in the beginning she was asking if she could trust him and now when she's in danger damon is the only one who can let her feel safe

You’re All That I’ll Ever Need

Prompt: ‘what if’ Klaus met Caroline before he broke the hybrid curse.
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It wasn’t supposed to be like this… Klaus wasn’t supposed to care.

The baby vampire wasn’t supposed to be anything but a mean to get what he wanted – to finally become a hybrid.

He thought Caroline Forbes would be the perfect target if he were to find out Elena Gilbert’s secrets: who she walked with, the dangers she was exposed to, her routine…

Klaus needed to make sure the doppelganger was safe until he got the moonstone. She couldn’t become a vampire nor die at the hands of another and, most importantly, no one could find out about his plan yet. There was too much at stake and he wasn’t going to take any risks. If he interfered directly, many of his enemies could find out about Elena and take her out of the picture or the Salvatore brothers and the Bennett witch could come up with an equally dangerous plan to keep her safe.

His best chance at keeping an eye on the girl was her vampire best friend, the one he could make spill every detail so he could learn everything he could about the enemy, then, in case things somehow went wrong, he could plot his revenge accordingly.

The fact that Caroline was beautiful did not escape his eyes… No one knew better than him that business and pleasure sometimes walked hand in hand.

He studied her from afar for a few days before he finally approached her – she had been a vampire for less than a month, showing incredible self-control and was currently dating some boy named Matt, though she’d been spending too much time with the werewolf boy recently.

Klaus went to her on the woods, while she was drinking blood from a rabbit and looking positively disgusted.

“Did you lose a bet?” he asked amusedly, startling her.

Caroline dropped the body of the dead animal by her feet and looked at him with wide eyes. “I- What?“

“I’m a vampire too, sweetheart.” He confessed, “I’ve been one for a long time, so I do know how awful animals taste. I can’t see why someone would willingly drink the blood of one, so I’m asking – did you lose a bet?”

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