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Creativity Night 28: Prompt 3 - ‘beads’ and/or ‘marriage’

I just came in at the end of this round, so I spat out some marlas thing?

“Do you think we’re meant to last?”

Martin blinked at the unexpected question. He turned to face Douglas, well-versed in his partner enough to understand the seriousness of the question, despite the nonchalant way he had asked.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean,” Douglas began slowly, “do you think the two of us could make it work long-term?”

Martin raised an eyebrow. Usually the doubt and worry was his shtick, but Douglas seemed to be having a rare moment of it now. Carefully, Martin considered how to answer.  

“I think, if the last three years, seven months, twenty four days…” He briefly consulted his watch. “…five hours and thirty two seconds are any indication, we’ve certainly made good progress.”

Douglas’ lips quirked into a small smile at Martin’s precise timekeeping, but his eyes were thoughtful.

“What about something a little more…permanent?”

Martin tilted his head.

“What, like marriage?”

“Perhaps.” Douglas shrugged. “I don’t have the best track record for that kind of full commitment.”

Martin took a moment to mull it all over, and really look at what Douglas was saying. He had known for a while now that there was far more beneath Douglas’ persona of the self-assured sky god, but Douglas rarely let it show. Moments like these were sparse, but they had almost solidified and strengthened their relationship more than any date night or intimacy really had. Martin felt the weight of the moment, but he felt relieved to find he had a ready answer. He nudged Douglas until he looked at him, and offered a smile.

“Then just marry me a little, love me just enough, and we can make it work.”

Douglas smiled back.

anonymous asked:

Ok I know this has been done a bunch already but I'd love to see your take: Gramander have been married for years & no one at MACUSA really knew. Newt would go out in the field a lot for research & whatnot but always come home. So he get's home one time & expects to see his loving husband & something is not right (Grindle). So when he eventually makes the reveal everyone asks how he knew and he's like he's my husband I'd know. And then cute Graves and ball-of-sunshine Newt @ MACUSA w/aurors.

Here you go anon, hope you enjoy (: The reveal will be different to the one in the movie it will happen at MACUSA instead (:

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DODRIO’S “2016 is Finally Dead” THANK YOU!

Hello, my friends! 2016 is finally dead and gee whiz, am I happy about that! It’s been a difficult year of transition and change for everyone worldwide, which is an understatement alone, but I want to thank you all for surviving it with me!

These last four months of creating content (Zoidberg Voice: Hooray! I’m useful!) and interacting with all of you guy’s has really helped and inspired me, especially through my own personal recent struggles, and it means the world to me that we all bring each other so much mutual joy. 

In no particular order, I want to send my love to some friends and mutuals I’ve made! And also blogs I adore, even if we’ve never spoken. You are all wonderful and I appreciate what you do!

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In other news! Please check out two new Fan Blogs I’ve created!

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I’ll be posting daily Rick and Morty content on the first (GIFs, Screenshots, Videos, Memes, News, etc.) and am looking to add Members there, and will be posting the same type of content, just Ren and Stimpy, on the second!

I am thankful for each and every one of you who follows me and (seriously) send a thought of well wishes and prosperity you’re way every night before sleeping. It’s the least I can do.

Here’s to 2017! May it be filled of prosperity, productivity and security!


annyeong, annyeong.

stories to read.

Originally posted by cleolux

I asked you guys to send in your stories as a way of giving back to you for all your support during the last four months I’ve been on Tumblr. I can never thank you enough for being such sweethearts to me, but I can try. So, here are the stories my lovely followers sent in. Thank you! ♡
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my mind can’t even wrap itself around the fact that somewhere along the line in the last four months dan howell reached a point where he was completely okay with not only entertaining jokes/innuendos about him and phil in sexual situations but also referencing the notion himself????????????? this? ??? would be so incomprehensible ?? not even a year ago???


Well, I finally found my 3DS.

Turns out I’d plugged it in to charge in the spare bedroom I use for storage and forgotten about it.

It also turns out that I was in the middle of a battle in Persona Q when I’d set it to charge.

Technically, my character has been fighting the same battle for the last four months.

I think I’ll give him a break.

Notes (Bucky Barnes X Reader)


Originally posted by calif0rnia-lovers

For as long as you’ve known Bucky, you’ve known him to be a quiet and reserved person. You understood why, of course, and you never pushed him past his comfort zone. Though, over the past few months you have tried to weasel your way past his walls and become his friend. Honestly, it was one of your main goals for the last four months. 

You were running out of ideas, though. You tried talking to him, cracking jokes, anything and everything you could think of to get the guy to like you. Still, he kept his reserved thing going on around you, which made you mad. You were just about to give up, until a new idea struck you. 

You were sitting in the television room of the Avenger Tower, frowning after your latest attempt at becoming Bucky’s friend had backfired.  You didn’t even notice Sam walk into the room and sit beside you. 

“What’s got you so down in the dumps, (y/n)?” He asked as he plopped down on the couch, making you slightly bounce in your seat.

“Oh nothing. i’m fine. What’s up with you?” You tried to dodge his question, flashing a smile at him, causing him to chuckle. 

“Oh nothing,” he started, mocking your tone, “just getting read to leave for a mission.” At this statement you quirked your eyebrows, as you hadn’t heard anyone was leaving for a mission. 

“Oh? Is it a solo mission?” You asked, becoming interested. You wanted to know where he was going in case he needed backup. No matter how annoying Sam was to you, he was still one of your good friends. 

“Oh no, Barnes is coming with me, and maybe Nat. It’s just a day mission, we should be back late tonight,” Sam filled you in, and then he stared at you expectantly. 

“Ugh, a day mission. I get to play mom and pack you all lunches,” You rolled your eyes, smiling slightly.  

When you arrived at the tower, you were very quiet and shy. In your life before the tower, you didn’t have many friends, and survived on your own, often homeless. You weren’t used to all the nice people and things, and it kind of overwhelmed you. So for the first couple of months of your residence, you spent most of your time in your room. 

Eventually, you loosened up, and your protective, loving, and fluffy side was coaxed out of you. This side of you took up long-term residency, making you a genuinely bubbly and sweet person most of the time. You had a motherly sort of nature towards the rest of the group, even though you were one of the youngest.

This motherly side of you was discovered when, one day, half the team was called for an all day mission. They were going to spend most of there time cooped up all day observing their target. You decided that they were probably going to be super hungry, so you took it upon yourself to pack them lunches. When you gave it to them just before they left, they all laughed and thanked you. From then on, you made everyone lunches when they were going out on all-day missions. It was kind of your thing. 

You smiled at the memory, but were brought back to reality by Sam snapping his fingers in front of your face. You giggled and turned your attention back to him. 

“Right, well it looks like I am going to have to go pack three lunches, just in case Nat does go with you boys,” You said finally, hoisting yourself up off the couch. You made your way out into the kitchen, pulling three brown paper bags out from one of the cabinets. 

You wrote ‘Sam’ on one with a little heart next to his name, like you did with everyone. After you did ‘Bucky’ with a few extra hearts scattered around. Finally, you did ‘Nat <3′ with the annoying internet heart you reserved just for your best friend. 

Once you finished making the lunches and packing them into each bag, you were about to roll the bags closed, when an idea sprung into your head. You ran out of the room and into the living room, where you knew Wanda’s multicolored Sharpies were located. Grabbing the purple Sharpie and a little blue post-it-note, you ran back into the kitchen. You scribbled hastily, before slipping the post-it into Bucky’s lunch, and sealing them up.

Twenty minutes later you stood to the side as the three Avengers got their mission brief. Once it was over, you walked up to them with a smile. 

“Okay, kiddos, be safe, have fun, and don’t do anything stupid. Here’s your lunches,” with that, you gave each of them their assigned lunch.

“Yes mother, thank you for the lunch. I’ll try to come home in one piece,”Sam joked, but you glared at him.

“You better come home in one piece, birdbrain,” you said seriously, though you cracked a smile after, “Off you go, guys, bye-bye!” With that, they all left.

Two hours later, Bucky, Sam, and Nat were sitting in what was virtually a hole, bored out of their minds. 

“Guys, I’m bored, lunch time?” Sam asked, and his two colleagues nodded. They all brought out their lunches, unrolling the bag and eagerly pulling everything out. They wolfed down their food, enjoying every bite. Their favorite thing about having (y/n) pack their lunches, is that she knew all their favorite foods, and put together the best lunches for each. 

Bucky finished his last, as he was still keeping his eye on the target as he ate. He was just about to crumple up the bag, when a flash of electric blue caught his eye at the bottom of it. He reached in, and took out a small slip of paper from inside. He noticed (y/n)’s messy cursive writing and smiled, reading the paper. 

Hey Bucky!

So I don’t know if you noticed, but I’ve been trying to become your friend for a long time. But nothing works. So yup. Enjoy your lunch :)

Bucky laughed, though he was confused. He didn’t notice you trying to become his friend, and he figured he must just be blind as a bat with rusty people skills. By now, Nat and Sam noticed the paper, and were giving him questioning looks. He simply passed the note to Nat, who read it and then passed it to Sam. 

“Dude, you have to talk to her when you get home! Having her as a friend is like the best thing to ever happen to you,” Sam whisper-shouted, and Nat nodded vigorously in agreement. 

“Okay, okay. I can’t believe I never noticed,” Bucky chuckled at his own obliviousness. Suddenly, he couldn’t wait for this mission to be over so he could see you again. 

Okay guys, not my best work, but I hope you enjoy. Happy 50 followers!

Deodorant tips

Heads up for any people who struggle with finding affordable and effective deodorants (NOT antiperspirants) for sensitive skin: for the last four or so months I’ve been cycling between baking soda/starch based powder blends and max strength 40% zinc oxide diaper creams.

WAIT! Before you stop reading, I know you’re thinking that you’ve tried variations of baking soda and if it works, you always end up with the Dreaded Armpit Rash.

1. I have found that the baking soda only irritates me after several days of constant use, so if I use it one or two days and then switch, I don’t suffer from DAR. Diaper creams are anywhere from $5 - $11 but you have to get max strength for it to be most effective, and a little goes a long way. The zinc is a thick white cream that is either safe or too large particle-wise for skin to absorb, but it can stain if not rubbed in well enough or if still moist, so I use it when I shower before bed and re-up it a little in the morning, or even put baking soda over it. I’ve found success with an application ratio of 5:2 days, zinc oxide cream to baking soda, with changes where I see fit. Alternatively, you should be able to use the cream 24/7 if you can’t use baking soda at all.

2. Aside: I also have this clear alcohol free aloe vera gel from walgreens that I use when I’m going out anywhere with short sleeves and I don’t want my armpits to be bright white or powdery, but it has chemicals in it that I don’t feel comfortable putting on my body daily, hence the using it for going out. It’s like $7, and if you can’t or don’t want to use that, I imagine that coconut oil and baking soda can make an effective and clear topical solution for when you want to show off the pits and remain odor free. Finding a good ratio to prevent irritation there is based on personal experimentation. Keeping them both fresh and totally dry there is a tough one that I don’t have any tips for since dryness usually comes at the sacrifice of invisibility, but the aloe vera gel dries totally invisible and works, and lasts months to a year.

3. Neither method (cream or soda) is always 24 hour proof in my own experience and it depends on your level of activity and body chemistry, but I’ve found that it’s the safest and most effective combination, and I’ve tried alcohol, lemon juice, coconut oil and magnesium oil. In these cooler months I don’t have to reapply as much. And the odor that does come isn’t 0 to 10 immediately. It starts with a little and increases with time, so you should be able to tell when it’s time to freshen up before others can. Changing the amount of body hair you have and method of removal can help or worsen odor, depending. I never recommend baking soda after hair removal, that will cause irritation which leads to smelling worse.

4. For the baking soda blend, I use equal parts baking soda and corn starch, but if you’re allergic then tapioca starch or arrowroot powder might work. The former is easier to find and cheap. I throw in some ground cloves and cinnamon for a scented boost but essential oil works too. This is also a great foot deodorant that can be applied to feet before wearing socks or boots. The skin of my feet are not as sensitive as the rest of my body, so I wear the foot deodorant daily, and sometimes add it to my shoes in general. It is great for year round wear but especially in the winter months when boots have to be snow proof, but the lack of breathing creates an offensive smell.

5. In other places where bacteria can breed but I don’t want a bunch of cream stains, such as under my belly and around my crotch, I’ll dust with the power blend or use magnesium oil with essential oils. I’m sure that if you have a problem with odor from fat rolls, it could work there too. For me, those crevices are less sensitive areas, so I can use the powder more often there. And they don’t get nearly as smelly as the pits so it’s more so about staying dry. If you can afford it, I imagine a silica powder could keep the area dry and wouldn’t be as visible as corn starch, but that seems excessive.

6. The diaper rash creams tend to have pleasant scents, but I have not seen any unscented creams. Play around with oils and scents to make something uniquely you! Some naturally work better alongside the scent your body produces, so fruity scents may not feel right on every part of the body, florals may work better here or there, etc. Don’t underestimate the power of woodsy scents and barks.

7. Finding what will work for you can be a process but once you do, it’s just about making the routine simple enough to maintain and listening to your body. I know i am not alone in my struggle and search so I thought I would share, especially for other plus size people. Best of luck!

Worth Waiting For

Synopsis:  Even gets accepted to study at a college abroad. Isak has to stay home for his last year in school. It’s four months until Even comes home for winter break. They can make it four months…right?

Read on AO3: x

Even first brings it up in April.

Even and Isak are sitting on Isak’s bed, Even lies with his back against the wall as he contently runs his fingers through Isak’s hair. Isak lies with his head in Even’s lap and his feet hanging over the side of the bed.

The room is quiet, Isak’s eyes are closed and he could happily doze off here but it’s his turn to make dinner; which pretty much means that it’s Even’s turn to make dinner and Isak’s turn to pretend he’s helping and not just staring at Even as he cooks but they should really start soon.

“Hey, Isak?” Even says, breaking the tender silence softly.  

Isak opens his eyes, blinking twice before his eyes finally settle on Even’s expressionless face.


“There’s em…well you know how I had my class with the careers teacher yesterday?”

Isak nods, remembering vividly how Even pulled away from their make out session yesterday to go to his meeting.

“Well I was telling her how I wasn’t sure what college I wanted to go to yet but that I was interested in film and so she em…she gave me a few brochures on some she thought I’d be interested in.”

Isak raises an eyebrow, “Oh yeah?”

Even swallows, “Yeah and there’s…there’s one I think I really like but I’m not sure yet. I’ll have to do a lot more research on it and it seems like you’ve to be pretty smart to go there and I’ve been absent a lot so that might set me back-“

Isak reaches a hand up to stroke Even’s cheek causing Even to visibly relax.

“You’re plenty smart babe. Your absences were understandable nobody will hold them against you. What college is it?”

Even’s stroking of his hair pauses for a second.            

“It’s em…well it’s one in eh… America.”

Isak stares back at him, certain he must have heard wrong.



“Did you…did you hear what I said?”

“Yeah” Isak whispers “Yeah I think I did”

“A-and?” Even’s eyes search Isak’s face, searching for some sign of how he’s feeling, what he’s thinking.

“Well I…” Isak pauses and tries to figure out what the hell he does think about this. “Isn’t college there ridiculously expensive?”

“Well I…I wouldn’t technically be going to that college. I’d be enrolled in that art university in Oslo but they’ve a programme with a school in America, I can study there for the first and possibly third year if I like. The one in America is more about directing which…which I’d be more into. But I mean…I’m still not sure and it’s high grades and-“

Isak sits up then and leans in to kiss Even’s lips slowly.

When he pulls away, Isak can feel his eyes beginning to water but he knows he has to say this now or else he never will.


“Okay?” Even whispers, shock and confusion laced in his tone.

Isak strokes his cheek again and closes his eyes, internally cursing when his tears fall onto his cheeks.

“It’s okay” Isak repeats, opening his eyes and forcing himself to look at Even whose eyes are glassy themselves. Just the thought of them being separated is enough to bring them both to tears. Isak’s not sure how on Earth they’d be able to survive if they were really apart for months on end but if it’s for Even’s career then they’ll make it work.  

“We’ll…we’ll be okay.” Isak coughs then because even he can hear the uncertainty in his voice and Even can’t hear that right now. Even needs to think…he needs to know that Isak supports this. “We’ll be alright, really. It’s just one year. Then you’ll be home. And yeah maybe another but then you’ll be back.” Isak smiles and prays it comes across convincing, “I want you to go.”

Even tilts his head back, fighting back his own tears.

“Isak you don’t have to-“

Isak quickly moves himself so his legs are laying either side of Even’s and he moves his other hand to Even’s cheek and continues to caress them soothingly.

“I’m not lying. I…okay it would kill me to see you go. But that’s just because of how much I love you. Even this is your dream. Just…I’m not saying you have to go but…applying can’t hurt.”

Even straightens his head and Isak leans his forehead against his.

“Nothing will change” Isak whispers “Not between us. I’ll still be here, loving you, missing you until you come home again.”

Even speaks but his words are so soft that if Isak hadn’t been sitting so close, he wouldn’t have heard them, “I don’t want to leave you.”

Isak chokes down more tears, determined to be strong.

“I know baby. I know. But if this is your dream then I’ll support you until the end. We can Skype? We’ll text every day, well more like every hour knowing us.” Isak rubs his nose back and forth against Even’s slowly and smiles, “You’re not getting rid of me that easily.”

For a minute, they simply stare at one another but then Even nods, wraps his arms around Isak’s waist and hugs him tightly.

They can worry about the future when it comes. But for this minute, they’ll stay here in each other’s arms, focusing on nothing else but one another.

Even gets accepted into the college.

Even gets accepted into the programme to transfer to America.

Even’s moving to America for a year.

Isak’s staying in Norway for his last year of school.

The night they get the news neither of them speak, neither of them comfort or console the other. Both of them know exactly how the other is feeling and both of them know that no words can make the other feel better.

No words can make this situation hurt less.

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Surprise! (Auston Matthews)

Anonymous said:

Can you do an Auston Matthews imagine where his long term gf surprises him by coming to visit Toronto and watch him play? Thanks!!

Word count: 1857

Originally posted by dylanmcilrth

You peer out the window of the plane, the city of Toronto shining brightly beneath you. For three years, you had been dating Auston. Your longest time spent apart had been for two weeks every summer when he was away at a team hockey camp. Now that he played for the Leafs, however, it had been four months since you had last seen your boyfriend. Four months since you had gotten to see his face off of a phone screen. Four months since you had been able to hear his corny jokes at the drop of a hat and hold his hand. These had been the longest four months of your life, honestly.

But now you were on your way to Toronto and the best part was, Auston had no idea. It was Auston’s teammate William Nylander that had the idea to surprise him, actually. Auston had been in a funk lately that hadn’t been getting any better. He was getting into more little spats with his teammates; he was more irritable in general, actually; he wasn’t putting up as many points as you-and everyone-knew he had the potential to put up and; the issue that was of most concern to you, he wasn’t talking to his teammates nearly as much. Instead, he spent nearly all of his time texting you, or calling you, or Snapchatting you, or FaceTime-ing you. While you loved everything about Auston and your conversations, it was very time-consuming to always be talking to him while you were busy with other activities, and you were worried about him.

That was where Willy came in. He had called you and asked if you would consider flying up to Toronto to surprise Auston during one of your school breaks. Actually, he said that the whole team wanted you to come up. It was a team decision, he said, and everyone knew that he was just really missing you.

You booked your ticket right after the phone call.

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anyways i’m gonna do an actual list of all things i sent to the gc ( and a few extras! )so u guys know whats coming in my aunt magda story so more aunt sawyer (magda) headcanons!!

  • her names magdalena sawyer, she is maggie sawyers paternal aunt - and she goes by magda.
  • magda was babysat by maggie’s mom growing up thats how maggies parents met they were very close.
  • maggie was named after magda but due to them living in a very white neighborhood and wanting to fit in they settled with margaret. maggie for short.
  • magda’s fifteen years older than maggie, she was there for her birth and was exactly the 3rd person to hold newborn baby maggie sawyer, and by all technicalities, magda’s is maggies godmother.
  • her favorite picture is of her holding newborn maggie. she carries it with her everywhere.
  • magda’s a chef, when maggie moved in with her aunt she was on a vegan kick, it lasted exactly four months but that’s why now maggies MOSTLY vegan // maggies favorite tiramisu comes from magda
  • magda bought maggie a box, that she let her decorate and write the words “when im ready box” after maggies mom started sending letters and cards behind her husbands back. she said maggie never had to feel obligated to read them but she could, and ones she werent ready for she put into the box.
  • maggie put every letter, and card into that box, until she was 22, and graduating from the academy and college. and magda gave it to her, as her official moving into her own place gift, saying she should have it. maggie opened it that night. and magda held her and tucked her in one last time before they parted because of the emotional wreck it made her. magda was so proud of her.
  • magda has on exactly four occasions outloud said “maggie sawyer is my daughter”.
  • once when a principal tried to say that a fight broken out because of her sexuality was maggies fault for being so open about it.
  • two when maggie was shot as a new cop, and she said the words “you will let me in to see my daughter”
  • at the sanvers wedding “you have made my daughter very happy”
  • the day that sanvers had their baby and she said “my daughter and you have brought something beautiful into this world”
  • maggie has only ever called her mom, that was once, when she broke down, after a particularly bad week, and magda held her close and said no matter what no matter who gets her down she’ll always be there for her.
Kay so...

I’m not usually one to air out my dirty laundry on social media. But I do have a healthy number of followers and I feel like I kind of owe it to you guys to explain what I’ve been going through the last four months. I was in a relationship with someone for the last several years. Yenno we planned on getting married and buying a house and just starting a life together. I never in a million years would’ve thought that something could happen to us. We were that couple that other couples envied. Well, I was wrong. Very wrong. The end of the of the summer we ended it. For a number of reason I don’t want to get into. Let’s just say when you’ve been with someone for so long people tend to get complacent. It was all fine, I thought I was doing pretty good considering my life got flipped-turned upside down (sorry fresh prince reference XD). Then I found out some pretty shitty things the following weeks that involved my ex -Also not going to get into it- It put me into a funk, I’ve dated a bit but they didn’t work out and that added insult to injury. So it’s been a bit rough and I’ve had a ton of you ask where I’m at. And I’m sorry that I’ve been a ghost, it’s just hard to get inspiration when you feel like just crawling in a hole and never coming out. 2016 has been a crap year, for everybody I’ve noticed. I’m hoping 2017 will bring a more positive vibe and I can get back to focusing on me and what I love doing. Which is writing. So I’m sorry, I know I’ve already said it a few times but please just be patient. I don’t want to force something out and it be total crap. I want it to have substance and I just can’t provide that at the moment. That being said I have been feeling a bit more motivated to write. So hopefully something comes from that very soon. I’ve had an amazing support system from friends and family. And obviously my hoes know all my details and have been very supportive and loving. So thank you guys so much for being there for me, for my ranting and crying and use of ALL CAPS! Steff even sent me a little feel better package a few months ago and I loved it 😊 I’ve been kind of a ghost with them as well and I really want to get back to that fun place I was at in the summer. I’m sorry guys :( @dumbass-stilinski @thelittlestkitsune @stilinski-jpeg @smutandahalf @completedylantrash Again thank you guys for being so patient and supportive. I haven’t received any hate as of yet. So thank you. 😘

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Update + Follower Count

OKAY! HEY! I know it’s been forever. I’ve basically been running my blog off of a queue for the last couple months. Please bear with me… These last four classes are kicking my ass, BUT I finish school on FEBRUARY 28th and then I will be done FOREVER! Here a couple quick updates:

1. Private Lives Chapter 11 is in progress. Not gonna tell y’all what happens, BUT it’s exciting :)

2. Dean x (sorta) Reader, so far is 8,000 words. I love this fic and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. Let’s just say Dean’s gonna don a military uniform 

3. I still have my list of fics/drabbles/oneshots. If you have requested from me for a celebration or otherwise, I am working on it!! 

4. UMMM… I AM 42 FOLLOWERS AWAY FROM 1,000. As many of you know, I started this little blog in March of last year, just wanting to look at Supernatural things and post a few stories. IT’S SO MUCH BIGGER THAN EXPECTED! SO, if I reach 1,050 by the time I graduate (AKA my one year on March 1) I WILL DO A BIG CELEBRATION. 

So, I need your help, lovely followers cause I WANNA CELEBRATE! 

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Ribbons and Paper

Writing: @lady-brandish

Art: @cheer-chan

Summary: Gift wrapping requires a special touch.

Erza smiled to herself as she gazed at the sparkling tree and fire. It wasn’t the first holiday she and Jellal had spent together, but this year was special. The Magic Council had finally been reformed and, unlike the last twenty-four months, Jellal now had a satellite office in Magnolia. He’d spend most of his time at home instead of Era. Though he’d only just established the office, Erza’s mood had already improved.

On top of all that, she’d managed to acquire a very special Christmas gift. The gold ribbons and red paper hid a rare book he would’ve hunted down himself – if he knew of its existence.

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As of this last week we’ve finished up our fundraiser with Chase! After four months of fundraising we succeeded in donat in $4,200 in total from our Support Chase campaign with another $595 raised through his YouCaring. 

And with that, we’re declaring the Support Chase fundraiser officially and successfully closed! But before we wrap up, there’s a few last things to say..

Chase wants you all to know he loves you all, this community who turned out to help him in such a pivotal way. 

Our line of BTLM gear will stay open at least until our next fundraiser, with all funds outside of operational costs to keep the line in stock going into our Black Trans Lives Fund. All moneys in which will go directly to black trans individuals in need, or black trans organizations.

Thank you all, for every donation, every like, every reblog - and all your dedication that has helped us make this campaign such a great success!

-W2R Team