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hi! how do i get into the bands visit?!?! should i watch the movie first?

my time has come!!!!

The Band’s Visit is about an Egyptian band that lands in the middle of nowhere because they got on the wrong bus and the local Israeli people take them in for the night. In the mean time, many separate stories are told as the band and the locals interact.

The full soundtrack is on youtube here

I have some recommendations for songs to listen to because obviously people can’t just listen to entire soundtrack at one sitting. If you just want to listen to one or two before delving in, try this guide I made up 

This show is amazing and like I said, positive representation of Middle Eastern cultures, AND Arabic/Israeli people are actually cast in the roles unlike other bway shows 👀 It’s told in Arabic, Yiddish, and English. There’s a video boot but its NFT and will get out eventually. You don’t need to watch the movie to understand it. 

The reviews for this show are overwhelmingly positive and it won Best Musical of 2017 4x!!! This show is really important to me so if you have any other questions let me know! :D

Note: I understand youtube music isn’t visible in all countries but it’s also on spotify and apple music! This is why I also put the song’s name under the recommendation. 

Possessive (RWBY AU Snippet)

“Can you maybe help me a little here?” Blake asked.

Weiss made a great show of thinking about it before shaking her head. “I’m sorry, Blake, but I don’t feel like taking on a fifty-feet-long, possessive winged reptile who can breathe fire hot enough to melt solid rock.”

Blake’s eye twitched. “Really? You’re just going to leave me here?” The scaly tail wrapped around her middle tugged her back toward warm scales that gleamed gold in the sun. “Because a little help would be nice.”

“Ask Ruby,” Weiss replied archly. “Because I’m fairly sure she’s the only one who doesn’t have to worry about getting eaten if she does something wrong.”

Ruby tossed a scrap of dead Grimm to the dragon coiled around Blake. “Don’t be silly, Weiss. Yang wouldn’t eat us if we made her mad. I mean it’s not like she’d ever do anything to me, but the worst you’d get if you made her mad is a bit of a clawing.”

Weiss gaped. “Ruby, have you seen the size of her claws?” Weiss jabbed one finger at the wickedly sharp claws in question. “I saw her turn an Ancient Beowolf into ribbons with those. Even a little bit of a clawing is too much!”

Yang was evidently not impressed since she sent a small puff of fire in Weiss’s direction. It wasn’t much, not even hot enough to set hair alight, but Weiss gave a startled shriek and shook her fist at the dragon.

“How dare you!” Weiss growled. “Dragon or not, I will not allow you to bully me - ah!”

Yang unfurled her wings, and Weiss stumbled in the sudden gale. Blake tried to make a run for it, but Yang simply tightened her hold, giving a low rumble of disapproval.

“Why is she doing this?” Blake grumbled. Yang’s grip on her was surprisingly gentle considering what she could do. “Ruby?”

Ruby hopped up onto Yang’s back and hugged the dragon. It would be another hour before reinforcements arrived, and it was getting a bit cold. Yang was wonderfully warm. “Well, I’m not exactly sure. But dad said it had something to do with a change in mindset. Apparently, she doesn’t just transform into a dragon physically but also mentally.”

“Ah.” Blake knew a lot about what some might call a ‘predatory mindset’. Some of the more extreme factions of the White Fang had been obsessed with it, claiming that Faunus were predators and humans were nothing more than prey. “So…?”

“Basically, since you’re Yang’s girlfriend, dragon Yang is going to murder anything that even looks at you funny.” Ruby shrugged. “You’re actually really safe. Nobody is going to get at you with Yang around. And I’m safe too.” Ruby struck a pose. “Being a dragon’s little sister is cool that way.”

“And me?” Weiss asked.

Ruby snickered. “Oh, Weiss, you’re…” She snickered. “I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

“Hey!” Weiss scowled at Yang. “Do you not value me as a teammate and friend, Yang? Is that why you’re not grabbing me with your tail or letting me climb on your back, or - gah!”

Yang grabbed Weiss in one claw and lifted her onto her back before turning her head and giving her a faint scowl. 

“Yay,” Ruby remarked, grinning. “You’re part of the dragon club now, Weiss.”

“Uh, yay.”

TMNT 2012 - Top 10 Cutest Episodes

One of the many things that sets TMNT 2012 apart from its counterparts is how dark and brooding it can be while maintaining cuteness. Each of the turtles were cute in their own ways, along with their teen human allies. 

Here are my picks for the Top 10 cutest episodes (because narrowing it down to the cutest moments would be too difficult). 

10. S02E15 - “Mazes and Mutants”

Most “filler episodes,” leave fans rolling their eyes and begging to return to the main plot of the show, but not this time. With Lord of the Rings references, Mikey mistaking Old English for Spanish (and the ‘80s for the middle ages), Ice Cream Kitty handing Splinter a cheese-sicle, a chubby wee owl “villain,” and our dorks being as dorky as they’d ever been by basically acting out Dungeons and Dragons, “Mazes and Mutants,” definitely earns its spot in my countdown for being just plain adorkable. 

9. S03E24 - “Dinosaur Seen in Sewers!”

This is a pretty serious episode, as it leads up to the season 3 finale that left fans a weepy mess. Despite the evil Triceraton taking advantage of Raph’s help to call his fellow Triceratons to Earth to destroy it, Raph’s utter cuteness shines through as he fanboys over having his very own attack dino… precious little chap.

8. S03E22 - “The Creeping Doom”

Everyone was so afraid of this episode when the synopsis came out, but I had a feeling it’d be a funny one. Donnie was absolutely precious as he descended into derpiness, and seeing his brothers and April try to care for him and keep him safe warmed my heart. Derpatello’s facial expressions plus Rob Paulsen’s improv skills made this episode such a treasure.

7. S04E06 - “Journey to the Center of Mikey’s Mind”

Mikey’s true inner self appears as a six-year-old Mikey wearing a “king hat.” Watching his big brothers, especially Leo, protect him from the creatures invading his psyche was adorable. I almost didn’t mind the fact that a grown man was doing little Mikey’s voice… almost. That’s just a personal pet peeve of mine, though.

6. S03E19 - “Turtles in Time”

Watching this almost-smooth cinnamon roll flirt for the first time was something I didn’t realize I needed in my life until this episode, and the sweet, ditzy Renet was a great pick on the writers’ part  for his first crush. It was also adorable that Ashley Johnson voiced her, as she’d voiced many of Greg Cipes’ characters’ love interests in the past.

5. S01E12 - “It Came from the Depths”

This is becoming a very Mikey-dominated list, but he is quite cute. 
Early on in Season 1, Mikey was established as the heart of the team. His kindness and understanding toward Leatherhead melted the hearts of many a viewer. He inspired us all to not judge others too quickly, and also to not believe the lies others speak over us.
Also, his face in this episode. <3

4. S03E01 - “Within the Woods”

You wouldn’t think an episode inspired by the horror film Friday the 13th would be on this list, but before “the Creep,” shows up and starts wreaking havoc, we see a number of lovely scenes showing Raph taking care of his broken big brother. He expressed his doubts about Leo ever waking up, but that didn’t stop him from caring for him ‘round the clock. Even after Leo woke up, Raph continued to do all he could for him. 

3. S04E13 - “The Ever-Burning Fire”

Chompy. Need I say more?
Probably, since I spoke so much about the other episodes. 
Raph finds an egg, it hatches right in his hand, the baby turtle alien basically imprints on him and decides that Raph is his Dada, and the rest is history… sweet, adorable history. 

2. S04E23 - “Tokka vs. the World”

MORE CHOMPY!!! Who knew watching Raph go through an emotional wringer would be so uplifting?
Faced with having to return Chompy to his mother so she doesn’t destroy the Earth, Raph does the right thing, even though it breaks his heart a little. When Chompy’s mom Tokka sees that it breaks Chompy’s heart, too, she returns her little boo to our little boo.

1. S05E05(production order)E10(airing order) - “Lone Rat and Cubs”

Aaaaat laaaaaaaast… the tots have come along… sing it with me now!
Our long awaited turtle tot episode, and it was so worth the wait! Despite the inconsistency in the origin of Raph’s chip (it was different in the first episode), and the fact that grown men were voicing babies and kids, this episode is still the cutest in the whole series. It was beautiful seeing Splinter learn to care for the turtles and come to think of them as his sons, and as for the turtles themselves… look at these yummy little squishies!!! 

If You Dare: part 4

Final part! Aaaaaand yeah, more smut. Lots more smut. 

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Working with Japanese choreographer Koharu Sugawara and a team of female dancers, the choreography for Taemin’s “MOVE” is filled with smooth moves and lacks the aggressive flare featured by many contemporary performances. It’s intentional on Taemin’s behalf, with the star using his lithe frame as a jumping off point to counter the gender norms typified by many K-pop dances. “My aim was to find a middle ground, mixing both masculine and feminine movements into the choreography together.”

“My body shape is like that of a dancer’s,” he said. “It’s not too masculine or overly muscular and I wanted to take advantage of that. I thought I could show the soft lines like the dance movements of a ballet dancer by adding subtlety to my choreography. I wanted to break the idea of what male performers are supposed to show, what performances girl groups are supposed to show. I really wanted to break those labels, showing that dance is a form of art.”

Taemin Talks ‘MOVE,’ Gender Stereotypes & Pushing the Boundaries of K-Pop

Not What We Thought- Omega Lance

Thank you @langsty-mc-langstface​ for the prompt. It was definitally fun to make and I hope you enjoyed the langst! I know it’s bad, but I tried at least. this is my first a/b/o tecnically. Sorry that it took so long to write btw. Also in case you were wondering, i’ve done some revamping of my tumbler, so…yeah. Back to the fic!

Finally, Allura had graciously given the team a day to relax, one well needed after yesterdays practically endless battle. Funny thing about team voltron, everyone, including Allura and Coran, were Betas. Or so everyone thinks…

To no ones suprise, Lance hadn’t showed up for his and Keith’s early morning practice. Training together seemed to be something the two did often, wheither it was in the morning, middle of the day, or even late at night. Majority of the time they would spar with eachother as Keith helped him with his close ranged combat, something he needed to improve on horribly. However, when it came to early morning practice, Lance was always one to sleep in, and boy was he a heavy sleeper. If Keith wanted to wake him up, he would have to pull Lance on the floor and hit him in the face with freezing cold water. After taking off Pidge’s headphones of course, she and Lance would kill him if those broke. Although today, Keith had ‘had it up to here’ with the infuriating routine and decided to just leave him be. It seemed that Keith would train on his own this morning.

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So with the newest episode of Miraculous Ladybug, we’ve learned that the ring of five Kwami around the middle two represent the five Chinese elements. But which Kwami go with which element?

@houseofneri​ and I think we’ve figured it out.

Each of the Chinese elements represents a characteristic.
Wood - Benevolence
Fire - Prosperity
Metal - Righteousness
Water - Wisdom
Earth - Fidelity/Honesty

Wayzz is definitely Water, since his Miraculous holder is the “teacher” and turtles are always seen as symbols of wisdom.

Trixx is Earth. Why? Well, Volpina was the opposite of honesty, showing us exactly why she wasn’t the true miraculous holder. Not only that, but as @houseofneri pointed out, Alya is all about truth and honesty.

Nooroo is Metal, using the same reasoning we did for Trixx. Hawkmoth is the total opposite, going against what his Kwami represents.

Pollen is Benevolence. Right now, Chloe is the opposite of this as well, but hopefully with time and some character development, she’ll grow into this (and hopefully once this happens, she’ll get her Kwami). But even if she gets it before this change happens, hopefully getting this Kwami will help her grow.

That leaves Duusu as Prosperity. We don’t officially know who Duusu’s miraculous holder is yet, but we can assume whoever they were (which I’m sure many of us can guess who it was) they either started off as the opposite, or is the opposite now (again thanks to @houseofneri for pointing this out)

The Stacking Game (Anne Wheeler x Phillip Carlyle)

Anonymous asked: Anne and Phillip fluff

Basically, Phillip falls asleep in his office. Anne walks in and finds him and decides to stack things on his face while he sleeps.

Read on ao3 here

Anne had just finished practicing with W.D., so like she did every day before the show, she snuck up to Phillip’s office to spend some time with him.

Knocking on the door before slowing opening it, she was surprised that Phillip wasn’t as his desk like usual. She quickly glanced around, noticing the man on the couch. He must have stayed out late last night. She knew he and P.T. had gone out for a drink last night, but she didn’t think it had been that late when he had made it back. Apparently it had been if he decided to take a nap in the middle of the day.

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152: “ Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night. ” with Sam Winchester please? ❤️

Texting - Drabble


Show: Supernatural

You honestly had no clue who would be texting you in the middle of the night. Hell, all your friends knew that you were sleeping, after all you had work in the morning. But none the less your cellphone went off again, causing you to roll over and look at the bright screen. It was three in the morning, and this strange number had texted you four times.

Wrong Number: ‘I’m not sure what we’re after. But it seems to be going after lone women.’

Wrong Number: ‘Okay, I talked to a couple of the locals, and I think we’re after a wearwolf.’

Wrong Number: ‘C’mon answer me.’

Wrong Number: ‘I think I narrowed it down after talking to Bobby. He said it sounds like we’re after an Ōkami. There’s two ways we can kill it. A Bamboo dagger blessed by a Shintō Priest or dismemberment. But what I don’t understand is Ōkami are normally found only in Japan. Just call me, okay?’

You read the texts about five times before you realized that this might not be a prank, it seemed a little to sincere.  Sighing, you replied to the message.

You: Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night. It’s three in the morning, and you seriously sound like you need some help.’

Wrong Number: ‘I’m so sorry, forget everything I sent you.’

You: ‘Dude, I’m not forgetting it. What the hell are you talking about there? An Ōkami? A Bamboo dagger blessed by a Shintō Priest or dismemberment? Wtf?’

Wrong Number: ‘Uh, there monsters and I hunt them.’

You sighed, as you sat up in bed. So much for getting some sleep. You didn’t know what came over you, but you replied to the message.

You: ‘Kk, you hunt monsters. Do you need help? Btw, my name is Y/N.’

Wrong Number: ‘Sam Winchester.’

Sam: ‘And I don’t want you to get hurt, Y/N. But I apricate the offer.’

You: ‘Bullshit, if this is all real than you need all the help you can get Sam Winchester. Where are you?’

Sam: ‘Ponderosa Motel. Room 226.’

You couldn’t believe it, but you were actually getting out of bed and getting dressed. What was wrong with you? This went against everything on how you were raised. But at the same token, something inside you said that you would not regret this.

You: ‘I’m on my way. I should be there in 15 minutes. Want a coffee?’

Sam: ‘Sure.’

Buy Me A Coffee?  

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Song stuck in my head: Feels, Middle of the Night, and All Night.

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Do I get asks: Sometimes! And I love it when I get  them :)

Why did I choose this URL: It’s a reference to one of my favorite characters in one of my favorite shows of ALL TIME, which is Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender when he said “Hello, Zuko here” and I loved it so much I put it in my URL. i love him so much omg

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Last book I read: If you mean last book I finished it would be Queen of Shadows.

3 favorite fandoms: ATLA!!!!!!! Harry Potter, and is Sims a fandom? idk

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My life is a lie. 13 years after the fact, I'm realizing my parents sent me to a behavioral therapy camp when I was middle-school age. The staff would film us to show us how we've "progressed" with all the "fun activities" we did. A news crew came to film "about us" (I had a good friend who caught on and dragged us away, and from events). Parents were interviewed, and talked about how their kids were "improving" with "less tantrums," "becoming more tolerable." I feel like I'm losing my mind.

Behavioral Camp Anon. This shit’s reeling in all kinds of realizations. Like, how my father basically trained me to sympathize with allistics like himself “having to put up” with autistics like me. I even went to the extent of preaching to other autistics and being ousted by a community. My anxiety is going through the roof thinking about my father turning me against my own community, against my own self-worth, for his own convenience. Sorry, I just needed to vent…

I hope this realization is the beginning of a new path for you, filled with self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness.

And I hope, if you choose to involve yourself in the autistic community again, that people will welcome you back with kindness. I for one don’t feel any animosity towards you. It’s not your fault your were used by your father against your community, especially since it started at a young age.

Perhaps you can even help people who are in the same situation as yours, someday :)

 - Sister Cat

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Adding to he anon about Buffy’s basketball storyline; the whole thing is v unrealistic. Jefferson is clearly a HUGE middle school and should’ve had a girls team in the first place, and if they didn’t, they would’ve tried to form one before letting Buffy on the boys team. It’s extremely rare for school boards to allow girls on boys teams because there’s always people arguing that they should then allow boys on girls teams.

I thought so… I have been really trying to excuse some errors of the new season but it’s becoming a little annoying. This show started out so refreshing and realistic, but now it’s conforming to “Disney ways” and being a show that’s all over the place with some subplots being a little too unbelievable to suspend disbelief.
I mean Buffy’s already a cool character, a powerful woman. That goes without saying. And it’s the same for all the girls of Andi Mack. This show is super strong in female empowerment and all the female characters’ personalities are quite colorful and different from each other.
I just don’t get why they felt the need to have Buffy “challenge some status quo and get confronted by a member of the opposite sex who’s unhappy about said challenging of the status quo.” HSM already covered that, give us something different. How about we focus on how confident Buffy is and how well she’s holding up while her mom’s away and how great a friend she is? That’s a p good storyline to roll with, many possibilities too. Don’t get me wrong I still absolutely love the show as I’m sure you do too but as fans…Friends…we should also be able to speak out about the inconsistencies and awkward subplots.

I’m a female passing white middle class person, so I really don’t have much to lose when it comes to the new Heathers, but listen. I realize that JD is the bad guy, but it’s a bit more than that.

When we first meet him, he’s seen as an ally, maybe a cute guy for Veronica to end up with.

But as the show moves on, we see how toxic masulinity leads to worse, how not facing mental issues can end up in disaster, how if only JD had realized sooner he could change none of this would happen,,,,

My point is, for all the critical points in the play, JD is the villain. Making the Heathers the people who have historically been marginalized makes it excusable to do these things in real life. It’s not. He’s a white middle class boy and the visual of him killing the Heathers is sickening.

TL;DR don’t watch the new movie. boycott it, and don’t give them money for their piss-poor attempt to please the masses. Never settle for representation like this.
Strangers in a Strange Land - Chapter 1 - DGHDA X WYNONNA EARP CROSSOVER
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Shit was bad. Shit was really really bad. Amanda paced the vacant parking lot of the motel, debris still smoldering around her. The girl held her head in her hands as she marched past the chaos left in the wake of Blackwing. The attack happened in the middle of the night while they slept. It began when Amanda suggested crashing indoors for the night after traveling on the road for so long. Her latest visions kept showing her an old well over and over but no matter what direction they went in nothing seemed to strike her as ‘stream of creation’-esque. It was just boring town after boring town. It was meant to be a night of relaxation until under the cover of night Blackwing soldiers began their attack on the small motel room.

The gas came first as an attempt to subdue them but the boys had learned a few new tricks since their last run in with the government agency. Quickly realizing what was happening they covered their faces with sheets and pillow cases until they got to their feet and prepared for battle.  However to Amanda’s surprise the next wave was a kind of blow dart, shot through the broken window. One hit Gripps, dropping him to the ground instantly. Next Beast was the one to drop after letting out a wild howl of pain. Feeling the sharp prick on her hip, Amanda felt the world come rushing at her as she nearly fell to her knees. Martin caught her in time and thinking quickly he gently placed her into the motel closet.

“ Don’t be scared, Drummer Girl. ” She heard his words as she began fading in and out. “Blackwing ain’t no place for you anyways. I know if anyone has the guts to break us out again, it’s you.”  And with that the door to the closet shut and he blocked it off with a flipped over chair before letting out a wild howl and charging the soldiers as they burst through The Rowdy 3’s only escape. Though with a man down it wasn’t likely they were making out of this one.