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I have a few questions I was hoping you could answer! :) What do you feel is one of the most common misconceptions you see in writing about therapists/psychologists/psychiatrists? Also, in a character with severe C-PTSD who would be best for them to see out of the three? Is it possible to see more than one? How often would one of the above see someone with severe C-PTSD? Would twice a week be excessive? Not enough? etc. Thank you for your time and providing us all with so much info! <3

I’d say one of the misconceptions that really pisses me off is the idea that all therapists are Freudian. I really hate Freud.

For intense trauma work, meeting with a psychologist twice a week is pretty reasonable.

With severe mental illnesses, it’s typically recommended to see a psychiatrist in addition to a psychologist in order to be prescribed medications. A character would typically see a psychiatrist roughly once a month or so (less often if the character has remained stable on their medications). CPTSD and PTSD are a little squidgy because there aren’t really medications that deal specifically with those disorders, but sometimes SSRIs or a drug like Prazosin would be prescribed.

For the rest of your questions, I’ve got a few posts in my archives that I think you should check out!

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We are all perpetually smoothing and rearranging reality to conform to our wishes; we lie to others and to ourselves constantly, unthinkingly. When, occasionally – and not by dint of our own efforts but under the pressure of external events – we are forced to see things as they are, we are like naked people in a storm.

In the Freud Archives (1983), by Janet Malcolm