in that last gif you can see it in his face

Can we talk about the person who Noctis left Regis’ protection to was the very same person that killed him?

Can we also talk about Regis at the last moment realized just who was going to kill him because his lightning burnt away the helmet hiding Titus’ face.

look at the way his eyes widen, the shake of his head he’s KNOWs that’s realization right here

That’s the look of betrayal of someone who you thought you trusted. The look of disbelief as if you don’t want to see what you are seeing.

Imagine staying up late to talk to Jhope about nothing. You tell him that you’re tired, so he nods and pulls you close to him. “We’ll just sit on the bed then.” You topple onto the bed next to him, making your hair fall over your face so you can’t see. He reaches up slowly and moves it away from your face. “I think you should go ice skating tomorrow.” He says. You watch as he talks about it so casually. He smiles and tells a funny story. You end up laughing so hard that you lean in to his chest to get some stability. He puts his arm around you as he laughs too. “He’d probably fall down again like he did last time.” He says making both of you continue to laugh. You grab onto his shirt and look up at him smiling. For some reason, he looks different than before. You tighten your grip on his shirt and pull him into an unexpected kiss. His eyes light up, but soften as he falls into sync with your body. His arms tighten around you and you both move closer to one another as the kiss deepens. How did he make you feel this way so easily? How had you fallen for someone at such a random time like this? Hobi had your heart now.

Jonathan Toews

A/N: (Y/N) = your name, (Y/F/N) = your first name, (Y/L/N) = your last name

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“What are you looking at?” I questioned my boyfriend of 3 years, Jonathan Toews, Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks.

“My beautiful girlfriend”. He said with a smirk.

“That I want to kiss so badly right now”. He said and after placed a kiss on my mouth.

“So what are we going to do today?” I asked Jonny.

“I was thinking we could go skating”. Jonny said.

“I don’t know how to skate”. I said.

“I can teach you”. He said as a smile crept onto his face.

“You’d just love that won’t you, seeing me not being able to do something that you can”. I say as I cross my arms over my chest. 

“I sure would, but what I would love more is to teach you how to skate so we can skate together, now go get dressed, I wanna go”. Jonny said.

“Fine”. I said as I got off the couch and walked into our room to change into clothes suitable for skating. I put on my black leggings and one of Jonny’s Blackhawks sweatshirts and I wore my red converses, I did my makeup and put my hair into a ponytail. I walked out of the room and saw Jonny standing in front of me.

“You know I love it when you wear my clothes”. He said as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

“I know you do” I said as I stuck my hands into the back pockets of his jeans and pulled out his keys.

“It’s my turn to drive” I say as I walked out the door.

“No you don’t, you drove last time” He said as he picked me up from behind as I squirmed in his grasped.

“Put me down!” I say (more like yelled).

“Only if you give me the keys”. He says as his grip tightens.

“Fine! Fine! you get to drive”. I say as I placed the keys in Jonny’s hands as he lets go of me.

He grabs my hand and holds it in his own. “I love you, (Y/N)” He says.

“I love you too, Toews” I say.


About a half an hour later we arrived at the Blackhawks arena. Jonny grabbed the bag with the skates in it from the back. He held my hands as we walked into the arena. We made our way down the familiar route to the locker room. He set down the bag and we grabbed our skates and started to tie them. 

“Make sure to tie them tight, (Y/N)”. Jonny reminded me.

“I know that already”. I said looking over at him and of course he was already done tying his.

“You want me to help you?” He asks.

“No, I’m good”. I say focusing on tying my skates instead of looking at my insanely adorable boyfriend, who I desperately want to look at. 

I finished tying my skates and we made our way over to the ice. Jonny had gone onto the ice first and then helped me on. He was holding my hands and making sure that  I didn’t fall on my face.

“Don’t look at your feet”. He instructed me.

“What am I supposed to look at then!”. I said.

“Look at me, (Y/N)”. Jonny says.

“I’ll get distracted and fall if I look at you”. I say not looking up from my feet.

“No you won’t and why would you”. He said with a laugh.

A blush starts to form on my face.

“Do I still make you nervous” He said.

“A little bit”. I say as my face gets redder and I feel tears starting  to form in my eyes.

“Why, (Y/N)?” He questions.

“Your Jonathan Toews, Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks and I’m (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N), a totally nobody who dating a somebody”. I say.

“Well how would you like to be (Y/N) Toews, wife of the Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks, a somebody married to a somebody”. He says as he gets on his knees in front of me. I put my hand over my mouth and my face was fully red and tears were in my eyes.

“Yes! Yes! A thousand time yes!”. I say with the biggest smile I’ve ever smiled. Jonny slips the ring onto my hand and then gets up and hugs and kisses me.

“You get that on video, Kaner!” He shouts at Patrick Kane, who emerges from behind the seats.

“Sure did!” He yells back.

“Now there’s something to show our future children”. He says smiling making my smile get bigger.

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I made a post about this earlier but at the end of the San Lorenzo Job, look at Eliot’s face and imagine how he must be feeling at this moment. Damien Moreau, the man who made Eliot do terrible terrible things, is GONE. He can’t hurt Eliot or anyone else anymore. Eliot is free. This huge weight has been lifted off of Eliot’s shoulders and you can see that here in his posture and expression. He’s smiling and so much more relaxed than he has been the last two episodes. He can now breathe easier knowing he helped take down the man responsible for so much pain.

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Part 1

“I thought it was hopeless love” Taehyung story - Part 2

Since yesterday,Taehyung was worried about you,and your guys situation.He didn’t know if you are mad at him or not..Are you sad or happy to see him yesterday…

“Don’t forget me Tae” you said looking at him
“I won’t forget you Y/N..I promise” Taehyung smiled and hugged you tightly..

Taehyung was remembering the last time you guys saw each other in person.
“God promised” he said to himself,putting his hands on his face
“How can I…Ahh stupid!” Taehyung was mad at himself

He didn’t forgot completely about you.It was just that he moved away,didn’t see you often.Even that you guys tried to stay in contact over Skype,and text each other to talk.But slowly as he was getting more and more famous and had to work hard for his fans,everything slowly started to fade away.

One night Taehyung camed back to the dorm and layed on his bed feeling really tired.
He knows he needs to get on the laptopo so he can talk to you,but he just wasn’t in a mood for that.
You were sending him texts like “Where are you?” ,but he didn’t want to reply.

After that night Taehyung didn’t text you back or tried to contact you.He was all in the music and practice.

“I messed up” he said to himself
“I didn’t call or text” he added taking a breath

Taehyung stood up and pulled a box out,that was under his bed.
When he opens it there were a lot of photos of you guys.
He laughed taking a picture,he looked behind it
“To the fool I hate the most” - Y/N
He smiled and looked at other photos.Then camed across to an bracelet you gave him.
“I love you and happy birthday!” - Y/N
He was looking at photo where you two were hugging each other and smiling to the camera.
“I love you too” Taehyung said quietly

To be honest,yes,Taehyung started to like you when you were a senior year.He never thought something like that would happen to him.
Because he only saw you as a best friend.
The way you always smile,giggle when he gets close to you.
Your eyes that were so happy when they saw him.
Taehyung sighs and puts the box on his bed.

Jungkook walked in and saw that Taehyung on his bed looking trough some pictures.
“Is she the girl that was your best friend?” he asked
“Yeah…Her name is Y/N”
“She’s pretty…How long you guys have been best friends?”
“For about 4 and half years” Taehyung looked at him
“And never been together?! That is weird” Jungkook laughed
“What can’t boy and a girl be just friends?” Taehyung looked at him
“I mean they can,but obviously someone will fall in love and then yeah..”
“Did you like her?” Jungkook added
“I did” Taehyung said looking at the picture
“Do you have her number?”
“I think…I do..I’ll check” Taehyung took his phone in his hands and went trough the contacts
He found your number
“Cute girl” was your name in his contacts
He smiled and bit his lip
“I have it” he looked up at him being little excited
“Call her right now,and you guys need to talk!”
“I feel nervous” Taehyung was looking at the phone
“Don’t Taehyung,just press call” Jungkook sighs

Taehyung did as Jungkook told him,the phone started to ring.
On the other side,you were in your bed just thinking about Taehyung.A lot.
Just a scene with him was repeating in your head..And everything that other boys were saying to you.
You noticed while you guys were waiting in the line that Taehyung was looking at you,you tried not to look at him,but you had to.He was just more handsome than ever..
“Hi” you smiled at J-Hope
“Hello” he smiled and took the album so he can sign it
“What is your name?” he asked looking at you
“Y/N” you looked at him
J-Hope looked at you with a suprise look
“You’re Taehyung’s best friend right?” he asked with an eyebrow raised
“Well,we used to be” you raised your shoulders
“Did you guys had a fight?”
“Oh no,it’s just that we stopped talking to each other,and one year passed and we still didn’t talk,so I deal with the point that we aren’t best friends anymore” you explain
J-Hope nodded his head
“I hope you guys get back to being best friends..Because he will be glad to see you” J-Hope smiled
“And also you like our music?” he added
“Yeah,I support you guys all the way” you smiled and moved to Suga..J-Hope and you gave each other high five and you look at Suga
“I am happy to meet you” you smiled
“I am happy to meet you too,your name is?” he smiled at you
“Y/N” you said and ight away Suga looks at you closely
“I was best friend with Tae,yes” you laughed
“Ohh…Wait..You were?” he asked while signing the album
“Long story,short we stopped to talk to each other” you explain
“You’re from here right?” Suga asked
“I personally think V is gonna do everything he can to get back a friend he lost” Suga smiled nodding his head
You smiled and looked at your sister,she was smiling and laughing with Jungkook.
Then you looked at Jimin,then at Taehyung.
He was smiling and talking to a fan.She handed him a fluffy teddy bear
“Thank you” Taehyung smiled hugging the bear

You smiled and thought how cute he is.In one way you were little bit mad at him because he broke the promise,but on other side you know you can’t stay mad at that cute face and smile of his.

“Yoo” Jungkook waved his hand in front of your face with a smile
“What’s up” you laughed and waved to him too
“Okay,what is your name and how aree you?” he smiled looking at you
“I am Y/N,and I am super good” you smiled
“Wait….” he said looking at you
“You’re Y/N who-”
“Is,I mean was Taehyung’s best friend…Yes that is meee” you laughed

Jungkook smiled and put a glowing righ on his finger
“I am sure Taehyung and you will be together again..”
“We weren’t like together,together” you laugh looking at him while he played with a ring
Jungkook looks at you
“I don’t know that,but when you guys talk to each other it seems like both of you are in love with each other” he smiled
“O-kaay..” you laugh and give him a high five
“Love you!” he said
“I love you too” you laughed and moved to Jimin

Now you were getting really,really nervous…You were so close to Taehyung now.
“How old are you?” Taehyung asked your sister
“12″ she smiled
“Aww that is nice,you like our music?” he looked at her
“Yes,I love it..” Ella smiled

Taehyung while he was talking to your sister,he would look at you time to time..Because you caught his eye and he can’t stop looking at you..Also you were very familiar to him,he had a feeling he knows you so well..

Your dark eyes were so beautiful,but really familiar to him too..When he saw you smiling with Jimin..That smile he recognized right away..It was you..Y/N.
He knew you were someone he knows,but he couldn’t remember you,because you look more beautiful than ever.You changed your dark brown hair to lighter brown,it was wavy hairstyle…Makeup,everything was perfect on you.

Taehyung smiled because he was getting nervous.
When you camed to him..He wanted to pretend like he doesn’t know you as a joke.
“What is your name?” he smiled looking at you
“Y/N” you bit your lip nervously
“Y/N?” Taehyung looked at you
“Yup” you said
“My best friend” he smiled at you
“You forgot about me Tae” you sigh and look at him
“I didn’t” he said and right away felt down when he saw your face expression on your face..He thought you’ll be happy even that he remember’s you still.
“You did…But It doesn’t matter…Keep on fighting” you smiled and walked away with your sister,you felt like you can just burst in tears because you were hurt remembering how you lost him.That ball of happiness and energy that never ends..Taehyung.

You took your sisters hand and rushed outside.Taehyung knew that was a fake smile,because he knows you very well.
He watched you leave,realising that the situation really did hurt you.
He took a breath so he doesn’t tear up,and that fans don’t notice.
“Hii” he smiled at a fan


Your phone started to ring
“Fool that I love” that was Taehyung’s name on your phone

You right away sit up and took your phone in your hands thinking should you pick up or not.
“Taehyung” you answer taking a breath
“Y/N..” Taehyung spoke
“Long time since we spoke over the phone” you laughed a little looking at the floor
“I am sorry Y/N..” he said
“I know you are” you said
“…Y/N” he said
“Can you please meet me at our place?” he asked
“You remember our place?”
“Of course I do..Can you please come?”
You sigh
“Yes..I’ll be there in 15 minutes” you said and hang up

You got up and changed your clothes and walked to the living room.
“I am going out” you said
“Where to?” your mom was curious
“A place I haven’t been to for a long time” you smiled
“And then mom I talked to Jungkook.He was so cute” your sister started to talk

You walked out and walked to the Taehyung’s and your place.
When you got there,Taehyung was already waiting for you.

You two looked at each other and you walk towards him.
“Hi” he said
“Hi” you looked at him

Both of you sat down..Silence hits.
“Y/N..It’s all my fault” he started
“It’s not..You needed to work hard,I understand that” you looked at him
“Right now I am feeling like I lost the most person in my life..I feel empty” Taehyung looked at you
“You did lose me” you said
“But I don’t want to lose everything with you..Y/N,I know I didn’t call or text-”
“It was because you needed to work,I get it Tae..But the thing that hurt me the most is..You broke a promise” you laughed a little,but that laugh was a sad one and trying to keep you from crying
“I know..” he looked down
“That made me feel..Empty like now how you feel..Losing best friend is more hurtful than when you break up with a relationship with boyfriend” you looked at him letting everything out
“Y/N I am so sorry..Please forgive me” Taehyung took your hands in his
“Nothing will be the same” you said looking down

Taehyung lifted your chin up
“I will not let you go Y/N..We can make it the same as it was”
“I don’t think-”
“Y/N…Please,I need you” he cuts you off,looked at you

You didn’t say anything…He gets away from you and looks at you with a small smile on his face.
“I know you can’t stay mad at me” he said

You tried your hardest not to smile,but you smiled
“See?” he smiled and camed closer to your face
“I hate you” you said looking at him with a smile on your face
“You love me” Taehyung smiled
“I..Do” you smiled looking away
“I love you too” Taehyung said and pulled you in hug

At this moment you know,you are not mad at him anymore..You just needed that one hug from him that will bring all the memories back and good times.
You wrapped your arms around him too and hugged him back.
“I missed you” Taehyung said to your neck
“I missed you too” you said

Taehyung stood up and took your hand and helped you stand up.
“I feel happy again” he said
“I feel happy too” you smiled

He smiled and kept looking at you
"Honestly when I saw you in the line…I couldn’t recognize you..You are more beautiful than ever Y/N” Taehyung and you walked down the street
“Aww thanks you” you blushed
“I like your hair tho” he said touching it
“Thanks” you looked at him
“You’re more handsome..” you said
“I know” he looked at you
You look at him with a serious face
“What?” he laughed
“Ugh..I hateeee you” you shouted pushing him
“I am just kidding” he laughed putting his hand around your shoulders
“Thank you..There are you happy?” he added
“Yes” you looked at him

“I am happy that you made it Tae..” you said
“It took me a lot of hard work,if it wasn’t for the boys..I wouldn’t be in BTS for sure..They helped me a lot” he explains
“Yeah..But the most important thing is,you did it” you smiled
“Yes” Taehyung smiled

While you guys walk the awkward silence walways hits,then someone breaks it.
But you know that some things won’t be the same anymore,even that he says they will.The won’t,you know it.

You’re just worried how you forgived him so quickly and that is a thing you didn’t want to do right away…But on the other side you know you can’t stay mad at him even after what he has done to you.

“Sooo did you find a boyfriend?” Taehyung broke the silence and bit his lip nervously
“I actually..Did” you looked at him with a smile

Taehyung’s jaw drops..He couldn’t believe you have a boyfriend.
“Woow..I am happy for you” he smiled,but inside he was sad because now he doesn’t have a chance with you at all
“Aww “ you smiled tapping his shoulder

When Taehyung camed back home..Still he was just thinking how you have a boyfriend.
“She..She has a boyfriend” he thought to himself
“Okay,you gotta support her not be jealous” he added
“Yoo V,how did it go?” Jungkook looked at him

Taehyung was in his own world now..
“V!” Jungkook shouts
“YEAH? I mean..Umm..It went well” he smiled
“So you guys are friends again?”
“Yes” Taehyung smiled

Taehyung nodded his head and went to his dorm and layed on the bed.
He remembered how you told him you’re already 2 months with a guy.
“Oh my God” he said and closed his eyes
“But I want you..Y/N” he thought

But guys. This gif. His face. I can’t get over it.

He’s walking in, seeing her on that counter attempting to cook AGAIN because she just can’t stand to be bad at things, especially not things like this. 

“Felicity, you know I’m happy to cook for us.”

“I rebuild hard drives for a living, I should be able to follow a recipe and cook some damn eggs, Oliver.” 

But it’s just not for her.

That doesn’t stop her from trying. So they always pick up an extra dozen at the store so she can try and he can fix and no matter how many times he walks in the door to see her up on the counter, poring over a cookbook he’s always both amused and amazed. because this adorable, dedicated creature is HIS.

It makes so much sense now why Lydia’s face in this gif is full of surprise and shock. After watching last week’s episode where Lydia told Stiles to leave, it shows how surprised Lydia is to see his face again, even after telling him to leave he didn’t listen and you can tell that as much as her face shows shock and surprise it also shows a hint of relief, relief that Stiles didn’t leave her, relief that he came back for her. And if that doesn’t show Lydia just how much she means to Stiles, and just how much his willing to sacrifice and do for her than I don’t know what will. I hope after this Lydia realizes that the guy that will love her endlessly is Stiles.