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specific cause of death since 10am today: Killian Jones dipping Emma Swan and holding her with one hand like some romance novel cover, after they’ve been pronounced husband and wife

I just want to give a genuine thanks to @this-too-too-sullied-flesh for not only being willing to share spoilers from the musical episode, but for being so open and inclusive about it. She literally took pages of notes (what a nerd), and honestly it’s just a really nice thing she’s doing, and a very generous way of going about it, so thanks bro, forreal!


Smile/Silence in the Library parallels


Below, we have compiled a roundup of what In The Flesh creator, Dominic Mitchell, has teased could happen in series 3 over the last year on Twitter.

Warning: contains spoilers (obviously). However, please bear in mind In The Flesh’s future is still very uncertain and the plot points mentioned below may never come into fruition or could become subject to change.

Now, where were we?

Series 2 left the residents of Roarton with, if not a bright future, certainly a more optimistic one. The Walkers had come to terms with Kieren living life as an openly partially deceased syndrome sufferer, free of contact lenses and cover up mousse to disguise his undead appearance. He and Simon had decided to stay together in the village, giving their relationship a go after Simon turned his back on the Undead Liberation Army and Jem had finally seen the light when it came to Gary, but was left dealing with the effects of PTSD brought on by The Rising and needed to face the consequences of accidentally killing Henry Lonsdale while on patrol. Meanwhile, although our BDFF, Amy, had been buried for a second time, representatives of Halperin & Weston Pharmaceuticals were last seen digging her back up again as there was “still time”, which left us with one of the most infuriating cliffhangers in living and redeemed memory!

So, what happens next?

According to Dom, things aren’t looking all that positive after all. Not that this should come as a surprise to any of us, as we are talking about Roarton here. 

It seems that the village parish council, in all their wisdom, have decided segregation is the best answer to keeping the peace between the pulse beaters and the rotters in their community. Roarton Valley is now divided into two parts: West and East. While the undead have been designated to live on the East side, the living all live on the West side.

Kieren, having moved out of Steve and Sue’s house is now living with Simon in the East, but cohabiting together in a normal domestic relationship is still a little new to them:

KIEREN WALKER: You done the dishes?

SIMON MONROE: (Bemused, isn’t used to domestic life) I haven’t done anything to the dishes!?

After betraying the ULA and disobeying the Undead Prophet’s order to kill Kieren who they believe is the First Risen, Simon is still very paranoid about ‘his guy’ being hurt by the other ULA followers. If anyone touches a hair on Kieren’s head he won’t think twice about sticking one of those surgical instruments he was given by Julian through their brain! And Simon’s wise to be on his guard, as his ULA mentor, Julian, is still a loyal disciple to the Undead Prophet and will be coming for him. Chances are, it’s not going to go well for Simon.

Meanwhile, having confessed to killing Henry Lonsdale, Jem is charged and brought to trial for his murder. To the shock of everyone, including Jem, the court gives her a suspended sentence. Although she is free, she is ordered to attend group therapy sessions for her PTSD where she meets new character Alex, a disabled PDS sufferer still traumatised by The War. Jem and Alex (whose gender is unconfirmed) bond over their shared guilt over killing people during The Rising and it’s not long until they begin a (possibly lesbian) relationship, much to the chagrin of Gary who still holds a torch for his ex-girlfriend. But stalker Gary isn’t half of Jem’s problems as Henry’s mother is out for vigilante justice, believing she “got off scot free” for killing her son.

Despite Halperin & Weston Pharmaceuticals now being one of the biggest companies in the world having developed the PDS treatment drug Neurotriptyline, rumour has it that one of the founders, Dr. John Weston, has gone insane and has tried to burn the whole Research & Development building down in Norfolk. He has now disappeared completely.

But what about Amy? Apparently, she has the biggest storyline of them all! Poor Philip has been suffering from depression after the loss of his girlfriend and when he goes to visit Amy’s grave, he discovers something shocking…

Our money’s on an empty grave and a missing cuddly toy tiger, but for now, that’s all we know.

We will update this article if, as or when Dom reveals more. It goes without saying that two years on after the second series concluded, we continue to miss In The Flesh terribly and still live in hope it will rise again. 

But in the meantime, those of you on Twitter, be sure to follow @DominicMitchell and with any luck, he’ll tell us further details as to how our beloved characters are getting on.

@rayadraws replied to your post:

Aaaaahhhh!!! The plot thickens! >:o Also, never thought I’d call Amai badass… but he looks pretty dang badass in his special chapter! And fighting with a ^u^ expression Amai pls

LOOK AT HIM and his moves!

His smooth professionalism is through the roof on how he decides to handle the spontaneous monster attack on his concert! His ‘idol’ persona is important to maintain at all costs while the show still lasts, but his other, ‘unapproachable’ hero persona….is a whole other monster. (Seriously what IS he?!) This encounter does give him the incentive and context needed for when he joins the M.A. raid later. I’m glad ONE is fleshing out all these details. :3 He’s building it all up slowly, but surely this time around (compared to how fast it happens in the webcomic).

@onepunchmusical replied:

Read your tags- I’m also absolutely sure that Reigen does in fact look exactly like Amai Mask, just with a color swap, shorter bangs, and less makeup. (Does this mean in the sure-to-happen OPMland MP100 movie adaptation, Reigen is played by Amai Mask???)

OMG dude, this panel especially:

Just SCREAMED Reigen to me! (It’s just missing all the sweat) XD Also this:

For the ‘pretty eyes’ comment?!?! Omg pls (from that one anime detail shot showing Reigen’s lashes up close), for this similarly gratuitous gorgeous man! XD And it’s true Murata HAS drawn Reigen before, but gosh…I just got so many Reigen vibes here too. LOL for your au idea, his act and looks could definitely play the part. ;D (who Shigeo’s body double is in opm…that I too don’t know)

@negroymorado replied:

Thank you Nysh 💜💜

No prob! <333 Yeah, if I don’t see the chapters posted here by the usual people, then I’ll provide them as necessary. :3

There may be In the Flesh spoilers here so beware!

Okay, I have a serious question. In the TV show In the Flesh, Simon’s the first person to survive the experiments and become more… human, right. If this is true, then who in the heck were the people that were hacking the overhead speakers? When I was first watching it and during subsequent viewings, I always assumed that these messages were in his head and that it wasn’t really happening. If he’s the only one that is healing then how could there possibly be some other PDS sufferer out there that could actually hack the system and send a message to him? How could those people already be a group if he’s the first one of them to respond to treatment? Unless, of course, they aren’t actually PDS sufferers that were hacking the system, but a living person doing so.
What are your thoughts on this? because I really thought that the whole thing was in his head. Yet, when I was recently reading some webpages on the show, it seems that a lot of viewers thought that these messages were actually happening and were very real yet inaudible to the doctors. And this leads me to the whole second rising prophesy thing: that the first risen is actually not Kieran or Amy, who may or may not have risen from their graves first, but could be referring to the first person to start responding to the treatment, which would be Simon. If it is some sort of legitimate prophesy or whatnot, that would explain why he was hearing these messages.
It’s all very confusing to me and I can’t stop thinking about it… if I’ve missed something major that could pertain to anything I’ve discussed, please explain away. I’m never going to be satiated. I want the show back. I’d pay for it myself if I could. I NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS!!


I know there is a pretty popular theory that Ash is the Seelie Queen’s and Sebastian’s son, but I think it might be the First Heir (the Unseelie King’s firstborn, mentioned in page 578).

As I understand it, time in Faerie is different, it is slower perhaps. Mark says he didn’t age while being with the Hunt even though 5 years went by.

So by that I assume that even if the Heir is supposed to be 200 years old, he appears to look only 13 because of how time works in Faerie. I know that the Unseelie King has had 50 sons since then and that all of them have aged. But maybe wherever it is that Ash is being kept, there is a protection or a warping of time to keep him young?

The legend is that the First Heir was murdered, but I don’t ever trust someone is dead unless we see a body. And I doubt Cassie included that story for nothing. And Dru sees Ash on page 561 and 17 pages afterward we are told this story of the First Heir. It cuts it awfully close to be a coincidence.

you know what I want? Organ donors in In the Flesh. I want to see someone crying and embracing a risen because their death meant they could live. Strangers brought together; families taking in risen who have no where else to go because if it wasn’t for them, their daughter would be in the ground.

I want to see their horror when they realise the PDS are turning human. The terror that because they have their heart, they’ll die as soon as it starts happening to them.

I want a risen to be brought to tears by how kind the family are, how their life and death had so much meaning, how they meant so much. I can’t tell you how much I want this.

maybe it’s only because it’s sunday night and i’m feeling slightly mushy, but i’m thinking about the sheer amount of creation that goes on in every fandom i have ever been part of, and just???

we have as fangirls created an entire dialect (anyone who’s spent any time on tumblr can speak it/recognize it, and it’s very distinctive and expressive and the way it compensates for being a text-based medium without inflections/facial expressions and the other things that usually go into a language are endlessly fascinating for me). we come up with off the cuff headcanons. we write vast volumes of insightful and sophisticated media critiques/meta pieces/theories and speculations (and sometimes put more thought and care into it than the actual writers, alas). we get so much meaning out of every look/line/scene. it’s astonishing. we liveblog, we flail, we cry, we enjoy (and bewail) the experience without holding back, and spend so much genuine energy on the Very Real Need for Those Idiots to Just Kiss, and i love it.

we spontaneously and easily create full-length stories that are often better than many published books, or just a snippet to support or flesh out a single piece of narrative/spoilers. we interact and encourage and inspire each other in constantly flexible and fun ways in doing it. we eagerly and happily consume these stories and create more from them in turn.

we spend hours on edits, or gifsets, or drawings or sketches or digital paintings, or other beautiful pieces of art, and the talent is just amazing. simply because we love something and want to make something pretty. after all, all this creation is happening for free, in ordinary people’s off-hours. nobody’s an expert, nobody’s getting paid for it. everyone can participate. yes, there’s the whole question of fandom culture and its problems/issues, but that’s beside the point in terms of what fandom itself is.

see, this is why i am suspicious of any author/creator who proclaims to hate and/or dislike/not encourage fanworks. yes, some of it is creepy and strange and that goes with the territory. but honestly i think that ignoring or discounting the sheer amount of passion with which people love stories, and want to be part of their creation in imaginative mediums, is a mistake.

and because of all this creation, we talk to each other. we become friends. i have people i met here who i text all day every day about my life, regular things, non-fandom stuff (although there is certainly lots of that as well). i count on those people to be there and to support me and to turn to when i need someone to talk to (and try in return to be the same for them).

the world is stupid, the world is dumb, the world is scary. we need more creation. we need more connection. we need more of whatever this energy is that drives us to question and explore and care and make shit and enjoy it together and to tell a new and better story as a result. we need to move it beyond tumblr, sure – but i also think it’s a hell of a start.

so yes. this isn’t anything that hasn’t been said before, obviously, but it struck me tonight for some reason, and i wanted to say something.

i love you guys. keep being awesome.

Every Single Time Bakugou Has Needed Saving

1. Chapter 1

  • Was captured by a villain // was saved by Izuku & All Might

2. Rescue Trials

  • Was about to be charged at by a Nomu // was saved by All Might

3. The End of Term Exams

  • Was knocked unconscious by All Might // was rescued by Izuku

4. Bakugou’s Rescue Arc Part 1

  • Was kidnapped by the Villain Alliance // was rescued by All Might

5. Bakugou’s Rescue Arc Part 2 

  • Was kidnapped by All for One // was rescued by Izuku, Iida, and Kirishima

6. Provisional Licence Exams

  • Was turned into a human flesh potato // was rescued by Kaminari

I have this feeling that Simon and Jem would get on SO well. Think about it. Simon is one of those people that makes you feel safe around him and has that disciple power of getting people to open up to him. Jem needs a big brotherly figure that can help her with that stuff. Kieren’s great with being gentle and supportive and kind, but Simon’s the person that would sit down with her and talk her through her troubles. He wouldn’t flinch from them. He’d get straight to the point and let her vent. He’s been there with the flashbacks and the nightmares. He can relate. 

Also, (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT) Jem has also been in a position where she almost killed Kieren (because of a misplaced sense of duty/heroism/need for acceptance) and then found she loved him so much she couldn’t do it. That’s a HUGE experience to have in common, don’t you think?

Jem is the sort of person that isn’t a leader, she’s a follower, but she wants to do the right thing and be brave and kind. She was just on the wrong side before, which wasn’t her fault. Imagine what a treasure Jem Walker would be fighting for the rights of PDS sufferers? Imagine how fiercely she’d protect her little/big brother. 

Simon would absolutely see that potential and harness it. And I don’t think he’d hate her for what she did with the HVF. He was forgiven, wasn’t he? He killed his mother. He almost hurt Kieren. He knows the world isn’t as black and white as he wanted to think. Also Jem and Kieren have certain similarities of character which would probably mean Simon would end up totally adoring her. 

Also imagine how brilliant Jem would be at telling Simon when he’s being pretentious or mysterious? She’d be the perfect wake up call for him when he’s getting too deep into his politics. Kieren can tell him he’s being a fool, but Jem would go right in for the kill. She’s a straight talker like Simon. They wouldn’t mince words. 

Jem loves Kieren so much and I think once she saw how much Simon did too, they’d form this unstoppable truce. 

Simon’s had this incredibly dark and troubled past, probably as a teenager too, by what he’s said to Kieren about his life so far, so I don’t think Jem would feel patronised by him. 

I just think they’d click.

The First Risen: Flashbacks and Inconsistencies

Ok, let’s talk about the mess that is Kieren’s description of his rising vs. the 1x02 flashback. Because it doesn’t make sense.

SPOILERS below, proceed at your own risk. 

According to the transcript of Kieren’s speech, it was raining when he rose, and he was alone. 

Kieren: […] you’re pushing through, and then all this stuff at once - the moon, and this incredible storm blowing. And the clock chiming midnight and you’re just standing there. Nobody else around and all of it pushing into me.

This is nothing like the 1x02 flashback. The flashback clearly shows Kieren was not alone when he rose from the grave:

We see people walking behind him as he emerges (unless these were not zombies for some reason, but again, he’s not alone). We also see a general chaos at the graveyard. People emerging from their graves, walking around. Definitely not “other graves were fine”:

Not to mention there’s no rain nor storm he described in 2x04.

And then we have:

That’s Amy! She seems to be emerging from her grave at this point (?) So it seems she’s not the First Risen either; she’s definitely not alone when she rose (unless it was a camera trick or something, but it would mean she rose and just… stood there watching others rising before she tried to walk out of the grave). 

So, ugh, how to interpret all of this? There is a clear difference/inconsistency between the flashback and Kieren’s speech. The flashback clearly shows he’s not the First Risen (same goes for Amy and it shatters my hopes of her being the First Risen). 

There are several explanations for this, the most obvious ones being:

  • Kieren is an unreliable narrator and doesn’t remember the events correctly. (But in this case, which version should we trust? The 1x02? The 2x04? None?)
  • It’s a retcon.
  • There is a very clever explanation for this and we’ll learn about it later.

Not sure which one seems to be the most likely option. I don’t hide the fact that I wouldn’t want Kieren to be the First Risen, so I might be nitpicking here, but the differences between two versions of the Rising bug me to no end.

Oh, and I leave you with another tidbit from the transcript:

Kieren: […] And you’re just standing there. Nobody else around and all of it pushing into me. 
Simon: No one else? Are you sure?
Kieren: No. But you know what I felt?

No. Not sure.