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I love when Nazi defenders try to argue with me that the Nazis deserve a protest and nothing they did matters because “it only matters when someone gets hurt” when people did get hurt and a lot of them. Please. I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to be a brain tumor 😍😍

[I just thought about that crack thing @daemonspiritum and I have going where they’re going to fake an engagement to mess with people and this popped into my head.

Basically, they go to share the new with Zant ( @usurpxrregalis) and Ganondorf who, at first, look incredibly surprised. Then, one of them (I imagine Ganondorf more for some reason) just squints goes, “Impossible. Ghirahim isn’t into women.”

To which, without missing a beat, Ghirahim scoffs and grabs a booby. “If I weren’t into women, would I be able to do this?” And Nabs would look shocked and have to try not to deck him. :3

Don’t ask. I’ve been playing HW and it made me giggle.]


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