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I obviously don't work here, but sure I can ring you up!

I was standing in the ice cream aisle holding a six pack of beer and one of cider, and a couple bags of chips, trying to decide if I wanted to bring ice cream sandwiches or maybe some jerky for game night. I had just gotten off from my other job so I was wearing black slacks, a white dress shirt and a black tie, with a very obvious pin showing where I worked.  

I hear a slightly condescending “Excuuuse me.” from the side of me. Looking over I see a slightly overweight middle aged woman with one of those ‘I’d like to speak to your manager haircuts’.  

I step back a few steps to let her pass and go back to my internal debate. After a few seconds she hasn’t moved and I hear the most obnoxious, entitled, “HELLLOOOOOOOOO, Earth to jackass!!!”  

I look at her and she says with extreme impatience dripping with venom, “The lines are way too fucking long, you need to ring me up, I know you’ve got a free register in the back somewhere. I have things to do, ring me up NOW!”  

I don’t work here, but you know what, I worked retail technical support at the time and I had a really shitty day, dealing with people exactly like her… “Oh, I’m so SO sorry ma'am, I thought you were just trying to get by.” Reaches into cabinet and grabs a thing of mint skinny cow ice cream sandwiches(Not on a diet, but those things are damn good.)  

Let me just get these ice cream sandwiches to the disabled lady up front waiting for me and I’ll ring up you up over there in the home & decor section.“ Points to farthest corner of the store where no reps go and no registers are "Again I’m so sorry, I will even hand these return items off to another associate to put away and I will be RIGHT over!”  

“Well, fine. Please be quick, I have shit to do you know.” and she walks away.  

I took my items up front to check out, waited all of 3 minutes in line and then went on my merry way. It’s amazing that some people just assume a random bystander is the person that can help them and then treats them like shit without even knowing who they are. Fuck that lady and people like her.

Seventeen: Who’ll they fall for?

Request: What type of person do you think Seventeen will fall for, like personally wise.

A/N~ This is my personal opinion. This post is not meant to offend anyone or upset anyone if they don’t match with my idea of what their bias’ partner will be like. Also, I don’t personally know these guys, so I can only go off what we as fans see of their personalities and interests. 

~Hip hop unit. 


Choi Seungcheol is a total sweetheart. He’s a really caring, kind and warm person. I think he’d match well with someone who also possessed these qualities considering he spends all of time taking care of the members of his group, I think he wouldn’t mind having someone caring for him (besides his members obviously). Someone who’s always there, the kind of person that would gladly answers if he calls in the middle of night because he just needed to hear their voice or wouldn’t mind if he randomly shows up because he had a crappy day etc. A good listener. Someone understanding who gets how busy he is as the leader of his group. Someone easy-going and affectionate because that guy needs cuddles 24/7.


Wonwoo is a pretty reserved guy, so I think he’d match well with another introvert or maybe an ambivert. Someone that will gladly stay in with him and read or just watch movies. Someone easy-going and relaxed. Someone honest and open, who’ll give him their opinions on his lyrics and performances etc. Someone who he can count on and trust. Someone he knows will be there for him whenever he needs them and knows that he’ll be there for them too. Someone that can pick him up when he’s down. Someone warm and loving. Someone that understands how busy he is.


Mingyu is an adorable goofball. He’s a fairly hyper and excitable so someone who’s also like that would match him well. Someone who he can joke around and laugh with, someone as playful as he is. Someone free-spirited and fun. Someone who will gladly go out and do whatever with him but also wouldn’t mind staying in and helping him cook or bake etc. Someone caring, someone that’ll check up on him every now and then, making sure he’s well fed and sleeps etc. Someone affectionate as Mingyu seems like the kind that would be really affectionate with his S/O. Like all the other members, someone the understands that he can’t always be there, no matter how much he might want to. Someone that shares his interest in photography and art.


Hansol is a really chill, kind and open-minded guy, I think someone with those traits would match well with him. Someone that’s honest and open with him. Someone who he can vent to, as he seems like someone that tends to keep everything bottled up. Someone who values a good relationship with their family. Someone who appreciates music. Someone supportive and encouraging, that will give him their honest opinion on lyrics that he writes. Someone warm and caring. Understanding of the fact that he’s nearly always busy. Someone respectful, trustworthy and open-minded.

A/N~ I know this took forever and I’m so so incredibly sorry. I’ve been really busy lately and just haven’t had time to actually write anything until now. I know that that’s a terrible excuse and I’m going to try my best to be more active from now on. Again, I’m really sorry.

“Fergus will take it.”

“Me?” The boy’s eyes went round with astonishment.

“You, man.” Jamie took the paper from me, folded it, then knelt and tucked it inside Fergus’s shirt.

“This must reach my sister—Madame Murray—without fail. It is worth more than my life, man—or yours.”

Practically breathless with the enormity of the responsibility entrusted to him, Fergus stood up straight, hands clasped over his middle.

“I will not fail you, milord!”

A faint smile crossed Jamie’s lips, and he rested a hand briefly on the smooth cap of Fergus’s hair.

“I know that, man, and I am grateful,” he said. He twisted the ring off his left hand; the cabochon ruby that had belonged to his father. “Here,” he said, handing it to Fergus. “Go to the stables, and show this to the old man ye’ll see there. Tell him I said you are to take Donas. Take the horse, and ride for Lallybroch. Stop for nothing, except as you must, to sleep, and when ye do sleep, hide yourself well.”

Fergus was speechless with alarmed excitement, but Murtagh frowned dubiously at him.

“D’ye think the bairn can manage yon wicked beast?” he said.

“Aye, he can,” Jamie said firmly. Overcome, Fergus stuttered, then sank to his knees and kissed Jamie’s hand fervently. Springing to his feet, he darted away in the direction of the stables, his slight figure disappearing in the mist.

- Dragonfly in Amber 

They save Fergus.

This scene is better in the show ;)


Doctor Who Official on Instagram: Behind the scenes at this weekend’s #SDCC! #DoctorWho #whovian #PeterCapaldi #PearlMackie #MichelleGomez #StevenMoffat #MarkGatiss

While the first picture is epic and hilarious, I really like the middle one the most. It’s just Peter and Steven, the star of the show and his writer enjoying a calm moment with a beautiful background of the San Diego harbor. I also know for a fact the weather was super nice since my family and I happened to be walking around that same area!

i love how cishets seem to think that unless someone said “i hate gays” (in the right ~homophobic intonation - it’s Okay if it’s sarcastic and just a joke! - and look on their face and it uhhhhh doesn’t count if they didn’t uhhhhhhhhh show a lesbian a middle finger right after saying that) they can’t possibly be homophobic in any way

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[possible spoiler if u don't know what the basic concept of the finale is gonna be] I bet when the parents show up we'll get some last names and probably some middle names too!! And by 'I bet' and 'probably' I mean "FRIGGING- PLEASE DO THIS RT WE NEEEED"

all i heard is that someones parents are gonna be there, is there more that im missing? 

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Talk to me about the Barisi wedding. Because I'm sure Sonny and his huge, loud, very Italian family are treating it like one big party. Which it is. But I feel like Rafael would get emotional and overwhelmed and Sonny would have to take him aside for a quiet moment so they could just be happy together, just the two of them, in the midst of all the chaos.

Oh lawd, this reminds me of a pin that I have on my Barisi pinterest board that reads, “And in the middle of my chaos, there was you” and now I’m crying.

All I’m picturing right now is Rafael, standing off to the side, smiling softly as he watches Sonny dance with his family and twirl around his little nieces, being the most gracious host even at their own wedding.

Because Sonny worries, of course he does, about how welcome his own family will feel, whether or not they’ll truly recognize how much it means to him that they’ve showed up to support him even as he goes against everything that their faith as taught him, how much it means that he was able to marry the man of his dreams in front of them.

And Rafael doesn’t mind Sonny doing that, he knows how important it is to him to pay that gratitude towards his family, especially after how long Sonny struggled to be who he really is in their presence, and Rafael doesn’t mind standing off to the side for a little bit, even if it does get overwhelming.

That’s what the Carisi’s are, as much as Rafael honestly loves every single one of them – overwhelming.

There’s so many of them, and they’re so loud, and there’s so few of people that Rafael himself can consider his “own”, so he spends some time drifting from Lucia, Eddie, and an aunt on Lucia’s side that’d come as representatives of his own family, and the SVU squad while Sonny gets lost in the hub-bub of his family for a bit in his attempt to show his own appreciation.

And he’s at the makeshift bar set-up in the ballroom of the hotel that they’d rented for their reception, twiddling with stray napkins and toothpicks, when he looks up at sees Sonny coming towards him.

In the middle of the dancing, still raging on the ballroom floor to their right, in the middle of the loud din of those either too old to dance or too worn out from the act itself who’re occupying the tables to their left, Sonny’s found him.

His husband’s there to make him feel whole again.

He grabs Rafael’s fingers shyly as he approaches the bar, all bashful smiles and pink cheeks that Rafael’s put there, not the dancing, and he’s so in love as Sonny intertwines their fingers and asks softly, “You wanna go somewhere with me?”

Though he cocks his head, he doesn’t question it, choosing instead to trust Sonny, just as he always has, leaving his drink behind at the bar as he follows his husband out the ballroom doors and into one of the hotel’s many hallways, keeping his mouth shut and confused grin in place as Sonny finds a vacant ballroom and pulls Rafael into it.

Slowly, Sonny leads him farther into the room, gangly limbs leading him backwards so that all he sees is Sonny’s shy little grin, and he’s about to say something to his husband about how he doesn’t foresee his lack of coordination coupled with the alcohol consumption of the night playing out well in his pursuit of leading Rafael backwards, but he doesn’t get the chance before they’ve reached the dance floor and Sonny’s holding him close, whispering, “Are you having fun?”

Rafael can only furrow his brows, answer with a confused, “Of course, I am, love, it’s our wedding, how could I not–?”

Sonny shrugs, and gives a half-smile, saying, “Yeah, I know, the getting married part, that was amazing. But I know that my family’s a lot, and I’ve had to spend some time with them at this thing, too, so I just figured…”

And he trails off, leaving Rafael hanging, grasping for what Sonny possibly could be thinking when his husband pulls his phone from his pocket, unlocking and flicking through it, only setting it down on the floor beside them when their first dance song starts filtering throughout the ballroom.

Rafael can’t think as Sonny extends a hand towards him, chest tighter than it’s been that entire night, tighter than it’d been earlier underneath a pillar of flowers saying, “I do”, and with all his years experience spinning arguments and testimonies, alike, the only thing he can think to say is, “We’ve already had our dance.”

Sonny smiles softly, hand still firm and offered up as he says, “Yeah, but now it’s just me and you. Like it’s always been.”

So he takes Sonny’s hand, his favorite hand, and lets himself be pulled into a solid chest.

Lets himself dig nose into neck, and be held. 

Lets himself get lost in Sonny’s gentle humming, so off-key and so lovely, because it’s his Sonny in his ear, and it’s their song that’s filling the empty room.

Lets himself just be.

It’s Rafael and Sonny, alone, their whole world contained between two sets of arms, just like it’s always been.


Sonic going through a very traumatic experience and is having trouble coping. In the middle of the night, he randomly shows up to Amy’s house and they have a long therapy session. When they’re done, Sonic gives Amy a light kiss on the cheek and quickly leaves.

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I just watched all 3 episodes of The Bold Type back to back to back and I'm so hooked. Everything about it is so good? Like, how???? How are more people not falling love with all these women and this show????

Well, to be fair, there ARE only three episodes. That’s not that many, so I’m not surprised the fanbase is a little small at the moment. Hopefully it’ll get bigger as it goes on.

I agree, though, I think it’s definitely a really good show and while I have a few issues with certain characters/ships, I enjoy like 95% of The Bold Type and it’s really just helping me out right now, amongst all the craziness happening in some of my other fandoms.

Kadena is astounding and I really applaud Freeform for choosing to make one of their characters explicitly a lesbian Muslim and actually cast a Middle Eastern (Iranian) actress to play the part. 

Jacqueline and Lauren are such great bosses and not a stereotype which I also really love because the Miranda Priestly trope is super tired and overdone and I am over it, I am ready for Jacqueline Carlyle the nurturing motherly boss who still gets shit done and inspires her employees to do their best. 

It looks like Sutton/Alex may be endgame down the line, too, and I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to that. Richard’s not godawful but he’s pretty 2D and I really hope we get more screentime for Alex and an actual narrative that doesn’t involve him propping up Jane or Sutton’s storylines. 

Jane is beautiful, I love her and I think she’s just an amazing complex character. I love the lessons she has to learn every week and how she is able to take her own prejudices or limitations and turn it into something to learn from that we never would have expected. 

Kat is like who I wish I could be, honestly, but know I never will be. She’s strong and fiery and kind and innovative and not afraid to speak her mind. 

Sutton is definitely growing on me. I wasn’t sure about her in the first episode, but after three, I definitely like her much more. I admire her tenacity and perseverance, two things I could definitely use more of. She’s adorable and I hope she gets all she deserves.

There’s so much I love and while there are bits I kinda roll my eyes at and characters I’m less fond of, it is overall a really well-written show that is showcasing some issues I don’t see in TV that often and giving some much-needed representation that you can’t get anywhere else right now.


fake show meme: 


A fake show consisting of seven seasons spanning from the early exhibitions and life of the Kurdish Muslim sultan, Saladin during the Ayyubid Dynasty. Starting from his conquering of Syria, Egypt, Yemen, and victory over the Crusades. Spanning from early life to his death, ending with two of his seventeen sons succeeding him.  insp.


209.2 last Monday –> 208.6 Tuesday –> 209.2 Wednesday –> 207.8 Thursday –> 207.2 Friday –> 209.6 today

Went to the beach this weekend for the first time this summer with my dude! We ate Keto Bars for breakfast but then had tacos from a truck and no-sugar-added fro-yo topped with fruit at the beach, came home and had naruto rolls (no rice) from the local sushi joint, and finished the night up with some birthday cake Halo Top before I did my weigh-in for the DietBet.

My DietBet weight was hilariously 210.4, but I’m not letting it get me down and am in fact posting a selfie to show the scale how totally fine I feel about myself. 👊

I wrote myself a meal plan for the week that’s lower-calorie than I usually eat, higher in protein, and middling in fat. I have a friend date tonight, but she wants to go on a walk, so hopefully the rain goes away so we can exercise for once instead of stuffing our faces together.

It’s only going to be 75 degrees here in NYC today instead of the usual 95, so I feel like the world is brand new and I am guaranteed success in all of my life endeavors and having plain chicken breast for all of my meals is actually the greatest gift I could give myself!

Rob Van Dam and Bill Alfonso
[September 21st, 2000]

A really rad candid of “The Whole F’N Show” and “The Man Who Calls It Down The Middle”. Early on in 2000, Rob Van Dam was set to take on Mike Awesome in a “champion vs. champion” match, but unfortunately, had broken his ankle during a title defense against Rhino. Instead, the injury caused him to have to vacate the ECW World Television Championship. At ECW’s Hardcore Heaven, Van Dam returned for what would be his last few months with the company, as ECW would fold the following March. On this night, RVD teamed with Kid Kash to take on Da Baldies on ECW on TNN. Within a year of this photo, RVD would be in the WWE, sans manager Bill Alfonso.

New fic!

Title: Written by Rabbits (1/?)
Relationships: FitzSimmons
Rating: Teen and up (maybe occasionally somewhat mature)
Summary: Things must happen when it is time for them to happen…the happy ending cannot come in the middle of the story.

From an anon tumblr prompt: Hogwarts Professors AU

Someday I will learn to better manage my time

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made up fic title: bent and broken (into better shape)

“My name is Steve Rogers. I’m thirty years old. I’m from Brooklyn. I’m a captain in the United States Army. I was declared missing in action after a battle in early 1945. I was found in a hidden HYDRA facility three years later.”

There are a great many things about Steve’s life that don’t add up. He dreams of being 5′4″ with a host of ailments, but he can run for miles without breaking a sweat and he hits his head on the too-low ceiling in SHIELD’s underground headquarters multiple times a day. They tell him he was found in a HYDRA base along the Mediterranean, but he wakes up in the middle of the night, shivering and claustrophobic, visions of neverending ice crowding around his head. He hears whispers that he’s a war hero, but all he can find are pictures of him wearing…tights during a USO show. The crew he works with tells him he was imprisoned alone, but he distinctly remembers a woman’s voice promising him a dance.

There are a great many things that don’t add up, but Steve knows that SHIELD is the best place to start looking for answers (even if they’re probably the ones hiding them in the first place). When he’s assigned a mission with Director Carter–a possible lead on the Winter Soldier merits the very best, of course–he’s thrilled. He’s heard impressive, heart-stopping tales of her exploits during the war, and he is convinced they’ll work well together. Plus, if anyone can shed some light on his mysterious circumstances, it will be the woman who holds all the secrets. He just has to be clever.

Working together does not go according to plan. Carter is brusque one minute and hesitant the next, and they spend the whole mission just out of sync, constantly missing cues and stepping on each others’ toes.

It’s an utter disaster, up until the moment they have to hide in plain sight. Carter drags Steve to a shadowed hallway and plants her lips against his. It’s in the SHIELD handbook that public displays of affection make people uncomfortable, thereby making them a useful tool for all agents. But to Steve, her lips are like a livewire, lighting every nerve ablaze. And for a split second, he knows with absolute certainty that he’s felt her kiss before.

[send me a made-up fic title]

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asdfsdfs that’s so cute!!! I can actually imagine him waddling like a penguin with the rest of the members clinging onto him <3333 

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Guys have you seen this show Andi Mack on Disney channel?
It’s about a middle school girl who found out that the women raised as her sister was her biological mother, and explores all kinds of topics that I’m surprised Disney is touching. I just came home from work to an episode about the principal telling her that her leggings she was wearing to school we’re inappropriate and distracting to other students, so her bio mom is helping her with it. Like I’m thoroughly impressed

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1. Nickname: i don’t really have one, so let’s go by my real name, Nora
2. Gender: female
3. Star sign: Libra
4. Height: around 164cm
5. Time: 10:23 p.m.
6. Birthday: October 9th
7. Favorite bands: that’s a tough one. i listen to everything all over the place.. probably NIrvana
8. Favorite solo artists: Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran
9. Song stuck in my head: I’m a Believer by The Monkees
10. Last movie watched: La La Land
11. Last show watched: Stranger Things and i’m in the middle of Riverdale
12. When did I create my blog: i think it was January 2016
13. What do I post: a lot of coffee and just things i find aesthetically pleasing.
14. Last thing I googled: Holden Caulfield (bc of something Veronica in Riverdale said.. :D )
15. Do you have any others blogs: .. yes
16. Do you get asks: Sometimes (feel free to talk to me!!)
17. Why did you choose your url: i noticed that a lot of people on here are “featuring” Van Gogh in their urls and i like the “coffee aesthetic” so i combined those two while tinking of coffee-to-go
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20. Favorite colors: the brownish undertone old pictures have and the colour beautiful sunsets tend to have
21. Average hours of sleep: around 8
22. Lucky number: phew i never thought about that tbh
23. Instruments: i have some very basic guitar skills but i like singing more :D
24. What am I wearing: dark shorts and a light blue shirt
25. How many blankets do I sleep with: with one
26. Dream job: video/movie editor
27. Dream trip: sitting in a small cafe in France and looking outside at the street which is filled with the beauty of fairy lights hanging in the trees; being at a beach with the clearest water and the whitest sand; London, Amsterdam, Venice… there are so many beautiful places in the world
28. Favorite food: pizza
29. Nationality: German
30. Favorite song now: Woman by Harry Styles

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HI RVB MUTUALS in case you didn’t know my shit brain has decided that s15 is the root of all terror and anxiety and I just woke up in the middle of the night for the 20th time since this season started. (Whether that’s a valid judgement or just my BPD ass way-overreacting to the ToP planet-wide r*pe and possibly-character-damning-and-forced c*rw*sh remains to be seen)

In any case, it is absolutely essential that I avoid ANYTHING s15 until I can detangle my feelings; therefore I need to have you continue to tag things from that season or I will unfollow (which doesn’t mean I don’t like you as a person, it just means I like a full nights sleep more)

I’m currently blacklisting a lot of related tags but “RvB15” is a good one. I’ve already had to unfollow several blogs bc of this, and this isn’t meant to shame anyone; it’s just to explain that Hi I Have Anxiety and This Season Is Literally Hurting My Physical Health so if I’ve unfollowed that’s probably why.

You can always find me here, even if we’re not mutuals anymore and I’m honestly sorry for any trouble this causes. For those of you enjoying this season, I’m honestly glad and I have no intention of dampening your enjoyment of it.

Thanks in advance, guys.