in the fallout

my gf is playing fallout 4 at the moment and we were chatting about how the game had lots of possibly cool things but wasted its own potential (i feel) because of 1. railroading and 2. pacing problems.

take the intro segment of the game for example. (spoilers for those who haven’t played i guess). you start off by customizing the couple spoken of in the intro of the game, a husband and wife, one of which will be playable by you. but, you get the chance to customize them both, which in turn changes your baby’s appearance.

that’s really cool!

what isn’t cool, however, is the lack of ability to name your own partner or child. you only get to name the player character.

to add to that, the game expects you to, after little interactions with barely any choice, to be bonded enough with your spouse and child to be upset when they’re taken from you and invested for the rest of the game in finding your baby and avenging your partner.

it just kinda falls flat to me.

what i feel would’ve had more impact would be if the module that thawed out the pods was remotely accessed from outside or from the very beginning of the vault. this would’ve meant that, when the player is woken up along with their spouse and child, they have no clue why or what is waiting for them.

the player could then have some time to learn more controls and get situated in the game by traveling through the falling-apart vault with their partner and kid in tow. maybe make choices, like if they should interact with others’ pods. who carries the baby. searching for staff assistance or means for self defense.

once you make it to the exit of the vault, you’d find the elevator isn’t there. confused, you could begin trying to call it down, only it’s already on its way down.

just as the elevator stops, the player is faced by the institute, on their way to steal your baby. maybe you get a dialogue choice prompt here, decide to try to take your baby into safety yourself, or tell your partner to flee, or just try to attack the institute members. in the end, in the scuffle, your partner gets fatally shot (along with anyone you let free from pods), your baby taken, and you get dragged back into stasis.

if you’d had the chance to actually play a part of the game, a stage, with these other characters i feel there could have been some more legitimate attachment and drive to doing something about it later on.

Brotherhood Suits vs Real Life

I have been told this a couple times that these suits don’t exist and are silly.

Well they’re right to a point. Those specific model of suits don’t actually exist but they’re updated based upon 1950′s and 1960′s pressure or g-suits.

These suits were designed to combat the high g forces that pilots were subjected to. The suit itself maintains pressure on the body to force blood to not pool in the limbs and keep as much of an even bloodflow as possible.

This really makes a lot of sense in the context of Fallout. Power Armor is a suit that you pilot and it is subject to a hell of a lot of g’s from jumping off a building to taking a hit from a Death Claw or a Missile. You’re suddenly hit with a ton of g’s that can really wreck your day. The suits are pretty much a necessity for pilots of Power Armor.

After explaining this to someone they then told me that the orange or pink version never existed.

Really? Half the suits Nasa uses are orange and if you need further proof that odd colors existed here’s a gold one.

This also explains why there are so many pilot helmets to be found in the commonwealth. Fallout 4 overhauled the way Power Armor works and I think it’s honestly for the better because it’s a lot cooler to have you step into a suit of armor then to just throw it on.

keyismykitty  asked:

how would danse react if sole could get the projector at starlight working again and showed him what a real moving picture show was like?

Danse would absolutely love it.


“Solider…why did you drag me out here, and on a night this dark? We need to rest for tomorrow. This is very irresponsible!” Danse had his typical grumpy face.

Sole laughed. He loved seeing Danse and his puffy eyebrows furrow and arch into their natural angered state. “Hold on, Danse. Just…stare at the screen.” Sole said, running back into the projector room. 

“This is ridiculous, we should be preparing for tomorrow not standing around waiting for-” Danse was quickly cut off by the sound of the projector turning on and the image coming onto the screen. His eyes lit up and his jaw dropped. He stared at the screen. 

Sole ran up to him and grabbed his hand. Danse never looked away from the screen. 

“Is…is this a movie?” Danse whispered, he didn’t want to interrupt what they were saying.

“Yeah…Danse. Do you want to watch it with me?” Sole asked, smiling at Danse’s reaction. A tear fell from his eye.

“Yeah…yeah I would like that.” Danse sat down on the floor, not once removing his sight from the movie. Sole joined him, still holding onto his hand. 

For that 90 minutes, Danse never let go of his hand.