in the drama room

Beginning of the End

Part 3

In the final chapter, Steve suffers a devastating loss.  Steve and Tony make plans to find Rumlow once and for all.

Steve Rogers x Joanna (oc), Tony Stark, T’challa, Secretary of State Ross, The Avengers
Loss, angst, heartbreak, drama, revenge

Steve sat in the waiting room, leaning forward in the chair, staring down at the floor rubbing tears away occasionally.  Tony stood at the window looking outside, his expression heartbroken.  Neither man spoke or acknowledged each other.

T’challa walked up the hallway toward Steve, his guards around him, “Captain, I am very sorry for your loss.”

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The Napoleon Debate scene, wherein Marius sings the praises of Napoleon for most of a chapter, Combeferre one-shots him down, drops the mic, leaves the room leading a mass walkout, and then sings an unprompted encore,  which Enjolras, the only  person who’s even attempting  to keep this a conversation and not a Debate Curbstomp,  annotates

and people think Enjolras  is the one going over the top in that scene. 

i want you (m) pt.1

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pairing: taehyung x reader

genre: angst, fluff, smut (incl. public sex, bathroom sex, teasing etc..)

word count: 5k

description: i want you, and i can tell you want me too

a/n: it’s like 6am and i started writing at 3 but i wanted it out today as an apology for the yoongi fic, lol

[12:01AM] are u coming?

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Finn Wolfard, Gaten Matarazzo, Millie Bobby Brown, Noah Schapp and Caleb McLaughlin, winners of the Outstanding Ensemble in a Drama Series award for ‘Stranger Things,’ pose in the press room during the 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Expo Hall on January 29, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

The foxes as a list of shit i pulled in high school

Dan Wilds: Told someone to get their fucking act together back stage when my mic was on and it rang out over a sea of toddlers who were just there to see the wizard of oz (sorry guys)

Andrew Minyard: had an illegal copy made of the keys to the drama room and used them to break in whenever i felt like for all of senior year

Matt Boyd: used said keys to break in the night before the last day of school and filled the drama room with over 700 balloons (all blown up by 3 people and w/o pumps we’re pretty sure we passed out from lack of oxygen at some point)

Kevin Day: one time my friend brought vodka in a water bottle and you better believe i did shots and then went to history class

Neil Josten: Fell off the set of the musical i was in, badly sprained my ankle, told everyone i was fine and went on to finish the show in high heels (i was, in fact, not fine)

Nicky Hemmick: Went to the first GSA meeting of the year, told everyone i was gay and did not return for any subsequent meetings

Aaron Minyard: once kicked someone in the shins because they wouldn’t stop making fun of me for being short (they went on for like an hour in my defence)

Renee Walker: Someone told me i was intimidating and i said “good” and then “but why i’m literally the nicest person ever”

Allison Reynolds: someone bet me i wouldn’t tell my theatre teacher to shut the fuck up and guess who was $20 richer? that’s right i was

Seth Gordon: my friend convinced one of my classes that i was dead when i was out for three weeks after an appendectomy and when i came back a girl screamed

Wymack: once drove my car to school, turned into the parking lot, drove around the outside of the parking lot and went home because i was not fucking feeling it

u never have to worry about blanched soldier guys . i’m telling u genuinely watson just left for a minute and holmes loves the drama of it all

[imagine] jealous hiphop unit

He’d take you to the dorm to meet his members, but once you step foot into the dorm, he immediately regrets it, because the boys are all over you. He stands in front of you protectively, threatening the members with a fist and a stern glare. “Get any closer to my jagi and you’ll wake up underwater,” he threatens. “Stop talking about SHINEE with Soonyoung-ah, talk about how cute your oppa is~” he’d say in a high-pitched voice - making it hard to believe this grown child was the leader of 12 other boys and 21 years old. He’d be pouty and begging for your attention once the members wander off, giving you some degree of privacy. You’d be sitting between his legs and watching a drama when a member strolls into the living room, wanting to ask you something, but they’d turn and walk off in the other direction once they see Seungcheol glowering at them.

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