in the last week i have gained 5 new followers!

Just a couple of reminders… because I have gained quite a few new followers over the last week!

1. This is an 18+ blog. I post smut and NSFW images. Please respect that.

2. I am not taking any requests at this time because I have five works in progress and just don’t have time to add anymore.

3. I do not have a set schedule for when I post. Mainly because life is unpredictable and I write when I can.

4. I will longer be posting anon hate. If you send it to me, it will be instantly deleted and ignored.

5. My main focus is Sebastian Stan and his characters. But I tend to also post about Alex Hogh Anderson/Ivar the Boneless, Chris Evans/Steve Rogers, Marvel, things I like, things I find funny, personal pictures, personal stories… etc.

6. Don’t ever be afraid to come and talk to me! Drop me an ask or a message at any time! (As long as it doesn’t coincide with #4.)

7. There is no judgement here! I do not care about your skin color, gender or sexual preference! We all breathe the same air.

Love always,


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