in the cold cold night part 2

Freezing Cold Part 2

whatcha-gonna-do-about-it-huh  requested a part 2 of Freezing Cold and since I really enjoyed writing the first part, how could I say no to a part 2? 

You’d slept with your boss every night for a week. Okay, no. That was the complete wrong way to put that. You were not sleeping with him, you were sleeping next to him. In the same bed. Under the same covers. And you had yet to discuss it in the slightest.

You’d confided in Emily first thing the following morning and now all week you could feel her eyes on you every time you were so much as in the same room as Hotch. You suspected she told JJ as well, because you seemed to be on the constant receiving end of her motherly knowing looks. Even Dave seemed to be paying extra attention to the two of you. 

But now the case was wrapped up (with a relatively happy ending), and you all were staying one more night and you were itching to say something, anything to him, so you were more the happy to have everyone said goodnight before heading back to their respective rooms, planning on getting on the plane by 9 the next morning.

Hotch unlocked the door and let you go in first and suddenly you were far too aware of the fact that this was quite possibly your last chance to talk about what was happening. At the same time you were worried that if you articulated what was going on it would be ruined.

“Shower?” Hotch asked shutting the door and you smiled slightly, shaking your head.

“Nah, not much happened today, I showered yesterday, I’m just tired. Unless you think I’m going to be too stinky to sleep with..” You joked slightly, good. Smooth. Slowly breach the subject, at least now it was outloud. Hotch chuckled and shook his head.

“I’m sure I’ll manage. I’m however going to at least shave and wash off.” You nodded in understanding and watched him to gather his shower supplies, waiting to hear the water turn on before turning around and starting to get ready for bed yourself.

You quickly tugged off your sweater you’d word out today, along with your work slack, tossing them over a chair before pulling on a pair of sleep pants and looking around for a clean…ish shirt. You were standing the the middle of the room frowning when the bathroom door opened.

“Did you see my- oh. Oh (Y/N) sorry.” Hotch flushed, immediately putting a hand over his eyes, “I left my bath towel.” You felt your own cheeks flush but bit your lip, shaking your head.

“Ho- Aaron, come on it’s fine.” You shrugged, grabbing a clean towel housekeeping left you and walking up to him, laughing and pulling his hand from his eyes with a slight smirk. “Come on, we’re not in junior high, I’m sure you’ve seen a woman in her bra before.” Aaron averted his eyes and took the towel.

“Well not.. You.” He answered lamely and you smiled slightly. This was it. Go big or go home, right?

“We’ve shared a bed all week.. With two beds in the room. I’m sure if I minded all that much I would have said something.” Aaron blinked at you, surprised.


“Sorry, maybe I miss read that situation.” You gave a small shrug, using a similar phrase that he used the first evening. 

“No I just-” He paused slightly and set the towel on the desk, moving closer, “Just, tell me to stop if you want me to stop.” He grinned, one hand going to cup your cheeks, the other resting on your bare waist as his lips quickly found your own. Your hands went up to rest firmly on his chest, clutching the material of his shirt slightly to keep his body close to your’s. You kissed long and sweet for a while before Aaron pulled back grinning still, “Did I read that situation wrong?”

“No I think you had that one fully under control.” You laughed, patting his chest, “So this bed thing.. Not a one time thing?”

“I sure hope not. I have to admit… I’ve already become slightly used to having you close to me. I had to remind myself all day not to just.. Touch you for the sake of being close. Not to mention you in my sweatshirt was driving me insane.” He winked, and you laughed easily, a heavy weight lifting from your chest.

“Go shower.” You patted his chest again, giving a playful push towards the bathroom, but Aaron smirked, grabbing your wrists and pulling you with him.

“Join me? After all I don’t want you stinking up the bed.”


requested: giving birth to robb’s child

as requested by @abwrites​: Part 2 of pregnant with robb’s and seeks refuge at the wall. Where reader gives birth.

PART ONE (hope you all enjoyed this as much as i did!!!!!) ♡♡


You were clad in black just like a Sworn Brother of the Watch. You helped the stewards cook and prepare for their masters. Castle Black was harsh and cold, and you sometimes think of Robb especially at nights where you’re alone. Cold was what you felt every night, without Robb’s arm around you. Tears were what covered your face in pain, whenever you think of him. It still pains you, still continues to pierce you through the heart. But you’re never alone. You always remember your baby. Somebody is still with you.

“Good morning,” you greeted the men, “What’s to cook today?”

Sam turned and handed you a knife, “Soup, and some meat. Will you please peel the carrots for me, Your Grace?”

You accepted and peeled, “Sam, please. Call me Y/N. Not a queen anymore,” you asked. “Please.”

Grenn butted in and chimed, “We just can’t, Your Grace.”

You held the knife jokingly and thrash it at him, “Call me by my name or I’ll peel you.”

He laughed and held his hands in surrender. “I yield, Y/N.”

You continued to peel the carrot and laughed, “Good.”

Cooking meals were the least you can do i exchange for shelter for you and your men. They helped the rangers practiced and aid in repairing broken things. Before even the meals are done, men came charging in the hall to eat and wait for their food. They all smiled and laughed when they entered. They caught glimpse of you and gave you a curtly nod.

“Hello,” you said, handing out their soup and meat.

Jon appeared on the line, with a cool smile on his face to greet. “How are you feeling?”

You nodded and handed him his serving. “Good, as always.”

He pointed at your belly, “I think my nephew wants to come out now.”

You laughed, “Are you telling me, I’m fat?”

You both laughed it out. Jon was always nice towards you, always with a smile. But you have seen him work with a hard face on, a brooding expression always visible. You were thankful you had friends and you had family like Jon. He treats you like a younger sister, and you were thankful for that. In return, a brother was how you always looked at him. The line ended, so you scooped yourself your food and ate at the corner away from everybody. You were always used to eating alone, when you arrived at the castle.

“Y/N,” Sam called out behind you, holding his plate. “Join us on the table.”

You saw Jon, Grenn, Pyp and many more look at you and they raised their forks with smiles. You smiled and thanked Sam for the invite. You sat beside Grenn, and the table filled with conversation and jokes.

Pyp turned to you, he pointed his fork at you, “Now, this is real food. Thank you, my Lady.” Almost everybody agreed in the table, even people who aren’t seated with you.

You blushed and nodded. “Thank you, Pyp. But I swear to the gods, you better stop calling me ‘My Lady,’, ‘Your Grace,’ or whatever titles.”

They laughed and agreed once more. You have been asking them not to call you with a respectable title, since you lost your King and your beloved husband. You kept eating and serving another spoonful of soup, when you felt a surprising pain bolted from below. You dropped your spoon with a loud clang and a groan followed.

Ghost howled, and you groaned. People were looking at you and Grenn had his hand on your back. Jon crouched below you and held also your back, he swept the utensils away to not make a mess. Sam stood above you and he smiled nervously. He looked around and turned and turned, making you dizzy.

“Sam, stop turning!” Jon said.

Happily, Sam screamed and it echoed throughout the castle. “I think the baby’s coming!”


You laid screaming, pushing and Maester Aemon was there and Sam. Master Aemon was guiding Sam to how to handle the baby, and Sam was just lost. He couldn’t dare look at you naked so you screamed at him, loud and harsh.

“Sam,” you screamed. “Get yourself together!”

You pushed until and screamed until it weakened your throat. Your voice hoarse and sweat dripping from your forehead. The pushing and screaming hurts and you longed for Robb. You cried out his name, and some swears to help you get the baby out. You pushed until, Sam handed you a small bundle of joy.

He wiped the baby and his sweaty head. “It’s a boy! It’s a boy.”

You propped yourself to sit despite the blood and cradle the baby. “Oh, hi there,” you started. “What a beautiful baby. Hi.”

The baby’s wails echoed throughout the room. Master Aemon opened the door and your friends immediately entered. Pyp and Grenn and Jon. 

Take a look at this baby.” Pyp said excitedly. He looked at the baby and smile. “It’s a beautiful baby.”

Jon held his arm and you laid the baby on him. He cooed and smile at it. “My nephew, what’ll be his name?” He gave the baby back to you.

You smiled down at your son and kissed it softy, while he calmed down. “I was thinking of Lewis,” you answered. You remembered how sometimes you and Robb would talk about the names of your children. It was as if  Robb was beside you and he whispered, ‘Lewis of House Stark. What a beautiful name, my Queen.’ You smiled at them all, “Lewis.”

All of them smiled at the baby and the whole room echoed with laughter as they make the baby laugh. They left soon, and left you alone. You looked at your baby and fixed the linen around him. His eyes showed the brightest blue eyes just Robb’s. You remembered him again, this time it made you smile. It made you cry in happiness. You felt his warmth and smelled his scent, and you cherished it. Lewis looked at you, with his happy face. You smiled and kissed him, contented that Robb is alive through him.


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Call Me Monster Part 5 (A/F)

Summary: After events have left y/n with confusion, but as things get even more complicated, dark hidden truth begin to be revealed…

Word Count: 2.3k

Author: Admin B- I really don’t want to end the story here so let’s see how it does and I’ll let you know if there will be another part!

Warnings: language, vampire AU

Involving; Baekhyun ft. Chanyeol, Sehun

Exo Masterlist ~ Previous Part

Originally posted by pedonoonaswag

As the breath was stripped from your lungs the cold winter night became a cold memory once again. You had become tired with the constant battle you were in. You felt not just mentally broken but it was showing physically, the bruises that covered your skin described who you believed to be your lover perfectly. In one instance he was the most perfect human you had ever laid your eyes on, his touch felt heavenly, his scent intriguing, these moments represented in the warm purple bruises that were laced along your neck. However, his recent actions set all your previous thoughts on fire. No matter what he made you feel he was a monster. A monster. The cuts and rips of your legs and arms showed the danger he put you in, the pain you experienced by simply wanting to involve him in your life. You stopped running similar to how your thoughts instantly stopped due to the word that wreaked havoc inside of your own mind. One side of you begged yourself to deny it, protest against the thought but you knew the truth. He was. As much as you didn’t want him to be, he was one. He had to hurt people in order to survive, your selfishness begged him to stay with you. Why? You questioned yourself yet again, what had he done that made you want to stay with him? You didn’t know him, you didn’t…did you?

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Cold Bedsheets Part 2

(You asked I got it)

I stood up abandoning my cold bed sheets and put some warm clothing on. After getting ready for the day I walked into camp, ready to confront Pan about last night. “Hey Y/N.” Felix said when he saw me. Me and Felix had become best friends in our time together in Neverland. “Hey Feefee.” “Ew I told you not to call me that.” I laughed at him. “Have you seen Pan around?” I asked curiosity taking hold of me. “I s-” “Y/N!” My voice was called harshly. Me and Felix spun around to see Pan. “Hey Pan, what can I do for you?” I asked. “Your chores I don’t need you slacking off just because you’re a girl, you’re on chopping wood.” He said while shoving an axe in my arms. He stormed off. “While someone’s had a bad morning.” Felix said. I huffed and went to go chop wood.

After a long day, my arms where sore and my hands were bleeding. I practically fell on Felix from exhaustion when I saw him, and everyone else gathered around the fire. “Wow Y/N are you okay? Jack I think you need to wrap up her hands.” Felix said as he helped me walk over to Jack. Jack took me to his med station on began to clean and wrap up my hands. “Have you eaten or drunk anything today?” He asked me. I shook my head and he sighed. “I’ll be right back.”

As I waited I heard him talking to Pan. “No she hasn’t eaten or drank anything at all today, don’t work her so hard jeez did you even give her a break at all.” No he didn’t actually. “Whatever just make sure she’s fine…please.” I heard footsteps and Jack, Felix and Pan entered. Jack handed me some water and food and I thanked him. After I had finished eating Felix sat next to me. “Feeling any better princess?” I groaned and lied down. Almost instantly I had fallen asleep.

The next morning I was still sore but Jack gave me some enchanted water and I was all fine. My hands where still cut up but I was alright. I went outside to find everyone gone and already doing their jobs. “Hey.” I heard someone say. I spun around to see Pan. I gave him a pointed look and he sighed. He grabbed my hand and lead me to his thinking tree. After we where both sitting on a branch he told me, “Y/N I’m in love with you and that scares me. I don’t want to do this, but I think I must.” “Do what? What are you talking about we can figure this out you’re not the only one with feelings here.” He looked down and I felt something grab my waist. “Peter what are you doing?” I asked shakily. He looked at me, tears filling his eyes. “Shadow, take her away.”