in the field of roses

Lesbian Music

Beatrice Eli – Girls

Ally Hills – Her Lover

Zolita – Holy

Halsey – Ghost

Hayley Kiyoko – Cliffs Edge

The Veronicas – On Your Side

Mary Lambert – Know Your Name

Partner – Play the Field

Sizzy Rocket – Bestie

Borgeous – Invincible

Dodie Clark – Sick of Losing Soulmates

KSHMR – Memories

Shura – Touch

The Happy Mess – Backyard Girl

Elektra – I Don’t Do Boys

t.A.T.u. – All The Things She Said

PVRIS – Anyone Else

Uh Huh Her – Explode

Astrological Rulerships

Aries: adrenalin, brimstone, eyes, metal, caustic words, vertigo, courage, fevers, initiative, leaders, nettles, military, tools, adventure

Taurus: actors, bonnets, architecture, art dealers, pastels, coins, copper, dancers, alabaster, daisies, jewels and rings, culture

Gemini: paths, letters, bookstores and libraries, lectures, dexterity, brotherhood and kin, collar bones, gossip, hallways, typewriters, breath

Cancer: water lilies, bakeries, silver, canals and fountains, iridescence, cities, onyx, gardens, introversion, pearls

Leo: emblems, ballrooms, monarchs, betting, cinemas and theaters, gold, crowns, gin, parties, romance, circuses

Virgo: healing, bees, craftsmanship, satire, desks, sewing, groves and greenhouses, porcelain, fields, editors

Libra: white roses, alliances, fine arts, balance, affection, doves, boudoirs, crimson, diamonds, music and pianos, dressing rooms

Scorpio: iron, brambles, transformation, espionage, hate and passion, sarcasm, witchcraft, detectives, poisonous plants

Sagittarius: abundance, hunting, prophecy, exploration, higher learning, philosophy, faith, ardor and devotion

Capricorn: frost, coal, abbeys, bricks and cement, leather, clocks, night watch, integrity, crystals, sculptures

Aquarius: wishes, electricity, radios, aeronautics, free will, idealism, light, astrology, paradoxes, rebellions

Pisces: escape, the abstract, mystics, charity, stockings, salt water, fog, bartenders, asylums and hospitals, coral

The Fate of Pink Diamond

Everyone is posting their theories on who shattered Pink Diamond. I’ve seen it going every direction: Yellow Diamond did it; White Diamond did it; Pearl did it. And while I’m a big believer that Pearl was, at the VERY least, involved in her shattering, I also have an alternate theory.

Consistently, whenever Pink Diamond’s demise has been mentioned–in her presence–Pearl has always shown great distress. At first I assumed it was grief; if you subscribe the the theory that Pearl belonged to Pink Diamond, it might be caused by any residual feelings she might have about her Diamond. Perhaps it has been because the act has ruined Rose’s name or because of how Steven found out.

We don’t know why, but Pearl has always shown great duress whenever Pink Diamond’s shattering is brought up.

The Crystal Gem rebellion was only as successful as it was in great part due to Rose’s healing abilities. So long as they weren’t shattered, she could bring her comrades back from mortal injury with her tears. It’s very likely that, particularly during the early stages of the rebellion, that their chances were dismally low.

Lots of people have pointed out that only a diamond can break a diamond, which has been one of the big reasons why people believe Pink was shattered by another diamond. The only problem is why? We’ve seen that Yellow, though she manages her grief well, is still very torn up by the loss of Pink Diamond.

Though she was hasty in The Trial and most of her actions could easily be perceived as an attempt to cover up her own part in the shattering of Pink Diamond, Yellow has never been a patient gem. She is quick to anger and though she may keep a calm facade, she has always been quick to lash out.

In Message Received, even when Peridot is still obeying respectful protocols, when she tries to convince Yellow to abort the Cluster and preserve the Earth she lays into Peridot. 

This is before Peridot outright disobeys her orders and calls her diamond a clod. She probably would have given Peridot the same treatment she gave the Zircons if she had been physically present. I really don’t believe Yellow had anything to do with what happened to Pink Diamond.

A lot of people have been concerned by White Diamond’s failure to appear at the trial of the gem who was believed to have killed Pink Diamond. It is very suspicious, especially since we know nothing of White Diamond. We only have the very barest of ideas of what she looks like because of the murals on the moon base.

We of course see something of her likeness on Homeworld.

Blue Zircon mentioned during The Trial that Rose Quartz had already been an established threat for a few hundred years. This means that Pink Diamond wasn’t shattered until a few hundred years after the start of the rebellion.

What if the Crystal Gems were losing the war? What if they needed something to turn the tide in their favor? What if they could get their hands on a bargaining chip? In the early stages of the rebellion, there likely weren’t many gems on Rose’s side. It seems possible that, even during the events of The Answer, that Rose and Pearl were the only rebel gems. After all, if they wanted to wage an assault against Blue Diamond and her court, wouldn’t they want to bring more than two gems?

What if they knew they didn’t stand a chance? So they wanted to level the playing field. If only a diamond can shatter a diamond, it’s unlikely that Rose or Pearl would have been able to deal the killing blow. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t destroy a diamond’s physical form.

What if Pearl and/or Rose managed to destroy Pink Diamond’s physical form and took her gem? What if they brought her gem to the diamonds and turned the war into a hostage negotiation? Pink Diamond could be safely returned but only if Homeworld abandoned the Earth. This doesn’t seem like too desperate a tactic, especially if there are only two gems standing against the might of their planet.

What if they tried to bargain with White Diamond? A diamond’s life for a single planet seems like a fair trade. But what if White Diamond wasn’t willing to negotiate. What if White Diamond forsake Pink Diamond, shattering her when her gem was put up for ransom?

After all, we’ve seen a mural depicting a gem of a very great visual similarity to White once before. A mural illustrating Rose Quartz standing before White Diamond, holding something very pink and diamond-shaped between them. All while White Diamond lashes out.

Maybe the reason Pearl gets upset at the mention of Pink Diamond is because they never meant to shatter her; but it was because of their actions that she was shattered at all.

When Winter comes, you’ll hear no lions roar.

No stags grazing the fields, 

No roses growing in the meadows,

No snakes in the sand.

The krakens will freeze where they swim,

The flayed men will rot and wither.

No trouts swimming in the river

And no falcons fliying in the air.

Not even the dragons breath will warm you in your halls.


Only the wolves howl in the night,

And you’ll know Winter is coming.


One day the wolves will come again.

Let the southerners have their fairy tales and summers.

We northerners have home.

For the north remembers my friend.


The north remembers.

today is october 17th 2017 which means that exactly 30 years ago today high-school-aged green day played their first EVER show as a band in a bbq joint to a crowd of around 25 people (mostly friends and family). billie and mike were only 15 at the time.

fast forward to 2017 and green day is now finishing up their revolution radio tour. during this tour, the band played at massive venues including hyde park, the rose bowl, central park, and wrigley field, with some shows having over 65,000 attendees.

happy 30th anniversary to green day. we love you so much.

anonymous asked:

this might be a bit off a topic, but do you remember the first episode with the strawberry fields where we first saw hints on roses fight in the background of the pyramid - with all the new knowledge we now have about homeworld and the diamonds, do you have any new thoughts on it? Or do you think that entire thing will be retconed since they maybe changed things after getting so many seasons?

I actually think about the temple in “Serious Steven” a lot, it was really the first very lore-heavy episode we ever got and it foreshadowed quite a lot about what we’ve since found out. I do not think it’s retconned at all, while the show has definitely become a different beast than what it started as (the crew have said as much) the core storyline has to be the same, or else none of the foreshadowing would work, but so far it has. I see no reason to think that the show isn’t following a storyline set from when it started.

I talked about this originally a very long time ago, back when “Jail Break” first aired (here), but one of the really, really interesting things about the pyramid temple to me is that it appears to be a spaceship or similar Gem structure, due to it’s similarities with Peridot’s ship. The really fascinating thing to me is that the temple contains the revised Diamond Authority symbol, the three triangles one, instead of the four diamonds symbol. It has the very same symbol that’s present on Peridot’s ship

This means that the pyramid was made after Pink Diamond was shattered but before the Diamond’s final attack on Earth. This also means that the temple was, at least originally, Homeworld’s and unless the Crystal Gems commandeered it and altered it, the mural may not the depiction of “Rose Quartz saving Earth/humans,” as we thought, but more of “Rose Quartz shattering Pink Diamond” - meaning, in the mural Rose is the villain. The mural is depicting the (fabricated) events of Pink Diamond’s shattering, perhaps as a motivator to Homeworld forces, or just a way to lament Pink Diamond’s passing. The temple might’ve even been a sort of memorial to Pink Diamond.

Another very interesting thing about this mural is that it’s very explicitly referenced in “The Zoo,” when the humans are crying and pleading for the hurt to be taken away. It’s a very deliberate reference and it’s telling us something about this mural and the events it’s depicting (consider the popular theory that Pink Diamond may’ve sympathized with the rebellion and humanity, in the end at least)

Lastly, I’ll point out one more thing I find really really interesting and that has been an extremely curious thing I’ve thought about for years now. A few years ago, the crew used to post the storyboards for the episodes after they aired. The “Serious Steven” storyboard showed the mural, except it didn’t look quite like the mural we see in the show. Curiously, it does not show Rose Quartz at all. Instead, there’s a different figure. It’s very specific, so it wasn’t a stand-in. We’ve not yet seen a Gem that looks quite like it, but there is one very fascinating thing about it, given recent revelations:

They have a rather distinctly diamond-shaped symbol on their chest.