in that moment she saw him and him only and she found the strength to go back to the stage

Tomorrow, He Would Be

Peter Parker x Reader (Peter’s POV)

The fantastic and talented @jedistardust​ requested prompts: 3,4,20,25,94 as part of my follower celebration and specifically requested some angst. (Can’t tell anyone that I don’t deliver.) Her chosen prompts gave me an idea and inspired me to write this sixth and final part to ‘It’s A Lot Like Falling.’

Like the other parts, you can read this as a stand alone, but I promise the read won’t be the same if you haven’t read the other parts first:

Part I  Part II  Part III Part IV Part V  Part VI

Prompts:I never want to see you again.” “I’ll die without you.” I’m not ready to say goodbye.” Don’t you give up on me.”
Or in this case: gravity fails you.
Or: the moon falls from orbit.

Peter is 22/23.

Warnings: You’re not going to like this.

Somehow, she and Ned had both managed to convince him that going to Times Square for New Years was a good idea. The both of them had been so excited when he’d finally agreed, beaten down by their eagerness; at the way she had described what she imagined millions and millions of fluttering pieces of color and laughter would be like dancing in the cold air, how it would feel to stand in the middle of it all; amidst the lights and sounds of the city enthralled with the night.

She had smiled this sweet, lazy smile as she’d thought of it. She’d thrown her head back, hair shining as it ran over her shoulders like a lazy river, long eyelashes kissing soft cheeks, hands in the air grasping at imaginary confetti as it fell around her; everything about her soft and warm and cozy.

Maybe they were going; if only to see the confetti in her hair.

Ned had him fully convinced a few days later when he talked about how his mother had been to see the ball drop a long time ago; when her heart still beat and her eyes carried this light in them like Ned’s did. She’d told him that it was the most beautiful, life altering thing to be surrounded by so many other warm bodies; people joined together in celebration of the great panorama; another set of painted days alive and here and present. More days to hope, and love, and experience; to feel and to change, and grow.

Of course they were going; if only to see the smiles on their faces.

They’d planned the whole day out carefully: layering long sleeve shirts, sweaters, and jackets; it was a bitterly cold one. It was the kind of day that made you hold hands and push into warm shoulders, surround yourself in soft, sweatered arms, and push noses into beanies that smelt like flowers and reminded him of spring. She’d spent the whole day with her hand wrapped up in his and smiling at the way Ned and his girlfriend were doing the same. He’d spent the whole day nosing at the hair around her ears and cold, rosy cheeks; all ticklish strands and ticklish words.

Truthfully, the packs of people, hundreds of thousands of jittery bodies had his nerves standing on end; the sounds of so many hearts, breaths, and voices in his overly-sensitive ears building and sticking together to create one large, buzzing noise in his skull. There were so many people, so many different things that could go wrong; it was too cramped, it was too loud, and it was crushing.

He was even more nervous because he had left his suit in their apartment; had hung it up and tucked it away in the closet to only be put back on in a new year.

He had wanted to be Peter Parker today, Peter Parker only.

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You’re a Dancer and Tommy Falls For You

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Tommy Shelby x Reader

“Thomas! We’ll be late!” Polly yelled through the house before she saw her handsome nephew descending the stairs. She smiled and reached up to fix the one fly away hair that was sticking straight up. “Are you ready to go?”

“Yes, Pol, but I hope you know I have better things I could be attending rather than a ballerina performance.”

“Oh I know, but you promised to do something with me of my choosing and this is what I would like to go see. Now go get in the car.” Her stern voice broke through and he immediately walked out the front door.

When they reached the theatre, they found their seats and patiently waited for the performance to start. When it did, Thomas wasn’t really sure what the story was or what was going on. He was purely focused on one dancer, the lead. Her (Y/H/C) hair was pulled into tight braids that met together in a bun on the back of her head revealing her beautiful face. He watched as her grace was the only thing that seemed to be present on the stage.

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Sacrifice- Davey Jacobs x Reader

So sorry for the quick scene changes and silly ending, but I’m drowning in ap homework and wanted to get this out tonight


“Strike! Strike! Strike!” was all that could be heard in Newsie Square. Dozens of kids were fighting policemen and thugs, throwing punches that never resulted in impact, suffering blows to their stomachs and their pride. Yells and grunts were clouding Daveys mind as he frantically searched for you in the crowds.

“Y/N!” He called, racing towards you, shoving people out of his way as he grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the reach of a goon. The two of you ran together until you reached a safe place. “Davey, we have to get back out there! They need our help!” You argued as he begged you to get as far away as possible. “I need you safe” he argued “I need you to get away. And take Les, I can’t have the two of getting hurt!”

“Davey Jacobs. I am going to be alright. They need us out there fighting. We have to have their back or this whole thing is pointless” you told him, grabbing onto his shoulders, getting him to take a deep breathe and focus on you. He slowly nodded. “You’re right. They need us. See if you can find Crutchie, yeah? I’ll grab Les and once this is over we’ll meet at our selling spot alright?”

You nodded, pulling him into a hug and then taking off into the riot. Davey followed behind. You dodged carts and flying newspapers as you searched for the sources of Crutchies screaming. It was getting louder and louder as you turned corners and you were nearly in tears looking at your friends. When you found Crutchie, he was facing two goons and Snyder the Spider himself. Climbing up the nearby fire escape, you called his name and threw rocks you had picked up, nailing all three in the head. You threw anything you could find, screaming at them to come and get you, and you thanked God it was enough to get them away from Crutchie long enough for him to take one out with his crutch. You jumped down from the escape and tried to run past Snyder, hoping to get him away from the Newsies, but as Crutchie went to work on the other thug, you ran out of taunts and small objects to throw, resorting to your fists. “Crutch! Run!” you yelled behind you as he started to come to help you. You were sprinting like mad, tripping as many of Pulitzers men as you could while avoiding collisions but Snyder caught up to you. As you tried to turn back, several men appeared behind you and had you surrounded. You screamed for help as they grabbed you, and Crutchie tried to reach your voice, but the kid was just too slow. “Take her, boys.” Snyder ordered. “Let’s see how the newsies do without their little firecracker”

Pulled by the hair, you were led to the carriage set for the refuge. “Crutchie! Davey!” You screamed as loud as you possibly could, but with your running and their pulling, you were well out of reach. “Davey! Davey! Help me somebody help me!” you were fighting through tears now, as they threw you in and took off before someone could come save you.

Crutchie had ran back to the center of the fight as quick as he could, calling for anyone to come help. Davey heard his name being shouted and looked up to see Crutchie in tears, and he felt a lump in his throat as Crutchies face said it all. “Dave, they got her. She’s being taken to the refuge right now” he gasped, breathing painfully. Everything went into slow motion for Davey as he punched a man lunging for him square in the jaw, knocking him out cold and took off in the direction Crutchie had come from. He sprinted until he could only hear his heartbeat in his ears and saw your carriage disappear into the horizon. He fell to his knees and fought back tears as he watched you being taken to hell.

When Davey had finally gathered the strength to stand and make his wy back, The fight had dispersed and the Newsies had scattered, bandaging wounds and drying up tears on every rooftop nearby. “This means war boys” Davey called out to every newsie remaining. “I propose a meeting. A rally. Where every newsie has a chance to speak. We will not rest until we get freedom! Justice! Equal rights!” he screamed, trying to channel his anger but really just ending in choked out tears.

The rest of the Newsies didn’t comment on it. Crutchie had told them everything. And they knew that you were the only thing keeping Daveys head on straight. You were his go to, his best friend, and the love of his life. And they knew better than to question or challenge him when it came to you.

Days went by before Davey finally tracked the missing in action Jack Kelly to the theatre. He told Jack about the rally, and asked him to be the first speaker. “Davey, you look like you haven’t slept in days man. It’s pointless. We lost. It’s better to give up before we lose everything.” Jack sneered.

“You don’t know, do you?” Davey asked quietly, filling up with every emotion he had been pushing away the past few days, focused on the rally.

“Know what?”

“They took her, jack. Y/N is at the refuge and I will not stop until she and everyone else come home.” The silence was defeating.

“Y/N is a tough girl. She can make it.” Jack said after a moment, turning back to work on his painting.

Davey marched over to him and turned Jack forcefully, meeting his eyes. “I’ve seen the pictures, Jack! She’s in there with no food and no water and no one telling her she’s gonna be okay! Excuse me for not wanting to stop until she’s safe! But unlike you, I don’t just give up and accept the way things are! So I can’t give up, because I’ve already lost everything! ” Davey yelled.

“Oh really?” Jack yelled back. “You don’t give up? You? Because as I recall, you gave up a long time ago. Every newsie in New York knows you love her. Have since the moment you met her, right? Did you ever do something about it Dave? Or did you just give up and accept it? You ever think that maybe if you told her how you felt she wouldn'tve gone off without you? Don’t lecture me on giving up Dave! And you know what the kicker is? She loves you too! But you’re too blind to see it, lying to yourself saying she doesn’t want you. But guess what! You’re lying to yourself that there’s nothing there and you’re lying to yourself that this rally is gonna make a difference!”

Davey was silent. And then his fist met Jacks nose. The boys fell to the ground, wrestling and punching each other, ripped away by Miss Medda.

“Boys!” she yelled, and that was enough to make them both hang their heads in shame. Sensing things had calmed down, she left for them to work it out.

“You’re right.” Davey said after a moment, sitting down on the stage. “I love her, jack. You gotta help me get her back”

Jack nodded. “Then I’ll do the rally.” The two boys shook hands and went off to enlist Katherine and the Newsies for their project. Apologies were never uttered, nor were they needed. Because there were more important things at hand. You.

“….and one more thing,” Governor Roosevelt smiled. The fight was finally over. The Newsies had won. “I believe a very special girl needs to come home” Davey looked up at the Governor, and Jack winked at him from his place next to Roosevelt.

Davey turned from the front of the crowd to hear applause and cheers from his friends. The boys parted, leaving Davey staring ahead, where you stood on the other side of the street. You were smaller and more weary, but you couldn’t have looked more beautiful to Davey.

“Did you miss me?” You smiled, and Davey ran towards you, pulling you into a hug as you ran to him as well. His hand buried in your hair and the other pressed against your shoulders as he held you close. You pulled away after a moment, and his hand went from the back of your head to your cheek. You placed your hand on his.

“I thought you were gone.” He choked out, barely above a whisper.

“Never,” you reassured him. “You can’t get rid of me that easily”

Davey suddenly smashed his lips onto yours, bringing his other hand down to your hips as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I love you. I love you” he muttered against your lips in between kisses as the rest of the Newsies hollered and cheered.

“It’s about time lovebirds!” Jack called from above, and the two you smiled. It took a revolution to admit it, but the two of you were soulmates, always were and always will be. No thug or fear would ever keep the two of you apart again.

Thanks for reading! I write everything on mobile so sorry for the formatting and lack of editing! Requests are always open!

Electric [Steve x OC] Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven // Reckoning

It had been nearing the hour mark since Steve, Raegan and the kids left the yard in hopes to find where the Demogorgon’s had run off to and so far, it was not off to a good start. If Steve was being honest with himself, he didn’t have an exact plan in his head about how this would go down. If they did happen to find their nest, just what were they going to do? And if they didn’t find it, what then?

 In exhaustion alone, Steve rubbed his hand over his face and sighed. He was tired; mentally and physically beat and he knew he wasn’t alone on that front. Both Henderson’s shared the same groggy look he wore having been up nearly thirty-six hours straight dealing with this thing. But, as sleep-deprived as he was, as he looked back at the blonde in particular walking with Max at her side, a small smile tore across his lips. He’d seen her shoot a small, tired smile down at the redhead for the last thirty minutes or so as Max talked her ear off. It seemed the girl wanted to know all there was to know about Raegan Henderson and if he couldn’t exactly blame her.

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Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

A flawless saying used against bullies to defend yourself from teasing… according to parents and teachers.

Her name was Bessie. Bessie moved here during fifth grade right before Christmas. By that time all of us had our groups set. Our own friends. We weren’t quite willing to move over to make room for someone new. Especially ‘Moo Cow Bessie’.

It wasn’t my idea to call her Moo Cow. She wasn’t even that fat, a little chunky sure, but no more than any other kid that age. That was Kyle’s idea. 

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anonymous asked:

i can't wait for part 2 of the recent jumin cheating fic pls rip my heart out with angst okay adios i love u

Author’s note: it’s 4am || Is this enough heartbreak?? Yes?? No?? Idk??  part one here !!

Part 2 (of 2)

It’d been a week since that day.

You snapped your head in the direction of the moan. What the hell was that?

Your body felt heavy as you forced yourself to investigate the noise. You found yourself staring at the closed door of the master bedroom.You glared down at your trembling hands. 

Stop itthere’s no reason to be afraid.

But, if that was true, what was stopping you from bursting through the door? Your fingers tightened around the cold knob. 

Jumin loves me. 

In one short moment of insane courage, you twist the handle; He loves me, you reassured yourself again before entering the room.

“MC? Are you awake?”

Jaehee’s voice pulled you back into reality. Instead of responding, you rolled over, facing your back toward her.

“I understand you don’t want to talk, but it’s 3 in the afternoon and you haven’t had anything to eat.”

You remained silent. Jaehee had been kind enough to let you stay with her, yet here you were, repaying her with a cold shoulder.

“…I’ll go get something for the both of us. I’ll be back soon, MC”

As soon as Jaehee shut the door, you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding in. You closed eyes, and let your mind wander again.

He loves me.

Numbness spread across your body like a wildfire. It was like a bad car accident, it hurt to look at, but you just couldn’t turn away. Except, instead of cars, it was your fiancé fucking another women on top of the bed you once shared. The air smelled like a mixture of cheap perfume, sweat, and Jumin’s cologne. There were clothes scattered everywhere, and two empty wine glasses on the floor, decorating the room like a cherry on top of a Sundae. 

Not that you noticed any of this. You were still telling yourself it was all just a horrible nightmare. After hearing another pleasured filled moan from Ms. Jhang, you didn’t even know her first name and here she was ruining your life, you felt a rush of emotions hit you.

You tasted blood, and that’s when you realized how hard you were biting your lip, attempting to keep the bile from rising up past your throat. You tried to back out of the room, but your feet were cemented to the ground. How have they not seen me? How much time has passed? It felt like eons to you, but in reality, it had only been a couple seconds.

“Shit, MC?”

Ah yes, your ex-lover had finally noticed you. You wanted to open your mouth and say something, say anything, but I guess your voice was another thing Jumin had taken that night. He had moved closer to you, almost an arm’s length away. You looked up and saw his mouth moving. Has he been talking this whole time? Closing your eyes, you tried to focus on his voice, hearing nothing but a low buzz.

When you opened them back up, you focused on the floor instead of his eyes. You saw his feet continue to move forward, as if he was trying to suffocate you with his closeness. Something caught your eye and you tilted your head. The navy blue tie. My favorite.

Your body was on autopilot when you bent down and picked up the fabric. Running the silk between your fingers, you looked back up at Jumin.

“Did she take this off of you?”

You were taken aback by the strength in your voice, and by the look on Jumin’s face, so was he.

“MC, I’m back with food! Also, Zen’s with me, he wanted to visit you again.”

If your eyes weren’t so puffy, you would’ve rolled them. When you heard your stomach growl at you, you wrapped a blanket around your body and slipped out of bed. You peaked out the door, but squinted when the light hit your eyes.

“Why is it so damn bright in here, Jaehee?”

She turned around with a giant smile on her face. “You’re up! Did you come to eat?”

“Is there any beer?”

“…Zen brought some.”

You held out an open hand, expectantly waiting for a cool drink. Instead, Zen handed you a hot plate of fried rice. The smell was tempting, but it wasn’t what you wanted.


Zen took sunglasses out of his back pocket and slipped them over your eyes. “These are for the brightness, and I’m not giving you any beer until you finish your food.”

The plate was starting to burn your hand so you looked for a place to set it down. Walking into the kitchen, you took a seat at the dining table. You got another wave of delicious aromas from the rice, and your stomach begged you for a taste.

“Okay, okay, calm down. I’ll eat it.”

Pushing the rice around a bit, you finally decide on what portion you wanted to nibble on first. When the first spoonful entered your mouth, you happily sighed.

“Has she told you exactly what happened?”

Zen was trying his best to whisper, but his stage voice betrayed him. You could basically hear Jaehee shaking her head no. The only people who knew what went down in that room were you, Jumin, and Ms. Jhang.

“C-come again?”

You held up the navy silk. “Did Ms. Jhang remove this tie from your neck?”

If you hadn’t been so determined on getting an answer, you would have noticed that a certain long-haired woman had gathered her clothes and tiptoed across the cold hardwood floor, right out the door. Of course, you were too blinded by your emotions to know the, still no first name, Ms. Jhang had left.

His messy hair bounced around as he nodded up and down. “She did.”

You felt laughter bubble up in your stomach, and you tried to refrain from smiling. I put that tie on him, and she took off. If that isn’t some damning symbolism, I don’t know what is. Your emotions were swirling around inside of you, so when you finally opened your mouth to respond to him, you had no idea what to expect.


Well, you weren’t expecting that.


And neither was he.

Jumin stepped right in front of you grabbed your wrist, pulling you into his chest.

“Stop it, Jumin.”

He slowly placed a hand on your chin.

“Please, I-I can’t breathe.”

He tilted your head up and looked you in the eyes.


When he started to lean in, you felt a steady burning in your chest. Was that from all the anger? The sadness? The pity?

Whatever it was, it gave you the power to shove Jumin away from you. “Did you not hear me? I said STOP. As in, ‘Don’t ever touch me again,’ you ASSHOLE!”

The shock on Jumin’s face was priceless. Heck, it would’ve even been funny, given the right circumstances. The man you fell in love with was now a teary eyed little boy, quivering in front of you. In another life, you might have even been sorry for him.

It took all of your strength to turn around. You tried to take a step, but something stopped you.

Not something. A voice.

“Please don’t leave me.”

You barely heard him over the sound of your own sadness screaming out in your head. There was a new feeling in your chest, not a burning one, but a hollow pain. A pain that spread to your fingertips, to the back of your neck, and to the bottom of your feet. A pain that consumed you. A pain that whispered, ‘take him back.’

You focused your eyes on the door. Like a toddler just learning how to walk, you mentally told yourself, left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot. Your hand caught on the door frame, as if your body was trying to fight your decision. Swallowing every single feeling you had, you turned to look at him. He was not going to have the last word.

“Leave you? No. You’ll always have a piece of me, Jumin. And on those nights when you think that tiny piece of me is enough for you, I want you to remember, you could’ve had it all. You’re a fool for doing this, but you’d be an even bigger fool to not realize what you’ve lost. Goodbye, Mr. Han.”

Your sweaty feet stuck to the wood floor, but you couldn’t hear them over the sound of his cries. Not that you cared anymore. You didn’t even realize you were outside until you saw your ragged breath turn into fog. Shaky hands held your phone up to your ear.


“Jaehee, pick me up outside of Jumin’s place as soon as you can.”



She must have heard the strain in your voice because she hung up without saying another word.

“Quit playing with your rice.”

You shook your head, zoning back into the real world. “I’m full.”


Zen held out a hand to stop Jaehee. He cracked open the fridge and pulled out a beer. “As promised. Drink responsibly, MC.”

You grabbed the cool glass out of his hand and popped the lip off on the table. “Thanks, mom.”

The familiar burning of alcohol flowed down your throat and you smiled. You looked at your two friends and sighed. “Come on you two,” you stood up and gestured them to follow you.

Jaehee furrowed her eyebrows. “Where are we going?”

You turned to them, your eyes glazed over from lack of sleep.

“I’m going to tell you what happened after I caught Jumin cheating.”

You had never seen the two of them move faster than they did at that moment. Zen nearly tripped over himself trying to get past Jaehee. The three of you settled in the living room and you leaned back on the couch. Taking one long, last sip of beer, you set the bottle down.

“Jumin’s father once gave him advice on where different business clients’ meetings should be held-”

“Mr. Chairman’s number one rule,” Jaehee interrupted.

You nodded. “-But from the way he treated me a week ago, I’d say Jumin learned a lot more than business from his father.”

Austin Nights Part 2

Pairing: Single!Jensen × Reader

Word Count: 3070

Summary: The reader lives in Austin and unknowingly runs into Jensen at a bonfire and sparks fly. Part 1 After abruptly leaving the party, the reader hopes to run into Jay again.

Obviously I intend no hate or ill wishes to him or his family. This is purely just for writing and wasting my time.

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors.


Saturdays were your favorite days. No school, no kids, and you especially appreciated no alarm clocks. You woke up a bit later than usual considering you had not been able to fall asleep easily as you replayed the rush of last night over and over again in your head. The sun peaked through the blinds and you stretched in bed. You could hear Angie in the other room dealing with what sounded like a pretty awful hangover.

As your feet hit the floor, a sense of urgency hit you. You wanted to see him again and the only way to do that would be to scale the streets of Austin. No. You tried to repress the feeling. One, there is no way he would even remember you. Two, he probably found some other chick as there as probably a line of willing subjects after you ditched the fire. Three, even if he did remember you, there was no way you were just going to run into him by chance. But it would be nice to get out and do something anyways you compromised as an excuse.

After you got ready fairly quickly, you went to find Angie who seemed to be recovering just fine.

“Hey.” You chirped. “Up for bloody marys and brunch?”

“Um, yes! That’s the best idea you ever had.” She instantly jumped up and grabbed her purse.

At brunch, Angie gushed over Jared and how unbelievably nice he was. You tired to play it cool but threw in a question every now and then about how to find them or if she knew anything about how long they would be here. She was just as clueless as you. The two of you walked up and down SoCo window shopping and trying to get ideas of how to redecorate the apartment. You couldn’t help but feel you were only half involved in the process as you kept scanning the crowds for a glimpse of someone familiar.

Angie tired out quickly and abandoned you to take a nap in preparation for her plans tonight which you knew meant she wanted to do something but had no idea what. You headed downtown and picked up some records at Waterloo and settled down at BookPeople. You wasted a couple of hours browsing through books and worked a bit on creating a few therapy based activities for some of the children at the school.

When you finally made it back home you couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed but tried to remind yourself of what you had concluded earlier. Angie was lounging about.

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bracecrescent  asked:

Hi! :) Could you do a prompt in which Amy is the last one standing out of all of the Resistance team, and Infinite did this specifically because he sensed the most resistance from her. So all of the resistance is just there wounded and looking at Infinite as he is trying to mentally break Amy down by saying she’s not strong enough and by how much pain she is going through by trying to resist him pulling her into the dark side. And Sonic comforts her by saying all that wasn’t true.

(x) Please support the artist! She is amazing!!!


Amy rushes in to look for a distress call from one of her signals she’s in charge over; however, as she runs to the area, a sudden red cube materializes by turning suddenly in the air.

Amy pauses, fear in her eyes. She’d been alone for so long… Eggman truly keeping his words about the ‘3 days’ and this was to be the last…

She knew the others had to be okay, she just knew it! She wouldn’t let herself think otherwise…

Even if no signals had come on her radar for hours…

“You look so worn…. Has the loneliness finally inflicted your stubborn ideal of hope?”

Amy’s eyes shook as she stepped back, momentarily paralyzed by fear.

 She had watched her comrades before being tossed left and right by Infinite’s power, and with the world almost fully taken over…

He walked out from behind the building… a menacing, but calm look in the one eye she could see that watched her like a predator to its prey.

“I had hoped you’d come out of your little den…” he held up the communicator in his hand, before dropping it down to show he had tricked her. “I haven’t sensed your fear in a long time…”

She gritted her teeth. That can’t be right! There must be more of her friends out there! She can’t lose hope now! She can’t…

Suddenly, his eye flexed wider, an immense aura burst from him as the cube exploded and pushed Amy back.

“Ahh!” she was flung against the rocky road and tumbled to a stop.

“Now… Run.”

She looked up, yanking her arm out to summon her hammer. She got up then and thought a moment about fleeing for her life…

But Amy’s instincts told her otherwise…

She wasn’t going to be afraid!

“Hyahhhh!!!” she charged forward, but that was one mistake she couldn’t replace…

“Hmph. Your spirit irritates me…” he closed his eyes and then shot out a powerful energy beam.

It slashed into her legs, her knees almost fried with black, burnt marks as she came troubling down.

“Ah…ahhh…” she was face down on the ground now, sweat trinkling down the side of her face at the immense pain.

Her legs shook in agony, and she could feel the flesh crinkling away as if the corners of burning paper.

Her mouth hung open, as dirt gently flew in and she was too consumed in the pain to spit it out.

He walked over to her, as casually as a gentleman, before leaning down and spiking his pinkie finger up under her chin, forcing her head to move up and look at him.

Now she could close her mouth and taste the dust of defeat. Her eyes were squinted almost shut, but in the haze of her head throbbing she could still make out his shape and colors…

“Poor Amy Rose…” he began, his eye turning a cruel sense of tenderness, clearly sarcastic. “When will you ever learn? The time of heroes is passed… you’re wasted… and your precious resistance futile. A thing of the past..” he lifted his free hand up, claws flexed out and ready at slash her face.

“When will you realize that you’re pathetic heroes aren’t the least concerned about you… they all fell knowing their end… Why must you be the one that can’t turn her head to reality?”

Suddenly, a blue ball of light bounced down from high upon the ruined skyscrapers.

It bounced so fast that Infinite had to dodge each hit simultaneously from the rate of on-coming spin-dashes.

“Hm?” he thrust himself back, more cubes appearing before Sonic uncurled and stood before Amy, who was laying on her stomach, gasping for the heavy air to seize her lungs and bring her some relief to her tightening chest.

Sonic stood as a pillar of needed aid, a heroic figure that represented everything Amy believed in…

Everything.. she had wanted to believe in.

She didn’t see the battle. She barely could.

When Sonic stirred her from passing out, she reached up and embraced him, crying at her trauma as her ears let out a static that made her unable to hear him.

He held her though, she remembered that.

He turned her and wiped some of the tears off her face, she felt that too.

She had cried the entire, cold ride up to the HQ.

Everyone quickly saw her and rushed to her aid, she was cared for, but no one had been able to get to Amy in the other base; considering they all knew Infinite was waiting for a counter-strike, and couldn’t get a signal to Amy from Infinite hacking her lines.

This was the first time they’d seen her…

She was now awake in the hospital bed, recounting the image of Sonic setting her down there, a mask moved over her mouth as she tried to mouth his name. Finally, Sonic forced himself to move away as more people began swarming her, and her vision faded out.

The resistance was growing worried. They were losing hope because Amy began showing signs of PTSD. Not acting herself, and causing everyone to worry and fear the worst.

At the moment, she didn’t care.

Ever since she accidentally heard Tails saying she may never walk again, she didn’t care about much.

Sonic suddenly came in with a fire in his eyes at what she supposed he had heard from everyone.

About her hopeless state… refusing therapy for her legs… fighting everyone who dared tried to move her.

He looked behind him, to the people she assumed were outside that she had kicked out.

“I’ve got this. No one come in.” He slammed the door and walked over to her, as she turned her head and body away from him.

He stopped right at her bed, “You can’t act like this forever.” he stated. “Depression? PTSD? You’re kidding me, right?”

She threw the covers over her head, and he quickly moved around to throw them off and pushed her to move.

“Get up!” he knew better than the others… he knew what had really happened to her…

She fought him, struggling to push him away as her grunting efforts were little to no effect.

She fell off the bed and gripped the side, her head coming down.

“Up. Come on.” he moved back over to the other side and slung her arm over his shoulders. “This isn’t you. And you know it.”

She could understand his anger was more righteous than cruel. She knew he understood… what she couldn’t admit herself.

She looked at her legs, as they trembled while he pushed her up and onto them.

“Infinite doesn’t define us,” he stated, holding up her torso, helping her to stabilize as she hadn’t been out of the bed for quite a while…

“Eggman said 3 days… it’s been 4!” he stepped forward, and pulled her up alongside him, “Everyone needs you to be okay!”

He stepped forward again and she struggled to get her bearings, her feet slid across the floor to try and lift herself…

“Darn it, Amy! You’re more than this!”

She suddenly glared at the ground, shaking her head.

“Move, Amy! You’re Amy Rose, for crying out loud! You never give up! Infinite can be stopped! But we need you, Amy! We need you to show everyone that you defeated him!”

She suddenly understood the bigger picture.

With her current state, everyone was under the weather from it, and they weren’t able to see a brighter future like before.

She… she had to make a comeback.


She desperately tried then, gripping to the last moments she had of strength, and stepped forward… shakily feeling the gravity on her leg and how weak they were.

At least… the pain was gone.

“I need you to be okay-Amy!” he suddenly moved forward, and she stumbled to try and keep up his pace.

They both tumbled down as he gripped her head and body, taking the hit from the ground, and clinging to her.

She almost didn’t notice, only thinking of herself, that he was growing emotional.

 He breathed hard as she watched the tears form under his eyes…

Everybody needed her.

He needed the hope she brought too.

Before, she had sustained everyone’s faith; kept them moving.

While she wasn’t here, everyone must have feared the worst, until she came out, and Sonic must have spotted her, diving in to save the last hope that carried everyone on.

She had proved one thing, that 3 days wasn’t enough, and Eggman overestimated.

It was time to prove that Infinite can’t win all battles either.

She slammed her hand down and started to try and get up.

In shock, Sonic looked up at her from the ground and then her hand, before immediately getting up to help her.

They walked at an excruciating pace back and forth across the room.

Finally, they walked out the door, Amy holding his hands as he kept encouraging her, and the people around covered their mouths or grip their hears, praying…

She walked in the mist of them, him clinging to her arms, tightening his hold on them. “Show them, Amy.” He stated, “Show me.”

Amy looked up, and everyone could tell this was a struggle for her. Her feet suddenly gained strength from seeing their faces, seeing how much they wanted her to succeed.

They needed her too.

They needed to see it could be done.

That hope can save them from Infinite.

She suddenly took off, letting go of Sonic’s hands and sprinting to the front stage where announcements were made. The weight of her body finally balancing with the new found sturdiness of her legs.

Sonic watched in amazement along with the rest of the resistance, as she scaled and tripped on the stairs, forcing herself up without Sonic this time… Straining to get her legs back under her, even in their worn state.

The skin snapped at different parts, showing the burnt wounds were still freshly healing, before she stood upon the stage and summoned her hammer.

She caught a second wind and rose her hammer high. “FOR THE RESISTANCE!”

They suddenly all held their breaths.

Sonic rushed up to the stage, putting a hand delicately to her back, just in case, and rose his own fist up. “The Resistance!”

The entire crowd broke out in tears and cheers.

“FOR THE RESISTANCE!” they chanted, over and over again.

Rainbows in Cologne

Okay, here goes nothing:

24 hours after the best 2 hours of my entire goddamn life.

let me start by saying that i love all of you beautiful people that were at the concert and in the queue, you were all beautiful, we were all colourful, and thank you all for being the kindest most loveliest people ever. also thank YOU, Harry, for creating an environment where so much love and kindness can blossom and spread, where everyone feels loved and free. THANK YOU; ALL OF YOU!

now here comes the story of how my day went. The 27th of october in all its glory!

I got into the queue at about 7am with Jule, Mira and Evi, where we immediately got talking with other rainbow clad beautiful people. The one I wanna mention in particular is Chantal, with whom i was rubbing cheeks after 30 seconds so that some of the glitter on my cheeks might get onto hers, bc sharing is caring.

The wait was cold, and long, but FUN bc i was surrounded by the BEST PEOPLE! Some of the hightlights happened when i started going around to give away the beautiful rainbow hearts @beatingfortwo had given into my care. SO many people were so so eager to get a heart! Were excited and lovely and were so happy when they found a heart with their colours! Others hadn’t heard of the hearts before and were blown away by how much work was put into them, stressing how lovely they were!! At one point, what felt like two blocks down the queue, there was a group of fans that had managed to build themselves a little tent in the middle of the queue, under which they were sitting on small chairs with a small table in their middle enjoying a little bit of sparkling wine. When i came by with my hearts, one of them gave me a bright smile and sad: “Hey do you want some? I think it’s only fair if you get something in return for your lovely hearts!” And so she gave me her glass and we shared a lovely moment, huddled in their tent with rainbow hearts and alcohol, while outside the drizzling rain wouldn’t let up. If you, lovely sparkling wine girl, should ever see this post, you were very lovely, thank you!

Another hightlight was when I ran into a mum waiting outside the queue with her children who asked me about the hearts. She was so lovely, and complimented them and got herself one out and then she offered me 1,50€, which i tried to decline, bc those hearts are for FREE! Love and safe spaces are for free! But she said: that kind people should be met with kindness and that she wouldn’t take the money back! I thanked her and told her that i would get myself a cup of hot cocoa for that money, for which she then said: Oh, dear, then take another euro with you, so that your friend can have one as well!!

Dear lovely mum? You were wonderful! THANK YOU! (i really needed that hot cocoa after a while, you saved my night!!)

Another lovely rainbow clad angel threw a whole package of oreos into my box of rainbow hearts as a thanks and that also melted my heart!! YOU WERE ALL SO LOVELY!!!!

While handing out the rainbow hearts i met @pattern-pals who got started with her flower buttons, and not only am i incredibly happy that i managed to see you, bab <3 <3, but im also incredibly happy how well received your buttons were bc they were so creative and beautiful and everyone loved them and just… i guess this is a shout out!

Back in line, Chantal and I were becoming fast friends, and we were all huddling together for warmth with our other friends (Evi, Mira, Jule) and eating our snacks. Snacks were shared among all of us in the queue! I got Gummibears from people on my right, cheese sticks from a lovely group of girls from the netherlands on my left and in front of us were three adorable and beautiful Austrians that gave Chantal and me a jigger each at about 4pm, when we all raised a small toast for Harry Styles. Everything was LOVELY! All around us were the rainbows people had brought with them, there were rainbows flags given out for the sott project, there were rainbow bow pins, there were rainbow buttons, there were rainbow stickers that had: treat people with kindness, wirtten on them, …. we were all drowning in rainbows and it was so so beautiful.

Let’s jump to the concert.

Harry Styles is the loveliest, most talented angel and i cannot thank him enough for the things he has done for me. It starts by him spreading the message of kindness and love, and compasses things like how he helped me come out as trans, how he gave me the pride! and strength to be loud about who i am, how i only had the bravery to buy AND bring a trans flag out i public, to a concert, when he brought them on stage on his own!, it includes the reality of the fact that he is a big part of why i overcame my depression earlier this year unscathed, and it ends with me making so many great amazing friends through him (and ofc one direction as a whole).

By now you have probably all seen the videos, and seen the venue shining in all the colours of the rainbow!! Being there was….. something else. And i don’t think i will be able to summarise any of it, bc im still a mess about it all. But he saw it, he saw us, he thanked us, he said we were colourful and he thank us for being nice to each other and for being nice to him. I don’t know how to thank him, but he did a lovely job of it, so i’ll follow his example: THANK YOU!!!

What didn’t happen was his speech about embracing a stranger in the audience, which i think he forgot bc of kiwi 2.0, but it doesn’t matter, because…. when the lights went back on…. everyone, friends from before, new friends from the queue, people you only met in the venue, every one turned to eachother and we HUGGED!! I was hugged by two lovely girls that i only met in the venue, in the hour before MUNA came on stage, and they saw me struggling not to cry and they both hugged me, squeezed me tight and they were so lovely. Chantal hugged me, I hugged Evi, behind me people were hugging, no one was leaving, no one was even trying to gather their things… we were all just….. loved. loving. spreading love. and ofc that was US! only US! but also…. harry you’ve done it. You have created one of the safest and warmest spaces for us, and you spread love with so much impliciteness that it is so easy and natural to follow your example and i love you so much for that!

I love all of you lovely people that got to experience Cologne with me.

You will always be in my heart.

Thank you.

Giving my two senses regarding Skam

Boy Squad vs Balloon Squad
Genuinely I don’t think the Balloon Squad beat Isak out of homophobia or some bs. When Elias noticed Even on stage he seemed shocked but not angry. And we didn’t see Mikael so he must have gone outside. My theory - and many of you probably have already said it: Maybe Even went out to talk to Mikael. And as we saw in prior episodes Isak had a special (maybe jealous?) interest regarding their relationship. So what probably happened was that Isak saw them talk or maybe argue and went in on Mikael, Elias and the rest noticed, didn’t even think twice and went to help their bro and attacked Isak. Which of course got the Boy Squad involved. No biggie. They all will survive. I’m not worried for these two squads.

Vilde and the Pepsi Max Bitches
I don’t know about Vilde man.. she got me mad f*cked up. I always think back to Sana fighting with the Pepsi Max hoes just for talking bad about Vilde in S1 and her being the only one to believe in Vilde’s strength in S2. And Vilde keeps being judgmental. To the point where she talks shit about precious Sana with the enemies. Im so disappointed. The betrayal. The Backstab. Sana doesn’t deserve this. Vilde is obviously hiding something about her family, maybe they are next level racist or something. I honestly don’t know. Vilde is an aweful friend.
The Pepsi Max bitches are just plain islamophobic and heartless and excluding our sunshine. No excuse. They deserve to burn.

On the one hand I feel like its not her fault that she kissed Yousef to get over William. She didn’t know about Sana and him right? But on the other I feel like what a bad friend she has to be not to know. At no point did she ever ask Sana (or any of the girls for that matter) if there was anyone she liked. As if she wasn’t a girl with normal feelings. Sana is just disregarded as tough and responsible, but never as a normal teenager. It annoys me so much. Yes she should have told Noora about William, but she didn’t even know for sure, it was just a rumor. Also: I liked Noora and also William (Shock!). But god does this annoy me. Their season is done, it was the longest and ended perfectly. Why butcher it. The actor playing William leaving was handled so badly. Just let it go. Noora doesn’t deserve this huge spotlight in Sana’s season. F*ck them.

Asshole. Simple. Yes Sana and him are not dating. But bruuuh he knows that there is something and for him to go after Sanas BEST FRIEND is just disgusting. No matter what might have happened before. Even if Elias said something or if he found out about Sana unfriending him. That makes the whole thing even worse. That would make him a guy who feels the need to take revenge on a girl he had the sweetest moments with. I’d rather believe he is just a f*ckboy, who got kissed by a hot chick and couldn’t refrain himself. Either way I doubt he will be able to recover from that in the viewers or Sanas eyes. You done f*cked up Acar.
Plus: why wasn’t he helping his friends?! Why wasn’t he stopping the fight?! What are you doing bruh?! Done f*ucked up I tell you.

I feel so bad for her. I can barely put it to words. First she feels responsible for the fight between the boys. She must think, I could have known and not invited them. The blood on her hands embodied that severely. One of her best friends -Isak- got hurt. Then hearing the judgmental remarks about her family and believes. It saddens me so much that she has to always feel excluded. To hear that one of her closest friends confirmed those prejudices and that she will be thrown out of the bus. Not her group. Only Sana. Because she is different. She doesn’t fit. And she never will. And it all gets topped by seeing the one guy she ever trusted with her feeling, she ever opened up to, she had finally started to let in. To see him kiss her best friend. Its devastating. Sana doesn’t deserve this torture.
The worst is who will she talk to now? Who can she trust? Nobody. Shes alone and in pain. And after all this we know in 10 days, we will see a strong Sana, pushing away her feelings and going on to fight this battle against everyone. And it kills me.

Beauty And The Beast (9) - FINAL - Negan Imagine

Chapter Summary: After the reader reveals her feelings for Negan to Maggie, Negan’s at Alexandria’s gates ready to attack - but doesn’t know that reader had a secret weapon.

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Prompt: “Being on the Lucille Lineup and Negan taking an interest in you”

Word Count: 5.1k

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Warnings & A/N: okay, so 1. i definitely should’ve written more parts to this for the last few episodes of the season, but on the bright side this chapter is about to be long asf, so ya welcome ;). 2. lowkey sad bc this is the last part in the series (at least until october) and this is one of my favorite series i’ve written thus far. 3. Since I didn’t want to spend a lot of time explaining things in the story that have happened in the show, some things like Dwight being at Alexandria, Sasha being held captive by the Savior’s, etc etc etc, aren’t gonna be touched upon. And 4 Pretty please let me know which series of mine you guys would like to see more of, since we all know i have the worst tendency to never update shit (ik i’m sorry ok). ~ Mentions of Negan’s backstory (“Here’s Negan”),

Theme: Angst    


Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight

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The day had finally come. After mass persuasion, Rick had yet to get other groups besides the Hilltop and Jadis’ group to oblige. After running into her, Rick came to agreement with her after a ‘test’.

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Sweet Pea’ Sapphire


She had been sitting in her usual spot near the pool tables when some Northsiders burst into the Whyte Wyrm. They walked around like they owned the place and Sapphire noticed her brother walking in with them. Her eyes blaze because what the fuck, Quin?

FP had managed to keep a brawl from bursting out which would’ve have ended with all of them walking out in handcuffs and the Northies leaving out in body bags. As the Northsiders left, Sapphire made her way to her brother and scowled at him. He flinched at the look in her eyes and nodded in unspoken agreement. Bring those assholes into our territory. You can very well go fucking live with them.

It was only for the night because Sapphire honestly couldn’t stay mad at her brother if you paid her to. Not that someone could afford her, but the point remains. When he came back to the house the next day, she had fixed him make-up breakfast but left before they could have a proper conversation. She didn’t care if he kept the northsiders on their side of town and his little boy toy/boyfriend whatever kept a smile on his face.

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You are Mine

My very first msr fic! I always wished we’d get to see Maggie’s funeral and obviously Mulder comforting Scully so I had to write a little something.

Her hands were shaking way before she started shaking hands with long lost relatives who offered half assed condolences. The door continued to swing open and closed causing Scully to shiver even more in her elbow length black dress with the Fall breeze. Bill was next to her, a bit more welcoming than his sister. Charlie was here too, meandering somewhere with guilty tears welled in his eyes.

“Dana, I’m so sorry.” The older woman hugged her too long and too tight. It was Aunt Patricia, her mother’s kid sister. Aunt Patricia pulled back and held Scully’s cheek, her matching blue eyes reflecting with tears. “You must be so heartbroken, as am I. I wish I was there with Maggie, it was so sudden though, huh?”

“It was,” Scully cleared her throat, “so sudden.”

Aunt Patricia smiled in sympathy. “I’ll take my seat now, we can catch up later.”

After that, it was a blur of greetings and struggling to remember everyone’s name. She glared at Bill, hating his very presence even at this moment of supposed togetherness. Mulder had been there when he wasn’t, how dare he speak to him like that?

“Can’t you just leave my family alone? There is no reason for you to be here, you’re not even family.”

It was a blow to Mulder’s face. Bill wasn’t wrong, he wasn’t family. He wasn’t Scully’s husband or Maggie’s son no matter how much he wished it were true. At the beginning of the day, Mulder had been by Scully’s side, aiding to every need, comforting every heartbreak.

It was driving Bill mad.

This is his mother’s funeral, Mulder had muttered in the dim hallway to Scully who was hanging onto his wrist. Her eyes were wide with fear that he would leave, that he would abandon her just like she did a few months ago. With a kiss on her forehead and a promise to stay close, Mulder had disappeared leaving her alone to hold down the fort.

The last few stragglers shuffled in as ten o’clock rolled around. Scully’s eyes wandered around the usual, comfortable church that she and her mother attended every Sunday. The stain glass window of Christ hovered above her, His eyes peering into her guilty conscience. The Virgin Mary stood in all her glory with her child clinging to her. It was a dark irony, Madonna and child as Scully stood there childless.

“We should go in,” Bill cupped her elbow, “Mass is starting soon.”

Scully yanked her elbow back. “I need to find Mulder.”

Bill scoffed in disbelief. “We’re at our mother’s funeral and all you can think about is him.”

She turned away before throwing a nasty glare at her eldest brother. Her hands began to shake again, half from sadness of the loss of her mother and half from the worry that Mulder had not fulfilled his promise. Her heels clicked against the marble floor as she practically ran around the church like a madwoman.

And there he was, slouched on the plastic covered couch with his head in his hands. She breathed a sigh of relief, loud enough to catch his attention. His gentle smile was all it took for her to fall into his arms, falling into his lap, awkwardly.

“I thought you left.” She whispered into the collar of his crisp suit. She didn’t recognize her voice. It was all too desperate, all too weak, all too vulnerable.

“Never.” His voice was deep and comforting in her ear. She was perched on his knee like a child and Santa Claus. If only that were true, she’d ask for her mother back for this Christmas.

And then she’d ask for her son back too.

“Mass is about to start.” She stated plainly, sitting up and wiping a stray tear.

Mulder held her damp cheek. “Scully, you know I want to be there. And I want to be there for you, but Bill was right-”

“No, Mulder, stop.” She finally found her voice. “He was not right. Mom loved you just as much as she loved him, maybe even more.”

The chuckle that rumbled in his chest vibrated against her shoulder. He sobered up and held her impossibly small waist tighter with his arm.

“She’d want you up there. I want you up there.” Scully stroked his cheek, the stubble familiar on her fingers.

Mulder swallowed thickly. “Well then we should get going then.”

There were times where Mulder missed his G-man job. He missed the rush of investigation, the victory of profiling, the banter with Scully. Hell, he even missed Skinner. But then he’s reminded of the bliss that the future brought. He can kiss Scully in public and take her to dinner like a normal couple. She gripped his hand and leaned her head on his shoulder as they made their way back up to the Church where the crowd was slowly quieting.

They took their seats in the front pew, away from Bill’s irritated eyes. The pictures of her mother from various stages of her life were displayed at the alter. It brought a fresh onslaught of tears to Scully’s eyes. Mulder glanced down at his weeping partner and felt his heart fall ten stories high. Without thinking, he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her flush against his side. He placed his other hand on her knee so she could draw strength from him, what little strength he did have left.

“Good morning friends and family,” Father McCue began his liturgy with a solemn face for the loss of his friend.

Throughout the vigil, Scully seeked refuge in the strong, enveloping arms of Mulder. He could feel the unease radiating off her about her speech.

“Calm down, you’re going to do great up there.” He whispered against her hair.

Scully closed her eyes momentarily, the Homily fading away, the only sound was Mulder’s steady breath. She laid her hand atop of his on her knee, his much warmer than hers.

The announcement of family speeches came out and Scully took a shaky breath. Bill glanced down at her from the opposite pew, one eyebrow up asking who would go first. Scully took a moment to look up at the photos of her mother. There was one from high school that caught Scully’s eyes, she looked so young and beautiful. She smiled so bright in the picture with her sweater matching the color of Scully’s hair. There was another one of a family portrait that Mulder couldn’t keep his eyes off of. Scully looked to be about four or five with her hair in pigtails and bangs. He wondered if their daughter would have looked like that.

Scully reached for the papers in her pocket, her hands moist as she crinkled it slightly. Mulder kissed the side of her head before releasing his hold on her.

“Thank you all for coming,” Scully gripped the side of the podium, “for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Dana, Maggie’s youngest daughter.”

Mulder smiled up at her encouragingly, his eyes twinkling with pride seeing her up there. She looked so frail, beautiful, but frail. She met his eyes and felt her heart flutter.

He’s here. Of course, he’d be here.

“My mom was the strongest woman I know. And I’m sure everyone says that about their mother, but she truly was. Having dad away at sea all the time, she was the one who took care of us. She cooked, the best meals by the way, she sewed our clothes, acted as our own personal chauffeur and so much more. One year, I begged her to let us wear store bought costumes and guess what happened? Missy and I were nuns while everyone else was the ghostbusters or Madonna.” The crowd erupted in quiet chuckles and Scully breathed a sigh in relief.

“I miss her so much-” Scully’s throat tightened and her wet eyes were glued to the floor. That simple phrase tore through her body, it was painfully true. “I miss our Sunday brunches after Mass, I miss her smile and her jokes. But sometimes it’s hard to miss her when I see her in everything I do. I see her in the birds that sing. I see her in beautiful days where the sun shines down warmly on me.”

Mulder shifts in his seat, knowing what was coming next. She’d practiced countless   

times in front of him, asking if her voice was too quiet or the words were too depressing.

“I see her in her grandchildren.” He saw her swallow thickly, wiping her tears with the bunched up tissue in her right hand. Only a few knew how difficult this part was for her and Mulder’s heart broke. All he wanted to do was run up there and take her home, wrap her in a cocoon of blankets and cook her favorite soup.

Scully looked at Mulder, searching for strength in his eyes. He mouthed, it’s okay, with his eyes anchoring her to this moment.

“I saw her in my son,” she began again softly, “I saw her in his eyes and his smile. Mom loved William with every ounce of herself. Mom was his best friend and partner in crime. There was nothing Mom enjoyed more than being with her grandchildren.”

With a few last anecdotes, Scully had successfully finished her speech and wobbly knees, she left the altar and bowed like the good Catholic she was. She felt like she was betraying someone, giving thanks to the Lord. There was nothing thankful about this situation. No one won here. Scully lost her mother and Mulder lost the only woman who was nurturing enough to be his mother.

Scully resumed her position against Mulder and shed a few more tears when she felt Mulder’s kiss on the top of her head. No matter how many times she had hurt him, left him, he would always be here. He was always present when she needed him the most.

The piano began to play Maggie Scully’s favorite hymn. It was beautiful, really. The song encaptured what it meant to pass, what it meant to die. There was hope in this song. Scully knew it by heart from Sunday school and Mass choir.

Do not be afraid, I am with you

I have called you each by name

Come and follow Me

I will bring you home

I love you and you are mine

With those words being sung by the crowd, something in Scully snapped. It felt like her heart had finally shattered and everything flowed in like a broken dam. Suddenly, Mulder’s arms felt constricting and she had to be released to catch her breath. Mulder never underestimated Scully’s strength but was caught off guard at her shoving his hands away from her.

She could feel everyone’s eyes on her as she scurried down between the pews. The tears were openly flowing and it felt like there was an elephant pouncing on her chest. As if to hide away from prying eyes, she ducked her head and pushed the heavy oak doors, relieving her off the suffocating air back there.

Mulder was behind her in seconds, his presence being made known by his gentle Scully and a hand on her shoulder.

“She’s gone, Mulder, she’s never coming back! I won’t see her ever again, I can’t call her and ask her how her day was or ask her for dinner because I’m just too tired to cook. I miss her, god, I miss her so much and it’s not fair! It’s not fair!” She shouted through her tears. Mulder stood there silently, his hand holding her arm lightly.

“And she’ll never see William again, she’ll never see how great and beautiful and wonderful her grandson grew up to be.” There was a desperation in her voice that he had never heard before. She hiccupped through her sobs and started again. “He will never know her either. He was too young for him to remember how much she loved him and spoiled him. That’s my fault, it’s my fault. She hated me for giving him up, she’d never admit it but I knew she did. She despised me for giving up on him. She never understood.”

“Scully, stop-”

“We’ll never see him again. He’ll never know me.” Her breathing became steady, but the tears remained.

Mulder was at a loss of words. She was right after all.

“I never understood how you can look at me like that when you know that I left our son.” Her tone gentled a little. Her eyes bore into his, begging for him to hurt her, to make her feel something.

“Because I love you. Because I know you did the right thing. Because how we lived at that time was not safe for him. If he would have stayed with us, he could’ve died. He wasn’t safe with us.” His voice was stern and tried it’s best to be convincing.

Scully nodded with closed eyes. She leaned her head against his chest and wrapped her arms around his middle, hugging him tight like a teddy bear. “I just want to see him. I need to know he’s happy and safe and taken care of.”

Mulder hugged her tight to commiserate with the loss of their son. Old wounds are still wounds after all. “He is. He’s not a kid anymore. He’s fifteen and a grouchy teenager.”

She chuckled softly, imagining her baby boy a lanky teen with a smart mouth like his father. “Did I make a scene running out like that?”

“Maybe, but who cares?”

Scully pulled back and craned her neck up to look at the love of her life. “This is an impossible situation, but I’m very happy that you are here.” She smiled when his much larger hands held her face.

“I’m happy to ease your pain, G-woman.” He leaned down to kiss her softly. Her lips were cold and salty from her tears but nonetheless sweet. Her small fingers clawed desperately at his hair, pulling him closer, closer, needing to feel him all over. If it weren’t for the fact that they were standing in a church, she would have taken him on this marble floor.

Falling off her tip toes, Scully pulled away from the kiss with a smacking sound. His arms were still around her waist when she spoke up.

“There are some amazing sandwiches downstairs and a slideshow of mom throughout her life done by Steven Spielberg himself, Charlie Scully.” She joked, eliciting a warm smile from Mulder.

“Aw shucks, Scully, you remembered Spielberg is my favorite.”

For neonxxlights on Quotev: Y/n was best friends with Damon but when he turned into a vampire he didn’t want to hurt her so he left unknown that she would later turn. Meet years and years later.

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Damon X Reader (Long Lost Besties)


Everything was chaos.

Some time in the middle of the night you had woken to screaming, crying and gun fire. Mama had been watching from the front window as she watched everything unfold and Papa had run into the house, eyes wide and face pale as he told the both of you to stay put and not invite anyone into the house.

And then when things had calmed down, it was Papa who had broken the news to you that Damon and Stefan Salvatore were dead. You were heartbroken for Stefan, or Baby Sal as you had taken to calling him, but were confused about Damon’s untimely death. On one hand, you hurt for the loss of your best friend, but on the other you were uninterested in the news which greatly surprised your parents because they knew how close you and Damon had been.

Days passed and life returned to normal, and then you had the shock of your life.

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The Marks of Running Ink pt.15

The Walking Dead [Soulmate AU]

Pairing: Negan x ofc (Tory Miller)

Word count: 2,434

Summary: In a normal world, having a soulmate is usually considered a blessing, in a normal world, when their words appear on you finding them is not something impossible. But Tory Miller doesn’t live in a normal world. No. Her world is the stuff of nightmares, the dead walk, the living kill each other and soulmates are not important. Nothing is more important than surviving.

Warnings:  angst, swearing, death, violence, fluff, hurt/comfort, child endangerment, general trauma, drama, cheating, mentions of blood, general lack or morals, mentions of walkers, SLOW BURN. As always, I don’t want to give the story away in the tags, read at your own risk.

Author’s note: Guys, @jeffreydeanneganstrash is the best, she’s been so strong after all the angst I’ve been throwing at her (guys, her angst writing is amazing) I wish i could hug her right now. We’re two chapters away from closing book one of this story, send me your thoughts, rant at me, cry with me even? Want to be tagged? Drop me a line too.  

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Southern California

Numbness, Tom had decided, was an uncomfortable stage, because his feelings were dazzled but not his body.

This wasn’t the first time he had felt like this in his life, but it certainly was the worst he’d experienced. There was no time for him to crumble, this time Tom had to be strong for someone other than himself.

He thought of his daughter, broken and in pain, lying on the couch with her head on her best friend’s lap. 

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Just wanted to put this out there. Writing it softened the blow of tonight’s episode. Wow, what a ride.

When there is something that motivates a person, rather it be a cause or a person or a goal, something that drives you to make a difference not only in your own life but in the lives of an entire city, that motivation defines you, it makes you a better person, a better friend or lover, a better husband or wife, a better man or woman. It makes you a better hero.

Oliver recognized this the first time he stepped away from his father’s list and saw that the whole city needed saving. It wasn’t just about stock portfolios and bank accounts,(as Felicity pointed out to him) it was about giving the citizens of Starling City the comfort of going about their daily lives without the threat of harm or darkness.


On the island, Oliver was motivated solely by surviving. Every day was a challenge for him. He went from a person who always had everything given and explained and resolved for him, to someone that was completely thrown into chaos and violence and the uncertainty if he would live or die. Basics needs like food, water, shelter and rest—they were luxuries he felt would never be a part of his life again. He experienced real loss, perhaps for the first time, when his father killed himself. Because of the shock and grief from that act, Oliver could not have imagined then that Robert’s death would be the first in a long line of traumas ahead for him. Also, for the first time, Oliver was completely alone, with no skills to survive.

That first year on the island, Oliver reminded me of Moses wandering in the desert, stripped of his humanity and privilege and purpose. The island was Oliver’s perdition. He was any empty vessel searching for a reason to keep living.

He needed motivation.


In that first year, key people came into Oliver’s life—Yao Fe, Slade Wilson, Shadoe; and later, Anatoli the return of Sara.

Yao Fe taught Oliver the concepts of loyalty, of when and what was worth fighting and dying for. He taught Oliver about survival, the ultimate kind. Oliver took that lesson and began to teach himself how to survive in harsh conditions.

Slade Wilson taught him how to fight physically. He taught Oliver the idea of brotherhood and camaraderie, how to work together as a team. The irony of these lessons would come back to haunt Oliver a few yearslater , birthed by the Dr. Ivo events.

Shadoe taught him how to use a bow, the discipline and practice it takes him to aim and shoot straight (he slapped a lot of water to learn this.)

She also taught Oliver about love, the romantic kind. It was compassion and tenderness and heartfelt—all the more when experiencing it in a pond on tropical island.

Anatoli taught Oliver about perseverance and comradeship. He taught him gratitude and the price of favors and promises.

And Sara? Well, when they met up again, she had developed her own burgeoning survival skills. She taught Oliver that sometimes making hard choices can be impossible. The choice Oliver made in saving Sara instead of Shadoe was purely instinct. Or maybe he was just standing closer to Sara. When Ivo pulled the trigger and killed Shadoe, everything Oliver had been taught up to that moment died with her. I think it might have been the first time he thought to himself—what is the point of being strong, of being a fighter and a lover and a brother, if I can’t protect those close to me. A few years later, Felicity asked him what would be the point if he lost himself in the process? In that moment when Shadoe died, Oliver was already lost, not just in the process but in his life. The morality and personal growth and voice of conscious that Felicity was talking was a dead body lying at his feet.

But out of that tragedy, Oliver felt a new motivation.



Sidenote: For the life of me, I could not remember the names of Masao’s wife and son. I drew a completed blank. I didn’t have time to look them up. I apologize for this discrepancy.)

The next stage in Oliver’s search for motivation was Hong Kong. It was there he learned about the importance of family.

Masao and his wife and son were the fulcrum of this lesson. Amanda Waller and Argus furthered Oliver’s skills as a weapon by darkening his character with assassination and torture. Even though Masao worked for Waller, he was the first person in Oliver’s odyssey who started to believe in him. After Oliver shook off the trauma he went through on the island and started to get involved in the well-being of Masao’s family, Oliver learned another concept—having a purpose. We saw for the first time his attempt to not only save Masao and his family, but an entire city from the virus that dickhead General intended to unleash. Oliver risked his life for this purpose. But he also lost more of his humanity by torturing and killing dickhead.

After Masao’s son died, Oliver found another motivation.




It is still to be shown the final outcome of Oliver’s time in Russia and whatever motivation he may have found before he returned back to the island, and then home to Starling City. But when he did return, all those things he was taught, they bent and forged and shaped him into a newer purpose—to right his father’s wrongs. He was a lethal weapon with a signature goal, to eradicate the criminal element that was corrupting his city. Yes, in that first year back, Oliver was dark and scary, but he had learned that helping people, no matter if had to kill, maim or otherwise, brought him the satisfaction of accomplishment.

Oliver found the motivation for that purpose.



The final pieces to Oliver’s of chosen journey was John DIggle and Felicity Smoak.

They were the incarnation of those hard earned lessons Oliver learned while he was away. They were the finalization of those realities called brotherhood, camaraderie, team—and most importantly, love. They helped him to shape the angry, violent man born on Lian Yu into the compassionate, dedicated and focused person that instilled awe.

Oliver found in John a warrior, a hero and a lifelong brother. He found a morality that was at first alien to him, but became a compass he would steer by going forward. He found in John someone who would never lie or lead Oliver astray, someone who would provide truth, even if that truth is painful.

And in Felicity, Oliver found the kind of love that goes so deep, nothing could ever overpower it and take it from him. Her tech savvy, her charm and wit, her intelligence, her beauty and her great capacity to love completely—gave Oliver a look into the kind of man he could and would become. Felicity was the lesson Shadoe taught him about caring for someone—times infinity. Oliver might have to go hungry and thirsty again, he might not have shelter to protect him from harsh elements. He might even get so weary that not even rest would make a difference. But his love and trust and need for Felicity gives him the ability to survive. Like Thea told him—love, in spite of it all, is what makes life precious. Felicity is why he takes a breath. It’s why he opens his eyes each morning and appreciates being alive. She is his search for beauty and she is that beauty. She is the light in the dark and it will always lead him back home.

And that is Oliver’s lasting motivation.



So Oliver has come a long way on this journey. Sometimes he can get in his own way. He can still disappoint and hurt and even betray those he loves. He’s not perfect. But he can also bring happiness and strength and peace to those in his life who might sometimes lose their way. From the jagged path he started on to the light of survival and redemption and hope, Oliver Queen: the Man, the Mayor, the Green Arrow and the Hero; that is what motivates a whole city to be stronger and kinder and empathic, to have love for their fellow man/woman.

This is why he will survive Adrian Chase. This is why he will come back.

He is still motivated to make a difference.

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Kismet: Chapter Three

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Title: Kismet

Pairings: Karamel/Sanvers

Chapters : 3/5

Previous: 2

Chapter Three

Mon-El had been stuck in the future for five months before they finally managed to create a way back for him. In that time, he had been made into the hero that Kara always believed that he could be…the man he had vowed to be for her even without her presence anchoring him.

Working with the legion had helped give him a sense of purpose and took his mind off Kara, preventing him from dwelling on the ache in his chest. He had slowly come into his own and they had even created a suit for him. It was red and reminiscent of his old garments from Daxam with the addition of a blue cape. The colours were like an inverted version of Kara’s costume, a thought which had further bolstered his determination to be a hero.

Now today was the day that he was finally going home. He was finally going to return to Kara and she would get to see the man that he had become…because of her. And he would be able to replace the last memory he had of her, crying alone in the field, with a much better one. 

Mon-El stood in the meeting room of the Legion’s base, surrounded by the various members of the team.  From the group, Irma Ardeen emerged along with Brainiac 5 who had been in charge of working on sending Mon-El back to his own time and also replicating the serum that Alex had invented in the 21st century.

He would have to keep injecting himself with it at least once a day but with the additional protection of the flight ring that they had gifted him with a few weeks after his arrival, he would be fine on Earth’s atmosphere. “Is it ready?” Irma, also known as Saturn Girl in this time, questioned the alien android who was holding yet another ring in his hands.

“What is that?” Mon-El questioned, wondering how this was going to send him back home.

“I have dubbed it the Legion ring”, Brainiac 5 responded. “It has time travel capabilities and will send you back home to your own time. However if you should ever need to assistance of the Legion, the ring will bring us to you. At least those of us that have the few other rings that I made alongside this one. Keep it safe, Mon-El, you do not want it landing in the wrong hands”.

“Of course”, he nodded. “Thank you for all that you’ve done for me. I don’t know how I can ever repay you”.

“You have done more than enough in your time here”, Irma answered with a smile. “Valour”.

Valour…he had never thought of a hero mantel for himself and he would never have thought to pick that of all things especially when he remembered how afraid he used to be to stand up and do the right thing. However all of that had changed with Kara’s influence and the way she had inspired him to become brave. The thought made him all the more eager to go back to her.

Mon-El accepted the ring from Brainiac 5 and stared at it curiously. “So how does this thing work anyway?”

The 21st Century

“Supergirl just saved an entire building of orphans in an anonymous terrorist attack…”

Kara watched the news and smiled, both amused and relieved that J’onn was doing such an excellent job at impersonating her.

Considering she was currently seven months pregnant and hadn’t seen her feet in weeks, there was no way that she could have gone out and rescued a whole building full of people. Since she’d started properly showing, J’onn had demanded that she stop going out and that he would take her place so that people didn’t get suspicious.

As soon as Clark had learnt of her pregnancy, he had insisted on flying into National City occasionally to help out and to check on her. He had suddenly become extremely protective of her…and it was sweet, if a little annoying at times. It had only grown worst after Kara had found out that she was carrying twins, a boy and a girl.  Even Alex had grown increasingly overbearing in her protectiveness of her younger sister and niece and nephew.

Kara groaned as she felt the urge to pee for what felt like the one millionth time that day. She awkwardly shifted and slightly levitated to haul herself up off the sofa. She felt sorry for the other pregnant women that did not have the power of flight and super strength to help them with movement in late stages of pregnancy. Especially since she still found it difficult even with her added benefit of powers. She waddled her way into her bathroom, relieved herself and as soon as she exited, she almost had a heart attack at the sudden appearance of her sister.

“Alex! What the hell are you doing here? I thought that you were spending time with Maggie”.

“I was…” Alex looked at her carefully as though she was afraid that Kara was about to go into labour at any moment. “Kara, I think you should sit down”.

“Why? What’s going on? Is someone dead?” Kara panicked, her legs suddenly feeling like jelly. Alex, noticing that Kara was swaying on the spot, quickly caught hold of her sister’s arm and brought her over to the sofa, forcing her to sit down.

“Nobody is dead, Kara. In fact it’s the opposite, this is great news but you might be…surprised”.

Kara immediately calmed down at the assurance that no one had died and that she wasn’t about to be given some terrible news. “Surprised by what?”

“It’s Mon-El…he’s back”.

An hour earlier

Alex huffed as she walked into the DEO, annoyed that her afternoon with her wife had been cut short by Winn freaking out and calling her to tell her that there were some weird readings going on in the DEO basement. She ignored him and his greeting as she stormed in and used her pass to get down to the basement.  People called out greetings to her as she passed them but she ignored them all, hoping that there was something extremely exciting going on to have come into work on her day off.

She looked and froze as soon as she entered the training room that her sister used when she wasn’t pregnant and felt her eyes widen in shock. “What…how…”

“Hi Alex”, Mon-El grinned, extremely happy to see the DEO Agent for the first time in months. Alex continued to stare at him, taking in the fact that he had suddenly and randomly appeared in the DEO out of the blue and was dressed in what appeared to be a costume, similar in colour to her sister’s. “It’s so good to see you, you have no idea”.

“How the hell are you here and where did you come from?!” she finally shouted when her voice returned to her and she felt her body unfreeze from its state of shock.

“The 31st century. It’s a long story but all that matters is that I’m here now and I’m not going anywhere”.

“But the atmosphere…how are you not dead?”

“I heard that you came up with a cure”, Mon-El smiled. “The future already had the recipe since you’d made it and they gave it to me before sending me back here. I have to take it once a day but it’s worth it to be with Kara again”.

“Kara!” Alex exclaimed, as a startled realisation hit her. Mon-El had no clue what he had left before shooting off into space…which meant he was about to find out. She couldn’t let him just fly off to Kara, it would be obvious right away and she figured her sister needed a moment to prepare herself before that happened.

Mon-El’s eyes lit up at the mention of his girlfriend. “Where is she? I need to see her”.

“You can’t…I mean not right away. Can you let me give her some warning before you turn up?”

“Why? Aren’t surprises so much better?” the Daxamite retorted and Alex let out a nervous giggle. She wasn’t so sure that he would feel that way once he got his own surprise.

“I’m not sure about that. Kara’s never liked to be taken off guard anyway”.

“Is something wrong?” Mon-El frowned, noticing the strange way that Alex was looking at him. “Is Kara alright?”

“She’s fine…just let me tell her before you swoop in. Trust me, it’s for the best”.

Present time

Kara’s face drained of colour as Alex’s words sunk in. “Mon-El is back…on Earth, like right now?” Alex nodded and the blonde felt herself sink back into the sofa in shock, her hands on her very rounded belly that would never go unmissed if Mon-EL saw her. He would probably die from surprise the minute he saw her which would make any reunion short lived. It was strange since all she wanted was for him to come back and to be here with her for all it but now that her wish was granted, she was afraid. “Where is he, Alex?”

“I told him to stay behind at the DEO. I think he listened”, her sister said and took a seat beside her. “What’s wrong, Kara? I would have thought you’d be happier about it”.

“I’m thrilled, I’m just scared. I never got to tell him I was pregnant since I didn’t even know myself and I don’t know what he’s going to say”.

“I think Mon-El will be as happy as you. That boy loves you enough to risk coming back to a planet he’s allergic to and take medication once a day for the rest of his time here just to be with you”.

Kara’s blue eyes flickered up, some of her anxiety dimming away. “Really?”

“Yes, now can I call him? He needs to know and you need to see him”.

“Do it”, Kara said after taking a breath. “Tell him to come here. I want to see him with my own eyes”.

Alex nodded before grabbing her phone out of her jacket pocket and dialling the DEO where she let Mon-El know that it was safe to come home. “I’ll get out of your way. Call me if you need me, alright?” she told Kara before giving her a kiss on the forehead and her belly a pat before disappearing out of the apartment and leaving her alone.

Kara paced the room (as best as she could in her condition) anxiously as she waited for Mon-El to appear. She didn’t expect to see him hoovering outside of the window when she turned around, wearing what looked like his very own costume. Mon-El’s bright smile fell as his eyes locked onto her distinctively rounder figure and he took in what he was seeing. She quickly opened the window for him to fly in (since when could he fly?), and watched as he glided to the floor quite gracefully (more so than her cousin who liked to stampede like a wild rhino).

“Mon-El, you came back. I never thought…I didn’t think it was possible…I thought I’d never see you again!” she blurted out as tears fell down her cheeks.

“Kara, you’re pregnant? How?! Why didn’t you tell me?” He choked out, not once questioning the parentage. He’d been given the amount of time he’d been gone by Alex and could add the math (besides from the fact that the thought of her having anyone else’s child was next to unbearable to him).

“I didn’t know, I swear I didn’t know”, Kara sniffed and Mon-El didn’t waste a second longer before swooping towards her in a mere few strides and pulling her into a tight (but careful) embrace. “I love you…there wasn’t a day that didn’t go by that I didn’t miss you or want you here with me”.

“Rao, Kara, I can’t believe that your pregnant. I wanted to come back sooner but I was sort of trapped and I needed to find a way to come to Earth without you know…dying”.

“Are you…are you okay with this?”

“Okay with it? I wish that I’d been with you from the start but Kara, this is the best thing to ever happen to me besides from you”, he told her earnestly before pressing his lips against hers in their first kiss since they’d said goodbye.

“I’ve missed you so much”.

“You don’t know how many nights I dreamed about this”.

“Make love to me, Mon-El”.

At her words, Mon-El pulled away and frowned. “Is that safe for you?”

“Yes, besides I’m made of steel and so are our babies” she smirked as she rubbed her hands on his hard chest, covered by the leathery material of his suit.

“Okay…wait, babies?” Mon-El did a double take when his brain registered the plural.

“I was just as surprised as you. We’re having a boy and a girl”, Kara confessed, smiling at him. “I wish you’d been with me when I found out”.

“Me too”.

After that there wasn’t much talking. Kara levitated herself up to match his height (standing on her tiptoes was not a great idea currently) to press her lips against his. Almost like a natural reflex, his mouth moved in response, dancing in rhythm with hers. He gently lifted her into his arms and carried her towards her bed, the weight not bothering him at all with his super strength.

Once they were finished getting reacquainted with each other’s bodies, Mon-El tucked Kara into his arms and wrapped a strong arm protectively around her very swollen stomach that held their children.

“It was the thought of you that got me through the last few months”.

“Wait, how did you come back here and how are you still breathing?!” Kara yelped, sitting up as she realised that she hadn’t asked the obvious question earlier, too wrapped up and emotional in their reunion.

Mon-El pulled her back into his arms and stroked her hair soothingly. “It’s fine. This might be a little hard to believe but I ended up flying through a wormhole into the 31st century. They had come up with a serum by that time which would help me to adjust to the planet’s atmosphere”.

“Alex said something about medication”, Kara realised, relaxing into his hold.  “But how the hell did you end up in the 31st century?”

“That…I do not know”, her love answered sheepishly. “I just woke up and I was told that I slipped through a wormhole. I was found and rescued by a team of Superheroes. While they worked on inventing a way back to my own time which wasn’t exactly easy because you know time travel…and while I was there I helped them out. They even made me a suit and gave me a name and everything”.

“They named you? But I wanted to do that!” Kara complained teasingly.

Mon-El smirked back at her, his heart full of love for the girl beside him. “Well I’ve still to be officially named in this time. It’s why they called me what they did in the future because it’s what I was known as in this time. Yeah I know…complicated”.

“Wibbly Wobbly Time Wimey” the blonde giggled causing her boyfriend to give her a weird look.


She snorted, realising that they had never got on to watching Doctor Who together. “When we get time we can watch some Netflix later”.

[This fic was requested anonymously, enjoy! Warning: Contains mild smut]

           "I said I’d be there didn’t I?“ I asked, mildly struggling as I held my phone to my ear with my shoulder and lifted my suitcase into the trunk of my car.
           "Don’t use that tone with me, I’m not there to punish you for it,” Jared chided and I rolled my eyes tossing my backpack into the trunk as well.
           "Well you act as if I am days away, I’ll be there in four to five hours depending on how traffic treats me,“
           I got in the car and put on my seatbelt, taking a mini break from the hustle and bustle of travel.
           "Is it my fault if I missed you?”
           He said it light heartedly but a pain clawed my chest and I closed my eyes. I wanted to be there already, I wanted to be with him already, I wanted to hold him. We talked on the phone all the time but it wasn’t the same, god it was insane to think he could possibly miss me as much as I had missed him. I just wanted to tell him everything right then and there but we’d have time for that later.
           "I missed you too, I…“ I took a minute to compose my voice.
           "Hey,” he said softly.
           "What?“ I murmured.
           "Just get here already-”
           "AND BRING BACK MY SHIRT, I KNOW YOU TOOK IT WITH YOU!“ I heard Shan faintly yell which brought my spirits back up.
           I laughed lightly and so did Jared, “I’ll meet you at the restaurant, I love you,”
           "I love you too, drive safe,“ he said.
           I tucked my phone into my bag and typed the address into my GPS before I set off for Vegas.


           I had gotten ready at the hotel and I was all but shaking with the anticipation of it all. The place was absolutely jammed, but when I managed to squeeze through to Fiamma Trattoria the crowds were less immense. Moving over to the hostess she looked up at me with a small smile.
           "Can I help you?”
           "Yes, I’m with Thirty Seconds to Mars,“
           She looked a little skeptical for a moment and I quickly reached into my clutch to pull out the I.D Jared had sent me.
           "Ahh, yes, right thi-”
           "Would you mind just telling me where they’re seated? I kinda wanna make my own way there if that’s okay,“
           "Of course, they are just in the back corner booth to your right,” she said kindly and not in a forced way.
           I thanked her, moving in the direction she said. I saw him before he saw me and for a moment I just stood a little bit away and watched him with a small smile. He looked like Jesus with his long locks and the golden backsplash behind him. He looked good in his black suit jacket with embroidered sleeves, they all looked really good, and they all looked like home.
           Shan noticed me first and he must have nudged Jared under the table because he turned his head and found me. A slow grin spread across my face and he stood up from the table as I closed the distance between us and almost tackled him back into the booth.
           There are little things the body craves that you don’t realize until that craving is satisfied. Like I hadn’t realized my body had craved the strength of his hug until he had me in a bone-crushing vice, I hadn’t realized I had been craving his cologne until it wrapped around me like a blanket, I hadn’t realized I had missed his lips so much until the covered mine. Every cell in me had craved him and now he was here.
           "Jesus guys, save it for later,“ Shan teased, and we reluctantly broke apart.
           "Hey Shan,” he enveloped me in a tight bear hug and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
           "How ya been Y/N?“ Tomo asked giving me a hug as well before we all sat down.
           How exactly had I been? That was a tough question, so I answered instead with how I was now as opposed to how I had been.
           "I’ve been good, I missed my idiots,”
           Jared’s hand grasped mine under the table and I turned my head to look at him. He didn’t say anything, he just looked at me in a way that only he could. Giving his hand a tight squeeze I reached up with my free hand to take off his sunglasses and tuck them into his coat pocket.
           "That better?“ He asked.
           "Worse, actually,”
           The guys laughed and I rested my head on Jared’s shoulder.


           I gasped as Jared yanked me into one of the empty dressing rooms and he locked the door behind us. For a second I stupidly stared wondering what his deal was before the light went on in my head and warmth pooled into my belly.
           "They’ll be wanting you soon,“ I whispered.
           "Well I want you, now,” he growled.
           He moved to me as I moved to him and we collided in a feverish display of unbridled desire. His hands were everywhere, his tongue moved against mine in a way that made my knees weak and my pussy wet. With an expert speed I unbuckled his pants and reached into them to curl my hand around his shaft.
           A small groan escaped him and I smirked nipping his lower lip as I stroked him.
           "I missed you, baby,“ I whispered.
           He backed me into the dressing table and I hopped up onto it, his mouth burning a trail down my neck as his hand moved between my legs. My breathing hitched but I ensured never to take my eyes from his.
           "You’re so wet for me,” he whispered, and I wrapped a leg around his waist to move him closer.
           "We don’t have much- oOh,“ I gasped, gripping the lapels of his coat and resting my cheek against his as his middle and ring finger moved inside of me while his thumb rubbed my clit.
           "Make that sound again, I missed that sound,” he purred, his teeth sinking into my shoulder.
           "Please fuck me, I need you to fuck me,“
           He was more than willing to oblige and he was quick to pull a condom from my bag and slide it on. And in one lithe movement he yanked my undies to the side and shoved his cock inside of me. I tried so hard not to leave any mark on him that the camera’s might pick up, I tried so hard not to make a noise in case we might be found out, all I could do was bite my lower lip and move my hips to his as he rammed into me fast and hard. I had been away from him for three months so it didn’t take me long to cum and when I did he quickly covered my mouth and laughed lightly in my ear.
           "Mmm, I like it when you scream for me Y/N, but you have to be quiet now,” he said huskily.
           "Jared to stage in fifteen minutes, Jared to stage in fifteen,“ a voice said over the walkey I had been given.
           I clutched onto him as he pounded into me harder and after a few more minutes he came. We stayed that way for a couple of seconds, panting, holding each other, our bodies still joined. He tenderly moved, tucking a lock of hair behind my ear and his lips brushed against mine gently.
           "When are you leaving me again?” He whispered, and I stroked his hair for a while before we finally parted and began to clean ourselves up.
           "I umm,“ not before a gig, I really shouldn’t.
           "I… I’ll actually be leaving when we hit Toronto… and I won’t be able to rejoin you guys until Tulsa,” I said quietly.
           He was silent for too long of a time.
           "December? You’re going to leave until December?“ He asked.
           "I have to, as shitty as it is this is how it has to be right now. I could have a real shot here to make this business great and in a year or two-”
           "A year? Two,“ he said flatly.
           I turned to look at him, "I don’t want to leave you, but travelling is necessary right now and when everything is more stable-”
           "Y/N what are you saying here?“
           I looked at him in mild confusion, "I’m saying that how things are now is how it’s going to be for a while-”
           "I don’t want you to go, these past few months I’ve barely seen you-“
           "When you go on tour or to a movie set it is the same thing!”
           "No it isn’t!“
           I sighed, "That’s because I was your assistant, I went with you everywhere, you paid for everything, but now I have a chance to be successful too. I have a chance to do something good, you’re the one always telling me to chase my dreams and provehito in altum. So what if we’re apart for a-”
           "Is it wrong that I want to be with you?“ He demanded.
           "No! That’s not what I’m saying-”
           "If we barely see each other I don’t even get why we’re together,“
           I flinched, physically recoiling from him. I could tell by the way he stepped forward and his eyes softened that he didn’t mean it, not completely anyway.
           "What are you saying here, Jared?”
           "Jared Leto to stage, Jared Leto to stage,“ the irritating voice crackled out.
           Biting my lower lip I looked down at my feet.
           "Y/N I… look I… I gotta go,” he whispered, wanting to say more but he reluctantly left.
           "I do too,“ I croaked, remaining in the empty room for a little while longer.


           I watched him on the widescreen backstage, wiping a few stray tears from my cheeks. I loved him so much, I loved him more than I could ever love anything, but if this is where he wanted to end it then I would be okay with that. I would be okay with the precious few years we had together even when we weren’t a couple, I’d be okay with the memories, I’d be okay knowing that for one incandescent second I had the heart of an ethereal being. Just knowing him would be enough.
           Deciding to go back to the hotel to grab my things and drive back to LA I turned away from the T.V.
           "I’m sorry, I’m going to do one song that is completely different tonight,”
           I whirled back around to the T.V. Is he insane? He’s being broadcasted live; he can’t just deviate from the set like he’s playing a regular gig or something.
           "Now, this song is for someone very important to me. She, almost transcends a description to be quite honest. She told me something though and I didn’t really want to listen, I still don’t, but I want to support her. This song is my way of telling her to provehito in altum, do what you gotta do, but come back to me… because you’re home and I’ll be waiting.“
           My hands had moved to cover my mouth as the tears came at a much faster pace. I could scarcely breathe as the music began to play.
[Come Home- One Republic *Note: I listened to it and imagined Jared singing it and thought he would do a fire fuckin’ cover. Hopefully you agree*]
           "Hello world
           Hope you’re listening
           Forgive me if I’m young
           For speaking out of turn
           There’s someone I’ve been missing
           I think that they could be
           The better half of me”

           I was shaking, a strangled sound between a sob and a noise leaning towards happiness escaped me. Clutching my chest I slowly moved up the stairs to the side of the stage where I could see him standing.
           “They’re in the in the wrong place trying to make it right
           But I’m tired of justifying
           So I say to you

           Come home
           Come home
           'Cause I’ve been waiting for you
           For so long
           For so long
           And right now there’s a war between the vanities
           But all I see is you and me
           The fight for you is all I’ve ever known
           So come home

           I don’t know where the camera was but suddenly my blotchy and tear streaked face was on the large screens behind him but I didn’t care. I couldn’t stop looking at him.

           “I get lost in the beauty
           Of everything I see
           The world ain’t as half as bad
           As they paint it to be
           If all the sons
           If all the daughters
           Stopped to take it in
           Well hopefully the hate subsides and the love can begin
           It might start now yeah
           Well maybe I’m just dreaming out loud
           Until then

           Come home


           I waited in the same room he had left me in until his set was over. When he walked in I didn’t give him time to say anything before my lips were against his and my arms were around his neck.
           "I love you, I love you,“ I whispered between kisses.
           He lifted me into his arms in a tight and bone crushing hug, "Just come back to me, I’m with you Y/N until the end, just come back,”
           "I will,“ I rested my forehead against his and closed my eyes.
           "I love you, Y/N, you pain in the ass,”
           I smiled, dusting his face in feather light kisses before looking into his beautiful blue eyes.
           "We’ll make this work, I want this to work because I want you,“ I hugged him tightly.
           "You have me, Y/N, you’ve had me for years,”
           I closed my eyes, feeling him kiss my hair and hug me tighter. I never wanted him to let me go.

damelola  asked:

16 for Supercat please!

There you go ;) Also on AO3

16. Things you said with no space between us

Kara woke from her trance as the cab pulled into the parking lot, startled by the loud crunching sound of tires on gravel. She glanced outside the car window, where an elegant sixties-style building was coming into view. The car approached, grinding to a slow, staggering halt in front of the nearby entrance.

The venue was all glass panes and soft curves, alternated with blinding white concrete, austere but majestic. Her eyes darted to the round balconies on the first and second floor - balconies being one of those architectural features that instantly drew her attention. She wondered whether she’d have a chance to step onto one tonight, rest her elbows on the railing, smell the wind.

Two security guards stood on either side of the entrance, wearing identical grey suits. The one closest to her extended a hand, a small courteous smile, and collected the invitation from her hand. CatCo Worldwide Media Winter Gala, it read in golden calligraphy, Kara Danvers, Reporter.

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Yousef-No-chill-Acar’s POV - A fanfic Part 2

This is my idea of what Yousef might have been thinking and what might have made him act the way he did in Episode 5 at SYNG and also Episode 6. I just wanted to put myself in his shoes, rather than being mad at him any longer, and try to make light of this messy Yousana situation. The first chapter was a throwback to the development of his feelings and how he experienced the past encounters with Sana in the prior episodes, this one is about Even, the fight and the Noora kiss.  Hope you like it and I am open to suggestions and ideas <3



Yousef met the boys at the Metro station. The Squad hugged each other, pecked each other’s cheeks and made their way to the party. They all seemed excited.

Adam asked “Yo Elias, you sure the girls from your apartment the other night are coming??”

“Yes, Sana said they would be there” Elias said exasperated answering this question for what felt like the 100th time. There was some cheering and High Fives from the guys.

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