in the asylum

Gif not mine found on Yahoo Part of Beckasbirthdaychallenge @beckawinchester Prompt: “Hi I’m Y/n and I’m addicted to killing” Place: Asylum Warnings: language

Sam was out with a broken leg and Y/n was taking care of him, and Cas hadn’t been heard from in weeks. Dean took a case by himself, something was killing the staff members at a private Asylum called Calm Water Asylum. Dean tried to get in talk and the​ staff and patients but he wasn’t allowed in. So he had to do it another way he had to check himself in, he texted Y/n about what he was doing. “Hey sweetheart I’m checking myself into the nut farm to hunt whatever it is, if I’m not out in a week, come get me” he texted

“Ok be careful and call me if you need anything, I love you Dean” she texted back.

Dean went inside the Asylum and went to the front desk, “hello young man how can I help you” the older lady said. “Yeah I need to stay in here until the demons and Lucifer stop following me” Dean said. The lady gave him a chart to fill out and then he would have a meeting with a doctor. “Dean I’m Dr. Lee, what brings you here today” the doctor, “I’m here to hide from Lucifer he’s the one sending the demons to kill me, they already hurt my brother” Dean said. They admitted Dean for observation right after that, he had his physical and got his pants and shirt and sweater that were all a nice color of Angel white.

He got to his room which was just a bed a chair and a window “well this sucks” he said out loud. He started with some of the cute nurses, “hey can I ask you something Kate” he said, “sure” Kate said. “I heard about the weird murders in here, have you seen or heard anything weird” he said, “like what” Kate said. “Like cold spots, weird voices, objects disappearing and reappearing some place else” Dean said. “There cold spots all over the hospital, but there is this patient here with weird eyes and was near by when all the people died” Kate said. All the nurse’s he talked to said the same thing, the orderlys did too and they were all scared of that patient, but the doctors just thought he was crazy.

Once it was late and most of the patients were sleeping and the nurses were at the nurse station, he snuck out of his room. He found a computer and researched the history of the Asylum. He found the name and history of the patient they were all scared of along with his room number. Dean knew it was a demon since everyone had seen black eyes. One of the patients saw black smoke go into his mouth and saw him kill the first person. Dean went to his room and got his backpack he hid the demon blade in its lining. He went to the patients room and opened the door and went in. Dean saw the demon sitting on the bed with Kate on the floor in front of him crying. Dean lunged at the demon stabbing him right in his demon heart, when he was dead Dean helped Kate off the floor. The story they told was the patient attacked Kate and she fought him off and stabbed him.

The next morning Dean went to the front desk, “hi I’d like to go now” he said to the nurse at the front desk. “Sorry Dean you can’t leave until your doctor discharges you” she said. “Oh fuck me” Dean said, he went back to his room and again got his backpack. On the bottom of it in the lining was his phone, he texted his girlfriend Y/n “it was a demon, I killed it and these sons of bitches won’t let me leave, come get me please” he texted. She looked at her phone, “I knew Dean would get stuck in the Asylum, I gotta go get his ass” she said. “Yeah go ahead Y/n it’s not far from here I’ll be fine” Sam said. She went to Calm Water Asylum and went to the front desk “hi I’d like to see my boyfriend Dean Winchester” she said. They brought Dean in to a visitor room and an orderly stayed with them and if they could get the orderly out of the way there was a door to the hallway next to them.

She knew she was the distraction so she went to the right of the orderly and said, “Hi I’m Y/n and I’m addicted to killing”. While orderly was standing in front of her confused, Dean grabbed her hand and led her out the door. They ran down the hallway until they got to the Impala and Dean jumped in the driver’s seat and she jumped in the passenger seat. They sped off and didn’t stop until they got to the bunker, “the next time there’s a case at an Asylum I should go your too believable” she said. “Thanks for saving my ass, sweetheart” Dean said, “you’re welcome Dean” she said.

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loosely based on the lana/threadson storyline from American Horror Story: Asylum

i’m not making fun of mental illness, I fully understand it is canon Dennis has BPD but in this either he is still undiagnosed or does not have it.

Mac McDonald had been held captive for exactly 5 days, 12 hours, 45 minutes and 36 seconds.

He trusted the kind looking man when he first met him. He was a veterinarian and Mac’s dog Poppins was sick.

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Anne Frank was denied asylum in the US. Just lke hundred thousand more jews trying to flee from Nazi-Germany. People with dreams and ambitions are still being denied asylum, are dying on the sea, in the desert, in wars or being deported because people don’t see them as humans, but just as foreigners / refugees etc. Don‘t lament Anne Frank if you’re not willing to learn from history.