in the future i'll just add to this list instead of posting them to the tag

i’ve literally been sitting here trying to think of the perfect graphic for kh week’s fave character but i’m a failure so instead have 15 reasons why you should love riku as much as i do:

  1. little riku is cute as heck and wanted nothing more than the strength to protect his friends and loved his friends to pieces
  2. riku’s hair is so pretty like?? who gave you the right honestly
  3. he’s a white haired boy that doesn’t die (probably)
  4. HIS EYES ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN THE MOST PRISTINE OF GEMS  they are just so gorgeous wowzers
  5. BELLY BUTTON VEST!!!!!!!!
  6. has the cutest friendship with his best friend? ultimate friendship, exceeds most friendship standards by a mile, 10/10 would dive into your heart to save you
  7. has a very questionable relationship with a mouse but manages to at least make it cute somehow
  8. riku is at the height of fashion. wears clothes under his clothes and shoes inside boots in kh2 even though they technically should have been too small for his then-ansem body how much dedication to fashion is that?
  9. is not a smooth talker, lady killer, or any other bad boy cool kid trope and cliché; riku is a certified NERD who is probably a huge softy on the inside. the kind of soft where if you were to drop your $5 ice cream bowl on the ground he’d either a) give you his or b) immediately offer to buy you a new one
  10. keyblade master sounds pretty hot tbh (ok that’s probably just me)
  12. sleeveless vest!!!!!!!!
  13. doesn’t know how to really talk to girls and probably has no idea when one is trying to flirt with him (regardless if the flirting is meant to be a joke or not)
  14. admits to being an asshole in kh1 and regrets his mistakes but worked hard to accept and overcome them and honestly likely has the best character development in the game so far
  15. likely won’t let the title of ‘master’ get to his head and will probably always have problems with his insecurity and will always feel guilty for his betrayal in kh1

i could add more but this is a list and not a novel goodbye