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Hey i just found your tumble and im sorry if im spamiing you with likes. I just love it all. Im sorry. I feel kind of silly I didnt find your art/Au sooner (seeing as on of the tumblr i fallow fallow you) but any who, is it alright that im liking your stuff? To the point i might be spaming.

Thank you so much for the heartwarming message! We were so happy receiving it and are most thankful for you taking your time writing us to begin with.

Is it alright if we spam you with love for liking our au?

I see people spit the word riot out of their mouth like its dirty.

But I hear Riot and I think of Pride.

I think of Stonewall. 

I think of revolution.

And I remember that every human life, and human right, and human dignity is worth more than every window and mail box and trashcan on Earth. 

People peacefully protest and they get pepper sprayed and beaten and shot anyway. 

So what’s to lose in a little well earned riot every now and then? 

[161113] 3RD MUSTER TRANS #1

The present Suga gave to Jimin for his birthday is a whole set of comics. He said that it’s super heavy and he carried the box to the mailing place just to send it to him ;;

Taehyung gave Jimin a handwritten letter and followed Jimin to the kitchen before giving it to him cooly like “Yah, it’s for you” ;;

J-Hope also said that Jimin really takes care of people well and “On my birthday, Jimin said that he felt sorry that he can’t take care of me well on my birthday but in fact Jimin has been so nice to me that he can’t be any nicer”

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  • Biden: We'll turn him into a flea!
  • Biden: A harmless little flea...
  • Obama: Joe...
  • Biden: And then we'll put that flea in a box, and then put that box inside of another box
  • Obama: Joe.
  • Biden: ...And then mail that box to ourselves at the White House! And when it arrives... We'll SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!
  • Obama: Joe, come on...
  • Obama: Yeah, alright, I'm in.

Drowning your sorrows or celebrating last night’s election results with booze? If fancy mixed drinks are your tipple of choice, there’s no need to leave the house to imbibe. Craft cocktails are now coming to your mailbox.

As meal kits have gained market share — Technomic, a food consulting firm, estimates that the market for meal kit subscriptions will grow up to a total market of $5 billion by 2025 — cocktail subscription boxes have followed.

Cheering Or Mourning Election Results? Mail-Order Cocktails Head Your Way

Photo: Jeff Schear

Yay!!! Another class completed!!! I think this class has been the most daunting. In addition to everything else going on personally, there is just so much reading. 😐

It helps knowing others going through life experiences such as family, work, and change are digging in and working on personal goals too.

Sadly, the book for this next class came in the mail… The box looks even bigger!!!

But, as we dig in and take life one step at a time, we become stronger and perhaps the challenges lighter. Carry on!!


I’ve started a feather collection in this fillable lamp! You can add your bird’s feathers if you want!

Just mail a feather to:
Pepper and Pals
PO Box 5494
Albany, NY

And I will mail you a card and feather back! Please keep in mind I can only send one or two to each person as I am mailing out to multiple people and I use feathers for crafts in my Etsy shop. So please specify which bird(s) feathers you’d like!

Also obviously, molted feathers only. And since customs might be a bit iffy, this will be limited to those within the US for now.

I’d also love it if you guys brought me feathers when you see me at cons!

  • Leo: So i was thinking, what if I accidentally
  • ...possibly....somehow fed Virgos party invitation to my dog
  • Taurus: You don't have a dog
  • Leo: Accidentally fell into a black hole
  • Taurus: No
  • Leo: dropped it into a burning fire
  • Taurus: ......
  • Leo: As I was about to put the invitation in the mail box, a group of raging teens swooped by and smashed it with spiked pitchforks then robbed me
  • Taurus: are you done yet-
  • Leo: but all they took was Virgos invitation
  • Taurus: You made eVites for your party
  • Leo: Ah shit, you're right

so since Sportacus is an elf, imagine him courting Robbie. giving him things he finds that he thinks Robbie might find useful, knitting him winter clothes so he doesn’t get cold, leaving cute notes so that only Robbie will find them (no one ever suspects the mail box), using elf magic to make plants grow that normally wouldn’t in their climate so that Robbie can have them, just absolutely doting on Robbie and Robbie doesn’t know how to respond whatsoever because he’s not used to this kind of attention and he’s grateful but somehow his face sticks in a weird almost blank smile and “thank you"s get stuck in his throat every time because what he really wants to say is "stop, I don’t deserve this” but he doesn’t really want Sportacus to stop

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Do you ever get hate mail in your PO box? That would be super sad

omg I literally just talked about that in my speed build for today

I haven’t got any physical hate mail. Imagine someone hating me enough to write out a letter, address and stamp it, and then mail it to me. I don’t know if I would laugh or cry.