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‘New Zealand – Land of the Long White Cloud’. Translated, this means ‘Aotearoa’ being the Maori name for New Zealand.
As a city dweller, I’m often 'geographically challenged’ when it comes to escaping the city and fulfilling my desire to time lapse the New Zealand wilderness. Hence, this is my first time lapse of New Zealand landscapes. It is a compilation of my best material captured to date from various trips over the past year.
The locations include the petrified sand dunes at Cape Rienga in the far north to the lush rain forests on Stewart Island in the deep south. There’s also a few lighthouses and other places in between, namely the pristine lakes of Central Otago, the rugged West Coast and the stunning geology on the Wairarapa Coast.

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Since your previous anon was so concerned about accuracy in report- I mean guessing, a simple google search will answer her conjecturing. According to Cait's IG comments her pic was taken at Groosbos Animal Reserve (safe to assume they left already) just under a 2hr drive from Cape Town; an easy weekend escape. Even more interesting? Stellenbosch is on the way to Groosbos, an easy 30 minute detour according to google, and a nice stop along the way for Sam & Cait. Snap a pic, bait & switch. Easy

Since it IS all over Cait’s IG comments I suppose it’s ok to comment here as well. It does seem to be the Grootbos nature reserve. That is a splendid view of Walker’s Bay outside the bedroom window as posted by Cait-and quite a number of previous guests who stayed in that same room by the pool and also posted their pic to IG.
The Grootbos preserve is privately owned and features eco friendly tours of their superbly managed park and a five star lodge accommodation as well. It is even recognized by the National Geographic society. There is something for everyone wether they want a quiet tour of the local flowers and plants or a more robust outdoors experience amongst the dunes or hills. Many clients seem quite taken with the well trained horses used to conduct many of the tours. It is a small lodge with just 27 rooms and suites, and with a five star rating security should not be an issue for a recognizable actor looking for a discreet getaway.

As to the side trip to Stellensbosch. The pic Sam posted matches quite well to many of the coastal mountain areas along the N2 roadway which runs from Capetown to the area further east on the cape where the Grootbos is located near Hermanus. It is certainly not downtown Stellensbosch for sure- they could have stopped in a a local winery for a tour and a meal, but it looks more like a stop in a layby for a quick pic with the Audi on the way down the coast to Grootbos more than a stop in Stellensbosch wine country with all the chances of being recognized that a stop in such a popular tourist area such as that would bring with it. As the town of Stellensbosch is the largest in the wine area it gives its name to the area as well, so it would seem that any stop on the N2 prior to Sir Lowry’s Pass could easily be tagged with “Stellensbosch” and be quite correct in doing so- if not a bit disingenuous- but you wouldn’t expect them to make it too easy now would you?

cape cod gothic
  • in the middle of the night you see the lights flicker in the cabin in the dunes down the road from you, but you thought the summer renters weren’t supposed to be down until may…
  • your town has no grocery store. or stoplights. or streetlights.
  • walking on main street during the winter is like wandering a ghost town in the snow
  • you grew up hearing stories of the serial killer who chopped those girls up and buried them in the dunes, but legend says they never found the last body
  • nor'easters make the house shake as the rain and wind whips around, but you don’t dare get out of bed to check if your windows are locked
  • you make brief eye contact with the people you see in your town’s dunkin donuts every morning at 7:05, but their eyes are glassy and completely black
  • getting lost in the state park is a valid fear. who knows what’s hiding among the trees? a bear, or worse?
  • rumours of ghosts of dead pirates walking the beach and their wives pacing on their widow’s walks have never been refuted
  • the weather changes as the last vinyard vines-sporting family down from connecticut drives over the bridge, and you can see the dark clouds rolling in over the bay
  • you hear scratches on your cottage door. you do your best to convince yourself you imagined the laughter and try to fall asleep

Dune (Re-posted with some color) 

I gave in to the siren song of Dune and was dashed upon the rocks like so many concept artists before me. There just isn’t time to render these, but I’m reasonably pleased with the line-work, so here they are!

Some context: I fell into a Dune-hole recently which started by stumbling across the INCREDIBLE art from what would have been Jodorowsky’s Dune film. That inspired me to re-watch the David Lynch movie again (one of my favorites). At that point, I had to read the book again. In the middle of my read-through, I watched a couple Tarsem Singh movies and my brain made a connection that I couldn’t shake loose:

I want a 4 hour Dune movie designed by Tarsem Singh’s crew (production designer, art director, costume designer, cinematographer, etc…)

So, in order to get that thought out of my brain, I took a clumsy swing at designing the cast of Dune through the lens of Tarsem Singh’s crew. To me, that meant making each character an operatic or theatrical expression of their role in the story. Visual storytelling cranked to eleven.

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Yep, my first travel video post and more to come.

That being said, every year, I try to knock at least one big bucket list place off of my list and Namibia has been on it for far too long. From the Cape Town coast to the high Namibian dunes of Sossussvlei, here’s a glimpse of what I saw along the way. Thanks to all the nice people I met along the way who lent their travel advice so I wouldn’t get lost.

Favorite Gear for this trip:
Canon 5D Mark IV:
Canon 16-35mm II:
Canon 24-70mm II:
GoPro Hero 4:
Geigerrig 1600 Hydration Pack / Makeshift Camera bag:

Special thanks to the K2O.

Kygo - Firestone ft. Conrad

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  • Dregs riding on servitors while on patrol because they’re tired.
  • Fallen dads pretending to be superheroes in front of their children flapping their capes and stuff.
  • The Templar plays with the oracles to make music when no one is there.
  • Guardians playing hid and seek and titans getting mad because hunters go invisible and its not fair.
  • Warlocks reading stories to groups of kids at the City.
  • Cabal sliding down the dunes of mars on their shields.
  • Vandals imitating guardians when they are on break and getting told by the captains to knock it off.
  • Fallen children playing on top of a spider tank as it moves around.
  • The Kell and Archons of a house spending bro time together.
  • hive knights running around pretending to be Crota painted green and stuff while acolytes pretend to be the guardians.
  • Vex that are still in the black garden making huge flower crowns for hydras.
  • Sepiks prime taking a break from adoration and going to sleep on a dark corner like a cat.
  • and the the fallen go and lay against him and sleep there too.