in the mix ost

{worldly inspiration}

  • civ vi england x
  • civ vi china x
  • civ vi japan x
  • civ vi india x
  • civ vi russia x
  • civ vi france x
  • civ vi germany x
  • civ vi egypt x
  • civ vi arabia x
  • civ vi greece x
  • civ vi rome x
  • civ vi sumeria x
  • civ vi kongo x
  • civ vi spain x
  • civ vi brazil x
  • civ vi norway x
  • civ vi america x
  • civ vi poland x
  • civ vi aztec x
  • civ vi scythia x
  • japanese instrumental x
  • chinese instrumental x
  • korean playlist for studying x
  • jewish folk music x
  • french accordion x


  • animal crossing i x
  • animal crossing ii x
  • mozart lullaby for babies x
  • studio ghibli music collection i x
  • studio ghibli music collection ii x
  • studio ghibli bossa nova x
  • studio ghibli music box x
  • super mario galaxy x
  • calming nintendo music x
  • legend of zelda x
  • relaxing video game mix x
  • song of the sea ost x
  • kpop piano x
  • disney piano x
  • kingdom hearts x
  • music box i x
  • music box ii x
  • misc japanese bgm i x
  • misc japanese bgm ii x


  • chopin collection x
  • beethoven collection x
  • tchaikovsky collection x
  • mozart collection x
  • brahms collection x
  • schubert collection x
  • debussy collection x

{star wars}

  • episode i x
  • episode ii x
  • episode iii x
  • episode iv x
  • episode v x
  • episode vi x
  • episode vii x
  • rogue one x
  • dagobah yoda’s hut x
  • tatooine dune sea x
  • hoth i x
  • hoth ii x
  • coruscant apartment x
  • kashyyyk at night x
  • endor at night x

{harry potter}

  • the philosopher’s stone x
  • chamber of secrets x
  • prisoner of azkaban x
  • goblet of fire x
  • order of the phoenix x
  • half-blood prince x
  • deathly hallows part 1 x
  • deathly hallows part 2 x
  • hogwarts library x
  • diagon alley x
  • hogsmeade x
  • forbidden forest at night x
  • dumbledore’s office x
  • hogwarts great hall at christmas x
  • weasley house x
  • ravenclaw common room i x
  • ravenclaw common room ii x
  • gryffindor common room i x
  • gryffindor common room ii x
  • hufflepuff common room i x
  • hufflepuff common room ii x
  • slytherin common room i x
  • slytherin common room ii x


  • game of thrones x
  • amélie ost x
  • jurassic park ost x
  • pride & prejudice ost x
  • bossa nova cafe music x
  • sound of the shrine x

I was unsure whether to call this a follow forever or a fic rec post, since it is somewhat a combination of both? Shit, I don’t know. But I reached the 3,000 follower milestone today and honestly, I cannot thank all of my readers enough. I know I always say that I write for myself, because I do – but every single one of you helps me to push on and pursue my writing dreams with your wonderful comments, likes and reblogs. There is no feeling greater than seeing your personal opinions on my pieces, no matter if it is a detailed review, or if it is incoherent, caps lock screaming.

Thank you for supporting me, whether you have been here from the very beginning of my persona journey, or if you have only just discovered me now. I think, throughout all of my blogs, I have never created a follow forever so I believe now is about time that I show some appreciation back to the writing community of the BTS fandom. They never cease to amaze me, and I am absolutely positive they will floor the rest of you whom may have not happened upon some of these incredible writers just yet.

As a writer, your greatest source of inspiration, support and encouragement can not only come from your readers, but your fellow writers. Thus, this post is dedicated to my favourite writers who have always, without a doubt, left my hands overflowing with infinite inspiration and have left me awestruck, laughing from the pit of my belly, and even in tears at times over their phenomenal works. Feast your eyes!

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Calm and Soothing

A couple days ago, I was getting these weird stress headaches I get where there’s a lot of pressure in my head and my eyes ache and dry up and it helps to listen to something soft to calm down and relieve it. So i collected a few really soft, calm instrumental songs in a playlist for those times. They’re really very specifically geared towards my headaches/stress times, so it’s a really specific kind of calm music (there’s a lot of soothing happy music I like but it has too many high or sharp notes for those times). 

Anyway, thought I might as well share it! Mostly anime and video game tracks- I’ll be adding stuff to it on and off for the foreseeable future probably, so consider it eternally in a state of updating.

Play on Playmoss

Season 2 OST update

Emergency alert: Hiroyuki Sawano has officially wrapped up mixing on the Season 2 OST, meaning the soundtrack is officially done! I think it’s safe to expect a new PV featuring new music in the following days!


Listen to the Playmoss playlist: Dramatic Stairs: A “Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku” Mix by Mizaki
The perfect mix for fighting the patriarchy, turning into a car or just climbing a bunch of stairs is here!

1.Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku (original flavor) 2.Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku Banyuu Inryouku (Akio/Apocalypse arc, you know, the elevator version) 3.Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku: Adolescence of Utena –(CAAAR!) 4.Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku (Musical version) 5.Club Mix: Absolute Destiny Apocalypse (Let’s dance!)  6-7. Club Mix: Absolute Destiny Apocalypse-J.A. Seazer Medley - Parts 1 and 2 (We got all the duel songs remixed in here. Really cool)8.Bossa Nova: Absolute Destiny Apocalypse (From The Absolute Destiny Ball) –Stairs music turns into elevator music 9.Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku (Karaoke) –Now it’s your time to sing! 10.Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku (Rush Team Cover) 11.Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku (True 8-Bit Mix) 12. Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku  (Orchestral Arrange)


Dance of the Druids (feat. Raya Yarbrough)
Bear McCreary
Dance of the Druids (feat. Raya Yarbrough)

I was washing the dishes and listening to this song and I went into this trance and the only thing I could imagine was that I was a warrior elf who was having a impediment with the House of China

 * evil dishes be gone * 

* there’s no space for you in this realm of water and iron * 

* aye guard my back sponges *

…and when I finished I was both happy and sad to know that another battle had been won but the war still existed because my mother had shouted “ Fá I have another glass here ” and so my watch begins again 

*summer breeze*


happy, summer video game music to play at the beach, by the pool, or if you want to take a little vacation for a while!  (✿◠‿◠)


[cover: ansdor]


1. Costa Del Sol - Final Fantasy VII / 2. Verdanturf Town - Pokemon AS/OR / 3. Bolmus Populi - Child of Light / 4. Gelato Beach - Mario Sunshine / 5. The Lumpy Pumpkin - Legend of Zelda: SS / 6. Surfing - Pokemon HG/SS /  7. Your Affection - Persona 4 y /  8. Dance in the Sunshine - Tales of Symphonia / 9. Laverre City - Pokemon X/Y / 10. Troia - Final Fantasy IV / 11. Peaceful Petalburg - Paper Mario: TTYD / 12. Sandbox - Transistor  / 13. Forest of the Witch - Odin Sphere / 14. Flower Field Rondo - Paper Mario 64 / 15. 1PM- Animal Crossing: WW / 16. Besaid - Final Fantasy X HD  / 17. A Gentle Wind Blows  - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles / 18. Destiny Islands -Kingdom Hearts / 19. Neighborhood of Water - Final Fantasy XII /  20. Corridors of Time - Chrono Trigger / 21. Island Shop - Animal Crossing NL / 22. Heaven - Persona 4 / 23. Agitha’s Castle - Legend of Zelda TP / 24. Kilika - Final Fantasy X-2 / 25. Phenac City - Pokemon Colosseum / 26. Outset Island - Legend of Zelda: WW / 27. Walking on a Star - Katamari Damacy / 28. Lazy Afternoons - Kingdom Hearts II