in the first one he's so into it lol

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Heey, I'm new in all of this tumblr thingy but I've found your blog and I really love it! So I was wondering if maybe you could make a story about a girl that has been Bucky's best friend (besides Steve) since he got his memories back, and one night they get drunk at her place after a mission, but things get a little "out of control", so the days after that they have to decide what's going on with them and with their feelings?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Fandom: MCU

A/N: first of all, let me welcome you to tumblr!!! I hope you enjoy this hell we all call home lol. also, I’m really glad you enjoy my writing and hope you like what I made out of your request. <333 (PS: I really hope no one ever decides to look at my google history because the search for gifs has taken me to some very smutty places hahaha)


“So what do you say, boys? Drinks at my place?” you asked when you walked over to them on the jet.

The mission was a success and you were all on your way back home now. 

Celebrations were in order.

Bucky smiled and nodded. “Sounds good.”

“I’d love to, but I’m having a date tonight,” you literally beamed when the words came out of his mouth. He was your best friend, had been for ages and you just wanted him to be happy and find love again. He was slowly getting over Peggy. It had taken a long time, but he was getting there.

“Who’s the lucky girl?” you sat down next to him, still smiling like an idiot.

Bucky didn’t listen anymore, way to distracted by your smile. You didn’t seem to notice.

“You know her. But that’s all I’m going to say. I want to make sure it works out before I let you know who to kill when it goes wrong.”

You kissed his cheek. “You know me so well.”

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Hi! Idk if this has been done yet, but how would the suitors react the first time they see the Princess wearing glasses? (BTW I hope you're having a great weekend!)

Thanks! My weekend was pretty good :) So confession - I think glasses are smexy, and even tho I don’t need them, sometimes I wear them with clear lenses, lol.


Sid - Saunters into her office one day and sees her look up over the top of her glasses as they sit on the bridge of her nose. *whistles* “Wow. Did it just get really hot in here?”


Giles - He’s taking her out to pick out frames, so she’s looking at them one by one and she picks up a pair and puts them on. “Giles, what do you think?”

“Heavens, Princess, I think my fever just spiked.”

Byron - He arrives in Wysteria for a meeting, and he sees the Princess enter the parlor.

“What did you want to meet about King Byron?”

“Sexy glasses… I mean, social classes.”

Louis - She shows up in the ballroom with her new glasses and she’s kinda shy and feeling self conscious about them, and Louis just thinks she’s super adorable in them, he can’t help but grin.


Leo -*She arrives for their lesson and she’s not wearing them, and he knows she needs them* “Come on, put on your glasses.” *She pulls them out of her pocket and puts them on* *he’s sitting there trying to hold his sh*t together with blood trickling from his nose*


Nico - *squeeeee* “They’re so cute on you!” *takes them and puts them on his face* “I want glasses too!”


Rayvis - He strolls into the Palace, confident and ready for this meeting with the Princess. He hasn’t seen her in a while, but he’s all business - he turns a corner and sees her talking to Leo from a distance. He’s … what? Tf did he call a meeting for? What is the date today? He doesn’t even know his name anymore …


Alyn - *teasing * “I bet you look silly with them on.” *she puts them on and looks at him* *he chokes on his on spit and falls off the bench* “Oh god, so hot….”


Robert - *she arrives for a portrait painting in his studio and he’s all chatty getting ready, but he hasn’t looked at her yet when- * “Oh, you look so mature and regal with your glasses Princess. How fitting.”


Albert - *he is secretly thrilled he has something in common with her that they can talk about* “Hey, so if you want to know good ways to clean your glasses, I mean, I can show you sometime … ”

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"are you jerking off or did you just find another book?"

There were so many choices with this one lol.

“Are you jerking off or did you just find another book?”

Oliver stared at you after walking out of the bathroom. “Excuse me?” He laughed.

“You were in there for a while so that meant one of two things, those things being the prior statement”

“Or I was just using the bathroom” he justified crossing his arms.

“I won’t judge if you were doing the first one, it’s funny to think of the Star City Mayor and Superhero doing that” you giggled making him roll his eyes.

“[F/n] I was using the bathroom, nothing more nothing less” he said sternly but smile never fading.

“Fine, I’ll leave it alone. But just one question”

“Why am I scared all of a sudden?” He pinched his nose.

“Did I cause it or was it the new bow I got you?” You smirked.

“Oh my god I’m done here!” He yelled walking off.

“Ollie answer the question!” You laughed but he already made his escape.


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If you're innocent and really didn't want to be homophobic you'd actually listen to people instead of defending yourself and saying the reason you're not homophobic is cause you're gay and you meant that "you weren't homophobic cause enough said in an au where Lenny is straight" like that's legit erasing her sexuality. But whatever

I’ve been deleting all the asks I’m getting but I’m going to answer this one.

But first “If you’re innocent” lol Am I on trial now? Do you want to send me to jail or smth? Jesus. 

Anyway… You know what, maybe I’m the one that needs to rewatch the show and try to make sense of it. Because my interpretation is that real Lenny was actually Benny the whole time and after she/he died there was the Shadow King with Lenny’s face, that was his own creation?? So everytime Lenny said something about being a lesbian in flashbacks, was in fact Benny saying he’s straight, right? Let’s forget about the stupid shipping thing and focus on this. Lenny was Benny the whole time? Lenny was Shadow King’s messing with David’s memory? Shadow King looking like Lenny makes him in fact Lenny and so lesbian even tho SK kisses David and gives him a lap dance??? Shadow King is gay then???  What is what??

Stop trying to insulte me for a second and think about this, if you can prove to me that Lenny was real and a lesbian woman then I’m wrong and that’s it.

I’m open to discuss the show and figure this out, if people can stop insulting me lol

And just one more thing, I don’t really care about ships… I mean it’s fun to talk about it but I don’t watch the show to “ship” and stuff, it’s just a bonus and it’s supossed to be fun… 

DWTS S24 Week 2 Recap / Review

1. Nancy Kerrigan & Artem Chigventsev -Cha Cha (7+7+7+7=28) Nancy has a really compelling narrative. For her to be so talented, accomplished & beautiful, the fact that she harbors so much insecurity & can’t take a compliment is endearing & heartbreaking all together. Artem is a really good partner for her, I think he’ll keep chipping at that wall she has up all season. This was one of my favorite cha cha’s of the night, I had to re-watch cause I missed it the first time, it had so much recognizable content. She really has amazing footwork, she just needs to step with more confidence & keep her control but she’s so much better than she gives herself credit for.

How cute is it to see Artem so happy about having a good partner. lol

2. Erika Jayne & Gleb Savchenko - Foxtrot (7+7+7+7=28) The dance was good, Ericka has great legs & potential for amazing lines, she’s very aware of her body & very confident which is awesome. The foxtrot could’ve been more graceful was a bit rushed & hectic at times. 

Now.. Here’s my problem with Gleb & his partners as of late, they seem to not grasp the concept of sexiness AND substance, equally mixed. I’m all for liberation, especially for women, I think it’s beautiful when women such as Ericka embrace their sexiness & sensuality so fearlessly. It’s one of the reasons Peta is one of my favorite pro dancers. But based on her package, I fear she doesn’t understand that sexiness being your personality or dance concepts entire driving force will eventually become one note. Being one note on a show like this doesn’t get very far, you have to be a symphony of different notes. In other words, versatile. I hate that she thinks that the criticism of her is that she shouldn’t own that part of her womanhood so much cause it’s not. Women are complex creatures, sexuality is one singe part of who we are, there are only so many weeks, I would like to see at least one or two different aspects to who she is as woman and dancer. What I mean by substance is something more tangible than just, “Oh a cop pulled me over, let me seduce him to get out of a ticket. “ That’s such a fly by night, unmemorable concept. You don’t have to fall in love with the cop & sing Ave Maria but connect to some emotions that make me connect to the human inside of you. Sexiness is not something you do or should seem try hard. It should naturally exude without you telling us. There is real beauty in sex & sensuality that’s deeper than this dance ever tried go. 

This is not meant to be specifically a take-down of Erica she seems like quite a lovely person inside & out, their package & dance just happened to be the catalyst for this rant. If anything a lot my issues on this subject lie with Gleb, I don’t find he has a lot of the ability or willingness to push his partner past the sexy surface. As the pro, I would like to see him try to get his partner out of their comfort zone more often. Of course the celeb is going to want to do what makes them comfortable but maybe guide them down a more diverse journey.

3. Charro & Keo Motsepe - Paso Doble (6+6+7+6=25)  She might be extra as all get out. but I’m living for these two after tonight . If she reigns her energy in, she could really impress. She had great legs & seemingly great stamina, I’m really interested to see how much she can improve in the next few weeks. 

I love how outgoing, confident & naturally exuberant Charro clearly is, it’s definitely not a put on, that’s really her everyday & I can’t even be mad at that. I would like to see her reign it in & show some restraint, because like Erika & Gleb, it can become one note quick.

4. Nick Viall & Peta Murgatroyd - Foxtrot (7+5+7+6=25)

In Nick’s defense that was some challenging choreography, but good on Peta for trying to push him but it was probably too much too soon. You could see it on his face that he wanted to do better than he was doing. He’s really got to relax, he’s more going through the steps than dancing. Hopefully Nick will get more comfortable in the coming weeks.

5.Heather Morris & Maksim Chmerkovskiy (injured) & Alan Bersten (stand in) - Jive (8+6+8+8=30)

Wow, what a difference a week makes. In just 2 weeks Heather has given us two vastly different sides to her. Last week she was appropriately subdued for the VW, this week she came out roaring in her jive mixed with pop / hip hop. Smartly choreographed to her advantage & make her shine, if not with the judges, with the fans, again smart. Her jive was pretty solid to me, obviously her hip hop was pretty much perfect, she channeled her inner Beyonce. I do agree with Bruno that she was clearly more comfortable & confident in the hip- hop. She needs to bring that spark & attack to the ballroom / latin dances as well. 

6. Bonner Bolton & Sharna Burgess - Viennese Waltz (8+6+8+7=29) Ughh, I hate to be this person but I just don’t connect with Bonner. Something about him feels inauthentic. I don’t see all this “chemistry between him & Sharna. I sense he likes her, likes her, & she’s just really good at her job. Back to the dancing, it was an ok effort, beautifully choreographed, but his posture wasn’t great & footwork sometimes messy. Those 8′s are some bulllll. 

7. Simone Biles & Sasha Farber - Cha Cha (7+7+7+8=29) This girl is tight, really find myself watching for mistakes more than anything. This was in no way as poor as the 7′s suggest. I didn’t really see the timing issues Carrie Ann saw. My criticism of Simone would be, she’s very robotic when she dances, it’s definitely an Olympic gymnast trait (Shawn, Aly, Nastia), almost devoid of emotion, I really want to see her in a rumba or VW & see if she can show some range in her emotions. The 7′s were insane, considering Bonner got 8′s, showed how over scored he was. He should’ve got 7′s & Simone 8′s. 

8. Chris Kattan & Witney Carson - Jive (6+5+6+5=22) Some celebs it’s not about the dancing so much as the journey & overall experience. This season for me as viewer that’ Chris. We know he won’t be the best dancer of the season, he knows, the judges know, but that doesn’t he don’t want to see him be the best dancer he can be considering his physical impairment. 

9. Normani Kordei & Val Chmerkovskiy - Cha Cha (8+8+8+8=32)

Best performance of the night at this point. She really killed it, face, hair, legs, technique all while traveling across the world each week. This girl is special, I’ve never cared much about Fifth Harmony but this girl is going places all her own. Heather needs to do what Normani does, which is turn it on for every dance, let her confidence lead her even if she’s truly unsure. Great job by Val with the choreography & teaching with such an unprecedented traveling schedule.  

10. Rashad Jennings & Emma Slater - Viennese Waltz (8+8+8+8=32) There is a quiet storm brewing with this couple, they are seriously ones to watch. I could see them snatching the trophy if they stay consistent. Between Simone, Normani & Rashad, I can’t think of a better finale. Rashad has the substance I want Erika to find & the sincerity I don’t get from Bonner. He can dance, he’s good looking to boot & he’s seems incredibly genuine. The judges were right when they say that he leads Emma & takes control of her the way a man should in the dance. For Week 2 that’s really remarkable for a male celeb. There’s a quiet confidence in him that’s really attractive, he dances with confidence but he doesn’t overdo it, he reallu delicate with Emma. These two are really special to watch.

11. Mr. T & Kym Herjavec - Paso Doble (6+5+6+5=22) I hate “judging” dancers like Mr. T, cause personally I love his story but dance wise it’s not the best. You can definitely see that he is working hard on improving the steps & timing, which was so much better than Week 1. I agree with Carrie Ann that the punching can stop now, explore so more range of motion but I think Kym is doing a good job with not overloading him with steps he can’t possibly keep up with.

12. David Ross & Lindsay Arnold - Cha Cha (7+6+7+7=27) David is pretty fly for a white guy. I love his spunk & approach to this show & dances. This week was not an improvement to his Quickstep, which was pretty good. But I like that Chris is willing to get loose & have some fun, hopefully we get to see a more polished side of him next week. 


In Jeopardy

Chris & Witney -   Eliminated - Damn, I love Chris, his bravery & willingness to try something new & so physically vulnerable like this. God bless him.

Charro & Keo

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how many times have minho dabbed? and when?

hi anon,

what this question …lol?

Minho dabbed so many times …sometimes i think he was one who reinvented dabbing lol….but i didnt feel it embarrassed…he is cute & funny kid …so it’s ok 

if you asking about SHINee World in LA …so he dabbed in mid talk time about 4 to 5 times 

first he was dabbing alone …then it become OnHo signature greeting & then it becomes trend & now jonghyun, key , taemin all are dabbing hahahahahah

External image

MENS5 at the press announcement for the live action adaptation of “FIVE”

  • Sato Ryuji as Shimizu Toshi
  • Kuroba Mario as Tairaku Jun
  • Matsuoka Koudai as Iwabuchi Takui
  • Nishii Yukito as Arisawa Nao
  • Negishi Takuya as Yauchi Kojirou

Personal Note:

I might actually do a summary of their comments later as the boys have some very interesting things to say about the drama (interesting because the comments are just so them. Lol! For example, highlights of “FIVE”, which is a shoujo drama? Action scenes, apparently xDDDD). On first impression, I’m not over Negishi Takuya’s seeming fanboying of Sato Ryuji? At one point, he actually mentions checking the fight scenes that they film on the monitor and commenting on how kakkoii Ryuji is xD

First Klaus Imagine!

Request: Hey I saw your post about hating Caroline (lol same 😉) so could you do a fic with Reader x Klaus where the Reader is about to confess her feelings to Klaus, but before she can she bumps into Caroline who tells her that she should stay away from him because he’s evil and probably doesn’t even like her anyway? When klaus finds out he is furious and ends up confessing his feelings for the Reader! Thanks xx #TeamAntiCaroline haha

You were having a wonderful day. At least that was until you bumped into the all and mighty Caroline Forbes who thought she was hot shit. She had a fling with Klaus and now that you did, she wanted to flush it down the toilet because she was jealous.

“Watch out.” You snapped as she almost spilled her piping hot coffee all over your pristine, white blouse. Ever since you had started seeing Klaus, you began to stand up for yourself. You didn’t care if it made you seem like a bitch.

Caroline scoffed as you said this, “Why don’t you watch out? For Klaus. He’s not a good person, he’s just manipulating you, and I’m probably helping you. He probably doesn’t even like you.”

You glared at her, ready to snap her head off. “Stay out of my buisness, bitch.” Your words flew out like poison and you walked off.

You walked into Klaus’ house and slammed the door shut. “What’s wrong, my love?” Klaus’ voice echoed from upstairs. You saw him walking down the stairs and immediately felt a little better.

“Caroline was a bitch to me. She said all these nasty things about you.” You sauntered over to him and threw your arms around his shoulders.

You could tell he was angry; you attempted to distract him by kissing him, but soon enough he was pussing off passing the floor as if he were waiting to tell you something.

You sat on the couch and smirked, “Spit it out, lover boy.”

“I’m in love with you.” You were not expecting that at the very least. You leaned up on your elbows and motioned for him to come over to you.

He sat next to you and you placed your head in his lap, “Do you really?” He smiled down at you, he was absolutely beaming.

“Of course I do, darling and Caroline can’t do a damn thing to tear us apart.” He leaned down and kissed you tenderly.

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First the blog. I commend you for being so honest and transparent But from a guys point a view can I just saw after reading you last're a fucking cock tease lol. Your poor son. To recap: he finally feels comfortable enough to fully pursue his desire to make a sexual advancement towards the goddess of his dreams....he gets too excited and finishes too soon. Why not help him out to redeem himself? Young men can recover remarkably quick. Part one

Response at end…

“Sing you a lullaby where you die at the end~” -Melanie Martinez

My part of the art trade with @porotatoes ;) sorry it took a little long >m>.


Fairy Watching vs. Star Gazing cuz I don’t know which one I like better.


TY’s cute reaction when he realized all their songs got promoted on the 1st radio appeareance


Model Adrien pt. 2! I had to do this because I often think about Adrien as an IG model (like an AU where he /actually/ enjoyed/loved doing it…), it was actually one of my tags in the first post LOL

Like, he’d love using IG because he can sort of be himself since his father doesn’t care about social media (but all of Paris does) (it doesn’t get him into trouble though)


blunt as hell

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can you tell me about the bts ships? not just otp's, brotps too!


but ill only talk about the ones im familiar with:

1. YOONMIN (yoongi/jimin):

ok holy shit where the FUCK do i start with yoonmin. they’ve been my bts otp since day 1 so i have a LOT TO FUCKING SAY LOL 

first off, refer to this post as to why i started shipping them, they have a LOT of cute fucking moments predebut and its been a painfully beautiful journey ever since 2013

before we jump in we need to talk about how YOONGI WROTE A SONG FOR JIMIN BECAUSE HE ADMIRES HOW HARDWORKING JIMIN IS. IF THAT AINT REAL THEN GET TF OUT OF MY FACE LMAo like where dat song @ tho yoongs

ok i need to chill, but theres more:

like jimin being yoongi’s #1 cheerleader at ISAC lmao look at him cheer his name in front of all the fans and other idols with ZERO shame, and then there’s yoongi pretending like he doesnt hear him #typical

^ TYPICAL YOONGI. this ship is very love-hate. mostly false pretense of hate on yoongi’s end and WAAAY TOO MUCH SHAMELESS LOVIN on jimin’s end BUT we all know yoongi’s putting up a front. like there’s actually so many subtle moments where he reveals how much he cares for jimin and they kill me every time, like this one:

but then right back to pretending like he dont give a fuck lmfao:


this whole v app broadcast was a yoonmin fest and it was a blessing. jimin got him a sweater for yoongis birthday and they basically confessed on live broadcast that they’re soulmates. ugh im so sensitive about this moment

in summary:

  • yoonmin are polar opposites and that heart-pulling cold/warm dynamic they have is super shippable, thus the reason why they’re one of the most popular ships in this fandom
  •  yoongi puts on a cold exterior and doesn’t really show his emotions. jimin on the other hand is super openly loving towards others, especially yoongi, and its really fucking cute how yoongi reciprocates sometimes
  • the two really do care about each other a lot though and it’s really heart warming to see. also yoongi had jimin rap on his Tony Montana stage and it was everything

there’s tons more but for the sake of room lets move on

2. TAEKOOK (Taehyung/Jungkook)

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i just got volume 1 of the comics and rereading it is making me realize new things lmao so far i got:

  • gac (galra authorized currency) is mentioned there the first time, that’s why in the show it’s not explained what it is
  • i’m still not over blushy lance “sharp work samurai”
  • lance went basically “don’t remember didn’t happen” on keith after ‘sharp work samurai’
  • keith’s a bitch sjkfbgkj
  • in episode 2 lance is saying that he wants acknowledgment for killing the monster and keith is like “but i was the one who pulled the sword!” then after they meet the local population and they tell them they killed their guardian lance is like “oh lol keith u killed their guardian” and keith FUCKING GOES “ME?? THAT WAS YOUR FAULT” I CANNOT BELIEVEHDFBB THE NERVE

Firstly, long time lurker, first post ever. Secondly, I’m typing this from my phone, so I apologise for any formatting issue. Thirdly, English isn’t my first language, so please bear with any spelling or grammatical errors.

Now, this happened around 3 years back, when I was in my 6th semester at university. One of the lecturers from my department (who’s normally an ok guy but a douche in this story so let’s call him DL) informed my section and another that he’d be taking one of our hour long free periods to make up for a lecture that was missed for reasons I can’t recall. Fair enough. DL had course to cover, and missing one hour of freedom doesn’t really spell the end of the world.

However, the thing was, said free period was right before our lunch break, and most students were worried that DL’s lecture would cut into that, despite his assurances that it wouldn’t. You see, while some students eat at the cafeteria, a significant number head to their dorms mess, which has fixed lunch timings.

So, the hour comes and goes, and DL is droning on and on, with no end in sight. Students start to complain, but the DL says no one leaves until he’s done talking, or they’ll be marked absent (attendance held weightage in our grade).

So, as DL starts eating away at our lunch break, I decide to use the tools at hand to exact retribution on behalf of my dorm friends. From the mid row bench in the class, I begin clicking my ballpoint pen repeatedly. The guy next to me begin, and then the guy next to him, and so on, until DL’s voice was drowned out by the glorious chorus of around a 100 clicking pens. He stopped talking.

Tldr: Lecturer wouldn’t end the class on time. Buried him in pens.