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Always leaves me feeling confused AF. I know kpop. I was here for Boys over flowers, Princess Hours and Wondergirls’ Nobody Nobody and 13 member SuJu so I know fan service like Heechul kissing his members on stage or the paper passing game and matchmaking Minho and Nich Khun. Western and Asian Cultures are very different and the boundaries are pushed a little bit. I have never shipped anything as real before.

I have NEVER in my 24 years of life thought

“Okay maybe there’s something there..”

to any of my previous ships till now.

I’m not saying they’re dating but you can’t hide your feelings 100% and some things can’t be written off or explained. It’s not glamorous. It’s not about those overdramatic moments that put the world on a standstill. It’s not a stupid romcom scene where the boy kisses the girl in the middle of the rain and every one fcuking knows without a doubt they’re in love.

It’s just the body language, his attention, how his gaze travels, how he stares, how he gravitates and gets possessive, how he avoids looking at things he doesn’t want to see and how he sometimes tries to stand at the corner and act like he’s not paying attention. Or when they’re touching and he looks like he’s thinking, digesting..

And when Jimin touches his hands, he looks at his fingers after. Or when Jimin plucked lint/dust off his shirt and he looks down at where his hand was. The way he’s always tuning in to his name and he can’t hold back his smile when he hears him laugh. Why he still has to go to his room every night when he sees him all the time. I don’t understand.

Someone explain to me. I’m trying to rationalize.


Damon + Elena | Country AU

They’d met on UCLA campus. She’s a city girl, evading commitment at all cost and he’s a cowboy, southern charm and all. Instantly taken by each other they begin to loosely see each other and after a whirlpool of events, it becomes much more serious when he asks her to come home to meet his family. Is she ready to take the next step and finally start planting down roots?


151230 [SNSD] Seohyun & Kim Chang Wan - Memory Below The Window

Originally by
산울림 San Ool-lim:
창문 너머 어렴풋이 옛 생각이 나겠지요

그런 슬픈 눈으로 나를 보지 말아요
가버린 날들이지만 잊혀지진 않을 거예요
오늘처럼 비가 내리면은
창문너머 어렴풋이 옛 생각이 나겠지요

그런 슬픈 눈으로 나를 보지 말아요
가버린 날들이지만 잊혀지진 않을 거예요
생각나면 들러봐요 조그만 길모퉁이 찻집
아직도 흘러나오는 노래는 옛 향기겠지요

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If you’re wondering what was the song playing in the background. KBS 2015