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Privileged (19/?)

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“With their new found relationship, *yn* and Bellamy are forced to refocus on getting their friends out of Mount Weather which includes going behind Abby Griffin’s back. When they are reunited with Lincoln, things are definitely not what they expected.” 

Warnings: Fluff, hinted smut, violence, death, swearing

Notes: Based on 2x06 ‘Fog of War’ of The 100.

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For the first time since *yn* could remember, she woke up on her own accord. She wasn’t disturbed by shouts from outside the tent, or someone rousing her because of an emergency, by searing pain, or more commonly - by her own demons. 

This time as she stirred all she heard was the faint voices of the Ark citizens starting their days within the camp outside. *yn* raised a hand and groggily rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she twisted around in the bed sheets.

A small smile found its way onto her lips as her gaze settled on Bellamy’s sleeping figure. She remained motionless for a while as she admired his features and just how peaceful he looked which was a contrast to the usual frown and clenched jaw that was painted on his face. 

She scooter across the bed and leant forward to place her lips to his left cheek before proceeding to his right cheek, then his forehead and then the tip of nose. She grinned and moved back as his face twitched and his eyelids began to flutter open. Once he was coherent *yn* moved forward and pressed her lips against his softly. 

“Hi.” He smirked as she rested her forehead against his, his voice thick and husky from sleep.

“Hi.” She whispered back against his lips, smiling softly. 

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Waving Goodbye (Part 1)

Series Includes: Steve x reader, Friend!Sam x reader and lots of angst.

Brief Synopsis: You are tired of sharing Steve with the world, but he refuses to stop dedicating his life to helping people, even if it means losing you. Based on the song “Waving Goodbye” by Sia.

Word Count: 1,080

A/N: Please note, the italicized / indented part at the end is a section for lyrics. Also, I’m not sure if I will be writing a second part yet, but I’ll decide once I get a little feedback. Thanks for reading!

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You blinked a sleepy fog from your eyes as Steve shifted away from you to check his buzzing phone. He heaved himself out of bed after reading whatever message he had received, taking every degree of heat trapped beneath the sheets with him. Your eyes tracked him as he strode over to the closet, and you debated whether or not to let him know you were awake. When he began dressing in his Captain America uniform, you huffed and closed your eyes, foolishly hoping you were only dreaming.

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We could run away by Edén Ochoa Iniesta
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Cerro Gordo, 2015 Summer like Winter series