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I'm getting the hang of spliting my replies so half of my thoughts are prompts. In the Qui and Obi Wings, does anyone take little Obi to see Qui-Gon and be all "see you wing will be big enough to carry you one day, just like his" will Qui-Gon give a demonstration of his flight? Will Buck be repremanded, his whole existance annoys me, Jedi raiseing a bully and punishing his victim has always driven me nuts!!!

Holding onto the creche master’s hand tightly, Obi-Wan followed her with wide eyes, wondering where she was taking him.

The old wookie just wuffed happily at him and squeezed the tiny hand in hers gently as she lead the little initiate through the grand halls of the temple, knowing she was leading him to places Obi-Wan had never been before.

“Master Palma…I don’t think I’m suppose to be here.” Obi-Wan offered nervously, wings rustling and fluttering a bit as he clung to her hand tightly.

-Not without a Master with you, no little one. But you are with a master.- She wuffed happily.

“Oh…” Obi-Wan blinked and looked about curiously. “But this is the biiiiig sparring rooms.”

-This is the arena.- She stopped and turned, lifting the winged boy up into her arms. -And I have permission to show you something little one.-

Obi-Wan blinked at her, hands clenching into the others fur as he went quiet, wondering where in Force name she was taking him and what she wanted to show him.

But in the meantime he could peek around at all the master’s and knights he could see.

There was even a padawan here and there!

Hopefully, Obi-Wan studied their braids, imaging having one like it himself one day and caught up in his own fantasy as he was, he gave a surprised eep when Master Palma gently gave his left wing a little tug. “Uh?”

-Look up little one.-

Obi-Wan blinked but did as told, his eyes growing wide and his wings rustling in surprise.

Up near the ceiling of the arena room, a man was doing loops in the air, large deep blue wings spread wide. Force they were so big, one of them were bigger then Obi-Wan’s entire body by two lengths and the man gracefully glided through the air, seemingly unaware of being watched.

-That is Qui-Gon Jinn, and he has wings just like you.- Palma chuckled softly. -One day your wings will be like that too, large and able to carry you through the sky. Whatever anyone else says, remember this moment and remember that all you have left is to grow up little one.-

Obi-Wan blinked, mouth a little open as he stared at the wide wings that carried the man through the air with such ease.

Then he shifted in the wookie’s arms and spread his pale wings slowly, looking at them first then back up. “…I can fly like that one day? Not just…glide?”

-One day little Obi-Wan, when your proper feathers come instead of downy ones. Now, lets go find you some snacks hmm?-

She turned to leave only to turn back when she heard a soft thump not far behind them and heard Obi-Wan squeak, hiding his face in her chest.

“Master Palma, I was not aware the Initiates were up here.” Qui-Gon greeted warmly then blinked at her chest. “Oh…I see. Hello there little one.” Qui-Gon chuckled quietly.

-This is Obi-Wan Kenobi Master Jinn. He’s been unsure about his own wings for a while and I figured showing him you would help him.- Palma chuckled quietly.

Obi-Wan peeked up shyly, blushing. “H-Hi Master.”

Qui-Gon reluctantly felt his lips twitch softly, taking in the soft pale wings and downy feathers. ‘So young…’ He bowed lightly. “Well, if you continue to eat well and train, one day your wings will be as large as mine.” He chuckled warmly then chuckled a bit louder when Obi-Wan hid back in the creche master’s chest.

-He’s shy.- Palm hummed and stroked his hair gently. -And its snack time for him and the others. Thank you for speaking with him though Master Jinn.-

“Any time.” Qui-Gon chuckled, watching the two leave.

Over the wookie’s shoulder, Obi-Wan gave a shy little wave.

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I'm not sure if you'll still write for Jacob or not, but if you could, could you do something where one of the Rooks that grows close to him is the daughter of Templars and tries to keep it a secret because she ran off when she was younger and tries to keep her past separate from her current life, but he happens to find out about it and confronts her and she confesses everything along with the fact she's in love with him? sfw please. I love your blog!

Pairing: Jacob Frye x Reader
Fandom: AC: Syndicate ; Assassin’s Creed
Warnings: /

A/N: I’ll always write for Jacob, my love! He’s one of the greatest gaming characters ever!!! so yeah, thanks for this really, really cool request and the compliment! I hope you like it <33


“(Y/N)! There you are!” you raised your head, when you heard Jacob’s voice and got up from the stairs you were sitting on, already preparing yourself to follow him, wherever he was going next.

“Were you looking for me?”

“Not exactly. But still, it’s nice to see you,” he grinned.

You laughed a little and nodded.

“Yes, well, it’s nice to see you too, Jacob,” a moment of silence, where the two of you simply smiled at each other like teenagers who were madly in love. Not that either of you actually ever voiced their feelings. That would’ve been too easy, wouldn’t it? “Were you planning on going anywhere special?”

He had to think about it for another two seconds, before he remembered.

“Ah, yes. There’s a Templar hide-out in a building close by. Evie was supposed to take the man out, but she’s busy making heart eyes at Greenie,” he sneared the last part a bit.

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I was recently listening to "Thunder" by the Imagine Dragons and one of the lyrics was "I was lightning before the thunder" and I'm wondering if that's where you got inspired for the title of the fic you're currently working on? ( also, just curious, when do you think you'll be done? I'm really excited for it!)

Yes, it is! I’d say I’m about halfway done. My plan was to have it finished by today or tomorrow, but then July turned out kinda crazy for me and I didn’t really get the chance to write the way I had planned. So currently it’s delayed by a month, and I’m hoping I’ll be done writing by the end of August so I can edit it before posting. By then I reckon it’ll be somewhere around 60k unless I completely scrap my plans. In the meantime, here is another extract:

Once they’ve finished eating, Mama clears their plates and Evgeni nudges Sidney to his feet. He thanks Mama for the food, and Sidney rushes to add his own thanks, but she just smiles at them and shoos them out of the kitchen, telling Evgeni to get Sidney to bed. It’s late.

Evgeni takes Sidney’s hand in his. “Come on,” he says. They make a brief stop out in the hall to pick up Sidney’s backpack where they’d left it earlier before Evgeni starts herding Sidney towards his bedroom. Theirs now.

“Sorry,” Sidney says again as they are walking up the stairs to the second floor. He must be so tired he’s beyond what little Russian he knows. He says in English, “I wanted to tell you, you know, before. When we talked on the phone.” He glances at Evgeni, smiling shyly. “I wanted to make sure it was okay with you, to come here and play for Metallurg. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything. Brisson said I couldn’t, and I didn’t think it’d be a good idea, just in case something happened before we could work out a deal with the team.”

“Of course is okay!” Evgeni exclaims. “You here, Sidka. Is best!”

Sidney smiles at him, pleased, and ducks his head. “Best,” he echoes dreamily. “We’re gonna do great.”

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Coldflash - Len meets Savitar for the first time

Okay now that I’ve complained in another post about how hard writing Coldivar is for me, I think I’m going to enjoy taking a crack at this one (I was picturing how I’d write it while lying in bed two nights ago so I’m excited).

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2D going with his S/O to their families pool house for vacation? I'm leaving tomorrow and my aunt and uncle have a pool and I can't stop thinking how it'd be if 2D went to that kind of place lmao

I’m sorry this is so late ;_; bls forgive me

You and 2D had been anticipating your trip to meet your extended family for nearly a month now. Some of your family had a decent amount of money, and they had invited you to stay with them at their pool house for a week during the summer, encouraging you to bring along your boyfriend of nearly a year for them to meet. You packed excitedly, going over the list of supplies for the third time, assuring that you had everything. “You ready, D?” you asked with a grin. He gave you an unconvincing smile. “Something wrong?” you quizzed. “I’m not good at family events…I’m not exactly a saint…Not so popular wiff the grandmums, yew know?” he explained nervously. “D, they’re gonna love you. And if they don’t, who cares?” you replied with ease. He gave you a nod and silently continued his packing. It wasn’t usual for him to be so self-conscious. Seeing him sans his routine cocky attitude was almost comical. You pondered the possible root of his current anxiety, deciding that it was a question for another day. You placed the last item in your suitcase and tugged the zipper shut. “I’m taking my stuff out to the car, everything else is ready to go, come out when you’re done,” you directed, heading out the door. You lugged your suitcase out to the car and hoisted it into the backseat. You climbed in the driver’s seat–seeing as 2D’s driving was far from enjoyable–and waited. He emerged moments later, wheeling his suitcase pensively. He hopped in the seat next to you, and you tossed him your phone to queue music while you backed out of the driveway. He opened your phone and pulled up a Spotify playlist the two of you shared, playing a depressing song first. “D, don’t you think you’re being a little dramatic?” you asked, mildly irritated at his theatrics. This was typical of 2D–every emotion he felt was worn directly on his sleeve, and he was known for being melodramatic about the most minor situations. At times, this was endearing. It was comforting to know he was so open with his emotions, but at other times his tendency to exaggerate was bothersome. He remained slumped over and refused to answer. “We’re literally going to a pool house, you should be at least a little enthused,” you said nudging him. He brightened his expression a little, the optimist side of him weighing the possibilities. You picked up your phone and skipped the song, which was followed by an upbeat, jam song. 2D grinned and replied, “Yeah I guess you’re right, I can’t be all that bad.” You still had no clue what prior experience had caused this sort of trepidation in him about family events, but again decided you’d rather not ask. With 2D’s mood improved, the two of you jammed and cruised the entire drive. You pulled into the dimly lit driveway of your family’s pool house just as dusk set in. Having had a long drive, both of you exulted at the opportunity to stretch your limbs. Both of you climbed out of the vehicle and groaned as you unfolded your extremities. You yawned and headed towards the door, noticing a few steps in that 2D had stalled behind you. You turned back and reached out, taking his hand in yours. Wide-eyed and visibly nervous, he accepted, and you started towards the door once more. After a ring of the doorbell, your uncle’s smiling face appeared in front of you. “Hey, Y/N! Good to see ya!” he said pulling you into an embrace. “And you must be Stuart,” he continued giving a nod towards 2D and extending his arm for a handshake. “Ehrm, yeah, yew can call me 2D, fough,” he replied uncomfortably, awkwardly shaking your uncle’s hand. “Well…2D…” your uncle paused, fully taking in 2D’s cartoonish appearance. “The call me that ‘cos I sort of got hit in the face wiff a car by a drunken bastard twice, and now I loo’ like I got two dents in my face, yew see,” 2D sardonically explained unnecessarily. “Well…you make yourself at home…” your uncle responded, unsure of himself. 2D was just as bad at this as he had made it sound. The two you stepped in, and you were greeted by a few of your relatives standing around. “Everyone’s out back by the pool, and there’s some barbecue still on the grill for you two if you want to head out,” your aunt offered ushering you towards the patio door. “Sounds good!” you chimed back, leading 2D out with you. You stepped out into the warm, muggy air and greeted your relatives sitting in the deck chairs. They all looked elated to see the two of you and directed you towards the food. You accepted their offer and quickly introduced 2D before ditching him to fill a plate. From the grill, you could overhear them quizzing the poor boy. “So, young man, Y/N tells us you’re in a band?” “Yeah I’m lead singer of Gorillaz.” He had said it so many times, it almost sounded mechanical and standoffish. “You make good money doin’ that?” one of your relatives interrogated. Before they had a chance to chastise 2D any further or 2D had a chance to say something dimwitted, you returned with two plates. “D, would you mind getting the drinks?” you urged, hoping you could distract your relatives in the meantime. He escaped, and you struck up conversation with your family. You continued chatting as 2D reappeared, drinks in hand. After a while, 2D joined the conversation, which was going smoothly. Later on in the evening, as everyone started to relax, a few people decided it was a good night for a late swim. Excitedly, you agreed and dragged 2D out to the car to collect your suitcases and unpack your swimsuits. You hauled them in and your uncle directed you towards the room you’d be staying in for the week. Once you were in the privacy of your room, you quickly dug out your swimsuit and began changing. “See, D, I told you it wasn’t gonna be so bad meeting my family,” you said as you changed. “Maybe not,” he agreed with lingering doubt. “You’re gonna be just fine,” you said giving him a peck on the cheek as the two of you finished changing and happily joined your family in the pool. 

Endangered (1/25)

Ficlet from a Dirk/AR AU I’ve been suffering from, kind of like The Matrix but without the actual matrix part- android domination, human near-extinction, a losing battle against the machines, and almost a sort of Romeo and Juliet-type story if you squint at it hard enough. Full explanation for the following can be found here (read that linked post first, it’s short).

Warning for AR trying to kill Dirk and attempted suicide, etc.


Chapters: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24/25

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ok hear me out -- Fushimi giving Munakata a flower crown .

Moving this one up in the line a little because I wanted to write some Reisaru for Munakata’s birthday and this seemed like a good prompt for it :)

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will during peak rush hour, with all that sensory overload? he can't have felt anything like it before, what's it like, how does he handle it (if he handles it at all)? and kirin - what he feels, fascination with will, his magic, talk dirty to me about plant magics. tell me about his clientele, about his products, about his free samples and about the atmosphere of his shop and how it becomes will's safe place? and i gotta admit i'm curious about parv and lom, although ik you're not big on parv

guys today was a success, i made food and didn’t fuck it up, pls be proud of me

ANYWAY, CITY SORCERERS. Lets start with that, Will’s magic and meeting Kirin.


Will has lived with his Uncle for a week the first time it happens.

Xephos hands him a shopping list and asks him to take the train two stops into the deeper city to pick up some ingredients for the potion work they’re going to be doing. There is, apparently, specialized shops in the city for magic supplies, more than just the specialty aisles at the grocers that Will has grown up with. He’s eager to go on the errand, in part just to be on his own for a while but even more to see what the city has to offer for its magus population.

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i hope the mechanic fixes your car soon but in the meantime i've been thinking more about 1d ace fic, esp because of you & di, and i thought i'd be super interesting to explore ace!harry? i'm just thinking of younger harry navigating the line where so many ppl wanted him and of course he loves the attention and the physical contact so it takes him a long time to realize maybe he doesn't like the sex part of it?? and trying to navigate being the "sexy/cute one" while also being ace

*stares off into the distance* *sighs dreamily*

I’m home now, and I’m eating leftover chinese food and drinking a beer and this message is just a LOT right now. 

Did you know that I actually have a whole zarry ace fic plotted out that I was planning on writing before I offered myself up to the neverending fic exchange perpetual motion machine? It was this whole deal where Zayn is getting over a break up and can’t really reconcile his feelings about physical intimacy with his desire for emotional intimacy and Harry lives downstairs and he’s like this charming social butterfly who always has a someone and is basically defined by his sexy cuteness but because he’s ace and hasn’t quite figured out how to navigate that, he has a reputation as a tease and a maneater and an ice queen? DID YOU KNOW? 

Also Harry walks Zayn’s dog a lot. And Niall wrote Fool’s Gold about Harry and Harry DJs at night on the radio and you know…just stuff. Just a lot of stuff. I have almost nothing written but this is a piece of it:

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I'm totally up for giving prompts to people. So, Feuilly and Grantaire and a forehead kiss? Is that a rare pair again? If so, I'm sorry. If you feel it's difficult, then Enjolras and Feuilly and a forehead kiss? Thanks.

You know what. I like you. you CHALLENGE ME. well, challenge accepted. 

“Stop talking non-sense,” was saying Feuilly when Grantaire quietly entered the room again. “That horse might have injured you seriously, and I know you are a very rational man which is why you will stay still until you are examined.”

“You know I cannot refuse you anything,” said Enjolras. 

He looked paler than usual, and slightly in pain, but his voice was fond, even lightly amused. He had said tu, and not vous. Grantaire wagered the “vous” only fitted the public eye, but he didn’t care much to think as to why. Enjolras put his hand on Feuilly’s, leaned back against the pillows, and half-closed his eyes. 

If Grantaire had had ever imagined Enjolras in his bed, it wouldn’t have been in this fashion; fortunately enough, Grantaire’s imagination had never been very good, and he took great care not to use it much these days. He opened his mouth to announce himself, but was struck silent when - surely thinking them still alone - Feuilly moved forward, and pressed a quick and tender kiss on Enjolras’s forehead. Enjolras’s lips curled up. Grantaire looked down. 

“Water, for the injured,” he said, loudly. “And the message for Combeferre left a few minutes ago. I also sent a gamin to Joly. My good sister, who has excellent ideas I don’t follow as much as she’d like, is of the mind that we must always get several opinions when the subject is serious. Two doctors at least are required in this case; we wouldn’t want Enjolras to be stuck here too long. I did not even wash the sheets; a serious matter indeed. Who knows what might happen to such a virginal figure? I wouldn’t care to find out for -”

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jongtae, gas station, lost

Taemin feels tense in the driver’s seat. His shoulders are tight and achy and his lower back has been nagging at him for the past twenty minutes. His anxieties are just building and building. He’s been driving for a few days and he just wants to get to his destination. His phone’s GPS told him he was just a couple hours away before it died on him. His charger cord seemed to be broken and now he’s pretty sure he’s totally fucking lost. At night. In a very cold, very scary, wooded town in what he hopes is Massachusetts. He hadn’t seen a sign that he’d crossed over into New Hampshire, but to be honest, he could have missed it. He gets kind of zoned out when he’s driving, especially when the landscape is this monotonous. He tries to focus on the road signs now, however, perking when the next one comes up and lets him know there’s a gas station and a restaurant at the next exit. 

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