in the cold light

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In your Avatar AU I can imagine when the batfam starts to watch Red Robin fight they all are really confused because of how he's bending and there being the realization that " this kid could've straight murdered those people if he wanted "

I want that. I want everyone to look at the cute new Robin and see he’s an airbender and they smile at him like Robin should. He dances around attacks and makes jokes, he throws bad guys off their feet with powerful blasts but leaves them uninjured, he leaps off buildings and flies with staff/glider.

But then lots of things happen and the batfam just lets Tim fall through the cracks and by the time they’ve gotten themselves together they see just how much their little airbender has changed.

Tim’s blasts are much more cutting, not just generally wind but a harsh concentrated blast that could easily hurt a person. He uses his light feet to sneak up on people, cold and menacing and nothing like his feather light steps from his youth. In bad situations, his go to move is to suck out a criminals breath until they pass out. Bruce is stunned, the first time Tim had done that there’d been no other option and his boy had cried for days over the feelings of shame and guilt. Now Tim does it with a blank face and absolutely no remorse.

Suddenly they look at Tim and realized how far let him fall on his own. In order to survive, he had to change himself like the wind only this new breeze blows cold.


My spider’s web throat catches another,
another word wriggling in its wire,
enticed by the promise of light,
of fresh air and recognition.

Met only by cold death
as it plucks at its confinements,
like the worn violin strings
of its erratic final refrain.

I swallow hard,
I draw single a calloused finger to my neck,
I cough, and with it follow dutifully,
syllables and letters, spilling from my lips.

I cover my mouth
as they fall in cascades to the floor,
through my weary digits.
They are lost and I am desperate.

Somebody hear me, please.

some of my fave songs & what they remind me of: 

elephant gun - beirut: the sun rising over barcelona, cheap vodka, birthday balloons, glitter, cairo’s drunken nights, cadavers in a jungle, pirate ships, broken bottles, the beauty of a bruise, mad explorers, art brought to life, smeared lipstick, dying in havana, lions, louix xiv’s bed, marshmallows, postcards from ethiopia

seigfried - frank ocean: placebo, young gods, empty playgrounds, cold sheets, drowning in city lights, burning concrete, night terrors, kurt cobain’s throat, oslo after dark, a crucifix, a sleepwalker’s dreams, blood on a blade, the absence of grief, prison tattoos, tchaikovsky’s letters, venus under a streetlight

prince johnny - st vincent: nyc at 4am, sleeping in a bathtub, vicious words, desperate hands, blindfolds, shadows on a bedroom wall, pictures of paris, bruised knees, longing to be holy, writing letters to your mother, sonic youth, a child’s fear of dying, schools at night, a junkie’s eyes, morpheus, morphine, rolla by henri gervex, lou reed’s voice, peter pan’s ghost