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How cool are plants? My mornings usually look a little like this, chocolate + oat + banana smoothie bowl (going hard on the oats) and lots of pretty fruit, rawnola and peanut butter cookie dough to top. I have a big sweet tooth so I love these kind of breakfasts. 

Last week I set myself a health challenge, to stick to eating only wholefoods and things made by me for seven days. I had lots of homemade snacks in the freezer to munch on in between meals and had my smoothies for breakfast, carbs like rice and potatoes with lots of veggies and greens for lunch and dinner, and my homemade snacks for in the middle. Eight days later and I survived, didn’t even eat one Clif bar either. Not that I have an issue with any store bought food/snacks, but I wanted to challenge myself and my food and it also meant less package products and less waste. I love having homemade food to snack on (like brownies, oat bars and muffins) because I make them to my liking and know exactly what`s inside them, plus I store them in the freezer so they last forever. 

Recently I`ve been trying to be more conscious of what I`m eating, why I`m eating it, and keeping up my exercise regime and I`m feeling really good with my body these days. The mornings are getting colder now (9 degrees Celsius this morning) and I can see the warmth of my breath against the chilly air outside when I go out for my run, but every time I get back home I feel great, and so that feeling keeps me motivated every day to keep doing it.

Harrie Things Challenge

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Favorite look: perhaps the hardest question you could ever ask me, but I have to go with this one because he looks like a prince.

Favorite tweet: this one always gets me teary-eyed.

Favorite interview: the one that made me fall absolutely in love with him was the one where he shakes everybody’s hand in the room, and then the interviewer asks him about it. Honestly that one was one of the ones that made me a Harry girl.

Favorite stage moment: once again, one of the reasons why I’m a Harrie. When I watched their performance at the Apple Music Festival in 2015 and Harry literally couldn’t stop blowing kisses and mouthing “thank you” to the fans. This man took ownership of my heart that day.

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Naknicromo Day Twenty-four - favorite project I’ve done?

Gonna call this photoset “D'Argo’s Mugshot”.

Plushies aren’t my strength, but I couldn’t say no when someone asked me to do a series of Farscape characters.

I saved D'Argo for last because he was so daunting and I stewed over how I was going to do it for 6 weeks before I tackled it. (I was making 4 other characters while I thought about it lol)

I am super pleased with how he came out. He was definitely the most challenging thing I’d done in awhile, and also was the best out of the group that I did to go with him.

Ayu’s Comprehensive Ship list

Yes so due to popular demand, this happened ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Might be updated as I think of more for my 100 themes challenge thing.

OTP: Warden x Orochi

followed up with

Holden x Daubeny

Mercy (or any Peacekeeper) x Warden

Mercy (or any Peacekeeper) x Lawbringer

Conq. x Nobushi

If I don’t have a ship for you mark my words I will find one. That last post was growing too big for me to manage to reply to everyone so moving it on to this one.

Song title thing

Thai challenge was found on @rwbywriter22’s page

Rules: Answer every section with the song title of a designated artist

ARTIST: Panic! At The Disco

WHAT’S YOUR GENDER: Girls/Girls/Boys

DESCRIBE YOURSELF: I Write Sins Not Tragedies

HOW DO YOU FEEL: Crazy=Genius

IF YOU COULD GO ANYWHERE : House of Memories


IF YOUR LIFE WAS A TV SHOW: The only difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Build God Then We’ll Talk

FEAR: Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off

I forcibly tag myself in this challenge.
I saw @crystarmium do it first and yeah I thought why no I give it a go pals (also you do at least have one friend: me!)
Anyway lets goooo!

Rules: Answer the questions and tag blogs you want to get to know better

Nicknames: Nines (I gave myself that nickname bc why not, no one uses that tho so if you wanna call me that then eeee fankoo), Sades, Emo Loser (again, gave that to myself)

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Height: idk… quite small.. 5 foot something..

Time right now: 4:17pm

Last thing you googled: Wrench watch dogs 2 (for an edit)

Song stuck in your head: A Whole New World from the Aladdin soundtrack (I can sing both bits almost flawlessly)

Last Movie I Watched: Aladdin

Last TV Show I Watched: Are You The One, basically a reality show about people tryna find their soulmates and win money

What I’m Wearing Right now : My pyjamas bc I just got out the bath

When I created this blog?: dude this has been my main since I joined tumblr back in… 2013?

The kind of stuff I post: Edits, personal crap, posts about my Fallout OCs and mainly reblogs of my baby 9S
Basically one big trash can of fandoms

Do I get asks regularly: nope. My ask is like.. dead. Permanently dead.

Why I chose my URL: because 9S that’s why (it’s basically his name dude)

Gender: Hermit crab (nah, badass female who cries when people slightly raises their voice at her)

Hogwarts House: I’ve never watched Harry Potter but I’m nice so Hufflepuff.

Pokemon Team: ????? Never watched/played Pokemon.

Favorite color: Black, red, gold, silver, sky blue, lilac, white and light grey.

Average hours of sleep: 6-8 depending on what time I go to bed.

Lucky number: don’t have one

Favorite characters: *deep breath* 2B, 9S, Adam, Eve, Pascal, the Pods, A2, Devola, Popola, Operator 6O and 21O, Noctis (both young and the King Daddeh™ edition), Prompto, Ignis, Gladio, Iris, Aranea, Luna, Nyx, Talcott, Ravus, MacCready, Paladin Danse, Synth Shaun, Hancock, Nick Valentine, Wrench, Marcus Holloway, Sitara, Josh, Horatio… yeah… you get the idea. All from my main fandoms: Watch Dogs 2, Nier: Automata, FFXV and Fallout 4.

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anonymous asked:

can squats really help to lift that butt and if so any workout challenge thing that for it?

Lift? Yeah, I’d say so. 

Butts are both muscle and fat, the distribution of it changes a lot from person to person, so squatting and working your glutes can definitely make a difference. 

That said, no one can get the same exact results as someone else. 

So, people with basically no butt will see an improvement, but they won’t end up with enormous bubble butts. 

People with large asses might not see an increase in size, but will have a ‘perkier’ butt altogether. 

Butts can end up looking smaller too, but that’s usually the result of weight loss. 

So, what am I getting to with all this?

Yes, squats can help you lift that butt, but if you have a particular butt in mind it might not help you reach that goal. 

Rather than sharing a squat challenge I’ll share a Squat 101 Guide, since to keep that ass you kind of have to just make squats part of your routine, and workout challenges tend to last a month, at most. 


The year of more memes and yet more violence (Prev: 2015 | 2014)

I’ve now updated this to add Carrie Fisher in after the devastating news

things that make me happy:
• cats purring
• the smell of the ocean
• cursive
• perfume bottles
• sleeping in
• making people laugh

It’s easy to say you’re over someone if you aren’t seeing them. The real challenge is looking them in the eye to see their smile and hear their voice and still being able to say, “This is not what I want anymore.