in the middle of a show

  • sh show runners: so clary likes jace but she also likes simon who likes isabelle but he also likes maia raphael and jace. isabelle also likes clary maia and meliorn
  • sh show runners: and this is magnus and alec. they're happy and in love. don't put them in the middle of your drama

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And now we see the Gatewatch - a mostly white team - go up against an entire plane of POC framed as evil. Terrific job, Wizards.

Okay, so a few things. I don’t disagree that the Gatewatch is ‘mostly white’, disappointingly so since Chandra was later revealed to be biracial and Liliana is (maybe) Middle Eastern. Wizards has historically had problems, but I try not to harp on that because they recognize it and are working to improve it. I think there’s something a bit problematic about any group showing up on a plane that isn’t their’s and upending things. But that’s also the classic fault of planeswalkers throughout Magic’s history.

Referring to Amonkhet as a plane of POC is fairly problematic. It makes assumptions about Egypt that aren’t true (especially if you’re defining Gideon, ostensibly Greek, as white). It’s also a very modern view of race that I don’t think is all that applicable to a culture that traded with a diverse array of neighbors for millennia. Plus, you can see pinker skin tones in some of the humans, anyway. There are already white people there.

I don’t think they’ll be doing a single-ethnicity plane again, like Kamigawa. If you’ve noticed, even worlds themed toward specific cultures these days still have a diverse range of humans on them. It’s also not an evil plane. I don’t know where you’re getting that, but it seems to me to be a pretty big oversimplification of the situation. The Gatewatch is expecting a plane of people to liberate, and they’re going to find that it’s not the case at all. The people on Amonkhet are just people, good and bad.

I screamed and cried when I found out Hanson was coming to Houston.  I last saw them in Austin for the Anthem tour.  My friends bailed so I made the 3 hour drive to Austin alone. I ended up spending the whole show curled in a ball on a bench in the back of the venue because I was so weak from chemo I couldn’t even sit up let alone stand. I just closed my eyes and  listened to them play. Every fiber in my body wanted to dance and sign along to all the songs and I couldn’t . I am SO excited to get an opportunity to see them and dance around at their show!!!!!

ricegum attacking The Gabbie Show over a joke

shows that men can, in the middle of a party, in the middle of witnesses, physically assault a woman for no reason and break her property, and SHE will be the one leaving and feeling ashamed for “causing drama” 

ricegum is a fucking cowardly pissbaby and he deserves to be no-platformed and punched right in the fucking nose. 

TAZ Backstory Headcanons: Killian
  • Her friends at the Bureau like to joke that she was born with a crossbow in her hand. It’s not entirely wrong, but not for the reasons people assume.
  • Her family were upper middle class weapon-makers, the best in the business but otherwise quiet, peaceable people. Killian grew up playing with halberds and ballistas. Her mom made her a mini-crossbow that shot soft tipped bolts and Killian used it to fend off neighbourhood kids who liked making jabs about orcs. They learned how to mind their manners soon enough, she was a shy kid but very strong.
  • When the Grand Relics showed up on the scene weapon makers got a huge boost in revenue. Wars brought money in, and soon her family had more orders than they could handle, and found themselves going from small business owners to newly rich proprietors of their city’s fastest growing business.
  • They didn’t really know what to do with all the newfound wealth and felt out of their depth in high society. Teenaged Killian was no longer young enough to get away with fighting for her family honour, and that caused more problems. After a while her slightly frantic family packed her off to finishing college, in the hopes that she could figure out how to navigate this new world and come back to help the rest of them.
  • This wasn’t the best idea. Girl’s school was vicious. She was terrible at magic, scared the horses in the stables, and wasn’t at all prepared to deal with mean girls who were rich enough to not be scared of anything.
  • Rather than disappoint her family by going home, she kind of… ran away at nineteen and joined a mercenary band. Though she volunteered to help the quartermaster at first (she knew how to take care of weapons and was quite good at making even the most questionable bits of junk functional) she quickly got pressured into fighting, on the grounds that a big brawny orc shouldn’t be wasted in the back.

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how old are you? on your faqs you say 20 but I heard you were like 25? also is 20 a little old to be commenting about dance moms?????????

i am 20

the show is literally targeted at middle aged women you dumb cunt lmao

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Bitching that people exercise their vocabulary just goes to show how irrelevant your opinion is. Were you offended by the smart kids in your middle school class? Is that why you're trying to disparage the people who know how to speak and type well? Reminds me of the Fox and the Grapes. He wanted grapes but couldn't reach the grapes, so he declared that grapes are bad and he wanted apples anyway. "I can't write well, so I'll just say people who do are stupid. HAH! That'll show them!". Moron.

you really typed out a whole paragraph about a joke post LMAOO please do something better with your life since you so smart

it’s been 3 months since Carrie died. and i was thinking today, it’s sort of… it’s comforting to know that she was happy with her life. she was writing, publishing a new book. she was doing tv. she was doing movies. she was doing star wars again. like, you could see she was in a good place. she stole the spotlight during the promotion for tfa and she was going to do it again for tlj. she “shocked” everyone by announcing she had an affair with harrison ford 40 years ago, and she wrote a book on it. she didn’t give a fuck. she did campaign against trump and she told people to go fuck themselves; she congratulated a pregnant interviewer on the sex; she told ellen degeneres she was open to dating an oxford professor; she showed an interviewer the middle finger after he said anyone would look good sitting beside jabba the hutt; she joked about how other people’s opinions on her appearance hurt 3 of her feelings even tho she was hurt by it; she wanted to move to the uk bc she didn’t want to live in the same country as trump; she threw a birthday party at a hotel in italy at 2am and the cops showed up at 5am to stop the party; she was strong, and she was honest, and she was brave.

it’s comforting to know what a thrill her life was, and that she still lived it intensely. but it’s also so fucking unfair exactly because of that. it was too soon.