in the brain of gavin bell

Love Me Not(e)

Pairing: Joel x Ray 
Warnings: A pretty generous amount of swearing, but other than that, there’s hugs? 
Word Count: 8,716

High School AU


Dear person of interest,

I’m starting this off with a very sincere compliment. Your laughter is better than a basket full of kittens, and trust me, I love kittens more than the average human, so you should pat yourself on the back for this one. Hearing your genuine laughter made my stomach flip and tie it itself in knots even the best boy scout couldn't replicate. 

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Prompt: Hershey factories make millions of kisses a day, but I'm asking for only one.

Pairing(s): MichaelxGavin (Mavin)

Words: 1802

Summary: Michael works at a chocolate shop and always smells like chocolate and Gavin loves it and asks him where he works but everyday Michael says no(because he is embarrassed) so one day Gavin decides to get Michael chocolate and sees him working in the store!

A/N: Edited the prompt slightly, though it’s basically the same thing. (Ngl, I totally forgot about that part when writing)


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