in the end when she says something like oh don't make me lie

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RFA reacts to MC planning a surprise picnic for Valentine's day with food she made

Thank you for your request and i hope you like it!


  • It’s Valentine’s Day and you said you had a surprise for him in the park…
  • He’s already excited!
  • It’s his first Valentine’s Day with someone…He is nervous, but he also has sure that this will be awesome!
  • When you reveal to him what is the surprise, his jaw dropped!
  • You made that??! WOW!
  • Looks so good!
  • He’ll eat this food so quickly because for him this is too delicious!
  • But he’ll feel bad that he ate too fast so this date will have to end sooner 
  • But when you reassure him that this is ok, he smiles, so relieved…
  • Your attitude in doing all these things…This beautiful picnic makes him be so emotional…
  • He’ll not sleep this night because he’ll keep playing the memories of this date in his head!
  • He’ll definitely some good breakfast for you tomorrow, with a lot of love!


  • Really MC?
  • A surprise picnic? Romantic.
  • Did you make the food? Romantic!
  • Wow, this is so perfect, why he didn’t have this idea!
  • Well, he actually knows how to cook, but your food tastes delightful!
  • And he’ll try to feed you, every time…this is getting annoying, but you know, romance!
  • He just finds this like a fairy tale, you and him, in nature, eating a good meal, with the wind blowing in your hair!
  • We need to take a selfie!
  • He takes so many selfies that the food is already cold when he’s going to eat it.
  • -_-
  • After all, he loved this surprise, it was what he wanted, a romantic Valentine’s Day.
  • Well, now is your turn to see what he has prepared for you!


  • When she saw what you planned, she gives you a genuine smile.
  • This is such a good idea MC!
  • And she really keeps complimenting your food with so many cute compliments, you just can’t stop smiling!
  • That was so simple, but it was so good.
  • You two spend the evening just eating some casual food, looking around and talking.
  • Looks boring, but it was pretty good.
  • You never saw Jaehee smiling and laughing that much, this really made you feel so happy about all that.
  • She knows this was a surprise for Valentine’s Day and everything…But she really wants to do this again, you know?
  • You make something, she makes something…Everything will be perfect!
  • It will be a pleasant time, like always.


  • He didn’t want to come here, but is Valentine’s Day and you said you had a surprise for him
  • What is surprising? He doesn’t know, but he sure want to
  • When you said it was a picnic, he thought this was too simple for this date
  • But before he could even say something you said that you prepared that food, he made sure to shut the hell up about it
  • When he starts to eat it…He almost doesn’t believe that you prepared that, something !it was too good!
  • When he asked what was your secret you just replied with “love”
  • That made him think…And then he realizes he has been a jerk all this time.
  • It doesn’t matter if is big or small, simple or not, the feelings…The meaning matters.
  • And you made this with so much love that not even the best chefs could so something so delightful 
  • He smiles so much that evening, he didn’t even look like that important and serious man called Jumin Han.
  • He sure wants to do this again, he can even something!
  • Oh, and can Elizabeth come or this is a bad idea?


  • You finally manage to make him leave that bunker for this one fucking day.
  • He’s just a dork running through the park, you would be embarrassed if you weren’t already familiar with his way.
  • When you reveal to him the surprise, he just gave you a big smile!
  • He already knew it, he watched over you, but he’ll lie and make sure you think he’s really surprised!
  • But happy? Happy he definitely is!
  • “Woow, you made real food for me? That was a miss steak”
  • Yes, he keeps making you laugh only when you have your mouth full of food.
  • After that, he’ll talk to you, finally being romantic, talking about the sky, until he gets even close to you, putting one hand on your cheek
  • “You know MC…” He got even closer, looking deep into your eyes, “I think we make a nice pear…”
  • You get out a little mad and he is just laughing his ass off
  • “IT’S NACHO YOUR PROBLEM” You yelled while walking
  • He just opens his mouth “…I love this woman…WAIT FOR ME!”
I Don’t Remember That Part

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Word Count: 1,103

Warnings: mild language, drunken shenanigans, less than effective comebacks

A/N: This was written for Rosie & Nicki’s Impossible Prompts Challenge. Congrats to both of you on 500! My prompt was: I came to gank monsters and get drunk, and I just finished ganking monsters. I’ve never written drunk anyone before, so bear with me on this @rosie-winchester and @nickiwinchester97. And thanks to my letter checker/constant encourager @hannahindie and my PA for this project @wheresthekillswitch (she helped me word…I love you…sometimes :P)

“A Shōjō? This should be fun!”

Famous last words.

You see, when I agreed to this plan I thought that I’d seen the Winchesters drunk before. After particularly long hunts, when we all wanted to blow off some steam, both brothers tended to knock back one too many rounds. They didn’t have much of a filter with that much alcohol running through their veins, and many a colorful line would have me snorting into my beer bottle as the night progressed. I’d normally drive them home, random complaints and commentary drifting from the backseat.

But this.


This was a different ballgame altogether.

“Y/N! The banana! Give me the… that… Potassium!”

I blinked heavily, focusing on the object in my hands until it came into a slightly fuzzy focus. Yellow, slightly green on the top, just the way I liked it. But…why the hell am I holding a banana? My stomach growled, and I reached up with my other hand, fumbling as I tried to break the peel.

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We’ve Come So Far, My Dear

I’m not sure if this is the result of me trying to cope with yesterday’s news or taking advantage of the fact that I’m done with school for now and actually have time to write…either way, have some excessively cheesy CS morning fluff. Unedited, so please don’t hate me for mistakes.

Rated T | Word count: 816

She wakes up to the smell of coffee brewing and the sound of some sea shanty that’s vaguely familiar coming from the kitchen downstairs. Their bedroom door is closed, but he’s singing loud enough that he might as well be in the room with her. It’s a regular habit of his in the morning that she often wakes up early because of, but she loves him too much to complain about it.

Sitting up in bed, she stretches her arms out over her head and glances at the clock on the nightstand. It’s just after seven; she’s surprised that Killian just now seems to be up and getting ready for the day. Despite it being Saturday, he was a true sailor, and this morning routine of his should have started at least an hour ago.

As tempting as it is to lie back down and pull the sheets up over her head, she gets up and pulls on a thin black robe over the T-shirt she’d slept in. (Both Killian’s; he’d made the joke once that he didn’t realize getting married would also equal giving her free reign of his wardrobe.)

Married. The word lingers in her mind as she leaves the room and heads downstairs to see just what he’s up to. Their wedding was just over a month ago, and Emma still has trouble some days believing that this is her life now, that she has a home, a family, a husband that she falls a bit more in love with every day.

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2. "Don't be mad." Please and thank you :)

2. Don’t be mad

So, as it turns out, knowing Aaron will moan loud enough to rattle windows if you lick the underside of his dick just right, doesn’t mean you don’t still want to launch him out of a bloody window when he does something stupid. Really fucking stupid. Like, Robert can’t even believe.

Liv runs around the sofa when he comes barrelling through the door, getting in his way with her hands up. “Don’t be mad.”

“Oh I’m way past mad,” Robert goes left, eyes fixed firmly on Aaron, loitering in the kitchen, but Liv moves with him, knows he’s not going to go through her.

“It was my idea,” Liv protests.

Robert takes a deep breath, hands on his hips, tries to deflate a little. “What? I don’t care whose idea it was. Seriously? My car?” he asks Aaron.

Aaron winces but doesn’t even look embarrassed to be letting Liv fight his battles for him.

“It was an accident,” Liv’s saying. “I didn’t mean to.”

Wait. What?

You did it?”

He can see Aaron actually cover his eyes with a hand in the background and Liv’s cheeks flame even redder than usual.

“I though I had room. It was a really small wall, in my defence.”

“You were driving?”

This just keeps getting better. Not only is his car ruined. His husband has obviously lost his mind.

“Please tell me this is a joke,” he says, looking at Aaron, who’s busy looking as pretty much anything else.

“Sorry?” Aaron says to the fridge, face screwing up.

Robert breathes in deep through his nose, lets it whistle out between his teeth.

Liv is still giving him the puppy dog eyes and his car still looks like someone’s been at it with a cheese grater. For fuck’s sake.

“Go to your room,” he tells her.

“You what?”

He points, feels more like his dad than he ever has, doesn’t know how to feel about that. “Go, I will deal with you later.”

Liv wavers, looks over at Aaron. She slopes off when he nods and Robert stares hard at the floor, tries to remember she’s just a kid and that it’s just a car.

When she’s gone and it’s just the two of them, facing off from opposite ends of the room, Robert gives Aaron what he hopes is a suitably unimpressed look, says, “Seriously?”

Aaron shrugs helplessly, gives up on using the kitchen table as cover as comes closer. “I’m sorry. I said I’d give her a lesson this week and you weren’t here and how was I supposed to know she’d be useless at it?”

Robert waves an arm. “Have you met her?”


“Sorry,” he pinches the bridge of his nose, can feel a headache brewing. “It’s all dented.” He sounds like a sulky kid and he doesn’t care.

Aaron puts a hand on his shoulder, gives it a squeeze. “I know, I’m sorry. We’ll fix it.”

“She better fix it,” Robert fires back.

Aaron shuffles a bit closer, so their bellies are touching, belt buckles clanking together. He ducks his head so Robert has no choice but to meet his eyes. “I’ll make it up to you.”


Aaron quirks an eyebrow.

Robert quirks his back. “You really think i want to have sex with you now? After you let her maim by car?”

Aaron quirks the other eyebrow, like he’s not buying anything Robert’s selling. “Yeah, I think you probably do.”

Sometimes, Robert misses the days before Aaron got so cocky.

That’s a lie. “Fine,” Robert says. “But you’re doing all the work.”

Aaron laughs, nudges Robert’s jaw with his forehead. He snags a hand in Robert’s jacket, when he turns for the stairs, holds him still. “If you really want to punish her,” Aaron says. “We could just stay here.”

Robert would love to say that his mouth isn’t still hanging open by the time Aaron’s got him shoved back on the sofa, hands on his belt, but he’s not a liar anymore.

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Fic prompt because I LOVE your work!!! Fitz with Ophelia "I'll never stop fighting you!" I

You’re so sweet, thank you! I should have spent longer on this (I’m gonna reread it and cringe later), but I wanted to get it in under the wire before canon blows it to shreds haha! [tw: obv ophelia features in this, dealing with feelings because of non-con, but they don’t have a ‘relationship’]

Read below or at AO3!


He doesn’t fight. When she lands them in a desert and lets go, he barely has the strength to lean over before throwing up.

“Oh, Leopold,” she says, concern etched into her features. “I’m so sorry. You’ll get used to the teleportation.”

As if an unexpected dematerializing is even on the radar of things to churn his stomach. He has been split wide open, the core of him exposed for everyone to see. He has flaws, so many of them, and before he might have listed them dispassionately: temper, loyalty to the point of blindness, jealousy, arrogance, a false bravado when he secretly feels like a coward. Years ago, he remembers thinking: Jemma knows my flaws and she loves me anyway. I’m not a bad person.

But now the protective film has been stripped away and he’s seeing clearly for the first time; this darkness has always been there. He is a bad person. He’s an evil person, and he has hurt people. His brain spins with images of his friends and his victims. In another reality, he had yelled at Mace for sending Jemma away without warning, but the punishment for that was not supposed to be death.

“You mean nothing to me,” he had told the woman he’d wanted to marry, and he would have killed her. His hand shakes, as if still straining with the weight of the gun. Fitz falls to the ground, rocks biting into his knees. He can’t remember how to breathe.

“It gets easier with time,” Ophelia says, attempting to run a comforting hand along his arm. He turns his face from her and retches again.


He doesn’t fight because he doesn’t have the strength and deep down he knows he deserves this punishment anyway. Perhaps he is doomed to wander through the desert with her for forty years; he hopes they both die before reaching her promised land.

“I understand what you’re going through,” she tells him. “And I’m going to help you, because you were the only one to treat me with compassion when I was a slave.”

“Don’t you regret anything you’ve done?” he asks. It’s the only thing he’s said in hours. For a moment, he’s not sure he’s even spoken aloud.

Ophelia gazes at him searchingly and then frowns, as if working through her own emotions. “No,” she finally replies. “I have learned so much, Leopold. I fixed a single regret for each of you, to make you happy. And everyone simply created new regrets.”

He wants to tell her that she rewrote his entire life. He wants to tell her that she took away all of his choices, that he loves his mother and would never have traded her for a lifetime with an abusive father. I wanted a father who loved me and supported me and stayed, he thinks, surely you knew this isn’t what I meant.

But he doesn’t argue with her because this, like everything, is his fault. You don’t put wishes out into the universe without carefully considering the consequences—he of all people should have known that.

“Humans don’t understand what’s best for them,” she says. “This is what I’ve learned. All this capacity for feeling, for free will, and they waste it. We’re going to create something better. We’re going to help people, and we’re going to be so happy.”

He marvels at how genuinely delighted she appears. Maybe she stole his soul to become a real person because he can’t even remember what happiness feels like. He thinks of Jemma, but all of his good memories are tainted by the acrid smell of gunpowder and the words he’ll never be able to take back.

“It’s time to go,” Ophelia says, grabbing his arm to disappear him again. He shudders at her touch, but he doesn’t fight. He doesn’t know how.


He sits in an abandoned house, head in his hands, and breathes through another panic attack. Ophelia, it seems, is growing impatient with his weakness.

“I need your help,” she says. “For our plan. And if you’d just let me, I can make all this pain go away.”

But he needs the pain, because it’s there to remind him that this world is real. He cries when he thinks of Jemma, but he needs to replay her words over and over so that he never forgets what he’s done and why he’s here. He has lost faith in everything, but he offers up silent prayers anyway: keep her safe. Keep them all safe, and I will stay here with Ophelia and I will not fight. No one could accuse him of not accepting his prison sentence.

Ophelia’s plan doesn’t make much sense to him, although perhaps that is because nothing makes sense to him at the moment. Or perhaps she doesn’t fully trust him so she’s only letting him in on part of it.

He has so little strength, but he holds her back in small ways. He sabotages where he can. Sometimes he hears Jemma’s voice in his head, guiding his actions. Sometimes he even sees her, but she never lays a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“It’s okay,” he tells this imaginary Jemma. “I understand.”

“Is this how you felt?” Ophelia asks, kneeling next to him. She has procured a bed for them to share, but he spends every night curled up in the corner of the living room, the stiff wood of the floor burning his joints. “Is this how it felt when she chose someone else? Do you know how much you’re hurting me?”

No, he thinks, of course this is not how it felt. With Jemma, his heart had shattered into a fine dust. With Jemma, he had seen her videos and known she loved him, maybe even loved him the most, and that made it hurt more. But with Jemma, he had thought her happiness could be enough to save them both.

Now, he and Ophelia are locked in a sick dance and when he falls, he will pull her down with him. He will sacrifice himself to stop her, and his anger and disgust and self-hatred will be enough to save the world.

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Title: ‘Reunion’
TV Show: The 100
Rating: General
Summary: Marcus makes it back inside the bunker, but runs into a problem he didn’t expect. Totally baseless next episode fic that will doubtless be completely discounted by tomorrow :)

(I wrote this at work because it was a long day today and I guess this was at the top of my mind)

Marcus finds Abby pretty much where he expects, in the bunker’s version of Medical, deep in the lower levels.

She’s moving crates when he walks quietly through the door – medical supplies, he assumes, though whether from the bunker itself or whatever is left of their meagre stash scavenged from Mount Weather he can’t tell. They have years to set up in this place, but it’s typical of Abby that she would start right away, throw herself into her work without a second thought.

She looks tired.

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fs + "The problem is, if I kissed you, I don't think I'd be able to stop" YOU ARE AN AMAZING WRITER MY LORD

Oh my gosh, thank you so much anon!! And thank you for the prompt - there were so many different directions I could’ve gone with it, but this is the one that called out to me the most, so I hope you like it!

*Set in a non-SHIELD AU



Hey Jemma! How have things been? I’m going to be in town this weekend, and I thought it’d be nice to catch up a bit.

With wide, horrified eyes, Jemma scanned the relatively simple text a couple more times before releasing a groan and burying her face in her pillow.

It had been almost a year and a half since she and Isaac had mutually decided to break up; his company had transferred him to another branch halfway across the country, and they’d agreed that keeping up the relationship long distance wasn’t what either of them had wanted at the time. Before the break-up, however, they’d been going strong, and it was the last serious relationship she’d had – but, she kept up with him on social media, and she knew that he had a gorgeous new girlfriend.

Of course, when the subject arose, she could just tell him that she’d been focusing on work, or was simply uninterested in a relationship at the moment – she could even respond to his text by telling him that she was too busy to meet up at the moment, even though it was a blatant lie.

But, they truly had had a wonderful relationship, even if it hadn’t lasted long, and she didn’t want to miss an opportunity to catch up with an old friend just because she was embarrassed to admit she hadn’t had a serious boyfriend since theirs ended (or because she was afraid that he’d think she was still into him, which was infinitely worse).

So, what was she to do, then?

Sighing in indecision, Jemma rolled over onto her side, where her gaze landed on her nightstand. There, sitting beside her alarm clock, was the framed picture she and Fitz had taken together on their trip to Peru last summer, wide grins plastered on their faces.

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Reign Supreme Chapter 3

I AM SO SORRY IT TOOK ME THREE DAYS TO PUBLISH! I actually waited because this chapter has a lot of smut and because I am not a great smut writer I went back and took some things out and added some things. I also added some better descriptions and words. I wanted to feel good about releasing it not nervous and somewhat bad because it wasn’t up to everyone’s standards.

Another thing my tags are not working for some reason so if i missed anyone who asked to be tagged please let me know and ill add you.

I hope you guys enjoy this chapter. Please like and share with your followers. Let me know what you think as well. Oh and one more thing there is going to be a part 4 ;) I had to make up for the late posting. So be ready for that. With that here we go.

Synopsis: Shae is about to have he world conquered then obliterated by The Emperor.

Warnings: SMUT! Holy shit there is a lot of smut! Also some fluff :)

Tag Squuuad: @blumisty @starstar1012 @rocketgirl2410 @lavitabella87 @ii-love-roman-reigns @roman-empire-will-reign-again @m-a-t-91 @builtonsin91 @thiickreigns @greatbreadwizard @x-fivefoot @pittiemommy22 @roman-reigns-empire-1996 @macfizzle @vivalavonvon @niazha16 @not-that-kinda-gurl08 @alexahood21 @captainrogersbucky @jraesmith12


I moaned at his words. How can one person affect me so much? How can he make me want him the way I do. How does he know exactly what I want to hear?

The most important question is how does he know I want to move on?

I can ask myself all those questions later right now I need to focus on the sexy ass Samoan in front of me.

Roman smirks against my lips and then immediately pulls back. He doesn’t just pull back he takes a step back. All the while still smirking.

“Oh baby girl I’m going to have so much fun with you. You have no idea.”

I stare at him for a split second before speaking.

“What does all that mean?” I damn well know what it means. I just want to hear him say it.

“You know what that means. It means what I just said.”

With that he turns and walks away. But not before calling over his shoulder to me.

“I’ll see you after the show. Don’t try to run or hide from me. I’ll find you.”

Oh my god… that’s so fucking hot. Goddamnit Roman you’re killing me here.

I just stare at his broad muscular back as he walks away.

I stand there for a few moments before falling backwards against my desk and placing my hands behind me to catch my fall.

I’m in utter shock. Complete and utter shock.

Roman wants me. He wants to break me. And claim me.

I wasn’t the least bit mad by that. Surprised? Yes because this whole time I thought he never knew who I was. But mad? Never. Not even if I wanted to.

I reached over to my bag after a few moments trying to get my thoughts together and texted Nia right away.

-S: Nia I need to talk to you now! Please come to the trainers room. SOS!!!!!

Nia replies back immediately.

-N: I’m on my way. Be there in less than a minute. Just got done with my match.

-S: See you in a second.

I put my phone down on my desk and stand up to pace the room.

I wasn’t nervous about what he said. I accepted it and wanted it. I was nervous because he wanted me. Me! I wasn’t expecting that. And he was so fucking dominating it was criminal. Like that was intense. But it made me soaking wet. It made my heart race and it made me want him so much more.

I know he could be dark and powerful because I’ve seen him do it in the ring but never outside of it. I had never seen him like that with anyone. But then again I had never talked to him before so how would I know? I only saw him at work. Never outside of it.

Someone cleared their throat. Immediately my snapped up and saw Nia standing there. I ran over to her and grabbed her hand. I pulled her into the room and closed the door. She looks at me with a look of fear and trepidation.

“Babe what’s going on? Why are you pacing around looking distraught?”

I just look at her with a look of confusion.

Is that how I looked? “I’m not distraught. In fact I’m ecstatic. And also nervous. Oh and so damn horny. Roman came in here a few minutes ago. He cornered me and well he wants me.”

She looks at me for a few seconds with a blank expression before smiling and clapping her hands together.

“Finally! I thought I’d take forever.”

“Wait, you knew what happened?”

She looks at me with a smile and shakes her head no. “I didn’t know he would come in here and talk to you but I figured he’d be pretty upset at the news of you rejecting the idea of loving him.”

“Nia what did you do?”

“Shae I told him how you felt. I told him how you cared about him even though you hadn’t ever talked to him.”

I stare at her in utter shock. “Nia how could you? I didn’t want him to know that. I was trying to work through my feelings. I was trying to move on.”

She looks at me expectantly. “But…?” She says this while placing a hand on her hip.

I take a deep breathe and smile. “I’m glad he knows. And I’m glad he somewhat shows he wants me too. How did you convince him to do this”

It’s her turn to look at me in confusion. “I told him, yes,  but I didn’t convince him to come talk to you. But I figured he wasn’t happy. I told him and his face dropped. He looked lost for a moment before he became a bit mad.”

I look at her with a look of pure shock. “Uh, Nia what is a bit mad?”

“Uhh well,” she reaches up and scratches her head “He punched the wall then stormed off. But not before telling me and everyone in earshot and I quote “She isn’t going anywhere if I can help it. She’s mine.””

I just stand there absorbing that information. I’m his? He wanted me. He wants me. That’s the only thing that I can think about.

“Nia he said some things.” I look down as my cheeks start to burn. Not out of shame but embarrassment. I don’t think I can say nose things to her while looking into her eyes.

“What did he say?” She sits across from my desk. I sit as well and start from the beginning. I tell her everything because well it was still fresh and like a high school girl I needed to tell someone. That someone being my best friend.

She nods and even gasps at some of the story. When I’m finished she looks at me like i’ve grown another head.

“Oh shit. Ro is so serious. He’s always been like this. Once he sets his eyes on something he doesn’t stop until he has it. And I know he acts like that in the ring but it’s his nature. Shae he’s coming for you.”

I gulp. My tummy is doing somersaults. I’m so excited on the inside. I want him to show me how bad he wants me.

*****Later that night*****

RAW is officially over. Roman didn’t come back to the trainer’s room. I ended up watching him cut a promo declaring he was coming for the Universal title at Wrestlemania. And when he said that it made it so much more real that he was comin for me. And it made me so wet thinking about it. My body wants him no matter what happens. And my heart wants to be his. I just hope I can handle this.

I’m in my office finishing up paperwork and cleaning up used supplies when I feel hands on my waist. I don’t flinch or pull away. I don’t even look behind me to know it’s Roman.

No one else has ever simply touched me and made me feel so safe or wanted. His touch is warm and sure. It seeps into me and makes me melt.

He steps up behind me and wraps his arms around my middle. I am feel his torso on my back. I can feel his cock directly in the middle of my lower back. And it’s rock hard.

He leans down and chuckles into my right ear. “I love that you listened to me. You didn’t run. Why is that? I thought you wanted to forget me… forget your feelings for me.”

I take a deep breath and speak. “Roman I didn’t know what else to do. Why keep fantasizing over what could never be? It felt like a pipe dream. I never imagined I’d be here with you, like this. It just felt wrong to want something like this with someone I was sure didn’t know who I was let alone my name.”

Roman steps back and turns me towards him. “Why didn’t you come to me and tell me?”

Wow. “Tell you? Tell you what? That I loved you? I wasn’t sure you even knew who I was Roman. I couldn’t tell you that. I couldn’t risk the rejection.” As I say that last part I stare at the ground.

“Baby girl look at me.” When I don’t he places his big hands on either side of my face and tilts my hands up. “ Baby I had a right to know. I had a right to know that I had a women as beautiful as you wanting me. How would you have known whether or not I would’ve rejected you?”

“I don't” I say while staring down.

“I don’t like you doubting yourself. I’ll show you how much I want you.” He steps into my personal space and leans down to nibble on my right earlobe. “Go and lie on the exam table baby.”

I can’t breathe. I don’t know exactly what’s he’s going to do but I have a feeling and it is making me so wet. Turning , I walk towards the table and somehow get onto it without embarrassing myself. I hear a click and the turning of a lock. Roman is leaning on the door with his back against it. His eyes are solely on me. His tongue flicks out between his teeth and he licks his lips.

“Hmm baby I was going to wait to fuck you till tonight when we were on my bed. I had a whole plan. I would come in here and take you back to my suite. I would tell you how you were mine and how I was going to claim you. Then I was going to fuck you into oblivion. But not before I played with that pretty little pussy of yours. I was going dive in head first and taste you on my tongue and fingers before I pushed my cock into you and filled you. But now..”

Roman started to walk towards me slowly with the look of a predator on his face. He looked like he was about to feast on his prey… me. He looked absolutely dangerous. But I know he’ll never hurt me. I don’t know how I knew but I did. And I trusted him to keep me safe even from himself.

As he walked he removed his glove and wrist bands. Then he reaches up to unzip his vest but not before unbuckling it from the bottom.  And my god it was glorious. As he he undoes the clip then pulls the zipper. Slowly he pulls it down while revealing his amazing chest. His pecs are so smooth. His nipples are so smooth and dark. His right pec is covered with the same tattoo his right arm is. Once he pulls his zipper completely down I can’t help but drool a bit. The emperor is so goddamn fine. And right now hes all mine. He drops his vest

“But now I have a new plan. To show you how beautiful you are to me. To show you how much I want you. To show you how much I need you.” He stops in front of me and places his hands on my knees and spreads them apart to step between them.He places his left hand on my cheek and rubs his thumb across my lips. “I want to show you how much I love you.”

I’m shocked. I’m just in utter shock. I can’t believe this. I don’t think I heard him correctly. “..Ro what was that?” He smiles at me and captures my lips in a sudden heated kiss. I can’t believe this. It takes me a moment to kiss him back but once I do I grab his face in my hands and kiss him back with everything I have. After kissing for what seems like forever Ro pulls back but not before nibbling my bottom lip.

“Baby lie back. Let me take a look at you.” I lie back while still reeling. I can’t believe he loves me. How? How can he love me? Me?!

Roman comes up to my left side and trails his hands over my body. My chest, tummy, thighs and legs. He doesn’t linger too long just long enough to let me know he’s touching me.

He grabs my shirt and tugs it free of my cargo pants and starts to unbutton it from the bottom. I’m glad I wore a button down shirt and a front clasp bra today. Once he has it unbuttoned he pulls it apart and starts to touch and rub my chest and tummy. He bends down and kiss along the tops of my breast. I arch up into his mouth and grab handfuls of his hair. He chuckles against my skin.

“Baby girl take it off for me. Take off your top and bra.” He grabs my hands to loosen my hold on his hair. He steps back to watch me. I sit up and shrug out of my shirt. I reach up and undo the clasp of my bra and pull it off. I am completely bare from the waist up. My nipples are pink and erect from the arousal that is coursing through my veins. I reach up and decide to give him something to watch. I run my fingers over my tummy and the bottom of my breast. I then tweak my right nipple and a moan escapes my lips. I then reach over to do the same to my left nipple. My head falls back and I can feel myself start to soak my panties. I tug on both of my nipples and I can feel a sharp tug in my lower half. It’s so delicious. I start to forget he’s watching me and lose myself.

But before I can get to worked up on my own Roman is there. He grabs my hands and pulls them from my nipples. His mouth captures my right nipple and bites it. I scream out and arch into his mouth. He releases my hands and wraps his fingers around my left nipple, tweaking it while still sucking on my right. He swirls his tongue around my nipple before leaning back. He leans down once again and repeats the process with my left one. This time I detonate when he bites me.

“Ohhhhhhh Roman! Fuuuuuuuck!” I scream out his name and arch my back to get a better feel of his teeth on me. My orgasm rushes through me and I’m soon coming down from my high.

Roman wastes little time and pulls at his pants. He drops his belt after pulling through the loops on his pants and starts to unbutton them. He then pulls his zipper down and pushes his pants down those thick thighs.

His cock is magnificent. Its long and hard. It has veins running along the length of it. The head is nice and large like the head of a mushroom. My god he is going spear me to death.

In that moment I knew exactly what I want to do.

I run my fingertips around the head of his cock and down the velvety skin of his length. So hot, thick and impossibly hard. I run my fingers from base to tip, stopping to trace the tiny eye with the very tip of my index finger before moving back down, hypnotized by the feel of him.

I want to taste him. No. Need to taste him. I lean forward and slide him into my mouth and swirl my tongue around the tip, stretching out to trace the pattern her fingers just made. Roman lets out a deep moan and jerks his hips. I smirk around his cock and focus on the task at hand while listening to him moan. I work my tongue hazardously up, over and around the rigid length of his cock in wide strokes, soft feathery caresses, light teasing licks and then down the underside. Drawing him deeper into my mouth she felt the beat of his pulse, a steady beat against my tongue.

“Babygirl that feels so good.”

“Fuck swallow this cock.”

Hearing him come undone makes my body ache. I want him inside me so fucking bad.

He runs his thick fingers through my hair, stroking my earlobes and sides of my head. For a moment I think he’s about to use his hands to hold my head still and fuck my mouth to his own content, but he doesn’t. I take that as a sign that he wants me to continue and take him where I want to go, as far as I want to go. I take him, inch by inch, as far inside my mouth until I can’t take anymore. My mouth and throat are completely full of him. As I lean back to suck him, I slide one hand up and down his shaft twisting and squeezing lightly, as he moans louder, stopping once in awhile to cup his balls in the other hand, I fondle them and marvel at the velvety smooth skin covering them.

I want him to come for me. Plain and simple. I want to make love to him with my mouth, I want to feel the moment that he comes. I want him dazed unable to think straight, seeing stars.

Raw. Powerful. Uninhibited. Head thrown back, eyes, closed, body wracking with his orgasm. Roman. I want Roman to give it to me. I want to taste it, feel it, revel in it and lock that memory away.

He had tried to warn me he that he was about to come. “Baby stop or in going to c-come in your mouth.” He’s breathing hard and even stuttering a bit. He tried to push my mouth away. He was trying to wait until I had mine before he got his. It was sweet. But I didn’t want that. I didn’t want sweet or nice. I wanted Roman to take me and let me take him too.

Slowing down I mouthed him for a moment and waited for it, watched him through half-open eyes throw his head back, stifle a scream, lift his hips and come hard in my mouth. Swallowing and looking up, into eyes wide and disbelieving. Bright soulful eyes that belong to the object of all my fantasies turned reality, my crush, my desire. Licking my lips I smile up at him.

After a few seconds Roman pulls his hips back and his cock pulls out of my mouth with an audible ‘POP’. He bends down and takes of his combat boots and then pulls off his cargo pants. Hes gloriously naked.

He looks up at me and leans into me capturing my lips in a heated kiss. He breaks the kiss to look me straight in the eyes and tells me, “I’m about to make you feel so good, and I cannot wait to savor every drop that is a result of what I’m going to do to you.”

He slowly snakes his way down my chin and neck nibbling along the way. He gets to my chest, using the tip of his tongue to trace his way down between my breasts. He licks and nibbles on my tummy, stopping at my belly button, flicking his tongue in and out, and sucking. I start to moan with delight at the sensation. I need his mouth on my clit. My hands tangle in his hair and I start directing his head, trying desperately to push him lower, but he resists, wanting to make me wait for it. He pulls at my shoes first and them come off easily. Then he tugs on the ends of my pants and they come off with the action. He finally reaches up and pulls off my thong too. I am now completely naked for him. Looking completely satisfied with his work he smirks and goes back to kissing on my tummy and belly. After a minute he makes his way down to my lower half, inhaling deeply at my scent. By now my pussy is drenched, ready to be taken, ready to be claimed by him. He plants small sucking kisses around the perimeter of my clit, sending sparks of electricity all over me as he grazes my drenched pussy. He works his way closer, closer, and as I think he’s about to kiss on my clit, he pulls back a bit and breathes on my clit. I moan loudly almost screeching at the action. He’s teasing me. It is a bit annoying; I love the tease, the buildup, but at the same time I would love for him to just fuck me with his tongue and make me come as fast and hard as possible.

It seems like it takes every ounce of his self control not to dive into me and do just that. He works his way down one side of my pussy, as close to my opening as he can get. Firmly licking and sucking. He works his way toward the bottom and underneath my pussy, and like a magician, beckons more blood to my erogenous zone, he wants the sensations to be as intense as they possibly can. He then deliberately slows as he reaches the top, firmly pressing his tongue into me as he approaches my clit. Time seems to be in slow motion for me. I’m on fire and I need his mouth and tongue on me NOW!

Roman’s tongue seems to disappear under my clit’s hood, making direct contact and curling upward. Arching my back in absolute approval, I try to say “I love that” but all that comes out are moans. “Ooooh my Goood. Please don’t stop. Roman please.” Thrusting my hips into his face, I try to bury his face there. He starts kissing and sucking, flicking his tongue exactly on the spot I love. Im gushing for him, and the sounds of him consuming every drop only adds to my  excitement. My orgasm starts to build.

He seems to like the taste of me. It is a beautiful moment of sexual bliss. As he ravishes on my clit with his mouth, he slides two thick and solid fingers into me. Immediately I start to scream, “I’m going to come!! Can I come?!?! Please Ro I need to come!”

He slows his pace just a bit and says, “Not yet babe. Ride it out a bit longer. Don’t come yet.” I can barely hold my orgasm. I want to come and my body wants to give it to him. Roman increases his pace and intensity, making me peak once again. His fingers move in and out of me with a intensity only he could give. His mouth continues to suck and lick me. He buries his fingers inside of me deeper than before and when he comes back out, he curls them up, finding my g-spot.

“I HAVE to come, PLEEEEEEEEEASEEEEEEE!!” My body is on fire. I’m becoming feverish with the desire I have coursing through me I need to come. I don’t think I can hang on much longer. I’m shaking with the restraint I am using trying to stop my body’s reaction.

He pulls his fingers out as he replies to me. “Almost babe. I will tell you when you can come.” He buries his fingers in me again.This time he forcefully presses his fingers into my swollen g-spot, almost lifting my hips fully off the table. “Go ahead and come for me”, he demands in a rough and husky voice. I scream out and unleash the tsunami of pleasure that i held back and it drips down his arm and unto the table. I’ll have to remember to disinfect the table later. I clamp down on his fingers, locking them there, my contractions fill and ripple throughout my body. My back is fully arched and I am  rigid and fully under the spell of my orgasm, I can’t hear anything, see anything. I am utterly lost to the pleasure that is consuming me. I ride the waves. I can’t be bothered to come back down. Not when my body and mind are completely and utterly consumed. I don’t even realize I am screaming moans of delight as the orgasm works its way to the tips of my toes and bounces back to my pussy. He’s broken me. Ruined me for anyone else.

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Pompeii 27

@thefreckledone Days later and Sakura was still reeling from the generosity of her friends. Gifts were one thing, but it was hard to shake the feeling that there was something more to her first birthday in Pompeii based on how they blessed her. There were flowers for her almost daily when she came down for work. Every other day someone came in during her lunch break to bring her food and sit and eat with her. Days before she had felt a lacking in the town as more and more people went ‘off’ on business she didn’t understand, but suspected to be tied to Orochimaru’s recent activity. She had mentioned it once and now it seemed all her friends in Pompeii were attempting to compensate for the few weeks she wasn’t bathed in affection.  

Sakura loved her friends, and loved the validation from their gifts and visits…but…

“It’s too much.”

Shizune nodded in agreement. “Well, the Senju dropped off flowers yesterday. It’s no surprise the Uchiha would want to outshine their good neighbors.”

Sakura grimaced at the gaudy floral display left on her desk. It was even more lush with flora than the one yesterday, left by sweet Kawarama Senju on behalf of him and his brothers. Sakura had forgotten the blackbirds who saw and heard everything when she took the flowers from the youngest Senju, and gushed to him about how happy she was and how much she loved them.

“The smell is overpowering,” Shizune admitted with a shy shrug. “But it’s still lovely.”

“Yeah, it’s gorgeous,” Sakura agreed, looking over the swelling display of a dozen different flowers artfully arranged. “It’s just too much. Even for a birthday present, I’ve never been so…spoiled. Is this normal? I mean, it’s been over a week already.”

“Yes, but it’s your first birthday here. Sometimes special celebrations can continue on for weeks. Weddings typically last a whole month when they happen here. It all depends on how important or valued that person is to the community. You have a lot of people in Pompeii who see you as a member who is treasured.” Shizune nodded, eyes rolling towards the window. “Plus, people would much rather celebrate you than the spring equinox celebration that’s coming.”

“What? Why is that not a good thing? I thought the spring celebration was for like…rebirth and new life.”

“Oh it is, but this is just the quadrennial spring celebration. Every four years the spring celebration is a little different and people just don’t like the traditions as much as the others.”

“Is there a reason for that?” Sakura asked.

“It’s important to preserve our history and remember the mistakes we and our ancestors made in the past. So, instead of every year we decided that every four years we would add an additional ritual of appeasement into our spring celebration. It’s no terrible thing and we enjoy ourselves well enough because it is a celebration, but it’s not as fun compared to celebrating the life of a person important to you. We would much rather just celebrate you, Sakura.”

“What’s the ritual of appeasement for?” Sakura asked, noticing how the crows outside her windows were gone and the room felt much larger than it should. The windows were far away and the doors even farther. If someone had been listening in on them there would be nothing for them to hear.  This was Shizune’s doing.

“It’s better you not know that much,” Shizune whispered sweetly, something sad in her eyes. She reached out and pat Sakura’s cheek fondly. “There’s no need for you to share in our penance. Forget I said all that I did.”

Sakura wanted to ask what the penance was for and what she would do if she didn’t have to share in it, but another part of her wanted to ask about the woods and if what happened to her last autumn was tied to the spring celebrations. She had been back to the woods only once since that last incident, but there had been no more stairs to nowhere or evil fires stalking her through the night.

But that had been before…

“Shizune, we don’t have anyone else for the next hour, I want to check on something in my room real quick. Holler for me if we get a walk in?” Sakura asked.

“Of course.”

With a grateful wave Sakura skipped back and doubled up the stairs to her room on the second floor. Inside, the book had been left on her bed and that’s where she found it once more.

“Heeeey, old friend,” Sakura chuckled, picking it up nervously. Sometimes it didn’t want to talk to her and sometimes it did. She hoped she could get something out of it today.

“What is it now?” the book groused, sounding tired.

“It’s not about Orochimaru this time, I have a different sort of question for you. Do you know what happened to me last fall in the woods? Do you know what that was?”

The book warmed in her hands, she knew it was awake, but it didn’t reply. Sakura held her breath and waited, knowing it could be temperamental with her if it wanted to be. She could feel it still awake, it hadn’t gone to sleep on her, she could tell that much by now. Finally, it shifted in her hands.

“I know what it was.” The book then went silent.

“What was it?” Sakura asked.

The next silence was even longer and Sakura grew afraid that was all she would get out of the book before it shifted and turned open it’s pages. Sakura saw one bleed with a sloppy hand of ink. The ink ran into words and Sakura mutely read.

‘The truth is in the forest. The trees know!’

“The trees know what?” Sakura asked, feeling the book grow cooler under her fingers.

“You’ll have to ask them that yourself, won’t you?” the book chirped before turning on itself and falling out of her hands onto her bed, closed once more.

When Sakura reached for it she could feel how cold it was and knew it was sleeping. There would be nothing more to glean from it after this. This time the book hadn’t answered her on its own, but showed her the answer someone else had discovered.  

“I have to go back into the woods again to find the answer,” Sakura said out loud. “Why does that sound like a bad idea?”

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Okay.. But what if there is no Twincer. I don't know, I feel like a lot of people want there to be Twincer. But, I think since it's so obvious that it won't be that. Plus I'm so sick of twins. If there is a twin, let it be one of the other girls, so they can have some relevance to the story instead of being collateral damage.

Tbh, Spencerietta was funny at first but now as I think about it, I’m really wondering what would be her endgame. Like there could be a legit reason for vengeance against the family but what did the girls do to warrant such abuse from her? At the end of the day, it always circles back to the Drakes/DilLaurentis/Hastings drama and it’s like Emily, Hanna, and Aria just are victims by association. I’ve said this from the beginning and I’m saying it again, the girls HAVE to have done something wildly serious towards someone to deserve all of this. Jenna’s anger towards them, for example, is 100% justified because they all had a part in it. And even after the accident happened, they still treated Jenna like a disease as if they didn’t take her sight away. If I were Jenna, I would be BITTER until I died and would want nothing but pain for the girls lmao but that’s just me. 

I’ve been kinda anti-liars for a while now because after all these years, they haven’t learned anything. They continue to act like juniors in high school: lie, keep secrets, and create more conflict. Sooooo many things could have been avoided if they just done the right thing, sat down for a second, and used common sense. But they just keep digging their gives with their own shovels while crying out, “why me!”. 

I’ve always felt the girls being tortured would make sense if they all did something horrible like killed Bethany Young during That Night™ or something like that, you know? IDC what anyone says, Emily’s “hypnosis dream” will never leave me and I’ve always hoped that somehow that was some kind of possible clue/direction because it would make sense!

The only twin route I get SO ERECT for is a possible Alison twin. Even though it seems like “Oh, that’s just more DiLaurentis drama!”, if done right, it can be more than that. MK wants to make A.D.’s backstory “tragic” and have us feel sympathy for them. IDK WHAT FOR. I would be much more satisfied if A.D. was just pure evil and has no remorse for doing the things they did because they are psychotic. When they tried to make Charlotte’s backstory this tear-jerking past, I must be heartless because I truly didn’t care. While the idea of a kid being abandoned by their parents is heartbreaking, I did not feel anything for her (particularly because they did a horrible job of making us care about Cece in the first place). If Alison were a twin with let’s say Bethany and had the whole ‘Bethany stole Alison’s identity as the real Alison was A.D. because she is truly unhinged’, I would love that more than a “boo hoo, you made fun of me in class and now I want you dead.”

Ezra being A.D. as well not only gives a clean slate from all the family drama but that leaves creativity to come up with a valid reason why he became who he was - involving all the girls. 

At the end of the day, this show was systematically crafted to have clues pointed at everyone to keep us confused and the writers room to pick whoever and say “the clues were always there”. While I have my suspects, I do not care who A.D. is AS LONG as they have a damn good reason as to why if their MO is revenge. And I mean a damn good reason. So good that even I would be like “Man, I’d be A.D. too if that happened to me”. And I hope that A.D. was here from the beginning and just didn’t appear out of thin air because of Charlotte’s death. Also, I’m praying that “and we all lived happily ever after” picture was just a dream because I don’t want this show to end on a fairytale note lmao

We Don't Talk Anymore


Word Count: 1,055

A/N: I think I may do one for each member. Oooohhhhh 😍😍😍😍 I also intended for this to be longer but, oh well… lol hope you guys like it. *still can’t stop listening to his cover. You go Jungcook 😂😂😂😂*


The thin fabric held between his fingers was the sole reason he was feeling the way he was. It was a scarf she must have left behind. It still smelled of her perfume. How long had it been stored in his closet with the rest of his junk? At least a month now. It was soft between his fingers as he admired the blue color that seemed to always match her skin tone. He hated this. He hated that he had to find that.

He hissed as he tossed the fabric across the room. Wherever it landed would be it’s resting place. He didn’t care. The thought of her swarming his mind restlessly. It had been at least a month, maybe more, since they’d spoken. He wondered what she was doing. Who… He hissed at his own thoughts. Cherishing the time alone, in a room separated from the rest of his hyungs. He needed the space from prying eyes and concerned questions.

A hand ruffled through his hair as he fell onto his bed. His face buried in his sheets for a moment. But as soon as his eyes closed he saw an image of her face. He had sworn he would be with her for years to come. That they would always be two halves of one whole. But things happened. Words were spoken and… they fell apart. The way things ended between the two made it seem like everything was just a joke between them.

He rolled over and sat up on his bed. His head fell into his hands. He wasn’t sure why all of a sudden he felt so helpless. He was sure he had been able to settle his thoughts. But with the way he was feeling, he was certain he never truly got over it. He wondered honestly what she was doing. How she was. He missed just talking to her.

He pulled out his phone and unlocked it. He still knew her social media. They even had some shared friends. Maybe he could see something. Maybe.. As he stared down at his phone, he looked through their friend’s posts. She was with someone else already? He locked his phone and set it down. Was he a joke to her? Was their whole relationship something she could get over so easily?

He grabbed his phone and stood up. He pulled a sweater out from his closet before leaving his room and slamming his bedroom door closed. “Hey what the hell?” Yoongi asked as he poked his out from his room. “Why the hell are you making so much noise Jungkook?” Yoongi clicked his tongue before shutting his door. Jungkook couldn’t care at the moment. He was too intent on getting to her apartment.

He left the dorm and walked down the familiar streets that would take him to her place. Thankfully it was dark enough that just pulling up the hood of his sweater would disguise him enough. He could remember walking down the same roads before. Just to see her after a long day of practice. Just to hear her voice say his name. To see her beautiful smile light up at the sight of him. He longed for the feeling of her arms around him.

He was screaming on the inside. How did everything end up that way? How did she move on and leave him behind feeling that way? Did she not even love him back? He was almost certain she felt something… Maybe he was wrong.

He stood in front of her apartment building. He would need to be let in… How would he do that without needing to tell her? He needed to think of something to say before even getting to her apartment… Thankfully someone walking out recognized him from when he used to frequent her apartment. He got in easily and ran up the stairs to her apartment.

He took a deep breath and raised his hand to knock on her door. But for some reason he felt paralyzed. His wrist wouldn’t allow him to knock. He was frozen in place. What if she was in there with that guy…? What would he do? He would crumble into nothing if he saw him in there with her. He snapped out of his trance and knocked on her door. After a moment he heard her soft footsteps and the lock to her door turning.

When she pulled the door open, her eyes widened before her cheeks flushed red. He felt his heart ache inside his chest knowing that he was the reason that she had red cheeks. In an instant he had walked inside, closed the door and pinned her against it. All in one quick motion his hands were beside her head and he felt his heart racing.

“How… How did you forget me? Tell me. Tell me now so I can forget you too…” He breathed as his hands became fists. He couldn’t look at her. His eyes were screwed shut and he felt his heart pounding faster.

“Forget you…? Is that what you think?” She asked quietly. Her voice void of emotion as she looked at him. He looked so torn apart. She wished he knew that she felt exactly how he looked. Broken apart. How could he ever think she forgot him?

“Who is he then? In those pictures? Don’t lie.” He hissed. It was true. She had gone on a couple of dates with another guy. But it was to try and get over Jungkook. It ended up being too hard so she stopped seeing him.

“He’s not you.” She sighed. He managed to open his eyes and stare into hers. His right hand left the door and tangled into her hair as he set his forehead against hers.
“Why did we ever stop?” He asked. Her hand found his wrist and gently caressed it with her thumb.

“I don’t remember…” She answered honestly. He brushed his nose against hers before ghosting his lips against hers. His left hand finally pulled away from the door and tangled in her hair as he pressed his lips to hers. Her eyes fell closed and his followed. It felt like ages before they broke apart.

“Don’t look at anyone else. Don’t think of anyone else. Only me.” He breathed.

“Only you.”

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Hey there :) I'm sorry that you're angry and upset but where exactly is CC queerbaiting? They never advertised it as "Scorbus" (don't know how I can express this) if I recall correctly or what exactly are you upset about?

Oh anon, Oh, I’m glad you asked.
Queerbaiting: the perceived attempt by canon creators to woo queer fans but with no intention of actually showing a gay relationship.
Still, it’s more heteronormativity than queerbaiting that frustrated me, I will admit.
To begin with, I’ll have you know, I’d never even given Scorbus a thought before I read CC (a small lie, I’d heard of it, just didn’t like the idea). Hell, I loved the idea of Scorose. And then, I read the book.
So, no, I’m not being partial, not favoring queer relationships. I even tried to not ship it, you know, because I love drarry which makes shipping their sons a bit strange to say the least.
I would have been happy enough with Scorose, it had OTP potential for me. But either J.K. / Jack Throne do not know how to portray romantic relationships –-or the billions of fans that read/watched CC have the wrong perception of reality. You know which it is? Neither. Because the love – love that exceeds the friendship criteria – between Albus and Scorpius is clear as day to the most oblivious of people.
Anon, this is not to say that they don’t share the most profound friendship – that is undeniable; they share the same mutual affection and adoration like that of the marauders, and that is the greatest praise any friendship can receive. They are best friends before they are lovers, but they are lovers all the same.
If Scorpius had identified with the female gender, everyone – everyone would have been certain they’d end up together – as I believe someone has already mentioned earlier. But why didn’t they end up together, despite the fact that each of their interactions holds romantic connotations? Because they’re both guys, duh. Figures. Haha, they got us yet again. Surprisingly enough.
Yes, they didn’t advertise the book with “Scorbus”, so to speak – of course they didn’t. They’d lose their audience if they did that! (do note the sarcasm) But they queerbaited fans who had already started reading the book or watching the play into thinking that there was a possibility of a queer relationship between two leading characters and perhaps – perhaps, at long last, it didn’t matter enough to be publicized, or rather, for the audience to be “warned” about - that two boys falling in love wasn’t abnormal or anything out of the ordinary. Ha, I wonder when it will be logical enough for us to think like that. By the pace at which we’re going, not anytime soon.
I do not want to be one of those people who replies rudely to someone who was just curious, but the fact that the question you asked had to be asked is proof enough of how unseen the lgbtq+ community is in mainstream, popular media. So unseen that people don’t realize when people of seemingly the same sex fall in love – or, you know, stay in love – right before them.
See, personally, I’m not someone who speaks out about these things often, or even really pays heed to them. But I feel like this was the last straw, this time people had crossed the line.
Rose and Scorpius have next to no chemistry, and let’s be real, their relationship existed only to reiterate the fact that Scorpius was into girls. (As if) for fuck’s sake, Scorpius gave up a kingdom to just have Albus with him, and Scorpius was Albus’s ‘weakness’, in Delphi’s indirect words, and ‘all that he needed’, in his own. I’m not even going to get into all that ridiculous and heteronormative Albus-has-a-crush-on-Delphi thing because honestly, it doesn’t deserve my time. And my time isn’t even that precious.
There was so much build-up, so much – plainness of romantic feelings, that I doubt even homophobes would have been surprised if there had been, after all, a long due Scorbus kiss. I realize that this wouldn’t have gone down well with some more – uh, conventional people, but I am 100% sure that no one would have been surprised. Well, for any other reason than an actual gay couple existing. On the big, not especially “gay-themed” screen.
Also, this is hardly the first time J.k. has done something like this. I know she’s seen as this great, wonderful celebrity who is a prominent lgbtq+ ally, but really, I just don’t see it. She’s all talk, all offense. She has never once taken any opportunity – and she’s had quite a few – to maybe add even negligible lgbtq+ representation to her writing. There was that time with Remus Lupin and Sirius Black, where, when people started catching on, she KILLED one of them off and got the other married off to some random young chick who had had no chemistry with him whatsoever in the past because, you guessed it, everyone is heterosexual and don’t anyone dare get the wrong idea and stop reading her damn books. Oh, and that time with Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas when she’d totally intended for them to fall in love but alas, it would take too much fucking “attention away from the plot”. And that other time with Draco and Harry, or Luna and Ginny, or Teddy and James, or ANYONE who had more chemistry with someone from the same gender than with whoever the fuck they actually heterosexually ended up with. Even Grindelwald and fucking Dumbledore.
If it still doesn’t make sense, try thinking of everything Albus and Scorpius did with and said to each other as if they were saying it to or doing it with someone from the other gender. See it? Looks like a bunch of cliché, heterosexual romantic novel tropes, doesn’t it? So there you have it – I could go on, but my time isn’t that not-precious. And do forgive me, anon, I’m aware you were just asking. This rant wasn’t intended for you. I’m just angry. Sorry.

'I Think You Think Too Much Of Me' lyrics sentence starters
  • "This is just another sad song."
  • "I've been thinking that, when we thought the world would break us, that we weren't wrong."
  • "I'm so sorry I can't find the time."
  • "I've been thinking 'bout how I'd react if you were me and I was ghosted out."
  • "I know I should try more, but I've been so caught in my own small shit."
  • "I can't see past the nothing around me."
  • "I've been trying really fucking hard not to try so hard."
  • "I've nowhere left to go."
  • "If I told you how this story ends, would you change a step you take?"
  • "If I could relive all of my days, I'd live them all the same."
  • "I'm scared of all that I don't know."
  • "I want it all, but all of it ain't gold."
  • "I'm learning what I should've long before."
  • "All we are is a light into the darkness."
  • "All we are is time that's counting down."
  • "It's wrong and we ain't been right for years."
  • "Let go, give these ghosts a new home."
  • "Let's bury our past and our fears."
  • "I should've seen it long before."
  • "This is my life; I will not run in circles."
  • "Love means nothing to me."
  • "Love means nothing to me 'cause I don't know what it is."
  • "I'm just dying to be all that I've been dreaming of."
  • "I'm still learning."
  • "I just feel so tired."
  • "You ain't you when you're like this."
  • "This ain't you and you know it."
  • "You don't know how to let go."
  • "Who said this must be all or nothing?"
  • "No, I can't tell you nothing."
  • "I'm a fucking mess sometimes."
  • "I could always be whatever you wanted, but not what you needed."
  • "I'm a fucking mess sometimes and I'll say what I don't mean."
  • "All these feelings don't mean shit to me."
  • "It's all just chemicals anyway."
  • "Make all this just go away and find another heart to break."
  • "I had nothing for you; I can't love."
  • "I can't love when I can't even love myself."
  • "I'm addicted to hurting."
  • "I'm a fucking mess sometimes, but still, I could always be whatever you wanted."
  • "I could always be whatever you wanted, but not what you needed, especially when you been needing me."
  • "Lying’s the only rush I need."
  • "I should've listened last night, girl."
  • "This is beyond belief."
  • "We keep falling for the lure of liquid confidence."
  • "If all we have is time, then we'll be alright."
  • "It's not much but it's better than nothing."
  • "We're running on fumes but we'll make it through the night."
  • "It's not love but it's better than dreaming."
  • "I just need time."
  • "We only hang in evenings."
  • "All these dreams and all these plans we shared under the moonlight."
  • "I just don't know if you'll feel right when I leave in the morning."
  • "Should've told you goodbye."
  • "We're both covered in sand
  • "I don't know just what I'm missing."
  • "They tell me I've got something more
  • "You could be loved."
  • "I just wanna live like the ones before."
  • "Maybe I could save the world or end it."
  • "Maybe they'll remember me when I'm gone; that's all I could ever want."
  • "So I got ten minutes to be all or nothing."
  • "I owe you nothing."
  • "I own my luck."
  • "You'll never be alone again."
  • "I don't think you understand me or what I fear."
  • "I don't want to lie to myself."
  • "I'm more than all the mistakes I've outrun."
  • "I'm only here for a minute."
  • "I don't care what you say."
  • "I can be my own kind of rock and roll."
  • "I don't really care if you say you don't fuck with me."
  • "I can say what the fuck I want cause it's down to me."
  • "I got love for you even if you are doubting me."
  • "I wonder how it feels to burn out young."
  • "I just wanna die before my heart fails from heartbreak or cocktails."
  • "Maybe you'll cry once you know I'm gone."
  • "I ain't scared of living."
  • "Does it get easier?"
  • "What are we breathing for if we ain't living?"
  • "I'll know the day I die, I lived through heaven and that I gave it hell."
  • "If it hurt, oh well; at least that's living."
  • "I'm not worried about you."
  • "I can’t find it in myself to wanna lie to keep this thing from going down."
  • "That girl took my heart and I ain't want it back."
  • "You say it meant nothing."
  • "I shoulda kept my silence."
  • "I guess I’m too attached to my own pride to let you know."
  • "All these words meant nothing."
  • "I've always been this heartless."
  • "We’re just having sex, I would never call it love."
  • "I think I’m catching feelings."
  • "Remember why you said this was the last time."
  • "I don’t know how to forget you."
  • "That girl took my heart."
  • "She's in love with the concept."
  • "We're in love, we just don't know it yet."
  • "How am I supposed to see the magic, 'cause I don't believe in it no more."
  • "It's easier if she thinks she won."
  • "I don't think I love you no more."
  • "You never seem to call me lately."
  • "I don't think you know me at all."
  • "I never thought I'd have to say this."
  • "I don't love you and I never did."
  • "Look at us, burning down in flames for kicks."
  • "So much for trying to keep this moving slow."
  • "I don't believe in her no more."
  • "I remember how we talked shit like we knew what we wanted."
  • "I'm no liar and I never hid anything."
  • "You should've seen it coming to this."

anonymous asked:

I know you have a lot of requests, so don't worry if you don't want to add it to the list right now or anything, but I was wondering if I could put in a request for an Isaac one shot with the song 'Little Talks' by Of Monsters and Men as the inspiration? The lyrics are beautiful and it's one of my favourite songs! It's okay if you don't want to though. I just think your writing is so so brilliant! <3 <3

Anonymous said to redbrickisaac: Can I request a one shot with Isaac based on a song? It’s called ‘Little Talks’ by Of Monsters and Men, I love it and especially find myself relating to the girl part in it. It’s ok if you don’t want to write it though!x

Musical Inspiration: “Little Talks” – Of Monsters and Men

A/n: I’m so sorry if you had to ask for this twice, anon.EDIT: I thought I had this scheduled to post yesterday!! Sorry it’s late!

Pairing: Isaac x reader (A/n: It was really difficult to keep this one gender neutral, let me know if you notice any slip ups, please.)

Wordcount: 1.7k

Warnings: Mental illness, angst, lying, break up, desperation, this is kinda dark, not giving up, sticking by someone’s side, love is not a cure, but it can make things bearable

“Some days I can’t even trust myself.

–        It’s killing me to see you this way.”

You’ve started having memory lapses. A few minutes disappearing here and there, sometimes an hour. And it terrifies you because you know what this is. This is something that runs in your family, something you were always afraid of, knowing you probably wouldn’t escape it. You just didn’t expect it to hit you this soon.

You don’t know what to do. This kind of disease is a slow, debilitating descent into death. You don’t want to tell anyone, don’t want them to see you differently, don’t want the claustrophobia that occurs when their cloying sympathy crushes in on you. But the person you hate the prospect of having to tell the most is Isaac. Because you know he loves you, he’ll try to stick it out with you, stay by your side. And it he does, he’ll end up seeing the truly ugly side of the disease. He’ll see the fear, the paranoia. He’ll see the days when you can’t remember who he is. The last thing you want is to cause him that type of pain.

So, you do the only thing you can. You lie to him and break up. You cause him a different kind of pain that will hurt less in the long run.

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Angry - Alec Lightwood

REQUESTED: No,I kinda came up with this based on a personal experience with a friend of mine. (I say friend, I actually really like this guy lmao) 

WARNINGS: Implied smut? Idk that’s kinda closer to the end tho

SUMMARY: Alec comes back from a mission trying to protect Clary from getting into yet another mishap, and he’s stressed and pissed off.


Secondly, the story of how this came about is because the guy mentioned was annoyed after he was unfairly treated for something he didn’t do. (Well, this guy who’s one of the populars tried throwing a few punches at my friend because apparently he was being a d-bag, and he pushed him away and then walked away. Then one of the PE teachers tried to say, “This did happen, I saw it” without a justified claim (because he wasn’t there) and the Head of PE said to my friend, “Seeing as you are a student and he is a member of staff, I will believe him over you”. No lie. So my friend is unfairly punished for something he didn’t do and ugh I just want to punch the popular guy in the face myself and kick him in the balls oops) He came back into my drama lesson, slammed a chair down and then just stormed out of the room through the fire exit, so he seemed pretty pissed. AND I FOUND IT ATTRACTIVE OH MY GOD HE WAS SO HOT WHEN HE WAS PISSED OFF HJHFEHR;GJIOUOGEKBKGFRBU

Ahem. Anyways, let’s get on with the imagine, shall we?

Originally posted by magnusbanebangsalec

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A – Apple

Karma stared at the red apple in her hands.

Would she fall unconscious after she bit it? If that did happen, he was more than willing to kiss her like in a cliché fairytale.

B – Bandage

Karma kept staring at her as she helped him put the bandage on his sprained ankle.

No, of course he didn’t sprain his ankle on purpose, but maybe it was not really bad if he can have her as his nurse.

C – Call

“Hello, can I talk to Okuda Manami?”

“Oh, yes, it’s me alone. Karma-kun, is it? Do you need something?”

“Ohh haha so you’re still alone, actually I’m single too. Wanna be a couple?”

“ … I’m gonna end the call, good night, Karma-kun.”


D – Doubt

“Maybe this one?”

Nagisa kept silence.

“Or this one?”

Still silence.

“Oh, this one is nice. Hey, Nagisa-kun answer me!”

He sighed. “Karma-kun, we’ve been here for 40 minutes already. Hurry up, choose something for Okuda-san already.”

“ Geez, Nagisa-kun, I brought you here because I think you might understand. I doubt she will like my present. Now, help me.”

Nagisa rubbed his temple, this won’t gonna end soon.

E – Eyeglasses

Akabane Karma wasn’t really fond of glasses, but it’s a different story if Okuda was the one who wears it.

Maybe he only have fetish on Okuda’s glasses.

F – Friendzoned

“Hey, Okuda-san, do you like me?”

“Ehh of course, karma-kun.”


“You are my best friend after all.”

He didn’t know whether he should be happy because of the smile, or be depressed because he got friendzoned.

G – Grateful

He should really thank Koro-sensei someday. Because of him, he got to be with her almost in every group projects. But, there’s something he should admit, he spent more time watching her rather than doing the project.

Whops, hope no one would notice.

H – Hiccup

He started to think that he’s totally obsessed to the bespectacled girl.

Okuda had been hiccupping since morning and he found her hiccup cute. Who knows he might get addicted to it.

I – Innocence

Sometimes her innocence made him wonder how can she survive until today.

She’s so innocent and cute, almost like a small animal, makes you always want to pat her head and see the cute reaction.

But, of course he wouldn’t let any males touch her—

—Except him.

J – Jersey

When Maehara accidentally dropped a bucket full of water on her, she was so surprised. Her clothes were all soaking wet and she forgot to bring her jersey.

In the midst of confusion, Karma kindly offered her his jersey.

She took it shyly while blushing.

K – Knives

Sometimes Okuda wondered how many anti-sensei knives that Karma hid under his sleeves.

And well, some of them might be real too. But still, that’s not even a reason for her to be scared of him.

L - Lonely

Okuda stared at the vacant seat behind Chiba, Karma was absent.

It would be a lie if she said she’s not lonely. She missed him,that’s it.

M - Milk

“Hey, Okuda-san, can I have a taste of that milk? Pretty pleaaase I’m thirsty~”

“Oh, here. But Karma-kun- W-WAIT, ISN’T IT AN INDIRECT KISS!?”

“Hm? Did you say something?”


N - Neck

Sometimes Okuda thought of Karma as a vampire because of his sharp canines.

She blushed madly as the image of those canines on her neck flashed in her mind for a sec.

O - Orange

“My love story with Okuda-san will be as sweet as this orange~”

“But, Karma-”


“This orange is really sour.”

“Oh it’s because she hasn’t noticed me.”


P - Poem

There was this time when Karma tried to write a poem for her, he wrote it all night, the content was embarassing though. That’s why when Terasaka stole it Karma made sure he wouldn’t dare to touch his belongings anymore.

Q – Quarrel

At that first time they had a quarrel, that was also the first time he apologized to someone sincerely first.

R - Reaction

Her reaction after that one sentence was so precious and cute.

Now Karma just wanted to bring her home and keep her all for himself.

S - Smirk

“Hey, Karma, are you dating with Okuda-san?”

A smirk.

“You guess.”

He could guess the answer right away.

T - Tears

He really didn’t want to see her tears.

But now that it had poured already, the only thing he can do is to hug her and hoping it will soothe her.

U - Umbrella

Karma remembered this time when he pretended to forget his umbrella. It was a cheap excuse, but good enough to have her close by him under the same umbrella.

V – Vexation

Karma had been scowling all day long. Okuda sighed.

“Karma-kun, Takebayashi-kun was just helping me.”


“Come on, he didn’t touch my hand on purpose.”

“Not on purpose, yea, hmph right.”

“Really mature, Karma-kun.”

W – Weight

“Hey, Manami, did you gain weight because I keep feeding you with my love?”

“Uhh, I really understand. But, I’m kinda offended.”

X – Xmas

Isogai spoke in front of the class, asking whether they will hold a Christmas party or not.

“Okay, guys, do you think it will be nice to have a Christmas Party?”

Everyone cheered in agreement.

“We can use Karma’s house maybe, because he’s alone and his house is bi—”

“Sorry, no can do. Because we will have our Xmas together, just the two of us.”

“O-oh, right, I’m sorry I forgot.”


“I don’t care, Okajima. Go get a gf already you single man.”

Y – Yes

Karma stared at her, he didn’t give her any option to say no.

“So, you agree to initiate a kiss sometimes?”



“Um, yes.”

“I knew it, now kiss me already.”


Z –Zigzag

“Karma-kun stop zigzagging there.”





Okuda fell to the ground.

“Whoops, sorry Manami~”

“You did it on purpose!”

“Ehh did I~?”

“Yes you di— W-wait, Karma-kun I can walk by myself!”

I want a gekkan shoujo fic where like, the text conversations between Mikorin and Mayu, Mayu knows from the very first night because Mikorin is a dumb and he can’t lie and he just.

you can call me mikorin if you like

all my friends do

not that you have to, or anything

it’s not like it would make me happy!

… but you could, if you want to.

please forget i said anything.

and Mayu’s just like,


and Mikorin sits there having a small heart attack, until his phone chimes again,

mikorin is cute

and pretty much his heart explodes, because what is Mayumayu saying, does she think he’s cute, is it the name that’s cute?!?!?!?!? his delicate heart can’t handle this, so then he’s just like,

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anonymous asked:

Hiiiii could you write a fanfic that revolves around this quote Jon says to Sansa in an argument: 'I'm pushing you away because everytime you're near me... I just wanna grab you and kiss you, and the fact you're my half sister is not the problem, the problem is I don't care.'? And of course I'd appreciate a happy ending because if there isn't one what's the point? XD

Hi! Sorry this took so long. I’ve been stuck on this fic for ages, probably because writing fic before R+L=J is revealed to them both is not exactly my thing. Still, I think it turned out alright and I hope you like it!

Sansa didn’t know when it happened exactly. She and Jon were getting so close as they rebuilt Winterfell. He looked to her for instructions on courtesy and politics in his new positon and he aided her in hiring masons and arming the castle for the imminent backlash from King’s Landing.

Their evenings were even spent with one another. After long dinners appeasing lords and wildlings alike they would eventually retire wearily to Jon’s solar, close as it was to Sansa’s rooms. There they would talk over the day as Sansa sewed by the fire. It seemed, Jon trusted Sansa’s opinion more than any of his newfound advisors and he often shared his deepest concerns with her.

They rarely spoke of their time apart, but the conversation would often slip back into tales from their shared childhood.

They had never been close as children, but Sansa truly felt that they were close now. Jon knew her better than anyone now, even Brienne. And she knew Jon, she liked to think.

That was why it was so strange when suddenly he stopped talking to her altogether.

At first it was subtle. She would ask him for help in ordering the glass for the glass gardens and he would direct her to the Lord Steward instead. She would go to his solar after dinner and he would feign a headache.

But all too soon he was avoiding her entirely. She would wave across the courtyard and only receive a stiff nod in return before he fled to the training yard. He took to talking to Ser Davos or the Lady Lyanna instead of her at dinner, even as she sat beside him.

“Have I done something wrong?” she found herself desperately asking Brienne one day.

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50 Facts About Han Solo (+1)

SO I HAVE NOTICED, in my expansive (ha) perusal of the Star Wars fandom, that while Han Solo is like, a token character, the depth and complexity of his character often gets dismissed/forgotten in meta and analysis in favor of our favorite dysfunctional family of skynerds. Which, I mean, I love the skynerds, BUT. Han is such a lovely dweeb that I feel as though it is scandalous that he doesn’t have 3095830549 posts about him because GOSH SO MANY POSSIBILITIES, aND THUS, I have taken it upon myself to compile a post with all my nerd pirate boy headcanons RIGHT NOW. I’m trash because I gratuitously cherry pick ideas from the EU bye

Let’s make a list, because I love lists:

  • He had a mother and little sister (his dad walked out on ‘em when he was really young), but they died some time during the Clone Wars through no specific malicious purpose, but rather for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. After the Death Star, he can’t bring himself to leave right away, even though he now has enough money to pay off Jabba and more - he doesn’t know how old the Kid is, but he can’t be more than eighteen, and that’s - that’s barely anything, Chewie, he tells the wookiee defensively after confronted about why they’re still awkwardly hanging around (and really, Chewie has no problem awkwardly hanging around, but Han is defensive anyway), and hell, he doesn’t have any folks left in the world and that’s a terrible kiriffin’ place to be so I’ll just. Hang around for a little while. Make sure he’s back on his feet, that he’s got a place to stay. (And he doesn’t think of his little sister, because she was so young when it all happened and so was he, but he really does. Kind of.)
  • He eventually gives back the Alliance the money they gave him as reward for rescuing Leia/taking down the Death Star because he feels like it’s burning a hole in his pocket and Chewie hasn’t said anything but he’s obviously not happy with it and dammit, ya big ball of fuzz, are you happy now?
  • (Leia doesn’t know)
  • (She actually doesn’t find out until quite a bit later, when General Rieekan happens to mention it one morning when she’s reading reports and trying to figure out how to make a deal with the Bothans and drowning herself in luke-warm caf because she can’t sleep at all and she’s given up even thinking about it - and the padd slips out of her hand, just barely, and all she can do is say  ”oh” and pretend that when she wakes up in the middle of the night with a scream that’s more of a sob and her nightmares dancing at the edge ofher consciousness, she’s not crying just a little bit harder than usual)

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toppdogg as conversations i've overheard at my performance&arts school
  • p-goon: "let's join the baseball club; that's a great way to get active" "are you fucking with me?" "it's a baseball club who doesn't love baseball" "ugh you're such a dad"
  • jenissi: "i remember when mr. bingham had the student coffee machine, then wilson fucking broke it" "that was one time" "you still broke it"
  • seogoong: "who would get food at the school store when there's free food right here" "that's for theatre kids only" "so? free food"
  • gohn: "but you know when she sings the song and goes 'eeee' on the second verse yeah i want to go 'eeee' on the first verse too" "you want to hit a high note?" "oh yeah a high note"
  • hojoon: "i wore no makeup today so i can cry with ease" "kimmi that's so deep" "i know"
  • kidoh: "i want to dj for lunch this friday" "why? no one likes your music" "i think they will i have really great stuff they can listen to, man" "if you play your fucking summer mixtape-" "i will" "i'm going to report you to ms. norman"
  • sangdo: *someone playing amazing grace on the saxophone in the hallway* "do you hear that?" "wow i've been cleansed of all stress" "it's only second period" "i've been cleansed john"
  • nakta: "but no you don't get it, like this art piece explores the joy we get from skateboarding but like it's eerie because we're skateboarding on a baby which is new life and we're destroying that new life with our joy" "you just want to paint a fucking baby" "yeah and i want to paint a baby"
  • hansol: "ugh the straights are taking over the school; i can't believe they made a baseball club. who fucking plays baseball" "i played baseball-" "ugh was i asking you"
  • b-joo: "my mom says that if i just keep drinking protein shakes i don't have to exercise" "your mom's a liar" "mY MOM WOULD NEVER LIE TO ME"
  • xero: "dude i'm so ready to fail this" "what why do you want to fail" "it's called reverse psychology; you gotta psyche yourself out to win" "you just didn't study" "i didn't study"
  • a-tom: "sometimes you just want to make art about tits, everyone loves tits, tits are so cool" "but what's your real concept?" "let me draw the titty, dude"
  • yano: *loud af curses coming from one end of the hallway during break* "HOLY FUCK DUDE" "noooo" "what's that about" "either there's a fight or someone just destroyed something" "hey did you see that some freshman knocked over adom's sculpture"