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10 Songs I’ve Been Vibing To Lately

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1. Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift

2. Sit Next to Me - Foster The People

3. Good Old Days - Macklemore ft. Kesha

4. The Last of The Real One - Fall Out Boy

5. Million Bucks - Smallpools

6. Feeling Whitney - Post Malone

7. Thinkin’ - Miley Cyrus

8. Til I Get Found - Marc E. Bassy

9. Don’t Take The Money - Bleachers

10. #Grownupz - FEiN

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songs to make you feel like the first + last scenes in a movie-

the beginning-  installs a feeling of determination. the sun is shining, the kid is skateboarding through the city, people are getting ready for their big day, the story is starting to paint over your screen, motivating you to get outside right after this hour and a half and do something.

the end-  the sun is setting. our hero has found happiness within themselves, as they scream out of the sunroof in a car leading to nowhere and everywhere. everything is right, and everything is warm, comforting your doubts and leaving you with a sense of hope in your ordinary life.


I graduate high school in a week??? Crazy how fast time flies. Trying to savor every last moment of it (but first, gotta finish those senior finals!) Also, my “Now Playing” this week is going to be a few albums instead of the usual few songs because too much new music is being released all at once and Idon’thavefreakingtime to listen to all of it! SO I just provided the few albums I have actually had time to listen to haha-

Now Playing:

After Laughter- Paramore

Surf- Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment (not new but new for me)

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom- Halsey