in the highschool au

John Laurens High School Headcanons

• Has a letterman even though he’s not in band and doesn’t play sports
• Always has paint or charcoal or pencil on his hands
• wears a tiny flower crown everyday
• closeted hardcore even though everyone kinda already knows he’s gay
• Has buttons all over his letterman, including a Black Lives Matter button and a smiley face one
• Has no clue Alexander is in love with him even though it’s the most obvious thing ever
• Comes to school with bruises and everyone is worried because they know his dad is strict, but he swears he isn’t being hit
• art club, hardcore art club
• gets in fights a lot but is so sweet that it’s rare for him to get in trouble for it
• claims he’s a virgin but has definatley had sex more than once with more than one guy
• tiny gauges, like 00 at most
• the biggest heart ever??
• drinks too much and everyone is worried for him
• let’s Lafayette paint his nails because fuck gender roles

Jaytim week Day 5: Love Notes

Highschool au where Jason leaves romantic book quotes in Tim’s locker almost every day, hoping that Tim’s smart enough to figure it out. Tragically, Tim is a clueless loser and thinks someone’s leaving love notes to their girlfriend in the wrong locker. 


An anon in my inbox was asking about how the bokuro got together and let’s just say it was an eventful day