monitor to see H.R holding a cup of your favorite hot beverage with a never leaving smile on his face. “Hey sunshine. Nice to see you back into reality with us, well just me. You seem to be working more than with Barry and Iris so I got you a drink. Is something maybe, I don’t know, on your mind Y/N?” He asks as you take the cup from the older man’s hand with a sigh. He may seem like an idiot to some but H.R always gave you a smile on your face mostly because he reminded you of your fun uncle.

“T-thank you H.R.” You weakly smile and take a small sip of the drink you loved, “I’ve just been thinking of those two actually.” Noticing H.R letting you keep talking and you bit your lip a little before looking down but slowly up again at him. “H.R? I think I’m in love with Barry, I know it’s selfish of me but I didn’t realize I had fallen in love with one of my childhood friends. .even though I didn’t mean too. Does that make me a bad person H.R?” You look at the usually smiling man only to meet where his eyes were looking. It was Barry and everyone else that arrived to start working as you couldn’t say anything, tears began to form as you got up.

“Y/N? Is that true?” The burnet asks you as you slowly got up and try to walk away and avoid him, avoid everyone you knew in that room. “Y/N!” He jogs after and catches your arm but you push it away while looking anywhere but the emerald eyes. “Y/N, is it true that you started to have feelings for me?” He asks you once again but there was silence until you spoke.

“There’s nothing to talk about Barry. You go be happy with Iris, you two deserve each other. I’m sorry but this is goodbye. .” You walk away more, silently hoping Bar would stop you and beg you to stay with him and the team. But he never did, instead he watched his childhood friend, Y/N walk away from his life. And you never came back to Central City even when you got pleads from everyone else, especially H.R since he missed you laughing at his bad jokes. You miss them but in the end, nobody’s plead didn’t matter, you were waiting for Barry’s but nothing ever came. You changed your number and email to avoid everyone. The sad thing was you vowed yourself to never love anyone ever again, no matter what because every guy you met reminded you of Barry.

And you could never love Barry, he was with Iris probably living happily. Last you heard, they were getting engaged.



Teddy Bear

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“He’s a great big bear, he is. Can’t see anyone courting that oaf,” you hear as you walk through Erebor’s market.

You needed a few more ingredients to bake biscuits for Dwalin. He’s been a horrid mood lately and you knew that your baking would cheer him up. While on this trip, you finally figured out what brought him down.

Dwalin was the scariest dwarf you have ever met and you thought he hated you. You were a hobbit lass going on a dangerous quest with only men; he thought you to be the weakest link. A grave mistake that Thorin made, but he was proven wrong when you saved him from being stabbed in the back. It was then that you realized that he didn’t want you coming on the quest not because he thought you weak, but because he loved you and that made all the difference in the world.

You follow the gossiping dwarves eye line and you see both Thorin and Dwalin walking together and that makes your heart clench.

He told you, once, about his insecurities. About how he thought himself to be too ugly to even be looked at twice by any woman of any species (a/n: which is completely false because dwalin is hot af) and you assured him that he looked ten times hotter than any dwarf, hobbit, man and elf that you had ever met. That had lead to a very pleasurable night in the sheets that had you sore for a few days.

“You should probably shit your trap about him,” you say, casually looking through their stand.

“And why should we, Lady Hobbit?” The dwarf asks with a sneer. Without a moment’s hesitation, you quickly pull the knife out from your boot and throw it directly at the merchant, catching his collar and embedding the knife into the stone behind. That trick came from Fili.

“Because, Master Dwarf, I will have my next knife embedded into your skull. Dwalin is a wonderful dwarf and is far better looking then you could ever be,” you growl out and you hear a throat being cleared behind you and you know it’s Thorin as their eyes widen.

“Is there something wrong here?” Thorin asks making you turn towards him with a grin.

“Nothing, my king. Just telling these dwarves how cuddly my teddy bear is,” you say, pressing your front into Dwalin’s side.

That causes Dwalin to groan and Thorin to smirk.

“Ah yes. He’s such a cutie pie, isn’t he?” Thorin asks, pinching Dwalin’s cheek. Dwalin swats his hand away with a growl, but pulls you into a one-armed hug nonetheless. He liked being your teddy bear, but Thorin didn’t need to know that.

The Curious Case Of the Missing Confession

@macfullyloaded-ah OMG CUTE CUTE CUTEEEE! Thanks for requesting lovely!(: I hope you like it!

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Pairing: Sicheng/Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Maybe you didn’t like him, maybe you were just as shy as he was, maybe there was someone in the background fucking up a perfectly glorious moment for the both of you. 

Author’s Note: OMG I GOT A REQUEST. How cool is that, and it’s perfect bc I love sicheng, who doesn’t love sicheng. He’s an absolute cutie and I would protect him with my life.  Honestly, I totally see Sicheng being so awkward when he confesses, so I love this request! I hope you enjoy it(: And my requests are still open!

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