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I'm always seeing that Jeonghan said that the closest member to him is Seungkwan but he always picks Jisoo first in everything hahaha Can I ask where did Jeonghan said that Seungkwan is the closest member to him?? Seungkwan is my bias and JiHan is the first ship I've ever been into in Seventeen so I'm really curious. Take care💕😊

Hello dear ~ Jeonghan is very close to Seungkwan. Maybe because they are both sunshine? ahahahahah. Seungkwan is a one of the most funniest human and purest sunshine and tbh everyone would like to have seungkwan as their bff!! I mean who wouldn’t right XD. Both of them had such a loving soul and personality so they went so well together <3. I love them both so much. one is my parent one is my baby ahahha. He mention it couple times on shows and articles for intances, He answer it on an radio station 151004 Seventeen Kpop Planet 

and he also mention it on Ep.6 Predebut hotzil film 

I find so funny how everyone seems to headcanon a Fem!Ciel exactly as it is now, with the same personalities traits and all. And while I can say I agree in some things, like prideness and lust for power, I’m never totally agree with those hc.

In a first intance, I don’t think Ciel would mind using a corset. At all. Some people think it would be the same, but I actually head-canon Ciel, in a very ditatorial voice, saying it either to Fem!Sebastian or Mey-Rin, a strong: Tie that corset tighter! If I can breath, you aren’t doing well your job, you useless. 

Because I think she’ll want to be a proper English Lady. She’ll use everything that is in her favor, that including men and society’s prejudices towards women to gain power and defeat everyone. Because no one can really said nothing of a girl with perfect manners and perfect behavior, right? 

I think Fem!Ciel would realized this, and act accordingly. Fem!Ciel for me is some sort of a Frances, but with more darkness, and more girliness around her. Still being childish at some way, but trying her best to pass trough this, like in canon. 

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do you have any advice on character design? Also Happy New Year I hope 2016 is good to you!

It kinda depends on what you’re designing for!  I think different principals can apply depending on the medium and the aesthetic you want.  (like, for intance, if it’s a fantasy/action video game then just wrap that shit in tattered scarves and bandages and don’t worry about it)  (jkjk)

Okay so, I’m not an expert on design or anything, and I’m still always learning, myself.  But I guess for me, since what I’m doing is hand-drawn animation, I’d say find a way to break characters down into simple shapes so that they’re easier to move around!  Even if you build up those shapes with clothes and other details, you’ll still have an idea of the character’s volume. 

Also, if you’re like me at all, I’ve spent (and still spend) a lot of time trying to un-learn habits I got into that are now kind of a hindrance to me, haha.  One of those is just that I used to draw a lot more detailed, illustrative stuff, and so when I’m trying to design something that’ll work well in terms of animation, I try and find shorthand ways to draw detailed things.  

I’m too lazy/busy to put together a decent tutorial right now, so I’m gonna show you a drawing that a friend of mine did that I was just admiring earlier today:

This is Teal Sather, an underclassman who I went to school with!  I have some drawings from her in my sketchbook from senior year, and lemme’ just say…. IDK what happened but this girl got insanely good, insanely quick.

One of the things I like about her art is that she simplifies complex details into cute, manageable shapes.  Check out the girl’s left arm and fist.  There’s one well-placed line that defines the shape of the top of her knuckles, and that’s all you really need!  She didn’t have to draw a lump for every individual knuckle, she just simplified it and it still reads just fine.  Same thing with the hoodie!  A few well-defined voluminous lumpsfor the hood, and where it bunches up at the bottom, that’s all you need.  The wrinkles on the sleeves where the elbow is turned… just a little lump and a J-shaped line.  It’s a really simple design that communicates details very efficiently, and it’d be a blast to animate this monkey chick!!

I hope this kinda helps!  I’d like to eventually do some tutorial videos on stuff like this, but I’m kinda busy right now.  In the mean time you could also check out my hair design tutorial, there’s some similar ideas in there about breaking things down into visually interesting shapes or whatever.