• what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:in the flesh was one of the the best shows to come out in recent years and dealt with real world topics in a popular format that was breached in an original and intriguing way and i will never understand why it only got two seasons comprised of nine episodes in its entirety that ended with a cliffhanger that will haunt me to my dying days meanwhile some shows that have run their course ad nauseum are still being allowed to scrape the barrel for new material

This is an amazing zombie series with powerful female characters and an openly bisexual lead. BBC3 canceled the show last year after deciding to put an end to the channel all together on television, but Hulu just picked it up. The writer wants to continue and finish the story somehow and Hulu would be a great place for him to do that. Go watch and support the series! Maybe even send Hulu a message letting them know how you feel about it.

gay otp starter pack: 

  • one’s blond and the other has dark hair.
  • daddy issues.
  • one’s a “tough guy” who becomes a love sick puppy when’s the other is around. 
  • one or both attempted/committed murder.
  • precious cinnamon rolls that needs love.

In the Flesh has been picked up on Hulu.

This means that the fanbase will grow. More people around the world will get to enjoy the show. Not only that, but this is GREAT because like Netflix, Hulu creates their own original series. We all know how much the show’s creator wants to finish his story, and I know that we want that just as much, if not more. 

Here’s how you can help:

If you watch In the Flesh on Hulu, please give it a 5 star rating!
It would also be helpful to send Hulu a message. Tell them you love the show and how awesome it would be for them to help Dominic Mitchell make a third series! You can do this with or without a Hulu account.

Here’s the link:

Finally, tell your friends about the show. Share links and show your excitement on all social media platforms. Tag Hulu on twitter for an extra boost. You can use the hashtags #saveintheflesh or #renewintheflesh

Never seen In the Flesh before? 

Here is a little bit about why it’s so great.

Here’s the link to watch on Hulu.
and here’s the link to watch from the BBC3′s website if you aren’t a Hulu member.

Announcement: In the Flesh seasons 1 & 2 have been picked up by Hulu and can be streamed online now! If you don’t have Hulu, please, consider the free trial to watch the series! 

For anyone unfamiliar with the series, In the Flesh is a BBC television program about a queer un-dead teenager sprung to life after a zombie apocalypse. It approaches the zombie genre with more humanity than typical series as those who rose from the dead are rehabilitated back into society as Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferers. Many characters, living, dead, or undead, suffer from PTSD, anxiety and depression in a very real and human way, as well as the main character being a young gay man who killed himself at age eighteen and is dealing with the repercussions of that within his family. Its full of drama, action, sorrow, family, romance, and most importantly (at least to this blog) gayness, but in a way where it isn’t the main focal point of the story, making the character real and relateable.

Unfortunately, the series was cancelled after just two seasons, with a very open-ended ending and it very much needs a final season or a finale film. My suggestion is that all of you please check this out (even if you’ve seen it already), because Hulu, Netflix, etc check online viewership and have the ability to bring a series back from the dead (haha), they’ve done similar with things such as The Mindy Project and more.

Please consider giving In the Flesh a watch! If you’re a fan of sci-fi fantasy like Harry Potter, Doctor Who or Supernatural and a fan of LGBTQ drama programs like Please Like Me, Banana and The Fosters this might be just the show you’ve been waiting for!

no offense but in the flesh wasn’t cancelled and amy is alive and kieren and simon exchanged a series of emotionally charged e-mails until they worked their shit out and they live in paris now and they’re doin okay and kieren is going to school and simon writes an overly long overly pretentious postcard to sue and steve every week and gary got locked in an industrial meat freezer and jem has a girlfriend