in the days of the mob

honestly who the heck do those nctzens think they are?? nct are people. humans. with emotions and feelings. they aren’t circus animals that are available at your disposal whenever you want them. for anyone who doesn’t know what a panic attack and/or sensory overload feels like, it’s crap. and triggering mark to have a panic attack for something that could have been easily avoided on the fan’s side is horrible. is being noticed by them really more important than their health? NO. AND YOU COULD CLEARLY SEE IN THE VIDEO THAT MARK WAS HAVING AN ATTACK SO UNLESS YOUVE NEVER HAD/SEEN ONE YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE UNDERSTOOD BUT WHEN SOMEONE TELLS YOU TO BACK UP. YOU BACK UP.


I’m sorry if some of you didn’t want to see this but this DISGUSTS me! Please don’t ever mob any idols like this. This is the only video I’ve seen and Doyoung gets pushed in it and I heard Yuta got hit during the mob :( How can you yell, “Doyoung I love you!” and physically hurt him? If you loved the boys you would give them space and be respectful. Even the other day Taeyeon got hit by a fan’s camera and looked visibly uncomfortable; the boys have been mobbed before in other countries too. This breaks my heart I hope some of you learn from this and get some manners (I know that sounds harsh but this treatment was harsh towards the boys don’t you think?) I’m just so done with rude fans who try to grab at their idols like they’re an object instead of human beings with actual feelings who deserve to be treated with respect and basic human decency 

Harry Styles - “Living the Dream” Part Three

Part One and Part Two

This is one of my favorite series’ that I’ve written. Enjoy part three! And thank you!

Your flight had come too soon. You’d packed up your suitcase after five wonderful days in France, watching Harry film everyday and then returning to the hotel for a wonderful evening together. The two of you had ventured out once for dinner but were basically mobbed and agreed that until the heat of your new relationship died down it was probably best to keep in private in much as possible. 

“Don’ leave.” Harry muttered, pulling you back over to the bed. His call time was later in the day so he was still in nothing but his boxers but you had gotten fully dressed, ready to meet the car that was surely going to pull up any minute now and take you to the airport. 

“Harry, I have to.” You tell him but allow yourself to be tugged under the blankets and held tightly against his tattooed and warm chest. You snuggle into his soft skin, breathing in deeply, taking in his so familiar scent. Harry’s cologne and shampoo was a smell you had grown to know and love over the last five or so years and it had always felt like home but it did even more so now. 

“Jus’ a couple more days.” And as his lips found yours, you knew you were about to cancel that car and plane ticket. 

You did eventually have to leave though. You had meetings and things to get to back in Los Angeles so it was finally time to bid him goodbye. The goodbye was drug out, slow kisses, whispered I love you’s, sensual touches along the others body. 

Eventually though he carried your bags down to the lobby and loaded up the car for you before right there in full view of the fans, who still crowded the hotel’s front door everyday but were thankfully being held back by security and hotel staff well enough, he pulled you against his chest and pressed his lips to yours. The screams intensified but you ignored them and kissed him deeply. 

“Meet you in LA.” You pull back to say, giving him a smile. Harry was finishing up filming soon so the two of you wouldn’t be separated for too long. 

“Let me know when you land.” He kisses you one last time before you finally climb into the car and it heads off for the airport. 

After Harry finished up with the movie and joined you back in LA, the two of you took to spending the night together at either his house or yours almost every night. The two of you had been extremely close and attached to one another while in the band but something had changed and it was a whole new need for the other. You knew it was being in the honeymoon phase and eventually wouldn’t be as strong but for the time being you made sure he was around you as much as possible and he didn’t mind one bit. 

“I’ll miss you.” You pout over at Harry as the two of you laid in your bed together early one morning. Harry was going to catch a flight later that afternoon, his manager and a few musician friends in tow, ready to seclude themselves in none other than Jamaica and get to work on his first solo album. 

“Well, if you didn’ have to go off bein’ your own solo rockstar you could have come with us.” You had just dropped your first solo song two days earlier and were in the midst of a whirlwind of interviews and promo. It was so exciting and different, being the only face to a song now - all attention was on you. 

“I’m gonna come visit in a few weeks, just don’t know when yet.” Harry catches your lips with his for a brief kiss before he pulls back with a sigh, pulling you tightly against his chest. 

“Bit strange, isn’ it?” You give him a puzzled look so he continues. “This solo thing. All of us doin’ our own thing. Louis has Freddie, Niall released his song, you got yours out there now too, Liam is workin on his and I’m about to go write an album - by myself.” You sigh, resting your head on his chest. He tangles his fingers with yours, absentmindedly playing with your fingers. 

“We’re just all doing what’s best for us. We were amazing together but just think with all five of us out there individually spreading our creativity.. the world isn’t ready for it.” He gives a low chuckle, his chest rumbling under your ear. 

“’m just glad I got to experience all tha’ with the band with you at my side and now even though we’ll be apart fo’ a few weeks, really you’re still with me again. Couldn’ do any of this without ya, really.” You lift your head up and smile down at him. 

“Well lucky for you, you’re stuck with me and will never have to do it without me.” He grins, his dimples making an appearance as he rests a hand on your cheek. 

“Good.” His fingers slide into your hair and his lips find yours. 

The time apart from Harry was hard but you facetimed with him daily, he played you bits of songs or sang you lyrics, even asking your advice for some kinks he was working through. You visited him for a week midway through his seclusion and he said it was exactly what he needed to relax and get back into a good head writing space. “Goin’ through withdrawals, I was.” He stated when you asked why he was having trouble writing there for a bit. “From what?” As soon as you’d asked him that the smirk on his face answered that. He didn’t even have to answer as he just pulls you down onto the bed, that was answer enough. 

“What are you going to do when the two of you are off busy touring? Before a tour meant the two of you were stuck together on a tour bus every single day but now… a tour for the two of you is two separate tours…” Anne had spoken these words to her son around the same time he’d come to visit, playing her and Robin his now finished album. You hadn’t accompanied him as you’d meetings, preparing for your album release in a few days, which Harry would be back in time for, of course. “You won’t be able to see each other much.” 

“We know that, mum,” Harry of course had thought about this, and often, especially as him and his management really got down to working on his tour. You had already worked out yours, having just announced it and it looked like none of your time off or dates corresponded with the other, yet. So far it would look like months between seeing one another. “We’ll make it work, we’ve waited this long to be together, we aren’ goin’ to let not seein each other every day ruin us. We’re jus’ making the most of what time we do have at home together until she leaves.” 

Once you did leave for tour though, it was hard. Harry was lonely, waiting for promo of his own album to begin, he spent his time in meetings or at home. He just really missed your presence. Sometimes, he really hated that the both of you were in the same career path. Of course, if you weren’t you never would have met, but being musicians meant your time at home was very limited. He’d gotten used to not seeing his loved ones often but not seeing you.. even while on tour you were a constant, always there beside him. And now you weren’t. It was a strange and foreign feeling to Harry and he hated it. 

You had purposefully made a few months break between legs of tour so that you could be home for Harry’s new song release and then the following promo up until the actual album drop. And having you back in his arms every night overshadowed any happiness he was feeling for the album. 

“I think one of us should quit our jobs.” He mumbles into your neck one night. Tomorrow was the day of his album release and you had yet to hear all of it, wanting to hear it along with the rest of his fans, anxiously awaiting the coming of solo Harry. 

“What?” You answer with a laugh. You’d thought Harry had fallen asleep. His head was buried in your neck, his breathing warming your skin, his arm was draped across your hips and his body basically consumed yours, his legs tangled with yours. You didn’t mind one bit. Your fingers brushed through his still short hair, though it was a bit longer now than it was when he was filming Dunkirk. He was talking about getting a trim soon though. 

“We’re apart too much.” He sighs, lifting his head to look down at you. It was dark in your room but you could still see, and basically feel, the sadness radiating from him. “I miss you so much.” 

“Harry, I’m right here though. I know I leave for tour again soon, and you leave for promo and then more promo for Dunkirk, but we’ve been making this work, haven’t we? We still always find our way back together, and we always will.” You seal this promise with a heated kiss to his lips and all conversation ends there. You feel his sadness wash out of his body as he consumes you, replaced with pure bliss and happiness. 

You went with Harry to Radio 1 the next morning, ready to listen to his album from start to finish as he debuted it on his best friend Nick’s breakfast show. As you listen to the songs, all of them where filled with such sadness, it seemed. Being alone, being hurt. It broke your heart. You hadn’t realized how alone Harry felt, how much sadness he truly had within him. Though when Sweet Creature was next, Nick asked who it was about and Harry simply looked over at you and smiled before shrugging and saying it was up to interpretation. 

Once you heard the words, ‘don’t know where we’re going but we know where we belong’, ‘wherever I go, you bring me home’, you think you knew who it was about. Harry meets you eye and the two of you smile at each other. 

“Your album is lovely, Harry.” You tell him once he was finished with the show. The two of you stood in the front lobby, waiting for your car to pull around. He smiles at you, pulling you into a tight hug. 

“Couldn’t have gotten through any of this without your support.” He presses a hard kiss to the side of your head before pulling back to smile down at you. “I really don’ know what the future holds for you and I but I know I’ll figh’ for us forever. You’re my home, my happiness, my love, and I can’ imagine my life withou’ you in it.” His words just about brought tears to your eyes and you reach up, taking his face in your hands and standing on your toes to reach your lips to his. 

“Lucky for you I’m not going anywhere,” You assure him when you pull back. “Even if we are far apart for awhile, just know you’re who I will always come back to. And the second you need me, I’ll be there - no matter what.” 

“I love you.” He presses another kiss to your lips before the car pulls up and your conversation ends as you head outside, walking past the fans waiting out front with a smile and a wave in their direction. By now everyone had gotten used to your relationship as in a two months it will have been a year since the two of you got together but they still were excited about it. Now though, the question moved from ‘when are you going to get together?’ to “when will you get married?’ Obviously that was no where near about to happen but you let the fans continue to dream anyway. 

Your life with Harry was everything you could ask for. You were happy and in love, as he was with you and really, that’s all that you needed. You were excited to see where the future did take you, what kind of life you would get to live with Harry, but for now you were perfectly content. 

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Bakugou and Todoroki with a s/o that has a superiority complex bc she has a very strong (like mob psycho 100 or one punch man strong) telekinesis quirk

Here ya go! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ


• I myself even question how the two of them even got together because of each of their cockiness and pride–
• In the beginning, her superiority complex made him want to rip his hair out
• Seriously though, even though he plans on kicking her ass one day, he admires how strong she is
• I see the both of them getting into slightly intense competitions about the stupidest things on the daily basis
• it usually ends with her winning with her obviously overpowered quirk
• they two love each other though
• just aggressively


• To be honest, he very much admires her strength, but he kept comparing her to Bakugou at first
• Sure she wasn’t as explosive as him but he can’t unsee how her superiority complex makes her that way–
• In all honesty, he loves her though and would never (lies) tell her that outloud
• It’s deep down within him though that makes him constantly trying to calm down her complex
• He tries to help her
• She tries to fight him to compare strengths
• 9/10 couple


‘Today in Demacian News, strange people gather as a local Ionian/Demon Man remains up in a tree for record hours. Many townsfolk with broomsticks monitor the situation. And now, for the weather…’

// @the-stcrchild, @exfury, @demacianwings could one of you at least get a ladder and calm the mob

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holy fuck, your mob boss au just... holy fuck, I'm in LOVE

ahahahhaha can we say perfect timing, nonny? ‘cos perfect timing. I am having my first majorly wobbly day of the summer and I cannot even begin to describe how much I needed to hear something nice. 

So I little bit love you, nonny, no big. 

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@fgtmgt I have seen quite a few very sweet and very cute things for 100% Love, but for me personally my mind definitely is stuck on the idea that it would really be 100% Awkward instead so viola! I’ve drawn them around the ages I draw them for And Nearly Letting Go because I’ll be damned if this doesn’t take them years. I finally did a kiss hahaha

Mob doesn’t actually know how he managed to teleport, he’s going to have a long way home. In the meantime, Teruki will be having a complete meltdown because obviously the experience was so bad Mob felt the need to r u n a w a y


*phone ringing*
Reigen: Mob? It’s rare for you to call me, what’s wrong?
Mob: I think I’m lost.
Reigen: What do you mean “lost”?
Mob: I don’t recognise where I am.
Reigen:… Okay. What can you see around you?
Mob: Cows.
Reigen: Cows?
Mob: Yes.
Reigen:What… Do you see anything else?
Mob:… Grass. And more cows.
Reigen: Mob, how pray tell did you get to be surrounded by cows in the middle of nowhere?
Mob: I… may have teleported here. But I don’t know how I did it. So I can’t get back.
Reigen: *wtfffffffffffff*

Happy early Valentine’s Day~ Kiss kiss