in the end you are the one who is alive

Not A Fairytale, Just This

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky believes you deserve more, but all you need is right in front of you.

Warnings: Angst, fluff, angst, fluff, kissing, fluff, *mic drop* the end

Word Count: 2331

A/N: Kind of a song fic based on Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay. I didn’t include lyrics because I thought it flowed better without them, but this story follows the song. I would love to know what you think :)

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He was to be living with heroes. The righteous, the worthy, the ones who had been given a second chance and redeemed themselves.

He was given a second chance and he failed. After he fell and woke up alive, Hydra broke him. He couldn’t escape. He complied. How did he deserve the third chance he was given now?

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Describing the Signs in AP European References

Aries: You’re as fierce than the Byzantine Empire as it swept it’s way through the Mediterranean and conquered land

Taurus: You’re as stubborn than the first estate in France in the 1800′s refusing that they were in debt from all the wars they fought and lost

Gemini: You’re as happy as Great Britain was during the Victorian Era, where science and industrial breakthrough’s took place

Cancer: You’re as caring as the servants were to the Renaissance children, and tried to keep them alive past the age of 20

Leo: You’re as bold as the Rebellions of 1848, where several European countries rebelled against their monarchial government in favor of more liberal ideals. 

Virgo: You’re as rebellious as Galileo was, promoting the sciences against Church wishes

Libra: You’re like Queen Isabella of Castlie and King Ferdinand of Aragon, trying to promote peace by uniting their Spanish nation under one Catholic religion, but ending up really problematic because they put in place the Spanish Inquisition converting or killing anyone who wasn’t Catholic

Scorpio: You’re as underrated as the Golden of Age of the Dutch, as their citizens lived in peace, established the first national bank, and unanimously promoted Protestantism

Sagittarius: You’re as go getter as the European States were during the Age of Imperialism, conquering land but refusing to deal with the consequences

Capricorn: You were broken, but now fixed like the Italian States in 1830 when Garibaldi unified North and South Italy 

Aquarius: You’re as innovative as Otto Von Bismark of Prussia as he ruled with an Iron First and helped gain territory and unite with Germany

Pisces: You’re as sensitive as the Catholics and Protestants were to each other, igniting the thirty years war

i’m so happy that josh and tyler found each other. it must be so nice to have somebody who’s as passionate and as willing to work so hard on the same things as you are. they’ve created this huge thing -twenty one pilots- and they’ve managed to mold it into something that’s so much more than just music. they’ve somehow turned what was once just this small town band in to a lifeline for so many people, a reason to stay alive, a reason to not give up even when things get real bad. and it’s all because these two dudes met under some cruddy circumstances and ended up sticking together. so yeah, i’m just real happy that josh and tyler found each other.

In Light Of The Election Results;

I want to give you some comforting words.

It’s been period of turmoil all around, but this event really caps it. Don’t let anyone minimize your pain - by all accounts, this will be one of the worst things to happen in our lifetime.

But you woke up this morning, still alive and kicking, because you’ve got that fire in you that makes you stronger than any tomato in a corn silk toupee. Your blood flows from all the people before you who screamed, kicked, and yelled their way into progress. And that’s not gonna end.

There might be times where you’ll have to actually physically leave your spaces. Maybe some of you will have to relocate yourselves. Maybe some of you will have to pursue a life change; getting a different job, or leaving school. And maybe you’ll also have to leave some social circles, or familial circles. 

When you’re physically vulnerable, or having suffering intense emotional trauma, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by sadness and despair. And it’s easy to feel that way no matter what situation you’re in.

Don’t forget about the power of internet safe spaces. This blog’s entire purpose is to direct words and imagery designed to comfort and validate. We’ve reached a staggering 18,000 followers, and it’s climbing every day. This blog is moderated by four real people who want to reach out to you, and help you on your life’s journey.

My parents and grandparents are from the generation that felt the direct blow of Mao’s reign, where safe spaces were nonexistent, and anything that deviated from the norm was under immediate danger. And guess what? I’m here, aren’t I? I’m the first generation to be born and raised as the direct product of government tyranny, and I’m queer, brown, disabled, and radical as hell.

You’ll make it. And your children will make it. And you’ll never be alone. 

- Fae

kyluxicle’s “fics that killed me” fic rec

An anon asked me to make a year-end fic rec so here it is! These are all fairly long fics, but they’re ones that pulled me into the fandom and kept me here. Thank you to all the wonderful fic writers in this fandom who give us a lot of the content that keeps the fandom alive!

Honeycomb by @bettydays - E - 48k

  • This is a fic that tore me to pieces and rebuilt me. It’s honestly one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever read in the way that it delves into the headspaces of both Ben and Hux and how the story develops because of who they are as characters.

Reconditioning by JinxedAmbitions - E - 72K - WIP

  • Started out as a fun story for Kinktober and turned into a wild emotional ride with an amazing portrayal of a wide variety of kinks. Professional BDSM aus are an absolute weakness of mine and I’ve never been more pleased with the execution of one than I have been with this fic. When it updates I drop whatever I’m doing and read it.

ripe and ruin by liesmyth - E - 10k

  • This is one of the first kylux fics I read and boy did it pull me down hard and fast. Continuing with my love of character development, the mental journey that takes place for both of them to end up in the positions that they do is INCREDIBLE. And half of it happens before the fic even starts, but liesmyth does it so well that you whole-heartedly believe it’s possible. It’s not a nice fic. It’s emotionally damaging and twisted, but it’s sweet in its own way. One of my forever and always favorites.

boys on the radio by coldhope - M - 36k - WIP

  • I’ll start this one by stating it hasn’t been updated since Sept and I’m not sure if it’ll ever be finished, but this was another one of the first kylux fics I read and it’s near and dear to my heart. Highschool au where Kylo is a goth metalsmith and Hux is a preppy traditional photographer. Their characters are built so well and you feel deeply for the individual trials they’re going through. The slow burn of their budding feelings is downright adorable. I’d love to see this finished some day.

Control, Chaos, and Corgis by RockSaltAndRoll and Shortsighted_Owl - E - 89k

  • ROOMATE AU!!!!! This is a heartwarming, heart-wrenching, witty, and adorable fic that’s full of well laid out plot and wonderful characterization. Ren is described as having BPD and the scenes where it shows were incredible standouts. The interactions between Hux and Ren gave me life.

Aware of His Own Halo by @badspacebabies - E - 33k

  • The first chapter of this fic DEVASTATED me in the best possible way. Disgraced Hux, stranded on a dilapidated space station and left to die forgotten by everyone. Until he’s not. The emotional journey and mental breakdown that imochan takes you on through Hux is an intense and engrossing experience. When Kylo finally shows up things stay just as rocky as they started and the process towards fixing things is a hard one. Overall an amazing emotional read.

Take Our Hands Out of Control by @stereobone - E - 43k

  • I’ve been following Roo’s work since their thorki days and they remain as amazing as ever in their kylux debut. Beautiful imagery, artfully built character development, and wonderful and cohesive plotting. This fic is a must read and even though it’ll hurt, it’ll be completely worth it.

First Steps by @couronnebead - E - 43k

  • *whispers emphatically* bedsharing. This fic is a canon-compliant continuation after the events of Starkiller and what it’s like for both Ren and Hux to deal with the losses they were dealt. Similar to the other fics I’ve listed, the characterization and emotional journey that this fic takes you on is a fantastic one. The thing that stands out for me in this particular fic is that Ren is portrayed as intelligent and competent. He’s confused and angry yes, but he is not a child throwing a fit because he didn’t get his way. His thoughts and actions are calculated and let me tell you, competent Kylo Ren is fucking sexy.
Just Ask - Epilogue

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Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” You think, after being alive for this long and leading an team of superheroes, Steve Rogers would’ve perfected his communication skills, but apparently, when it comes to women, he just likes to assume, and that is never a good thing.

A/N: This is closing one of the question raised in this series, This one is for you @nathalieruaudel 😉 Thank you for every single one of you who stuck with me through the end, I love love love love you all!

Part 10

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  • someone: hey you look worried are you ok?
  • me (externally): haha yeah I'm good
  • me (internally): did Joel do the right thing? He killed one of the only surgeons left alive, dozens of people fighting for freedom, and the woman who raised Ellie. But he did it to give her a real life, and to give himself something to live for. But he didn't let Ellie make her own choice. But he had to because he knew Ellie would have accepted. Is it better that he took away her choice, rather than forcing herself into a situation where she would have felt that she had to sacrifice herself? And Ellie knows Joel is lying to her, how is that going to affect their relationship? She already has survivor's guilt, this is just going to make it worst? Would the cure have even worked, or would the Fireflies have used it as leverage to become dictators themselves?
I’m a Fighter: Void Stiles

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All done for you @silverwingedfox hope you like and enjoy! Xxxx

Fear is one of the most world famous emotions. Anything from a small child to something as daunting as a lion can feel fear. It’s natural. Instinctual. It’s the feeling that can either make or break you.

The feeling that is what either keeps you alive or destroys you completely. And as I stood at the end of the corridor, watching the mayhem and destruction in front of me I felt no fear at all.

Lights flickered, footsteps pounded against the ground as people desperately ran away. But not fast enough. The Oni whirled around from all corners, their swords gleaming with fresh blood and the lust for more of it.

“Having fun little dove?” Void Stiles smirked and I smile, nodding.

“Good.” He purred and calmly leant to the side out of the way of one of the doctors, who was thrown halfway down the corridor, the look of terror prominent on his face.

“Why don’t you go wait in the car and I’ll finish up here, okay?” He asked, the undoubtable look of fondness in his eyes. I smile wider, leaning over to peck his cheek, his skin cold.


I stride out the hospital, smirking at how innocent it looked. Until you get closer and see the blood stains leading to the front door. The smashed window that had rained glass down onto the street. I guess you never know somethings wrong until you take a closer look.

I practically skipped to the car, loving the carefree mood I was in. I never had to worry about anyone or anything coming after me. No one would dare even touch me after-

The loud snapping of twigs pulled me out my thoughts as I stood by the car, looking around the seemingly deserted street. It was dark and the only light was coming from the many streetlights and the white glow coming from the hospital.

A cold breeze was chasing the leaves along the road and I knew I wasn’t alone. I leant casually against the door of the car, my eyes searching the quiet road. The too quiet road.

And then I saw it. The flash of a shadow. I strained my eyes but couldn’t see into the dark corner the figure had dived into.

I pushed myself off the door of the car and began walking towards the spot, confidence in my stride. I was only a couple of steps away before a bag was thrust over my head.

I immediately retaliated, clawing around me viciously. I felt to different hands hold and arm each as I lashed out, kicking and fighting.

“Hold her!” A voice commanded and I swung in the direction of Scott’s voice. Two snaps later and a set of handcuffs were tightly cutting off the blood circulation to my hands.

“Let’s go!” And before I could react I was lifted off my feet, despite how hard I kicked out and was thrown into the back of a car, which immediately pulled away and began speeding down the road.

The journey was not a comfortable one. Despite not being able to see and being handcuffed I put up a hell of a fight as I kicked out. My foot battered off the back of the driver’s seat and the car lurched to the side slightly.

I smirked behind the bag and shifted so that I was turned to the side and began kicking at the window, hearing a satisfying crack after two kicks.

“Seriously!” I heard Stiles whine from the front seat and I laughed to myself as Scott held me in a proper sitting position.

The car soon came to a stop and I was lifted out, one person taking my top part and the other firmly holding my legs.

“Let me go!” I screamed furiously as I was thrust into a chair.

The bag was yanked off my head and I squinted against the bright harsh light.

“What the hell,” I glared viciously at the people in the room “are you doing!?”

Everyone in the room looked as happy to be there as I did. Allison, Isaac and Lydia looked severely annoyed while Stiles and Scott were looking at me like I was a troublesome two year old.

“Void Stiles is getting out of hand. We can’t fight him for much longer.” Scott started and I rolled my eyes, already bored.

“And why is that my problem?” I snapped, matching Isaac’s death glare with my own.

“Because you’re his weakness. You’re the only thing he cares about.” Stiles said and I wanted to slap the stupid smirk off his face.

“So you kidnapped me?” I growled, despite being slightly impressed.


“Well it won’t work.” I said, annoyed how the handcuffs stopped me from folding my arms.

“We’ll see about that.” Lydia said and I roll my eyes again.

“Think of it like this. He’ll track me down easily. Are you guys ready to fight the Oni? You and I both know that you’re mountain ash will only last so long. And Void Stiles gets strong when he gets angry.” I was satisfied when I saw them all squirm, unsure of what to do.

“I may not be a werewolf but I can tell when someone’s afraid and those,” I nod my head towards the window, “Terrify you.”

Everyone’s head snapped round and everyone gulped at the same time. Two tall Oni’s were standing at the window, their eyes eerily fixating on everyone in the room.

“And if they don’t scare you.” I said and everyone in the room jumped. “Then maybe he will.” And I pointed towards the door.

Void Stiles was stood in the doorway, two more Oni behind him. He looked at me, checking to make sure I wasn’t hurt before amusedly looking at the black line of dirt at his feet.

“Did you really think something as powerless as mountain ash was going to stop me?” His tone was one of amusement but I could see the dangerous glint in his eyes and knew that a fight was moments away.

And then he stepped over the line.

Everyone’s jaw dropped but I simply smiled.

The Oni all came charging in, the two outside the window merely crashing through it and glass showered down on to the carpet.

Immediately fangs and glowing eyes were prominent in the room as Isaac and Scott snarled threateningly and Allison pulled out her bow.

Void Stiles walked calmly through the fight, narrowly avoiding the swings from Scott and the arrows from Allison but not once flinching.

He sauntered straight up to me, crouching down in front of my face.

“You okay princess?” He asked as his fingers looped round the chain on the handcuff. With a quick jerk the chain snapped and Void Stiles linked his finger through mine.

He pulled me to my feet and we walked out the house together, not giving a second glance back to the fight behind us.

“I’ll never let you out of my sight again little dove.”

reminder for today (and pretty much every other day, but today especially)

fandom exists because there are plot holes that need to be filled, intimate details that need to stretched out into infinite encounters, emotions that are too strong to be conveyed in one glance….

send some love to a fandom creator today. your favorite artist who makes you flail, swoon, and laugh. your favorite fic writer who spends hours over a keyboard taking your otp through their paces and ushering them to a happy ending. your favorite gif maker who brings each second alive in a completely new way….

virtually hug a fandom friend today and remember why you fell in love with love in the first place ♡ xx

You know what fucks me up is that v and rika were the only two people Jumin could open up to and felt like they understood him, even his father didnt understand him completely I think?

So like in mystic messenger he is lonely in general till ofc you come along on his route and you see just how bad the struggle had been till now.

But in sevens route V dies, rika is alive but not the person they thought she was, and so Jumin lost those only two people who understood him, he lost that one person, his childhood friend who understood his troubles. And he doesn’t have you, in his route you were the one he could go to and open up to the most in the end, since V was on his own mission most of the time anyway.

So now he doesn’t have anyone but Elizabeth the 3rd which we all know only could so much for him and honestly it wasn’t enough even he knew that

And his father but again not really

I know there’s rfa but like he’s still not opened up yet to them, it was you, rika and v who would look at him like a person and through all of the wealth and etc

And im you only do it on his route otherwise with seven idk

I’m worried about Jumin after sevens route man like losing your childhood friend and the other that you accepted as dead is alive but not completely there? And he’s dealing with it on his own?? T_T the man needs more special people in his life, even if he doesn’t wind up with mc, wish he would just be open with the rest of rfa like he was with V

Ok, but what if

Just some random Mchanzo shit (AU) I can’t stop thinking about, kinda angsty. Not that much mchanzo in my actual rambling but like, in my mind they always end up together anyway so mEH.

Ok, so what if Hanzo’s and Genji’s dad was still alive when Hanzo was told to take care of Genji.

But like once again the elders twisted the story and making it seem like their father was the one who had asked this of Hanzo, a last test of loyalty before he took over the clan. Like, to see if Hanzo would do anything for the clan.

And Hanzo is super hesitant about doing this but he can’t talk to his father about this because he’s away on some business trip so it’s super hard to come in contact with him anyway. And it’s not like the elders have ever tried to steer him wrong before?

Either way, he’s pressured into doing it in the end anyway. His father hears of the news from the elders and quickly travels back home again.

Hanzo tries to explain himself, he’s hurt but most of all confused, he tries to tell his father what the elders had told him but they quickly defend themselves, once again twisting their words, making it sound as if they had asked Hanzo to simply talk to his brother, not kill him. His father who had grown up with the elders leading him on the right path dismisses Hanzo’s “lies.” To him, Hanzo had always shown a clear sign of dislike towards his brother’s freedom and overall nature.

Not really having a choice in the matter (seeing as they’re a yakuza clan) and still grieving, their father announces that on this day he lost both of his sons, but before exiling Hanzo, he’s punished. And that’s how Hanzo’s prosthetic legs come into the picture (yep you can guess what went down).

He’s thrown out after that, legless and bleeding out when he’s found. But unlike his brother who was saved by overwatch he’s found by Talon instead.







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One of my least favorite things is when a younger person is interested in something or just like, talks about some general subject and an older person is like ????? what??? you weren’t even alive/you were so young when X!! like imagine if you started talking about how much you love Shakespeare and some rando time traveled just to tell you “But you weren’t even alive when he was writing!” like did you know that it’s a lot more fun if you expand your interests to things that haven’t existed exclusively in your lifespan & that the past will inevitably affect the present so it’s good to be aware of it

okay but also imagine even building a Must See Movies List for isak that’s a combo of his personal favorites and ones that had major influences on modern film and ones that are more niche or maybe not as acclaimed but that he thinks isak would like as he learns more about isak’s interests and ones that you absolutely must see just to like, be a person who is alive in the year 2016 bc they’re such universal cultural touchstones. and they watch them together, and he loves getting to see isak’s reactions to them. some are wholly predictable (isak loves jurassic park and lord of the rings and laughs until he cries at clue, although that might be bc they got stoned right before they started it) and some take him completely by surprise (isak cries for real at the end of hook which even didn’t fully expect him to like at all, and they’ll never speak of die hard again, even if “yippie ki-yay, motherfucker” is still unquestionably the greatest one-liner in cinematic history). and if, when it comes time for romeo + juliet, isak takes advantage of having already seen it to spend more time watching even’s face and even’s hands while he rattles off production trivia and points out all these stylistic references and deliberate cinematographic moments, well. that’s what rewatching is for.

Scars To Your Beautiful


Request- Hey can you do a teen wolf imagine where the reader is Derek’s little sister and is covered in burn scars from the fire so she is really self conscious about her body, but the pack tries to make her feel better about herself.

For the longest time, everyone thought that only Peter and Cora survived the fire. The last two who saw our family alive, but I made it out too. They made it out without a scratch compared to what I got out with. They only have the memory of seeing their loved ones burn to death while I get to look in the mirror every day, see my burnt skin as a reminder of what happened. I was in an east coast hospital for the longest time, for burn treatment, also because it was on the opposite end of the US from everyone that I knew. If you are part of the Hale family, you are held to a certain standard, especially beauty wise, and here I was, covered in burns, as ugly and ugly gets. About a year ago, Derek found me, Cora had come back to him which meant he was determined to make sure everyone was gone, he was led to grave stone after grave stone until he found me. When my nurse at the hospital told me that I had a visitor I nearly died on the spot. He convinced me to come live with him, even if it meant hiding myself away. I didn’t want anyone to see me like this, burnt, beat up and scared. I bought the apartment right next to Derek’s so I would always be just a few minutes away. Derek and I have always been close, the Hale family were never one or affection but Derek was never scared to hug me when I needed it. I have been here for a year and today I was meeting the pack, the pack that Derek was a part of. Of course, I was nervous but I needed to just woman up and face my fears.
“There she is.” Derek said, using his key to my apartment and walking into my living room where I was finishing getting ready, just grabbing my purse and phone.
“Here I am” I sighed out making Derek put an arm around my shoulders and led me towards my front door and towards his apartment to where everyone was waiting.
“Everyone is really excited to meet you. Believe it or not, I think you will like them.” Derek said as we reached his front door. I just nodded, my heart pounding in my chest. I wasn’t worried about me liking him, I was worried what they were going to think about my scars, hoping they would like me for who I am and not what my face looks like. As soon as Derek opened his apartment door, I was met with five pairs of eyes. I could tell who everyone was by the way Derek described them but I wasn’t going to tell him that.
“Why is every member of the Hale family attractive? Can’t one of you just be ugly?” Stiles questioned making Derek chuckle next to me. Oh if only he knew that I felt incredibly ugly.
“So I guess you are like my cousin.” Malia said with a smile as she walked over to me and put an arm around me, leading me over to the others.
“So Derek said you were nervous about meeting us because of your scars?” Lydia said, causing everyone to groan and look at her with angry and annoyed eyes.
“Hey! I was saying that because I was going to say, I could help with that, I honestly don’t think it’s that bad but if you want to cover it, I could make it go away. I could help you with makeup to cover them, make up can really do wonders. Also because they have been healed over for so long, they shouldn’t be too hard to cover up.” Lydia said while looking at my skin, she had perfect skin so her saying that she could help me, meant the world to me.
“Thank you.” I said causing her to smile and nod. She then looked over at everyone with crossed arms and a confident “ha ha” type smile.
“I like them, it makes you different, unique.” Kira said as she stood next to Scott. It was really nice that everyone was offering to help me, and it definitely made me feel better but I just hate that they wont heal on their own. Once I’m emotionally ready they will heal, at least according to Derek, I’m stopping them from healing without even knowing it.
“You know, it would be pretty great to have another Hale in the pack. You up for it?” Scott asked, causing me to nod and smile. For the rest of the night, my scars were talked about at all. So yeah, they cared about them but not in the bad way, only in the caring and supportive way. With them by my side, I think that my scars will heal sooner than I think.

[Guren] told me to keep on living, even if it was just for revenge. That one day someone who needed my help would show up and give me a new reason to exist. That’s why I’m still alive. Even when life felt pointless, even when I thought no one needed me, I forced myself to get through each day. And I’m glad. Because I finally got to see you again.
—  Yuu to Mika | Season 2, Episode 10

well it goes like this by maybehonestly

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 41112

Somehow Derek and Stiles have ended up close enough that Laura is able to stand between them and clap a hand each of their shoulders.

“Look happy, boys. Don’t you know you’re in love?” Laura teases.

Stiles rips himself away and is out of the room before Derek can even wrap his head around any of this.

Or: the one where Derek is a prince and Stiles is the one night stand who he has to pretend to date.

The Spring Day MV is going to be inspired from the short story, “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas”.

The story is very unusual and has no specific plot.
Its based around a utopia town that is perfect, but its not really perfect at all. The townspeople of Omelas are preparing for their annual Summer festival, enjoying happiness together, cookie cutter houses, beautiful greenery, etc. As you continue reading, you find out this place is not perfect at all.
In an old house basement, there happens to be a child at age 6 or 10 locked away. This child’s gender is unknown. The child has been sacrificed to keep the town alive and happy. No one is allowed to feed or speak to this child, but they are allowed to go watch it through the door. Though, some of the people who do visit the child end up going home crying or full of rage that people can do such evil things.
This short story has many themes, but its depends on how the reader interprets it.
You can find the PDF through google. I recommend to read it yourself.


Everything comes to an end,

I took the life of a mortal

Lost my place in my home, 

Just so I could see you again.

And if, I could go back,

 and change just one thing.

I’d give you and I,

All the time you and I would ever need.

To wander through enchanted forests ,

To sit and watch the sun dissapear behind the sea.

Listen to the fire, that crackles.

Its flames dance they light up the room. 

It’s time is short, but it still blazes and burns.

I know, your feeling desperate and hurt.

Your friends aren’t around.

Katelyn’s gone and Cadenza’s passed.

Laurence was the only one to last.

You feel so so alone. 

We always wonder.

Why do people come and go?

I remember one night, long long ago. 

You cried. Because your lover  had to depart.

You had no where to go, so I found you.

I became your shoulder and hope.

I became your support for your aching heart.

Listen closely now, I love you.

People will come,

And If you let them in,

they’ll light up your world.

So don’t waste your time. 

Mourning those who can’t stand by you forever.

We’re mortal. We can’t be made immortal.

Please, use your time to do it all. 

Your bright spirit doesn’t need to fall.

Now don’t cry. 

Because If you take the time,

You’ll be okay. 

Take it one day at a time.

Learn to accept saying Goodbye.