in the asylum

I Want To Paint Your Lips - Fourteen

“They’re alive.” Ohm raised his head. He had barely heard anything of what had happened the day before, but the gunshots and the shouting seemed to echo throughout the whole building. He knew enough.

He wasn’t fazed, if not a bit hopeful that the two had made it away from the compound in two pieces. Ohm wasn’t one to get attached to anyone, he’d stopped doing that years ago, but he still appreciated the two and their occasional company. It would be a shame for them to end in tragedy.            

He felt two lips against his forehead and swayed forward in an attempt to follow their absence. “Why do you sound concerned then?” he asked, taking a drink when a straw prodded his lips. He allowed himself to blindly be fed breakfast and listened to Bryce’s breathing.

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During the morgue cutscene in Arkham Asylum, the player has to investigate three body bags. It doesn’t actually matter what order you open them in, all three contain the same character until interacted with. The first bag will always be Tomas Wayne, followed by Martha Wayne. Finally, you’ll be greeted with jump scare when the Scarecrow pops out of the third body bag.

But you want to know the best part of all this? For just one single frame while opening Martha’s bag, Scarecrow’s model pops into the scene standing completely vertical with his head spilling out like twinkie filling.

Oh, and Batman is headless. 
I love videogames.