in the fire hut


Hiccup’s nightmare

My absolute favourite moment of the season, seeing through Hiccup’s eyes while he is flying on Toothless. He dreams of the moment when he set his own hut on fire. And then he wakes up…

~ (The wings of war Part 1)

utopia // stiles stilinski

Summary: Stiles & Y/N escape their perfect city of Utopia only to face the dangers of the supernatural

Requested: no, but @sincerelystiles gave me the motivation to post this & @stilinski-jpeg was beyond supportive with this idea

Pairing: Stiles & Y/N

Warning: yes, mature language, themes & smut throughout


By definition, it was suppose to be a perfect society but it was far from it. The concrete walls acted as a prison and the citizens were it’s inmates. It was originally suppose to be a temporary solution to the growing outbreak of the supernatural. That was 5 years ago. It was a now permanent solution as two races competed for world domination.

Each citizen was stripped of their individuality, each given a similar set of clothes and a number to replace their name. Women had to wear their hair tied back in a bun while men had to keep their hair free of any unnatural product. They were all served the same meal everyday and no matter what job they did for the colony, they all received the same amount of pay. There was absolutely no way to strive in the Utopia, making it a perfect society in the sense that everyone was equal.

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Refugi Lieptgas designed by Swiss practice Nickisch Sano Walder Architekten.

An existing alpine log cabin was deconstructed to create a framework for this concrete hideaway with the same footprint and form as its predecessor. Situated in Flims, in the Swiss Alps, the 40-square-metre house known as ‘Concrete Cabin’ replaces an aged log cabin to provide a small holiday home.


Summary: Everyone knew by now that Alex was Thomas’s alone. Right?

Author’s note: This drabble is based off of @katzun ’s sinners au. Look at her art FIRST to understand the dynamic between Thomas and Alex. TW: MINOR VIOLENCE, MENTION OF BLOOD
There were a couple of things that demons had in common that really annoyed Thomas.  Most of them looked down on humans,  with the exception of James and a few others.  Now, this didn’t really bother Thomas before.  But, that was before Alex came into his life.  Alex was a headstrong, courageous, and incredibly smart human whose wit rivaled Thomas’s own.  No matter how wonderful Alex seemed to be to Thomas, he couldn’t change how the other demons thought about humans.

In hell,  humans were possessions. It was a way to show rank,  power,  and status.  The beauty of a pet told demons you were of high status and should be respected as such.  Thomas had always made sure to have beautiful pets.  In fact,  it was Alex’s attractiveness that drew Thomas to the human.  The fact that bruises, cuts, and scratches made Alex look even more beautiful was a nice bonus. 

But,  the thing that separated Alex from Thomas’s pets in the past was that he hated being ordered around.  Every command Thomas gave the human was met with resistance, which infuriated Thomas to no end.  Usually, Thomas would force Alex to do what he wanted,  but today was different.  A major headache had prompted Thomas to let Alex have his way.

Earlier that day, James had informed Thomas that there was a problem at the gates that he needed to deal with personally.  Normally,  Thomas would have no problem leaving his domain, but now Alex was here. He couldn’t leave his human alone for that long, which was the reason for Thomas’s headache. 

Thomas wanted Alex to wear his collar.  Alex refused to wear it.  There isn’t any need to go into further detail about their two and a half hour arguement except for the outcomes.  Alex got his wish.  Thomas got a headache.  Still,  Thomas was sure to keep Alex right in front of him to convey one thing to the other demons: “he’s mine”.

The problem at the gates seemed to be a complicated one.  The demons who lived near the gate were the youngest and least powerful demons in hell.  With that being said,  they were also the most mischievous. Some of the upper level demons were complaining that the younger demons were stealing their property, but none of them had enough power to do anything about it.  While Thomas was talking with one of the victims of the alleged thefts,  Alex had wandered off because he was bored of hearing about problems that didn’t concern him.  After about twenty minutes, Thomas noticed that Alex was gone. 

“Where’s Alex? ” he asked James, who was thumbing his way through the reports. 

“I thought you were keeping an eye on him.”

“I thought he was with you.”

A feeling of panic and uneasiness settled in the pit of Thomas’s stomach.  Although Alex didn’t wear his collar,  Thomas’s mark was still present around Alex’s wrist notifying other demons that he was taken.  The mark of Satan would be enough for upper level demons to leave Alex alone.  However, lower level demons underestimated his power and would be quick to challenge his position. Anxiety quickly festered into rage and anger.  How dare someone even think about touching his Alex?!  Didn’t they know who he was?!  Thomas felt his skin burning and his hands caught fire.  James quickly looked away and stepped out of Thomas’s way.  There was only one thing on Thomas’s mind. He needed to find Alex. 
Meanwhile, Alex was doing his best to keep some lower level,  demon freak off of him.  Unlike Thomas, this demon looked less human. Thomas was able to shift his body into whatever he needed depending on the situation.  But,  this demon was stuck in his true form.  Ugly horns curled out of his head, and his body was covered in patchy goat fur.  Alex had the suspicion that he used to be human.  The demon went in again trying to get Alex to kiss him.  Alex promptly kicked him in his sensitive area and screamed at him. 

“Stay the fuck off me, asshat! ” he yelled grabbing his wrist.  Everytime the other demons touched him, it burned his skin as if fire was touching it.  “Thomas might not be here, but I don’t need him to kick your ass! ”

The demon growled and grabbed Alex’s hair pulling the human towards him.  “Shut up, pet!  You will do what I say! ”

“I said, fuck off! ” That snide comment earned Alex a hard slap in the face.  A little trinkle of blood rolled down his cheek and dribbled down his chin.  A single drop of blood hit the floor before the small hut started on fire and started to burn down. Alex looked towards the door and only saw a sea of black.  In the center, there was a pair of pissed off,  yellow glowing eyes glaring towards Alex and the demon who had kidnapped him.  The demon opened his mouth to say something, but then he suddenly burst into flames. He screamed until he couldn’t anymore and fell to the ground with a thud.  He wasn’t dead,  but he felt all of the pain of being burned to death.  Alex was scared, and his ears rang from the screams of the demon laying on the ground. He looked back at those eyes and reconized the burning passion in them. 

“T-Thomas? ”

“Alexander. Come.  Here. ”

Alex swallowed and stood up stepping over the demon on the ground towards the dark mass.  When Alex finally reached it,  possessive arms wrapped around Alex and squeezed tightly, not letting go.  And Alex let them hold him until they got home.  By that time, Thomas had cooled down, but he still had his possessive streak.  He let go of Alex,  and Alex turned to face him.

“Thomas I-”

 A pair of lips crashed against his surprising Alex.  Alex quickly got over the initial shock, welcomed the kiss, and pushed back.  Mouths slipped open. Kisses quickly changed into a sloppy, open mouthed makeout session.  Alex and Thomas fought each other for dominance as Thomas shifted his body weight to pin Alex on the bed beneath him.  Because of Thomas’s leverage, he eventually earned dominance and Alex allowed him to trail kisses down his jawline and neck.  A cold metal collar was pushed shut around Alex’s neck unmistakingly marking him as Thomas’s.  Thomas growled in delight and left dark marks on Alex’s neck before saying one word that excite Alex and sent shivers down his spine. 



“My hut. My fire. That sounds a pleasant thing,” she said. “But I find the dark is the same wherever I am.” “You earned those eyes,” he said coldly, but I heard the hurt there too.

“I did,” she said with a sigh. “And more.”
[…] “Know that I loved you,” she said to the Darkling. “Know that it was not enough.” In a single movement, she shoved herself up on the wall, and before I could draw breath to scream, she tipped forward and vanished over the ledge, trailing the nichevo’ya behind her in tangled skeins of darkness.
They tumbled past us in a rush, a shrieking black wave that rolled over the terrace and plummeted down, drawn by the power she exuded.
“No!” the Darkling roared. He dove after her, the wings of his soldiers beating with his fury.


‘Vega Cottage’ by Kolman Boyle Architects. The foundations of this timber cabin are integrated perfectly into the craggy shoreline of the Norwegian island of Vega. The design was inspired by the fisherman’s boathouses that line the island’s shore.