in the meantime i hope you guys find these useful

Aaaaand we’re back!

Hey guys!

I hope you all had a great summer. Thank you for your patience while this blog was on hiatus, but now that September is upon us, I thought it was about time we open the ask box back up and rebooted this thing!

There will, however, be a few changes to the way things are done around here:

  • Repetitive questions will no longer be answered. There’s a tagging system for a reason, and if any of you have suggestions as to how to improve it, I’m all ears! But in the meantime, if you find your questions aren’t being published, please check the tags because it’s very likely the topic you’re inquiring about has already been addressed.
  • The answers given on this blog are subjective. If someone has asked me what I think, assume that it’s only one random person’s opinion, and that you are free to agree or disagree. But abusive messages will not be published. Messages complaining about biases will not be published. This is not an encyclopedia, it’s a gossip blog, and there will be plenty of speculation and conclusions drawn from possibly unreliable sources. That’s the nature of celeb gossip. I am not claiming to speak for anyone but myself, and if everyone understands that, this blog will be MUCH more enjoyable :)
  • This is not a place for fan wars. Trading insults back and forth between fandoms via my ask box will not be tolerated. Take your drama to Twitter, please and thank you.
  • I will keep this blog as active as I can, but please respect the fact that I have a life outside of Tumblr and other responsibilities I need to attend to. If there are times when the blog is inactive, please don’t send angry messages, because they will just be deleted. I’ll do the best I can, but I’m no longer going to spend time on this blog at the expense of other things I need to do. We all need a break every now and then!

This blog is supposed to be fun, so if we can refrain from getting too heated, that’d be great. Everyone play nice with each other! And if you have any gif requests, the ask box is always open :)



Verb Chart Printables 

by chai-studies

hello! with the new school year, i decided it was time to get back into focus by starting up a studyblr and by making my very first printables!! I made these for anyone studying another language and needed help with keeping track of all those pesky verb conjugations! I’ve included some samples to give an idea of how they can be used. 

  • Add your own touch - I specifically left space above each chart for you to title it however you’d like in accordance to what you will use it for. 
  • Use it for anything - if you’re looking to be efficient (or just lazy) you can print these charts off and use them for any other subject.

Comes in

  • png & pdf versions - available to download on google drive
  • 3 colours - blue (png or pdf), pink (png or pdf), green (png or pdf)

these are my first printables ever, so if you guys have any comments on how I could improve please do let me know! In the meantime, I hope you guys find these useful!

guys this may sound dweeby as hell but i wrote a ~guide to figure skating fandom~ and it’s probably gonna be published tomorrow, so i hope you read it & find it interesting!

FIGURE SKATING IS HILARIOUS & BEAUTIFUL & GOSSIPY & A DISASTER, and hopefully i can help you understand and enjoy its ridiculousness before the Winter Olympics begin. :D

in the meantime, here’s a video of jason brown’s incredible “Riverdance” free skate at the US Nationals this year, for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. watch it fullscreen and in HD, if possible!

You're my favorite song (Zankie) Chapter 2

Please visit mainpost for detailed description of fic and author’s notes.

Yay chapter 2 x I hope you still enjoy reading about our boybanders. Building up to more plot but this is something sweet for you in the meantime ;) I love you all and thanks for feedback x

Chapter 2.

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