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this is not the end of the world / neil hilborn.

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Ok so regarding the monthly follower recs thing- I have A LOT of fics that I'd like to recommend, but I don't have the links to all of them only a few. Do you want me to find the links before giving you my recommendations OR should I give you the ones with the links that I have OR just the fics. Also, descriptions- as I want to recommend LOTS of fics it would take up SO MANY asks for me to give them to you (inc. descriptions) so in the sake of not clogging up your ask box, would you want them?

The best and easiet way is to format like this: title (site) author :)) links arent necessary and give you less room in your message to us! Try and send in one message but its okay if it takes a few

Room (D.O.)

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“Kyungsoo did you bring in all the boxes?”

“Yes baby, everything’s out of the van.”

You and Kyungsoo have been dating for a while now, and you both agreed that it was time to take the relationship a bit further. You already practically lived with him, so moving in permanently would save on rent and gas. You were there almost every day and spent more nights at his place than your own.

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Okay, so, until we have confirmation on the names of who thinks they’re going to be a father I pose this equally soapy but less heartbreaking theory.

They’re lining up a teen pregnancy story for Gabby. This is fact. Now, if I were a teenage girl who thought she was pregnant, I’d want to sit down with my best friend to freak out together. There’s even two free-floating “Liv is worried” spoilers for the next two weeks. So, they sit in the Woolpack’s back room and talk, Gabby takes the test, and they leave the box in the garbage. Paddy, who had a recent thing with Chas, comes in while talking to either Aaron or Chas and freaks out because they did have those couple of times (and let’s admit it, Emmerdale loves making him the butt of the joke). Robert remembers the talk he had with Liv about condoms. They talk to her and she tells them about Gabby.


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“Tony! Thank you!” you said, though it came out less like you were thanking him and more like you were scolding him.

You were shuffling through the pile of gifts on the table. It contained things he had made and things he had brought and given to you. You suspected this wasn’t even the half of it and there would be more in your shared room upstairs.

“Do you not like it or do you? I can’t really tell,” Tony asked.

“I’m flattered and love that you wanted to do for me, but I thought we agreed to keep it simple this year because of last year,” you replied.

“But you love that necklace! I’ve seen you wear it lots of times.”

“It was five-thousand dollars, Tony! It took me weeks to even take it out of the box much less wear it.”

Tony rolled his eyes obviously not understand your hesitance to wear something so expensive out in public, even if it looked as simple and inconspicuous as it could.

“But I didn’t get you anything extravagant this year! I only got you simple gifts, albeit cliché ones, but they were all simple I swear.”

“Tony if you made it then it doesn’t qualify as simple,” you cried, holding up a high tech device you didn’t have clue about.

“That’s quite the compliment, (Y/N),” Tony said with a smirk.

You groaned, “Tony you know that’s not what I meant.”

“Babe come on. It’s awesome, you’re awesome, I’m awesome, everything is awesome.”

“Are you going to break out in song?”

“I would never sing,” he said in an affronted tone.

“I heard you singing it last week in your lab!” you laughed.

Tony scoffed and looked down to the pile of gifts.

“So am I taking these back?”

“Not the stuffed animals, but yes.”

You grabbed all of the stuffed animals with hearts that you could carry and you heard Tony grumble something about how difficult it would be to return everything.

“I love you, Tony, but you brought this on yourself.”