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I hadn’t been on my tumblr since ending things with my ex because we always tagged each other and talked on here and reblogged each other stuff and I knew if I went on it would be too painful. I decided to get back on a couple days ago and came across our last conversations. The first one was when we were happy and could still say “I love you” to each other. The last one was during the tailspin of the end of our relationship. He has told me he didn’t feel comfortable saying he loved me anymore and I tried more than anything to be there for him. In the end he pushed me away until I felt nothing and then he was ready to commit again and I wasn’t. I still love him and I hope he doesn’t see this. He’s blocked me on everything and I respect that but I think this is something that need to get out there. I felt so empty without him and I was close to breaking down and reaching out to him and then I went back on my tumblr and saw the cold way he regarded me and all the posts of how sad I was and it made me realize it happened for a reason. Stay strong.

The sexy maid

Request: Could I get one based on tonight’s episode when Dean said the “We’ve got to get a maid” thing? As in reader being the maid and then stuff? Pretty please?? - It’s me again. The maid one. Maybe… Smut? by Anonymous

Words: 1412

Pairing: Dean x Maid!Reader

Warning: Smut

A/N: Pulled this one forward, because I felt like writing this one;)

Tagging @crowlorevstiel and @but-deans-back-tho I think you’ll enjoy this one :) (better said I hope)

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Hey!! I have just started to post stories on tumblr, and have been wondering if you could maybe give me some tips? I just posted one last night and I really don't know if I did anything right or wrong (Not that you have to read my story, just give me tips on how to make one successful if possible). Anyway, I hope you're having a good day or night!

sure thing! so i think the most helpful place for writers to go if they need advice is definitely the spnfanficpond’s Writer’s Resources. They reblog a bunch of awesome writers tips and advice and I think those will explain things way better than I can hahaha.

BUT what I can definitely tell you are 3 things that have helped me immensely in terms of gaining more notes on my fics:

1) TAG THE SHIT OUR OF UR FICS, FAM. seriously. each one of my fics, imagines and drabbles have like 30 tags on them hahaha. this way, more people will see your fics!

2) do timezone reblogs!! I reblog my fics several times after I post them and I reblog them at different hours of the day so that people in other timezones will see them. 

3) ADD A ‘READ MORE’ TO YOUR FIC. I cannot stress this enough!! if your fic is more than 500 words, please add a ‘read more’. a lot of blogs (including myself) won’t reblog fics without a ‘read more’ bc they simply clog up people’s dash. 


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Coco im kinda stressed can you say something cute

I’m kind of stressed too Anon-chan ;3; And I don’t really know what cute things to say so have some AoKi fluffy headcanons/ideas instead ◦°˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦ (Note: They’re mostly not related to one another, these come from Coco’s random mind at 1 AM.)

  • When AoKi have a love child together, Aominecchi is usually the one who reads bedtime stories to their child. But then he doesn’t really like the general plot of children’s books and all of those fairy tales stuff that Kise prefers. So more often than not, he makes up his own stories instead. Their child’s current favourite is that story about a middle school basketball player’s fateful meeting with his soulmate, the one where that player throws a basketball to the back of someone’s head and everything goes down the hill from there. It is Aominecchi’s favourite story too and the secret is kept between Aominecchi and their child about how that basketball was really thrown on purpose and not an accidental slip //w//

  • One time during summer, Kise comes back from a full week photoshoot by the beach and his body is filled with freckles everywhere, especially on his shoulder plus his backside. Aomine wonders why Kise insists on keeping his shirt on while they’re doing sex before he notices some stray freckles near Kise’s chest. Kise almost shriek at him when Aomine forcefully takes Kise’s shirt off, revealing all of the freckles that Kise wanted to hide. When Kise covers himself with the blanket and whines that he looks ugly, Aomine says that he is not. The blond is only convinced 2 hours later as Aomine kisses every inch of his freckles-covered-skin and comments how they look like skin-stars along Kise’s body //w//

  • Aomine has a habit of walking around the house in only his boxers whenever it is hot or early in the morning when he is just too lazy to put any shirt on. Kise’s complain only lasts about less than a minute every time because then he would be all over Aominecchi, wrapping his arms around Aomine’s broad shoulders and whines about how Aominecchi is so unfair for tempting him every single time //w// It serves as such a huge ego-boost for Aomine, especially when Kise starts to cling behind him while littering soft kisses at the back of his shoulders.

  • At times, the life of Police Officer Aominecchi is tough.. especially when he has to complete his paperworks that have piled up due to his procrastination habit. There are days when office hour is just not enough for him to complete them all so he brings his work home and starts typing on his laptop with a very distracting blond by his side. Aomine has no idea why he chooses to do his work in his room, on his bed of all places.. but Kise’s presence serves as both a distraction and a motivation at the same time because then Kise will wait for him to complete his work while resting his head on Aominecchi’s shoulder before he falls asleep from the long wait. Seeing Kise all tangled up in the blanket and sleeping by his side is enough of a motivation for Aho to enter the zone and speed up his typing just to prevent Kise from sleeping alone ;3;

  • Kise is not afraid of ghost movies, Aomine is afraid of them… and so does their love child. One time the AoKi family sit on the sofa together and Kise doesn’t know which is more cute; their son hiding his face behind Daiki every time a ghost appear out of nowhere or.. Daiki trying to keep on a straight face even though the hand that Kise is holding in his palm is actually trembling more than their son’s shivering body. Aomine is afraid of those ghost stories but he’ll be damned if he disappoint their son by letting him know the truth. Aomine is his biggest hero after all. So instead of admitting that he is scared, Aomine suggests for them all to cuddle up in bed earlier without finishing that story off because the little child is scared. Aomine is more than happy when his son agrees and he ignores how Kise mockingly compliments him for being such a good daddy. 

  • Imagine an AoKi neighbour!AU where their apartments go through a sudden power outage in the middle of winter. It is night, it is cold and Aomine doesn’t have enough blankets to keep him warm and his body just won’t stop shivering! So he throws away his pride and knocks on the door of pretty boy next door. Pretty boy opens the door, all wrapped up in at least three layers of blankets and Aomine almost thought that it is the blanket itself that greeted him if not for the fact that ‘Kise’ asks him what is he doing here. Good, Aomine just hopes that the blond already forgive him for shutting the lift’s door on his pretty face, every single morning for the past few months. It was for pretty boy’s own good because Aomine doesn’t know what he will do if it’s just them together inside such small space. Aomine clears his throat and asks him if he have extra blanket. It is night, it is dark but Aomine could make out pretty boy’s face because he just shines so brightly, and he shines brighter in Aomine’s eyes when he says that they can just combine their blankets together because there are just not enough blanket in his house. Later on, they’re both cuddle up under layers of blanket together and it is the first time that Aomine thinks that power outage isn’t that bad when you have a very warm and nice smelling blond by your side //w\

  • Sometimes Kise’s modelling work requires him to travel everywhere, in and outside Japan. Of course Kise is an expert at packing up his things and he needs none of Aominecchi’s help at packing, especially not when the ganguro is such a messy person in the first place. But that doesn’t stop Aomine from wondering why his jackets are missing from time to time when he is so sure that he puts them all neatly in his wardrobe, Aomine hoards his collection of nice jackets as much as he loves his basketball shoes collection after all. But then, one time it is Aomine’s turn to be away from home and he tells Kise that he’ll be back in 5 days. Except that his work finishes earlier and he makes a surprise come-back on the 3rd night only to find Kise all cuddle up with Aomine’s pillow while wearing only the jacket that Aomine has worn a day before he left home. And suddenly everything clicks in to places and Aomine could only grin to himself before he tackles Kise in his sleep. The talk can wait, right now Aomine only wants to wrap himself around Kise because it seems like the blond has been missing him so much. Aomine misses him just as much but he isn’t going to admit that.. at least not by words but in his act of sniffing Kise’s scent before giving him his much tender loving care //v\

  • At times Kise comes back from work, with his energy entirely drained out from a rough modelling schedule. But then Kise has got such a nice boyfriend who will caress Kise’s hair idly when Kise lays down on his laps, demanding his attention. And Kise never fail to get his attention because Aominecchi has such a soft spot for him. When Kise is all tired and demand to be spoiled, Aomine would groan.. he will complain, but that won’t stop him from carrying Kise to the bathroom to give him a nice comforting shower and messing with Kise’s hair by putting on too much shampoo and filling the bathtub with bubbles before he rinses the blond off and dries him with a towel. When Aomine carries him to bed, Kise will cling to him like a koala and more often than not, Aomine will unceremoniously throw Kise on the bed just to see Kise’s pouty face and puffed up cheeks. Aomine thinks Kise is really cute when he is sulking, and even more so when he stops sulking just from having Aomine’s arms wrap him from behind. Kise falls asleep in less than 5 minutes not because he is tired, but because being in Aominecchi’s arms is just so comforting that Kise is lulled in to sleep, and so is Aominecchi because he seeks Kise’s warmth more than anything else (´▽`ʃƪ)
three little words

A super late birthday fic for the sweet and adorable @mrsashketchum​. She had sent this prompt in forever ago, and I finally wrote it for her bday!! You’re such a good hearted person whose art and tags make me smile so I hope this does the same ♥♥♥

Rain lightly tapped against the window pane. The lights of the city danced against the pale walls as they flooded the apartment in an assortment of colors with each passing advertisement. Muffled sounds from the TV mixed with the voices of his neighbors on either side of him; a strong scent of green apple body wash filled his nostrils. Soul nestled in closer to the girl his arms were lazily draped around, her freshly wet hair mingling with his own. It was pleasant and serene. A perfect rendition of all the things he loved the most in his life.  

These were the nights he lived for – craved them more than anything. The nights when Maka came back from a grueling day at work, took an hour long bath, and cuddled up with him to rest it off. Eventually their silence would  disperse into casual conversation. She’d tell him about the drama her co-workers bickered about; he’d tell her about the song at the forefront of his mind but refused to spill out on paper. Their routine for these particular nights were repetitive sometimes, but they were familiar.

They gave him a sense of comfort. A reason to get up in the morning.

She gave him a reason to get up in the morning.

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Sarada Uchiha Week is Officially Closed for Business

Sarada Week is now officially over and what a week it has been!

We hope you guys enjoyed all the submissions and also had a lot more fun making them. Us admins ( @uchisuke & @sasukekun ) feel truly honored that we were able to host this event for everyone, especially because it was the very first one for our fandom. If you’re all in favor then we would be more than happy to host it again next year!

We would like to thank the following people for their lovely submissions (if you’re not tagged properly then it’s because you have one or both of our main blogs blocked):

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We hope you guys are having a great day and thank you so much for giving us such an awesome week. Until next year!

Those Were The Days.

Pairing: Dean x reader

Titled: ‘Those Were The Days.’ 

Warnings: Uhh 

Word Count: 1,541 

Prompt: “Be quiet, they’ll hear you.” 

A/N: This is my entry for Week 4 of the lovely Supernatural Hiatus Challenge! I hope you love it @one-shots-supernatural 

Tagging: @winchester-writes @sincerelysaraahh @bovaria @castiels-colette @plaidandwhiskeydean @winchesterwhisper @winchesterreaderinserts @castiella-winchester67 @ilostmyshoe-79 @abaddonwithyall @angelkurenai @deanandidrinkcoffee @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @torn-and-frayed @training-wolves @thegirlwiththeimpala @a-gift-from-below

Life for you and Dean is always changing especially with your two young children. No day was ever the same, and it would get hard for you with Dean being away all the time. 

You first had a son, which Dean was a little bit more than happy about, and you named him Conner. Then you had your first daughter, which was what you secretly wanted and you named her Reagan. Conner was three years old and Reagan just turned one. 

You’ll be honest, you haven’t gone hunting since Conner was born. But you and Dean agreed that if you were going to have kids that you needed to stay with them because they will need you. 

You didn’t really miss hunting that much but you would get your fill of it from Dean and Sam. Although since you’ve had kids your’s and Dean’s date nights went out the window. Those were rare, like really rare and soon your anniversary was coming up. 

Dean knew that he wanted to do something extra special for you because of how hard you worked and how much you had sacrifice, so he came up with something. He made a few phone calls and hopefully things will work out like they are supposed to. 

The day had finally come and Dean didn’t know how much longer he could keep it from you. Late that afternoon, early into the evening, you overheard someone knocking at the door. You ran up the stairs but you couldn’t go too fast with, Reagan in your arms. 

You opened the door and there was Claire and Jody! “Claire? Jody? What are you doing here?” You were very shocked and happy to see them and you immediately let them in. “Oh we were in the neighborhood and we thought we would stop by.” Jody shrugged her shoulder. 

“How are you guys? Oh and how is school going Claire?” You raised an eyebrow at that girl. “School is going actually.” Claire said and she smiled a bit. “We are doing as well as we can.” Jody answered for the both of them. 

“How are you though?” Jody asked you. “I am doing great, and I am happy as ever to get to be home with the kids. “ You admitted truthfully. 

“Well, I’ll have to say is enjoy while you can because soon, they’ll grow up and be like this!” Jody said giving Claire a look. Claire looked back at Jody and tried to look completely innocent. You guys entered the library and there was Sam and Dean sitting in their usual spots. 

“Oh hey Jody, hey Claire!” Both of the boys stand up from their sits at the three of you walk in or should say four of you including Reagan. Sam and Dean gave the both of them hugs and asked how they were and how was the trip. 

Dean looked Reagan in the eyes just like his and opened his arms for her to move into. She was a Daddy’s girl and she instantly began to squirm and move around in your arms. “Okay, okay you want to go to Daddy, I understand.” You say handing her over to Dean. 

Dean bounced Reagan up and down in his arms as you guys caught up. In the middle of everyone talking you asked if you anyone wanted anything. You suggested putting a pot of coffee on and everyone agreed with you. You went into the kitchen and got to work. 

While you working away, Jody walked closer up to Dean and asked him.

“Have you told Y/N yet?” Dean smirked and looked at you through the kitchen door way and said in a low voice. 

“I’m working on it.” Dean said and he handed Reagan over to Jody. “Claire, Conner should be playing in his bedroom, go get him.” Dean directed Claire and Claire nodded her head and began walking down the hallway. 

“Sam, go move the kids car seats into Jody’s truck.” Dean moved his head in the direction of the door. Sam gave his brother a thumbs up and went on his way. Claire and Jody met Dean at the bottom of the stairs. “Okay, Claire quickly go and get the play pen out of Reagan’s nursery, and in that bag has everything you need, Jody.” 

Dean reassured Jody. “Thanks, Dean and  I think what you are doing for Y/N is really sweet and I am glad I get to be Aunt Jody for a little while.” Jody smiled still holding Reagan. “Well, whatever we decide to do we should be home by ten so drop them whenever or maybe.” Dean said talking off the top of his head. 

“Dean we’ll figure that tomorrow! Now go be with your wife!” Jody exclaimed, pushing Dean a bit and her and Claire ran up the stairs with the kids in a hurry. 

Dean watched them walk out the door and then he crept his way slowly into the kitchen. You were in there working on fixing the first cup of coffee. Dean stood  frame of the door staring at you. You looked up from what you were doing and noticed Dean. 

“Oh hey Dean are you here to help me with the load?” You asked pouring some half and half into the mug and began to open a sugar packet. “Jody and Claire couldn’t stay for coffee, they just left.” Dean said to you pointing out of the room with his hand. 

“What do you mean they just left?” Y/N stopped dead from what she was doing and drew her focus on me. “Yeah and they took Reagan and Conner with them.” Dean added that small but major detail. Your eyes widened larger than life. 

“They took my babies? Its not that I don’t trust them but those are my children and I never let them out of my sight. and and” You were going on and on but only you could hear because you began to mumble over your words. 

“Babe! It’s okay Sam tagged along and they’ll be back tonight!” Dean said in an attempt to catch your attention. “So this means that you and I have the bunker completely to ourselves for the evening?” You asked to clarify with Dean. 

“Right.” Dean said nodding his head a little. “Happy anniversary, baby.” Dean said coming closer to you and kissing you. You threw your arms around Dean and gave him a big bear hug. Dean hugged you back and you thanked him. 

“So what do you want to do?” Dean asked you next. It didn’t take you long to make a decision. 

You and Dean were your shared bedroom, watching whatever you wanted on Netflix and just relaxing. Sitting back for the first time before Conner was born. 

You and Dean found a show and played the first episode. You and Dean were all cuddled up and you weren’t even twenty minutes into the episode when you already dozed off. 

Dean smiled down at your sleeping figure against his body and he began to yawn, he didn’t realize how tired he was until he laid down. Not longer after that Dean was asleep as well. 

You guys slept your whole night away. Claire, Jody, and Sam came back around nine and when the saw impala they knew you guys were back already. What they didn’t expect was a dead quiet house. It was too quiet. 

Jody and Claire got the kiddos back into their own beds and then they began to search the bunker for you two. Sam found you two, knocked out in the bed. You and Dean clung to each other side and the T.V was still on. 

Sam turned the T.V. off and then he took his phone out and snapped a few pictures. Claire and Jody saw that the door was opened and Sam inside. They walked in as well and Claire was about to bust out laughing. 

Jody nudged her in the side and muttered. “Be quiet, they’ll hear you.” Sam turned around to Jody and Claire and told them that they are really out because they would have woken up by now. 

The three of them didn’t want to intrude much longer so they left you two in peace. 

You finally woke up and Dean remained in a deep sleep. You picked up your phone that was right beside you in the bed and saw that it was 5:00 a.m. ! 

You gasped quietly to yourself and then you shook Dean awake. “Dean! Dean!” You whispered shaking him. “What? What?” Dean asked half awake and then he rubbed his eyes. 

“We fell asleep and we slept for twelve hours!” You said still in a state of shock. “So? You obviously needed a break if you slept for that long.” Dean said yawning a bit. “Now come on, we’ve still got a few more hours to sleep.” Dean said opening his arms to you. 

You didn’t shy away from that and you scooted in the bed closer to Dean. 

“I love you Dean.” You mumble into Dean’s chest.

“I love you too , Y/N.” Dean said kissing the top of your head and falling back asleep. 

The End!

Laundry Day

Here! Have a little drabble story (it got longer than it was meant to be). It’s a little present because I’m going away for 2 whole weeks.

But I might write more. a-little-hell-to-raise, who gave me the idea for this one, had LOTS of suggestions, but if you’ve got one, feel free to send it to me. No promises, but I hope to do it.

I SHOULD be able to post from China. If not, I might set up a queue when I get back. Either way, here’s a little piece I call “Laundry Day”. <3

Laundry Day

As he dug through the clean laundry, it slowly began to dawn on Sam that something wasn’t quite right about it. At first he’d thought it was the dodgy lighting in the All-Nite-Laundro-Mart, but when he pulled out one of Ellie’s tank tops and examined it closely, he could see that it was definitely not a lighting thing. There was a distinct pink colour. He knew Ellie had some pink tops, but they were brighter than this. Nope… this was definitely a white top stained pink.

He threw it into the basket, and winced as he pulled out a pair of his own boxers and stared at them. Pink. Dammit! Sam had no objection to pink, but if he wanted pink boxers he’d buy pink boxers!

Shoving everything into the basket, he hauled the whole lot back over to Ellie and Dean, dropping the basket down on the floor in front of them. Dean looked up from his phone, and Ellie nearly jumped into the air with shock.

“Jesus, Sam!” she scolded.

He just bent down and reached into the basket, pulling out his wet, pink boxers. He threw them at her, irritably. She was startled again, but she still had a hunter’s reflexes and she caught them easily.

“Thanks. These are lovely,” she said, straightening them out. “And huge!”

Dean’s shoulders began shaking and a smirk was definitely starting to appear.

“I mean… because… they’re extra-large… I… Because Sam is so big… Shit! Not like… I mean…” She had begun to blush as pink as Sam’s unfortunate underwear. “He’s just… I dunno… Thick? Oh God! Fuck it!”

She threw her hands up in despair, throwing the boxers back at Sam in the process. He smiled. It was hard to stay mad about the colour of his underwear, when Ellie was rendered blushy and flustered and cute by touching it.

“You didn’t notice the colour?” he asked, holding them up to show her.

Seeing it right away, Dean groaned and reached into the basket, pulling out a pink t-shirt of his own.

“Ah, crap! Dammit, Ellie! Some girly pink thing got in here!”

Ellie scowled at him as she took out her tank top and examined it. “Me? I know how to sort laundry, Dean. This isn’t my fault!”

“Well it’s not mine!” Dean protested. “I don’t own anything pink. Sam? Got any pink panties we don’t know about?”

Sam didn’t even bother to respond to that. It was obviously something of Ellie’s that had gotten in the wrong load and spread pink dye over everything. He hadn’t seen it as he got the load out of the machine, but it might have got tangled in something else. He bent down to start looking for the culprit. But Ellie threw her top back in, and then snatched the t-shirt off Dean, throwing it back in on top.

She stood up and nudged Sam out of the way. “For Chrissakes, we just gotta run it through again and put some bleach in. I’ll see if they’ve got any.”

Picking up the basket, and storming off, she headed for the bored woman sitting behind the counter. Sam sat down next to his brother.

“Wouldn’t let us look through, huh?” Dean asked. “And trying to fix it? Those aren’t the actions of an innocent woman!”

Sam nodded agreement, and watched Ellie, as she took a bottle from the bored woman, and disappeared round the corner to the machines. It was only fair. She’d stained everything; she could be the one to fix it. It meant an extra half hour hanging around the place too. But at least it was warm inside.

“Why’s she need underwear in so many colours, anyway?” Dean asked. “Pink, yellow, red, black, blue, that green thing with the lace…”

Sam smiled. “You know a lot about it. Been boning up on the subject?”

“Ha. Funny! And no. I just notice these things when I’m doing my share of the laundry.”

“Seems like you volunteer more than you used to. Way more.”

“Shut up, Sam.”

From around the corner came a sudden, loud voice. “Ha!”

Then there was a stomping of feet as Ellie reappeared, something red balled up in her hand. She stopped a full two metres away from them, and took aim, pelting the wet ball of cotton directly at Dean’s head. He only just ducked quick enough to avoid it.

Sam caught it for him and unravelled it. Then, he raised just one eyebrow and silently passed Dean his red boxers.