in the end there wasn't that much cuddling

Daddy Issues

Hello, love bugs! 

I guess I should warn you guys that I think I swear in every story I have posted. It’s the Canadian prairies girl in me. We always swear when talking. It’s second nature for us.

Phil x Reader Y/N= Your name Y/L/N= Your last name

Warnings- smut

Smut request- reader calls Phil daddy & he acts all awkward about it so they stop making out but when the reader starts to apologize the next day about it after they haven’t spoken to one another since the previous night, he admits he liked it & that’s why he hasn’t spoken to the reader (Reader’s POV) xx thanks- anonymous

It was a regular evening in the Lester, Howell, Y/L/N, household. everyone was under blankets in the living room on their laptops. You were writing an essay about some bullshit class. Dan was on Tumblr shit posting. His words, not yours. Lastly, Phil was watching Youtube videos trying to figure out the new trend he may want to be a part of. It really was a nice evening until you happen to look at the clock and realize that it was one in the morning and you have to be awake at seven am. 

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Please note this is my first ever fic: please don’t judge me too harshly…… Also, it’s 1400 words.

Doomfist was walking down the streets of Numbani, holding flowers and a box, looking at the darkening sky. It’s gonna rain soon, he thought, quickening his pace down the sidewalk. Lucio was waiting for him at home, hopefully with lunch prepared. He had been thinking about the meal, Lu had promised to make, all week.

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I picked everybody in the end, and I took the chance to practice Yona’s POV and recycle an old idea for Zeno trolling. It went from fuzzy fluff to Zeno feels so quickly (as you do!) There you go, @murkymuse

hygge (Danish) the pleasant, genial, and intimate feeling associated with sitting around a fire in the winter with close friends 

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I’m not sure I’m 100% convinced in the whole “Drifter-Was-A-Science-Experiment” down in the South Labs, but it makes for an intriguing story. Either way, it won’t be getting any elaboration here since it’ll divert too much from the main story.

This is the product of much cutting back and laziness. I had more content (mostly an extended battle with The Summoner instead of the flimsy one-shot kill with a sword he got here), but ultimately cut a lot to squeeze all I need in five pages.

I feel like every update ends with Drifter and Guardian cuddling. I swear this was not intended, it just happened!