in the ae

  • I’m glad Ae-Ra and Dong-Man didn’t sleep together, I didn’t want that their go to the next step in their relationship because of alcohol. I wanted the next step to be done consciously.
  • Well, it wasn’t a kiss with passion, but it was a kiss as if they had been waiting for 10 years for it.

This episode confirmed what I had said before, the two were in love with each other for so long that they couldn’t distinguish the difference between the feelings of friendships and when they feel something more, because I don’t believe that there is so much difference, their love for each other is an extension of the friendship they have.

That’s why Ae-Ra always dated losers, because she never expected them to stand up and be a decent boyfriend, because the partnership, the emotional support she always received from Dong-Man and the same goes for him

He accepted all this years the relationship Yo-Yo with Hye-Ran because he didn’t have to worry about committing in a relationship, since he was always committed to someone else, Ae-Ra and Dong-Man were sharing a not spoken relationship for years, and I am anxious to see how they will navigate this relationship fully conscious now.

On the other hand, Joo-Man and Seol-Hee continue to frustrate me, but in a positive way,  is interesting, the contrast between relationships: One starting, full of possibilities, and others that is about to collapse.

I repeat what I said before, the fault of the relationship is where it is, it’s because of the both, Joo-Man is flirting with danger, but he’s also frustrated, he want to rises in his career, he wants to have a good life, have a little of success, so it’s frustrating when you’re with a partner who doesn’t share the same ambition. There’s nothing wrong with being a housewife like Seol-Hee wants to be, but she needs to find something that’s just for her, she needs to learn to stand up for herself. They seriously need to have a good conversation and both put on the table what they expect from the relationship, I find them interesting because they are real, there are thousands of couples like that