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Sinbad      右シン中心——波斯愛經 I by Zhao Xi

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For anon

A Little Help

College, a place that is better and worse than school in one too many ways. You were sitting in the library reading another book when you looked at the time and realized that it was noon, meaning it was time for your last class of the day literature. Honestly you loved literature class not just because you loved reading and writing but because that was the one class you shared with Myungsoo.

Myungsoo was your college’s flower bad boy that every girl would swoon over and that would include you. Most of the girls would talk to him, shamelessly flirt with him but not you. It’s not that you were shy you just didn’t want to be cast in the same league as those girls. You liked him yes but you didn’t want to make it obvious.

You came to class a little early as you usually did and Myungsoo came in late as he usually did. Myungsoo took his seat somewhere at the back of the class along with his friends. You sat somewhere in the middle row as the professor entered. He handed out your reports from last week and you were beyond speechless as you had managed to get an A.

“Shit! I got a D!” Myungsoo said as he looked at his report.

“Isn’t that the third one in a row?” Sungjong asked.

“If another D I’m gonna have to do an extra report and a make up test and I don’t have time for that shit!” Myungsoo said.

“Then why don’t you ask for some help from miss A+ over there” Sungyeol said.

“Y/n? She’s miss A+?” Myungsoo said.

“Yeah she’s top of all her classes” Sungjong said as Myungsoo just nodded.

Class continued on as you handed back your reports to your professor. As you walked back to your seat you bumped into Myungsoo by mistake causing you to get a little flustered. You looked at him and apologized as you begged your heart to calm down. You sat down and took a deep breath, how could one guy make you feel so flustered?!

Soon the lecture was over as the professor left allowing the students to pack up their things and leave the class one by one. Picked up your books and flung your messenger over your shoulder as you began to walk out of class. You looked back as noticed that Myungsoo was still there and he was looking at you. A blush crept onto your cheeks as you quickly looked away and left the room.

You were a little flustered as you walked towards this little cafe that was near your college. You sat down at your usual spot and ordered an ice tea. You pulled out your book and slipped on your glasses as you started to read. You heard someone enter the cafe as the waitress greeted them. You payed no attention though until you noticed someone sitting across from you.

You looked up and was greeted with a face you never thought you’d see sitting at your table and that was Myungsoo. He smiled at you as you just sat there in shock.

“Hi you’re y/n right? I’m Myungsoo, we’re in the same literature class” Myungsoo said as you felt your heart race as lightning speed “umm hello? Are you ok?” Myungsoo snapped his fingers bringing you out of your state of shock.

“Huh? Oh s-sorry I kinda dozed off there, but umm what are you doing here you know at my table? Aren’t your friends over there” you said as you closed your book and fixed yourself a little while pointing in the direction of Sungjong and Sungyeol.

“Ah that’s ok, I actually came over here to talk to you” Myungsoo said.

“T-talk to me?” You asked as you begged your heart to relax.

“Yeah I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a while now, I think you’re cute and would love for us to get to know one another” Myungsoo said.

What the hell was going on here?!

“Umm I guess that would be ok” you said as you couldn’t really find any other words.

“Really?! Cool then let’s go out sometime! Give me your phone, I’ll save my number” Myungsoo said with a smile as you handed him your phone “alright you can get back to your book, I won’t disturb you any longer. See you around y/n” he got up and left while you sat there bewildered.

You couldn’t see but Myungsoo had a smile on his face, a happy smile “she’s actually really cute” he thought up himself as he along with his friends left the cafe.

You weren’t sure of what just happened but decided to keep calm about it even though your heart was about to burst out of your chest.

The next day you were a tad bit nervous to go to class. You reached a little as usual and took your seat as you opened up your book. Your phone vibrated as you pulled it out and saw a message from Myungsoo.

“You’re in class right? Why do you always have to go so early?”

A smile slowly crept onto your face as you replied him.

“Because I hate being late, so it’s better to be early”

Preoccupied with your phone you hadn’t realized that someone had come into class and taken a seat next to you. When you did realize the person’s presence you were a little confused. Besides you no one came this early.

“Are you gonna ignore the fact that I’m here all day?” That voice was recognizable any day, it was Myungsoo.

“M-M-Myungsoo? What are you doing here so early?” You asked, definitely shocked. This man was gonna give you a heart attack.

“Hmm I wanted to see you so I came a little earlier than usual” Myungsoo said with a smile. You just smiled as Myungsoo though to himself “wow her smile is so beautiful, what is with this girl?! Why does she make my heart feel all warm and fluffy?!”

Soon the rest of the class started to appear as some of the girls gave you a dirty look since Myungsoo was sitting next to you. You thought he would get up and sit at the back like he usually does but he didn’t, he just continued to sit next to you. You wanted to ask him why but refrained from doing so.

Your professor presented to the class another assignment that was to be done in pairs. It was worth half your grade which of course everyone already knew. This was the dreaded assignment that the whole class was paranoid about. You had mentally prepared yourself for it by reading up on tons of books hence the reason you were in the library so much. The only thing you needed to do now was find a partner.

“Hey y/n so you wanna work together? You know on the assignment?” Myungsoo asked as you almost jumped out of your seat.

“Y-y-you wanna work with me?” You said hoping he wouldn’t be able to hear the crazy rate at which your heart was beating.

“Yeah unless you already has someone in mind” he said.

“Umm no, I’d love to work with you” you said with a smile as his face lit up “you can meet me in the library at around three, is that ok for you?” You asked.

“Really?! Great!! Guess I’ll be seeing you in the library at three, why three though?” Myungsoo asked as he rested his chin on his palm and looked at you.

“I always go the library at three that’s why” you said with the shy smile.

“Hmm~ I see” was all he said before he sat back straight as the professor continued on with the lecture.

After class was done Myungsoo left with his friends but not before promising to meet you in an hour and a half’s time. You went about your daily routine as time seemed to be ticking by slower than usual. By the time three o'clock actually came you felt like you had been waiting for ten years.

You walked into the library as you started looking around for books. You knew Myungsoo wouldn’t be here any time soon as you placed about five books on the table and began to read. About ten minutes later the chair bedside you became occupied as Myungsoo flashed you that smile of his that almost stopped your heart.

“Sorry I’m late, I got caught up with my friends” Myungsoo said.

“You’re not really late I’m just always early” you said with a smile which in fact did stop his heart as it skipped a beat.

What was it about you that had him going to crazy?! Was your soft silky looking hair that he wanted to run his fingers through? Or your luscious looking lips that he unconsciously craved for? Or was the way you eyes ran over each line in the book? It was everything, every little thing about you had him going crazy and before he could even contemplate what was happening he had fallen for you.

“Myungsoo did you hear me?” You asked as you tapped his shoulder, your touch sending shivers down his spine.

“Huh…? Oh umm no sorry, what did you say?” Myungsoo said, you could have sworn you saw a hint of blush on his cheeks but you chose to ignore it.

“I said that I’ve already done most of the research and reading for this assignment all you need to do is read these books and then we can start” you said with a smile as Myungsoo just nodded and took the books from you.

After about two hours in the library you had started to feel a little sleepy. Myungsoo who sat beside you was slowly falling asleep as well but was woken up when your head hit his shoulder. He looked over and saw you fast asleep, his heart was beating uncontrollably as he just watched you.

He smiled before placing a gentle kiss on your head, he seriously had no idea how you had such an effect on him.

You woke up about forty five minutes later, you realized what you were lying on as you quickly pulled away and sat up straight.

“Morning sleepy head” Myungsoo said with a smile.

“Sorry about falling asleep I had woken up really early today and the books were putting me to sleep” you said as you ran your fingers through you hair.

“Damn that hair of hers!!” Myungsoo thought to himself as he just smiled “it’s ok, I kinda dozed off for a while too” he said as you smiled.

Thus the days went on by as you and Myungsoo grew closer to one another. You realized that besides his cold persona and good looks he was actually really funny and weird, but you liked that. You liked that you got to see his human side, his true nature, just plain old him.

It was a week before your assignment was due and you were almost done with it. All you needed to do was edit it and add the conclusion and reference list. You were planing in finishing it today but Myungsoo had other plans.

“Where are we going?” You asked as you walked down the street beside Myungsoo.

“I’m kinda in the mood for ice cream, you?” Myungsoo asked.

“I’m always in the mood for ice cream” you said as you both laughed for no apparent reason.

Once you reached the ice cream you ordered your favorite as did Myungsoo. You had taken out your wallet to pay but Myungsoo stopped you saying that it was his treat. You just smiled and thanked him as you both decided to take your ice creams to the near by park.

You sat down on the grass as you enjoyed the warm summer breeze and the cool and soft feeling of your ice cream. It anyone were to ask you what happiness was you’d say it was this.

“Y/n you have something over here” Myungsoo said as he pointed to the corner of your lip.

“Where? Here?” You asked as you wiped your mouth with the tissue “is it gone?” You looked at Myungsoo as his heart almost burst.

“Here I’ll get it” Myungsoo said as he inched closer until his lips were pressed against yours.

You were in such shock that you didn’t know what to do. You just sat there frozen, you felt Myungsoo’s hand cup your cheek as he pulled you closer. You ended up dropping your ice cream as he deepened the kiss, his tongue gliding over your lower lip as you granted him access.

You both smiled into the kiss as you fell back onto the grass with his lips still glued to yours. His hands went to wrap themselves around your waist as you wrapped yours around his neck. He tilted his head as his mouth slowly devoured yours, he had been wanting to do this for long.

You both pulled away once you ran out of breath. He rested his forehead against yours as you were panting and smiling.

“Wow, I’ve been wanting to kiss you for so long and now I don’t want to stop” Myungsoo said as he placed another kiss on your lips.

“You could have just wiped my lips with the tissue you know, although I like your way better” you said as he gave you a big smile.

He pecked your lips once more before pulling you into a hug as his face was nuzzled up into your neck. After a while your positions changed as he sat up and pulled you to sit in between his legs. He wrapped his arms around you once again as he rested his chin on your shoulder.

You both stayed like that for a few hours before Myungsoo walked you home. He held your hand and laced his face with yours as you both purposely took the long route home.

“Well we’re here” you said as you both stood out of your apartment.

“I don’t want you to go” Myungsoo said as he held both your hands in his.

“You know I have to go and besides I’ll be seeing you tomorrow” you said.

He pulled you closer to him as he kissed again. Any normal person would say that the rate at which your heart was beating was insane.

“Good night~” you said.

“Good night, I’ll see you tomorrow” Myungsoo said as he reluctantly let go of you.

You spend half the night just smiling and texting Myungsoo. You don’t even know when you fell asleep but you were thankful that you didn’t have any morning classes today. You decided to leave a little earlier than usual since Myungsoo had a class that ended at around eleven.

You walked to one of the music rooms that he and his friends would usually hang out in. You hadn’t called him seeing as how you wanted to surprise him. However that smile on your face soon faded once you reached the room that Myungsoo and his friends were in.

“If you wanted to get a better grade you could have just asked for her help! You didn’t have to play with her like that” Sungyeol said.

“Yeah if you really needed help you could have asked Hoya, he’s good at literature” Sungjong said.

“I didn’t play with her ok!” Myungsoo said.

“Yes you did, you befriended her for you own use when really all you had to do was ask her to help you. Y/n’s a nice girl she would have helped you” Woohyun said.

“You didn’t have to kiss her, hug her, hold her and be so sweet to her. You can’t just play with a person’s emotions like that” Sunggyu said.

Your heart felt like it had been broken into a thousand pieces. You ran off not wanting to hear anymore as tears cascaded down your cheeks.

“It’s not like that! I love her!! I really care for her and would never want to hurt her! I wouldn’t just kiss a girl of I didn’t like her” Myungsoo said.

“When are you gonna tell her though?” Dongwoo said “you haven’t told her about your feelings yet” Myungsoo smiled and shoved his hands into his pockets.

“Today, I’m gonna tell her today” Myungsoo said as the whole room was filled was teasing and cheer.

You sat in the bathroom as you just kept crying and crying. You phone was going crazy with the amount of calls and messages that were coming in from Myungsoo. You ignored all of them before you finally got frustrated and shut your phone off.

When Myungsoo got to class he noticed that you weren’t there. He was beginning to get worried, he looked high and low for you and even sent Woohyun to check and see if you were at home.

After running around like a mad man he looked at his watch to see that it was three o'clock and decided to try his luck as he charged towards the library. He ran through the library as he searched through every isle for you. That’s when he finally saw you standing there with your glasses on looking through a book.

His heart felt relived as he just watched you. You put the book that was in your hands back as you tried reaching for a book that was on a slightly higher shelf. No matter how much you stretched you couldn’t reach.

You tried one more time before you felt a hand on your hip and a longer arm stretch up and reach the book you wanted. You knew that touch and that hand all to well, it was Myungsoo.

“If you need help getting books from higher shelves just call me next time” Myungsoo said as his hot breath tickled your ear.

You turned around and grabbed the book from as you started to walk off until he grabbed your hand and pulled you back.

“Where have you been? I’ve been looking everywhere for you” Myungsoo said “y/n are you ok? Why are you ignoring me?” You wanted to cry but held it in as you pulled your hand away and turned around to look at him.

“Because you used me! You kissed me and hugged me and held me and all for what a better grade?!! You used me Kim Myungsoo! You played with me and my emotions! You’re someone who’ll never understand what it feels like to love someone to point where your heart almost bursts cause if you did then you wouldn’t play with someone like this!” You said as the tears unconsciously fell down your cheeks.

You turned around to walk away again when suddenly you felt Myungsoo’s arms around your waist as he held you tightly. You squirmed and told him to let you go but he refused.

“I love you y/n!” Myungsoo said a little louder than he should have “It’s true that at first my only intention was to use you to get a good grade but it’s not like that anymore. I love you and all I can think about is you. You told me that I don’t know what it feels like to be so in love with someone that your heart almost bursts, but I do I know it all too well because of you. I’m sorry that I hurt you and I’m sorry that tried to use you but when I kissed you, hugged you, held you and told you that I love you I meant it, all of it” you were once again frozen as you didn’t know what to say.

“Myungsoo” you said in a soft voice.

“Hmm?” He hummed as his eyes began to water up.

“I can’t breath, you’re holding me too tight” you said as he loosened his grip around you.

“Sorry I was scared that you’ll walk away” Myungsoo said. You turned around and saw that he was crying. Myungsoo was crying?! And because of you?!

“Why are you crying?” You asked as he still kept his arms wrapped around you.

“Because I love you and I don’t want you to leave me and because I made you cry and just thinking about makes me cry and-” Myungsoo said before you interrupted him by gently placing your lips on his.

“You blabber too much” you said as you pulled away and rested your forehead against his. He smiled and kissed you again.

“That’s what you do to me, you get me all tongue twisted” Myungsoo said as you smiled “y/n I have something I want to ask you” he said as you rested your hands on his chest.

“What?” You asked.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” Myungsoo asked.

“Hmm I don’t know I’m gonna to think about it” you said teasingly.

“Ahh~ y/n don’t play with my heart~”
Myungsoo whined as you laughed.

“Alright I guess it wouldn’t be so bad” you said as be just smiled and kissed you again and again.

“Also can you help me with my literature work, I’m really bad and need some major help” Myungsoo asked and you giggled.

“You’re such an idiot” you said as you laughed.

“Only when it comes to you baby girl” Myungsoo said as he kissed you once again and held you close in his arms making sure that you’d never be able to get away.

He spent the whole day just holding, kissing and staring at you. You weren’t able to get any work done and honestly you didn’t mind as long as Myungsoo was there with you, which he promised and knew he’d always be.