in the krispy kreme parking lot

anonymous asked:

Hey if you want could you do hoseok picking up his boyfriend from school after he had a bad day? Love your blog!

thank you! 

-hoseok is a really cute boyfriend in general but also because he likes to drive you places just to have you in the car with him

-which is really nice because you don’t have a car (and hoseok is there) 

-so lately hoseok’s been picking you up at school too and you usually just go back to his to study together or play videogames or w/e

-but school has been getting really rough recently

-and every time you come to the car upset you just brush it off and try to put on a smile for your boyfriend

-one day is really bad though, and you feel like human shit dragging yourself to the car 

-and hoseok looks like he’s gonna take you brushing off answering, but then he pulls into the back parking lot of a krispy kreme and shuts off the engine like. 

-’ok babe spill.’ 

-and it’s like? because it’s hard to do it on your own but when someone asks you to tell them something hard it’s easier. 

-and you just tell him everything that’s going on with you and even start to cry a little bit 

-and he looks around for tissues but there are none so he lets you wipe your eyes on his shirt

-you look really really disconsolate in you seat then and he really really looks pained

-so he just steps out of the car and squeezes himself into the passenger seat with you halfway on his lap

-and just holds you. he’s so warm and his shirt smells like him and his dryer sheets and it’s all so comforting 

-he doesn’t even really need to say anything, because not even you know what would make you feel better. all he needs to do is hold you tight and let you cry it out

-and he just rubs your back and pets your hair 

-and there might be tears in his eyes too because he just hates to see his boyfriend upset and it really hits him too

-but there’s no better way to feel safe and reassured than holding onto your boyfriend

-(bonus- you get drive thru krispy kreme afterwards)