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Teen in Nepal dies of suffocation while isolated in “menstruation hut”

  • A 15-year-old girl named Roshani Tiruwa died sometime between the night of Dec. 17 and the morning of Dec. 18 in Accham, Nepal. 
  • Tiruwa was inside a “menstrual hut,” a small structure meant to isolate women and girls on their periods.
  • Authorities believe Tiruwa died of suffocation, since she had lit a fire inside the hut —  known as a chhaupadi goth — to keep warm through the night.
  • “There was lack of oxygen as she lit fire in the very narrow shed that had no ventilation,” Badri Prasad Dhakal, the Achham district superintendent of police, told the outlet.
  • Tiruwa’s father said he last saw his daughter around 6 p.m. when she came to retrieve her dinner and bring it back to the hut. 
  • Tiruwa’s death is only the latest in a line of women who have died while isolated in menstruation sheds. Read more

‘Vega Cottage’ by Kolman Boyle Architects. The foundations of this timber cabin are integrated perfectly into the craggy shoreline of the Norwegian island of Vega. The design was inspired by the fisherman’s boathouses that line the island’s shore.

Stone Hearts

You already know


Rating: a Little steamy but not too bad


“Are you gonna eat?” The pink haired barbarian asked, nodding toward the smoked boar that hung over his pit of fire.

Lucy quietly sat on the other side of his hut, with her knees tucked against her chest as she watched the fire crackle.

Her long silky hair now draped over her body, while she was also now covered in a thick fur pellet.

Her brown eyes met Natsu’s, and he wasn’t surprised to see the small bits of anger in her pupils.

“I told you. I’m not a pet.” Lucy spat, avoiding his gaze once more as she watched the pig roast.

No matter how delightful the pork smelled, she would not break.

“I’m not treating you like pet!” Natsu shot back, letting out a pained gasp at her accusations.

She raised a brow towards him before looking over to small corner of the home. He followed her line of vision to see the fluffy pile of fur and leaves along with a bowl of water that he had set up for her.

“Just uh…keeping you healthy.” Natsu laughed off awkwardly.

“I would be healthier back at my home. With my tribe.” She pouted.

“No. I told you, you’re mine.” Natsu scoffed, sounding like some spoiled toddler.

“I am a human being. You can’t keep me!” She shot back, removing her pellet to throw at his face.

Natsu gulped, quickly looking away from her newly exposed skin. He still doesn’t know how to resist her tantalizing female witchcraft, but he’ll get it down eventually.

“What? What’s wrong?” Lucy asked, face softening as Natsu became very red.

“Y-you’re skin.” He mumbled.

Lucy’s face hardened at the fact that he was still thinking inappropriate thoughts. How degrading.

However, she remembered how her tribe had almost destroyed this one with their feminine wiles, so maybe she could do the same.

Sure, Natsu was well-endowed enough to scare off her friends, but he lacked any brain power.

“What about my skin, Natsu?” She spoke, her voice reaching a low whisper.

His eyes widened at her sudden change of voice, now releasing small beads of sweat.

Lucy began crawling toward him seductively, watching as his eyes wandered uncontrollably over her body.

He began scurrying away from her, scooting further and further until his back hit the wall of his hut.

“I-its…everywhere.” He gulped, switching gazes between her eyes and her breasts.

“Do you not like it?” She pouted, leaning in further until her breath hit his face.

Natsu felt himself become dizzy with her scent as the smell of wild flowers and spring water entered his nose. Everything about her just smelled so sweat, and her creamy skin looked good enough that he could just bite it.

“I do. I don’t know why but I…do.” He gasped as she shimmied onto his lap.

There it was. That strange sensation that he felt when he touched her. It was so different but so good.

“Do you know why you want me?” She said, eyes lidding as her fingered ran up and down his chest, making him shiver underneath her.

Her fingers felt hot as they glided across his skin, causing the inside of his body to heat up as well as more sweat dripped down his arms and neck.

There was something about her that he needed to have. Something that made him burn.

“Your fire.” He gasped as she began placing small pecks on his neck.

She stopped her actions, eyeing him with confusion.

“What?” She asked.

“Your fire. Your…passion. You fight and you get angry and loud. You make me hot and you burn me but…in a good way. You’re warm. You’re strong. That’s why I want you…I think.” He said, avoiding her gaze as a light blush spread across his cheeks.

Lucy felt her heart jump, feeling it beat at 20
miles per second.

Lucy eyes met him in heartwarming gaze, leaning in to press her forehead against his.

Natsu’s eyes widened as he felt a strong pang in his chest, wanting nothing more than Lucy.

“You’re right. I am strong.” She smirked, and Natsu felt a sharp pain against his head.

He fell to his side, releasing a loud groan as he watched Lucy stand up.

She scavenged around his hut, quickly grabbing his scaled scarf and draping it over her neck.

“Hey! Ngh…t-thats mine….y-YOU’RE MINE!” He whined, unable to get off the ground.

“You want us? Come find us.” Lucy smiled, sauntering out of his hut as she swung the scarf around.

The last thing he saw was her warm brown eyes before he blacked out.

He would find her. Then make her his.That’s for sure.


Refugi Lieptgas designed by Swiss practice Nickisch Sano Walder Architekten.

An existing alpine log cabin was deconstructed to create a framework for this concrete hideaway with the same footprint and form as its predecessor. Situated in Flims, in the Swiss Alps, the 40-square-metre house known as ‘Concrete Cabin’ replaces an aged log cabin to provide a small holiday home.

Sometimes I like to think of the Slytherins and Gryffindors in Care of Magical Creatures together, and as always, Hagrid manages to find something that leaves them all scared for their lives. This time he found a close cousin of the Skrewts, a madirew, which was a fire breathing reptile. The Slytherins remain quite close to Hagrid’s hut, just in case they need to make a quick escape, while Harry and the rest remain close to the edge of the forest. Malfoy always seems to be looking towards the group in scarlet and gold and Harry just can’t figure out why. The Slytherins, on the other hand, know it’s the girl with the curly, out of control hair that has him enraptured, and manage not to roll their eyes (atleast not in front of him).

Suddenly one of the madirews manage to escape from Ron’s hand and makes its way across the Gryffindor group, and Hermione’s the one standing at the far end when she sees a puff of fire rattling towards her at top speed and she’s fixed to the ground, a single scream escaping her mouth. Her eyes shut, and she’s convinced she’ll be spending the night in the hospital wing. But the sounds of more gasps makes her open them, and what she sees in front makes her knees weak. It’s Malfoy standing in front of her, the end of his pants and shoes singed, and she realises that he must have kicked the madirew out of her way before it could harm her.

But why?

He storms off before she can say a word, and all the Slytherins do for the next week is tease him.

“Really mate, the last time we watched you move so fast was when Parkinson told you you’d done your hair the wrong way.” 


This guy walks into the bush with nothing but a pair of shorts, He can make an ax and knife. Then a waterproof and snug hut. Weapons. Tools. Fire making tools. Baskets, rope, charcoal and even kilns and forges.

It is fascinating. Here is his channel: Primitive Technology