in the last minute before my project is due

Finals Week

Canada: Did everything ahead of time. Actually read the syllabus. 

America: What do you mean all my deadlines are at midnight it’s 8 pm right now?!!?

England: Works systematically.

France: Entirely projects due before finals. Hangs around to distract everyone else. 

Japan: I have time for a video game break.

China: Only has in class exams. 

Spain: I’ll get good grades because all my professors like me! 

Romano: I can accept a C. 

Russia: Does everything last minute but still gets 8 hours of sleep? 

Italy: Sorry my vacation is finals week I’m just gonna do it all two weeks before~~

Germany: The only reason anyone gets anything done.  

Weekly check in!

Weight: 140
Gain / loss from last week: 0
Gain / loss from baseline: -3
What went well during last week that I should continue? Alcohol.  2 drinks.  Also, sleep, because I switched back to a day schedule for my vacation time.
What did not go well that I want to change? Workouts! I take rest days too early in the week and it screws me later.  And JUNK FOOD OMFG.  5 servings of junk this week, 4 in one day.

How are you doing on your healthy habits?

FOOD: 5 servings of junk.

ALCOHOL: 2 drinks.

WORKOUTS: 2, again, due to poor planning.

SLEEP: Unplugged 30-45 minutes before bed, slept 7-8 hours per night. 
DRAWING: At least one sketch every day.
SCHOOL: Got 73% on my last test and turned in my midterm project.
RUN: 25 minutes outside.


Since I’ve already done barista!Jin (here) I’ll be doing the other 6 for this series, so we’ll be starting off with my lil bean (get it cause coffee) Min Yoongi, for the sake of this AU, they’re going to be college students who work in a café

  • Coffee and Yoongi seem like a perfect match bc he’s always working on some project last minute
  • Jin and Hobi scold him 24/7 bc “maybe you’ll get some actual sleep if you give yourself longer than an hour before the due time to do it”
  • He naps during his breaks (his breaks are like an hour long bc the owner is fresh out of college and understands exactly what he’s going through so she allows him to get some sleep in the supply closet)
  • He tends to have his earphones in with his music playing but he is somehow able to get the orders down without having to pause it
  • He’s not the most social of baristas but a lot of people like him
  • They say he just gives off a relaxed vibe and it calms them down
  • He’s never mean but he also doesn’t start conversations with them
  • But if they get him started on music, it’s like they’ve been best friends for life bc he just sits with them and talks about his favorite artists and gets so passionate about it
  • The owner and him are best friends bc they took the same music class so when she opened up her own lil café, he was the first person she hired
  • You’re also really good friends with her and she’s always telling you to come over to the café (she bribes you by saying whatever you get will be free)
  • She’s always telling you about one of her most popular baristas (apparently everyone calls him Suga even though most people know his real name)
  • She always slides in a few hints that he’s your type and you’re just like chill
  • You finally end up going over bc you had a long night of studying ahead of you and according to your friend “Suga makes the best coffee you’ll ever taste”
  • The café isn’t too busy bc it’s starting to get late but there a few people relaxing by the windows
  • You take one look at the barista and your jaw kinda drops
  • He’s got this mint green hair and he’s just casually leaned against the counter with a textbook in front of him but he literally looks so good
  • He does have on the typical barista’s apron but you can see a baggy shirt underneath it and his shoulders look so broad in it and he just looks really nice
  • You’re wondering if this is the infamous Suga bc if it is, you have to take back every eye roll you’ve ever given your friend when she suggested him as a future date 
  • If his personality is half as good as his looks are, you may have to even thank your friend
  • You go up to the counter but he’s too lost in the textbook to notice
  • You look over at it and see it’s a subject you’re actually really good at and you can tell by the furrow of his brow that he’s confused
  • You lean in and whisper the answer to him and he just jumps and slams the book shut bc he’s technically not supposed to be studying during his shift
  • You just laugh bc he just about jumped a foot into the air
  • He tries to play it off by just leaning against his arm on the counter and hopes that he didn’t just embarrass himself instead of the attractive customer he’d never seen before
  • You offer to help him with studying if he makes you a coffee bc you’re actually lowkey excited to try it now
  • Your friend wasn’t lying about him being cute so she must have been telling the truth about his coffee too
  • As he’s making your coffee, your friend comes out and just shouts your name all excited bc she didn’t know you were coming over
  • He looks up and is just like oh so you’re Y/N, she’s always telling me we should date
  • And you’re just like !?!??!?! bc honestly this girl has no chill
  • She proves that further when she comes over and is just like “you see, I told you he was cute”
  • You’re just glaring at her bc you had been doing a good job at lowkey flirting with him so far and he had been returning the comments with a tone that just as subtly flirty
  • She tells him he can take his break now and just kinda shoves him towards you and gives you your coffee before waving you two off
  • “But hey Y/N, tell him who your favorite artist is”
  • You two don’t get much a choice but to sit together and you can see her watching but you figure you might as well take the chance and actually flirt with the cute barista
  • You mention your favorite artist like she suggested and you just about melt bc his eyes light up so quickly and he’s just blurting out a “they’re my favorite artist too !!!”
  • The next thing you know, you two are munching on the cookie she brought out for you and talking about music and he tells you he’s actually a producer and you’re just amazed
  • You two end up sitting closer than you need to but neither of you move away bc you’re too into the conversation
  • He’s actually really funny and his voice is s o calming
  • If you were the slightest bit nervous before, any hint of nerves is gone bc he just makes it feel like you two have been friends for as long as you can remember
  • He ends up writing down a list of songs for you to listen to and you write one for him
  • You both completely forget you’re supposed to be studying until your friend is calling out that it’s almost closing time
  • You didn’t even realize it’d gotten so late so you’re rushing to pack up and he helps you while he tries to think of a clever way to ask for your number
  • He ends up walking you to your car, the list of songs you suggested held tightly in his hands as he leans against the car to appear casual even though he can feel his heart racing
  • “So our friend seems to think we should go out, I agree with her”
  • You just smile at him and it makes his heart skip a beat tbh
  • You take the list of songs and scribble your number down at the bottom and then get into your car
  • You can see a gummy smile appear on his face and he kinda whispers a lil “yes” to himself as he’s mentally patting himself on the back
  • Your friend however doesn’t bother with subtlety and just cheers from the door bc f i n a l l y
  • Both of you are two excited about the future date to really care but she never lets you live it down
  • You don’t realize until you’re driving away but you never actually drank your coffee
  • You just smile to yourself bc that means you can come back the next day

anonymous asked:

How do I get motivated to do my homework?? I'm a sophomore in highschool but I take a bunch of college classes and my work load is through the roof but I just can't seem to get motivated to do it and end up doing it late the night before it's due

I’m a notorious procrastinator. The English dept at my college had a saying that when you did a project at the absolute last minute (sometimes up to class time) and still got a perfect score, you were “pulling a J.”

But I did/do have the ability to do things on a normal time frame like a smart person and in order to do that, I had to institute a rewards system with built-in breaks. Meaning, if I have an 8-page paper due, I need to write 2 pages, then I can take a break and watch an episode of whatever show i’m watching at the time. It kept me from getting overwhelmed and it kept me on task because I really didn’t want to write that paper, but I totally wanted to watch TV (or spend half an hour on tumblr) and I couldn’t let myself do that until I did the work.

It also helps to find a productive environment. Don’t do your homework in bed or in front of the tv. Go sit at a desk or go to the library. Have a designated “getting shit done” location and eventually you’ll get a nice Pavlovian effect of focusing better at that desk.

You can also check out the #studyblr tag here on tumblr (not our blog, all of tumblr) and get some good tips that way.