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The Complete Repertory Cast of American Horror Story (Seasons 1-7)

Note: This graphic ONLY includes actors who appear in more than one season

Australia is abandoning 816 asylum seekers. 

The PNG Government is sick of Australia’s arrogance and ignorance, and after finding our offshore detention facilities on Manus Island unlawful earlier this year, warned Australia to close them.

Which Australia is… well, technically doing. But not in a way that involves them taking any responsibility for the burden they have put on the island nation, nor showing an ounce of compassion for the asylum seekers - 90%+ of whom are legitimate refugees, some of them even already certified - who came here seeking our help and instead found themselves locked up in conditions designed to deter them from fleeing some of the most horrific regimes in the world.

Instead, Australia is simply closing the camp. Electricity has already been cut off in part of the camp, as has water. Food stopped being served on Sunday, but packs were given out with enough food to last until Tuesday.

That’s tomorrow.

816 men came looking for our help and found themselves imprisoned, tortured, and now abandoned.

Demand better of our country, Australia.

Since I’ve watched Jack playing the tell tale games Batman: Arkhem Asylum I just HAD to draw the games style like this! 

I wanted to turn him into batman with his own logo on the suit including the bat signal for which is now a eye signal. The best part was that he would deepen his voice to batman and do his quotes - which is also another thing to add to my list. I’m glad that i get to make this stunning art, it was a struggle but I managed to pull it off!

I call this JackSepticBat…xD